iMemories Reviews: Is It Legitimate or Scam?

iMemories Reviews: Is It Legitimate or Scam?

Most people now carry a smartphone with them, which ensures that they can capture the memories of every event that they attend. No matter how low your phone battery is, you can be sure that another party goer has a copy of the photos. People may even share them via social media sites like Facebook. Try the iMemories

In the past, there was no such thing as social media. Your family pictures are likely to be hidden away in boxes. Perhaps your family has old VHS tapes they have no idea what to do with as well.

You can also damage photos due to certain environmental factors like the temperature of your home and moisture. Memory preservation is easy with iMemories. We can help you save any number of photos or videos you want, so that you can use them at home and share them with your loved ones. Your patents and grandparents would really appreciate your old family videos. We’re going to examine how this service works and what it can do for your photos in our iMemories review.

What is iMemories?

Sony released its first home camcorder in 1983, years after television stations began using camcorders. The entire family is likely to have used other cameras over the years, such as a Super 8 camera to capture important events. With today’s cameras, you can easily create copies of your videos and share them with others. To view those old cameras, users needed a special viewer to view the film reel or tape. 

Do you remember watching old films with your family on your living room screen as a kid? It’s easy to share memories with your children and grandchildren thanks to iMemories.

iMemories handles video and photo preservation. We can estimate the cost of digitizing your records after receiving all your content. You will receive everything back in its original condition if you decide not to work with the company. You need to sign a contract online once you make the payment . Convert your memories into digital copies along with the originals ones.

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Features of iMemories

Quality: Is iMemories trustworthy? According to iMemories reviews, the facility offers world-class technology and equipment. Additionally, the digitization service has a well-designed website and reasonably priced prices, in addition to its highly skilled technical staff.

iMemory reviews emphasize how its in-house manufacturing ensures quality output. Their nearly ten years of experience in the field ensures that your memories will be preserved for future generations, bringing new life to them.

With iMemories, turn photos and videos into DVDs or Blu-rays, which you can watch on your television and computer.

Size and Materials: The size options and materials offered by iMemories are praised by iMemories reviewers. Due to the fact that they are able to handle a range of orders, the opportunities are limitless. Please feel free to upload large sized photos to our media center, as well as long duration film reels.

According to reviews of iMemories, duplicate commercial copyright material can’t be processed. Movies and TV shows produced by Hollywood without the original owner’s permission are included in this category. Copyright permission is still available whenever necessary.

Batteries: Upload the photos and videos from mobile devices. Note, however, that iMemories also offers the option of letting auto-uploads take place on battery-operated or cellular-connected devices. If you select this, the device will automatically upload photos from the device’s internal memory.

How it works?

Three steps will guide you through using iMemories. You first need to upload your memories. Your order will then be free of charge; you can then approve it before purchase.

Then, you will receive your memories after they have digitized and enhanced your media. The slides and negatives, as well as safe ship kits, are used to enhance the quality of the service.

Finally, you can view and share your media on any device, whether that is your mobile device, tablet, or PC. Copies can be found on DVDs, USB hard drives, and Cloud based storage services.

Why to use iMemories?


Even as you age, some memories will fade. Until humans are three years old, they do not retain memories. If this is the case, you may have difficulty recalling your first family vacations or loved ones who passed away when you were a child. Perhaps you even forget some of what you did while in high school and college, during your first job or when you were newly married. You can bring back a flood of memories by watching videos taken at your wedding or at a reunion.

Watching that footage is challenging when so many people are trying to live simply and declutter. If you don’t have a VCR, you probably don’t even have equipment that can play old film reels. Therefore, iMemories can be useful. A wide variety of videos can be preserved by this company. As well as black-and-white images, color images, Polaroids, and any films or tapes you may have, we are able to take them all. 

That way, you’ll be able to pass on your family’s cherished memories to the next generation.

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Pros and Cons

  • Video, slide, photo and document preservation and transfer made simple
  • The majority of formats are compatible
  • A good customer support system
  • There are many options available
  • Charge separately for tapes and photos
  • Costs of delivery
  • It can take a long time to deliver and service
  • Customer’s disliked the quality of the finished product

Where can you use iMemories?

iMemories gives you access to digitized content that you can use however you like. Depending on how you choose to use the service, you can save the images and videos to a DVD or a Blu-Ray disc. While Blu-ray discs are preferred by some because they provide better quality than conventional DVDs, you need a special player to watch them. 

Playing these discs is possible with both Sony PlayStations and Xbox Ones. Let your whole family watch old movies together by inserting the disc into your media player or console. Images you send to be preserved can be played back on the discs as well.

In addition to using iMemories online, you can access it from other locations as well. For example, your family might create a Facebook page to keep in touch with relatives. Your iMemories disc can be used to put copies of your images and videos on your computer and to save copies there as well. You can upload photos and videos to the web within a few seconds. The process may take longer when it involves longer clips. Your personal website or blog may also be an ideal place to share some of your memories.

How to use it?

Order online the SafeShip Kit for iMemories , which makes it very easy. With this kit you can protect your records from moisture with waterproof bags and wrap every item in foam. All of those items fit inside a shipping box that is resistant to crashing. FedEx will ensure that your shipments arrive safely and securely at the company since it uses FedEx. One box can hold up to seven video tapes, as well as six video spools and hundreds of standard photos.

iMemories will review the boxes once you send them in and estimate the digitization costs. We’ll send you a quote when it’s ready. When you go online, you can either confirm that you agree to the price and pay, or ask iMemories not to digitize the content. In any case, the original copies will be returned to you just as they were when you sent them.

What services does iMemories offer?


Disc Transfer: iMemories provides its customers with the option of transferring discs. A DVD or Blu-Ray disc can be used to store your memories. There are hundreds of videos and hundreds of photos that can be stored on these discs.

For those who don’t want to keep those old videotapes and film reels taking up space in their homes, this is the best option. The next time your family comes over, you can have copies made for them to watch. In addition to the transfer fee, this service requires you to purchase the disc.

Cloud Storage: Because of iMemories’ cloud storage service, you can keep your photos and videos even if your phone or tablet is dropped or damaged. Backup copies of each file are moved to the cloud as part of cloud storage. The photos and videos you take with your phone or save to it continue to be accessible even if your phone is lost and replaced.

Enter user’s username and password when they download the app to use cloud storage. Accessing the cloud and your files is possible via that app and with any device.

iMemories App: iMemories is free to download from most app stores as well as Amazon. You must first grant the app permission to access your device’s files when you download it to a device. The app finds your images and videos.

Organize files using this app, and find files you lost when they were moved or renamed. It also makes moving files from your computer to an external drive easier, which is useful for making copies.

Thumb Drive: You can order a thumb drive when you sign up for iMemories. Flash drives are convenient and easy to use. You can view all the data saved on the thumb drive as long as you can plug it into an open USB port. It costs only $19.99 and can hold hundreds of files. When you send photos or videos, the drive will store them all.

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Who’s This For?

Everyone who is interested in preserving their memories will find iMemories to be highly recommended. Parents and grandparents often have videotapes of events they filmed over time. The tapes may include family vacations, holidays, reunions, games for kids, and even weddings. It is not uncommon for those films and tapes to be put away and only shared once or twice a year. Someone might leave you tapes they have inherited when they pass away. There are others who could benefit from iMemories, including those who:

  • I have old videos and photos I don’t know what to do with
  • Interested in preserving their memories but unsure how to go about it
  • The hope is to provide future generations with a treasure trove of memories
  • Finding the perfect gift for a parent or grandparent

It is easy to import old photos and videos into iMemories if you have dozens or hundreds. Additionally, you can request a SafeShip Kit today and start searching through your records for the items you wish to ship.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Several potential customers asked how long the process took when reading iMemories reviews online. It took most people no more than three weeks, depending on how much content you wanted to preserve. Decide which photos and tapes to send can take days or weeks. In around one to two weeks, you should receive your order once you place it online. The company will digitize your images and videos 2 to 3 weeks after receiving an email confirming receipt of your kit. Digitalization takes time depending on factors such as:

  • Formats in which you send
  • Comparing the number of photos with the number of videos
  • A video’s length or a photo’s number
  • Whether the company is busy
  • This is the time of year

As more people create gifts using iMemories during the holidays, the process takes a little bit longer. The turnaround time at iMemories was six weeks or less, even during the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020.

What Formats Can You Send to iMemories?


iMemories has the advantage of supporting more formats than any other company, which is its main advantage over the competition. No matter what films reels you find, no matter what they contain, you can send them to us. You might discover footage of your family members that your family forgot existed years ago when viewing the content later. Super 8, 8 mm, and 16 mm are just a few of the film formats the company accepts.

Accept the following videotapes ranging from the following formats:

  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • Betamax
  • 8 mm
  • Hi8

You can also send in digital videos or tapes that you have recorded on modern camcorders and memory cards using iMemories. A few of the formats that the company accepts are MicroMini, MiniDV, Digital8 and Vido8.

iMemories accepts not only photos and copies of images, but plenty more. Using slides and negatives are both good choices to use when you are a child. iMemories can make digital photos from negatives even if you have lost the originals.

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What Can You Send to iMemories?

You can send almost anything into iMemories, which is one of the best features. It is possible for the company to work with older records as well, even if some clients choose to send photos and documents from recent years. Tapes accepted by the company include:

  • Full-size videotapes
  • Mini tapes
  • Film reels
  • Kodachrome

It is also possible to save pictures for sharing using iMemories. At least some of the photos in many families date back to the 1950s or even earlier. You might find black and white images taken at your grandparents’ or great-grandparents’ weddings or sepia photographs taken around the turn of the twentieth century. By using the iMemories service, you won’t ever have to worry about uploading photos to your computer and then transferring them to a disc.

You can damage film with just about everything from how you store photographs to what people eat while viewing them. Your photos won’t break down more if you use iMemories, and the copies will be available to every member of the family.

How to Download Your Finished Videos?

The videos it makes for you can be viewed online if you purchase iMemories services. If you created an account on the website, you can also use the iMemories app to do this. You can save a copy of the videos on your device that can then be shared with others, and they include the content you sent in. Here are the steps needed for viewing the video:

  • Visit our website
  • Go to the upper right-hand corner and find the login button
  • You might want to save one of the digitized files
  • To download the file, simply double-click it
  • Once the download is complete, wait for it to finish
  • To rename the file, right-click it

It is possible to download copies from one device to another, like your smartphone. Install the iMemories app on your phone, or use your browser to visit the website and follow the steps discussed above. Once you log in, choose the appropriate file using the app.

iMemories App

iMemories App

If you’re like me, then you love taking pictures on your phone. From Instagram to Facebook, we share some pretty amazing moments with our friends and family via photos.

That’s why an app called imemories is such a great idea! That app keeps all of those precious memories stored in one place where they can’t be lost or forgotten about — and it’s free!!

iMemories allows users to take new pictures and upload them directly to their account. It also automatically organizes the pictures by day and date so that everything is easy to find. The search feature makes it even easier to look for specific dates and there are filters that make it easy to choose between special events (ie., birthdays) .

The best part is, iMemories will print out the pictures and mail them to you in a photo album. Another option lets users get their pictures printed on custom products like mugs and phone cases!

You can even sign up for an account through Facebook so that all of your photos will be easily uploaded with just one click. iMemories is currently available for download on Android and iOS devices and there’s no fee required — it’s completely free! Give it a try today and see how much easier life becomes when you always know where your favorite memories are stored.

How to use the iMemories App?

Download  the app on your smartphone. It will automatically create a login for you when prompted. 

Fill out the information and add your email, which is how you’ll be able to access your account later on. 

Next, search for “iMemories” in the Google Play or App Store and download it free of charge! Once that’s done, open up the app and you’ll see a home screen with different categories: albums , memories , collaborations , updates , and settings .

Albums: choose between monthly and yearly organized folders to store specific events (birthdays/graduations/etc.) . Inside each folder are two options: photos and movies . The difference between them is that pictures can be posted straight from iMemories while videos need to be downloaded from your phone and uploaded from there.

Memories: these are all the pictures that have been taken after you started using iMemories . You’ll see a calendar where you can go back in time and find specific dates, or keep clicking through to see everything in chronological order.

Updates: this is a newsfeed of the photos other users have posted so you never miss out on anything going on with your friends’ accounts! Collaborations are groups of users who post specific events together (ie., family & friends) . Finally, settings has options for email updates, deleting profiles, changing password, etc.

What are the benefits of using app?

You can view and access your memories easily with the iMemories App. Additionally, they allow you to have high-quality videos, slideshows, etc on your phone. You can share your photos and recordings with the iMemories App in a split second, regardless of whether you are using a cell phone or not.

If you need to add some pictures to your record, the cell phone can likewise be used as a scanner. It may also be used to record short or long videos. In general, the iMemories App is useful and efficient in the event that you need to record an event video or create a slideshow in any event, when using your cell phone.

iMemories App also provides the option of transferring recordings and photos over the web. This is known as Web transferring. Your recordings and pictures saved on your phone or camera can now be accessed online. You will likewise be able to clean up or make another space for the camera and telephone for another memory that you will make later on.

How to proceed after finding your first pictures on iMemories app?

After finding your first picture, it will ask if you want to download the album, save the picture within iMemories, or save the picture to your phone’s gallery.

Download album: Each time you click download album , it will store that specific picture in your monthly folder, either in photos or movies . If you select movies , iMemories will convert the file into a mp4 video before uploading it. One important thing to note is that when you upload videos from your phone, they are compressed and might not be as good quality as if you took them with iMemories itself!

Save photo: This is simply taking a screenshot of the picture so that it can be found later on within iMemories memories section. This takes up less space then downloading an entire movie clip does, but some pictures turn out blurry since most phones cannot take a screenshot of a movie file.

Save to photo gallery/camera roll: This saves the whole file to your phone’s storage and it will not get compressed, which makes for better quality pictures even if they can no longer be found in iMemories ‘ memories section.

You can also upload files from your phone by going into memories, clicking albums , then photos.

iMemories Complaints

The main complaint about this app is that some versions have been crashing lately – however, many users have said they still prefer using the app over other options. One user suggested not uploading videos because they tend to turn out blurry, but the pictures come out in good quality. The iMemories team is aware of this issue and are working on fixing it.


A number of options are available to you when you convert VHS to DVD. Local companies can often do this for you if you live in a big city. These are often small businesses run from home. The local economy benefits from this, but you can’t be sure that your memories will be handled as well as iMemories can.

It’s always possible that the person might lose the tapes or photos you give them. Here are some alternative iMemories programs you may want to consider.

ClearClick Video to DVD Converter

ClearClick Video to DVD Converter lets you convert videotapes at home. It can handle a wide range of formats, including Hi8 and AV tapes as well as camcorder footage. Video games recorded on consoles, as well as a wide variety of VHS tapes, can be copied with it. With the small screen on the device, you can select which parts of your video you want to copy. Recordings can also be paused and viewed before being saved.

Legacy Box

In the same way that iMemories digitizes your photos, Legacy Box does the same for anything you send them. In addition to accepting cassette tapes, this company also accepts recordings made by you or your grandparents and old band songs. Legacy Box includes three options in each package. You get both DVD copies of your memories as well as a secure thumb drive. With the digital download option, you can use your Google account to view your videos and photos and listen to your tapes. This lets you log in on different devices to access your memories.

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Here’s what people are saying about iMemories…

Should you buy it?

Below are a few pros to help you determine whether or not iMemories is worth your time and money.

  • SafeShip Kit: It costs a little bit, but it’s worth it because your tapes, reels, photos, and documents will arrive safely and intact. The packaging also prevents moisture and temperature shock.
  • All Formats: You can have your family’s video and photo records digitized using iMemories, regardless of what they used to shoot. Furthermore, it can accept PAL footage as well as formats from North America. Besides 8 mm and 16 mm film reels, the company also accepts other formats.
  • You receive your kit in about 3 weeks or less, and can return it even faster. We usually process the content within three weeks.
  • Lots of Services: iMemories’ range of services is one of the primary reasons people choose it. You can use our link to place your order and get a 20% discount on some services, such as the cloud storage, which charges a monthly fee. 
  • In addition, you can choose and combine services according to your needs. Get one or more disc copies as gifts for friends and family.

iMemories offers numerous services, including the ability to view, edit, and exchange digital files. To give you an idea of the pros and cons of using this company’s services, we compiled a list of the cons. You may not be able to use everything in iMemories since it has some restrictions. If the company receives content that appears to be illegal as well as obscene, it may contact authorities.

The service was also expensive, according to customers. SafeShip Kits are around $15 when you order them. The company may charge you for sending back your content, even though none of its services are free of charge. As well as pay a fee for every tape you wish to digitize, you also need to submit 50 feet of film and 50 photos. It can be quite expensive to copy multiple tapes and pictures. Furthermore, you can’t view the results before paying.

iMemories Pricing and Where To Buy

Pricing for converting analogue media to digital begins at $.79 per image and $19.99 per tape. These prices are further reduced when you sign up for iMemories on the web. First, click here to save even more money before you head to the site and register. When you use this link, you’ll get 20% off the regular online price of any iMemories service. Only $.47 per photo is required for submission. It only costs $11.99 to have your old film reels preserved. If you send in less than 50 feet of film, there will be no additional charge. If you use this link, you can send a tape for just $11.99 each time.

When you click the link, you can see the prices and then place an order for a SafeShip Kit by scrolling down the page. Everything you need to send back your precious memories in one convenient package, and shipping is on the house! You will also receive a no-obligation estimate of the cost of making a disc of your memories. Follow the provided link to quickly have a kit delivered to your door. The majority of customers reported receiving their kits in under three weeks.


Is iMemories a reputable company?

IMemories is a reputable company for preserving memories of all ages no matter how old they are. This company will take all of your films, make copies on discs, and deliver the finished product as well as your originals to you

What does iMemories do?

With iMemories Cloud, your personal photo library is always within reach. To view your videos and photos, you can use the iMemories app on your iOS device, Android phone or tablet, computer, or select Smart TV.

Who owns iMemories?

Mark Rukavina started the Scottsdale company iMemories and serves as its CEO. More than 15 million memories have been digitised by iMemories since the company’s inception 14 years ago, serving more than 500,000 customers.


Organize your closets and garage, and look under beds for old family photos and videotapes if you have them. You can create digital copies of your memories that will last a lifetime with iMemories. Why should you be afraid of someone accidentally taping over or cutting up your wedding video? They offer online and app-based services, as well as disc copies you can present at your next party and view online. Order the additional copies for gifting to those who matter to you.

The tools and equipment you need to convert VHS tapes into digital copies or discs are available, but you will typically need a VCR and other supplies to use them. It is possible to go to a neighbour, but this cannot guarantee that all of your materials will be used and returned in their original condition.

With iMemories, you get your originals back in pristine condition not only because it can use most file formats, but also because you can use nearly any format.

It’s easy for you to preserve and save your photos and videos using iMemories.