How to stop your dog from barking in seconds?

How to stop your dog from barking in seconds?

For young, very active dogs, a “bed” cue or command is a great way to redirect their energy and give them a short “time-out” to help them learn to calm down when they get too excited. Learn about How to stop your dog barking in seconds.

So, we can deal with really annoying barking and situations that make your dog bark, but it’s important to be realistic and know that you won’t be able to stop them from barking completely.

First, you need to figure out why your dog is barking. Then, you can treat the cause or deal with the situation.

List of How To Stop Your Dog From Barking in Seconds

  1. Why is My Dog Barking
  2. My Dog Barks for Attention
  3. Dog Barks When People Walk Past The House
  4. My Dog Barks When People Knock On The Door


Many things can make a dog bark. They might bark at different times for different reasons, like when they are happy, bored, angry, excited, or even scared.

For example, if your dog hasn’t had enough exercise or doesn’t feel stimulated, it may bark to tell you it’s bored or upset. Physical stimulation is very important, so you could increase your dog’s exercise by making their daily walks more fun or by playing with them more in the house or garden. This kind of barking could also be stopped by giving the dog something to think about, like scent games, training, or interactive puzzle feeders.

Think about what your dog does every day. If they have a lot of time on their own or if they bark more at certain times of the day, these are good times to start training and activities. This will also help you figure out why they’re barking.


You might find that your dog starts barking when you’re not paying enough attention to it. This attention could come in the form of physical contact or time to play. As the owner, our first instinct might be to give them what they want or tell them to shut up. But if you pay attention to your dog when it barks, it will be more likely to do it again. Even if the attention is something you think is bad, like shouting, you are still giving your dog the attention they wanted in the form of a reaction.

Instead, try not to pay attention to your dog when it barks to get your attention. Don’t say anything and don’t look at them. Try to ignore them as much as possible and stay still until they stop. You may have to wait for this one! Once they stop, praise them calmly and give them the attention they were looking for, whether it’s a fuss, some play time, or a treat. Your dog will figure out that barking doesn’t get him what he wants over time.

As a part of this, it’s a good idea to give your dog a treat when it stays quiet on its own. Give them some of the attention they like when they are quiet and calm during the day to show them they don’t have to yell for it.


There are two things you can do if your dog barks when people walk by the house: train it or handle the situation. A simple way to stop your dog from seeing people walking by is to block the window or door, but this isn’t always possible.

You could also try to get your dog’s attention before it starts to bark. It’s a good idea to watch your dog and figure out what makes them want to bark. When you see these signs, ask them to do something you can give them a treat for instead, like sit or down. Don’t worry if you can’t get your dog’s attention before it starts to bark. For this situation, it’s best to teach your dog something like “watch me” or “come here.” This will let you call them to you once they start barking, instead of giving them a treat for coming when you called them.

On the Battersea YouTube channel and in the pet advice section of our website, you can find out more about how to teach your dog to come when called and to say “watch me.” Once you have your dog’s attention, you can play with them or do something else with them to keep them busy until the trigger is no longer outside.


If your dog is barking at the door, it could be because it is happy to see people or because it is trying to protect you. If your dog is trying to protect you or warn you, and someone knocks on the door but doesn’t come in, your dog will feel like he did a good job. It can work well to teach your dog to act differently when you knock on the door or to do something else that takes their mind off of barking.

For example, if your dog likes to play with toys and fetch games, you can teach it to get its favourite toy when the doorbell rings so it can play quickly, or you can just teach it to hold still until the person has left or entered. In our teach your dog a hold video, you can learn more about how to teach your dog to hold and fetch.

You can also teach your dog to be less scared of the sound of knocking. First, record the sound that makes the reaction happen. Then, when your dog is calm, play the sounds quietly at first and give them a treat if they don’t bark. Play the sound louder and louder over time, and keep rewarding them when they stay quiet. If they bark, stop the session and try again with the volume a little bit lower the next day. Over time, you should be able to increase the volume until your dog learns that knocking is a good thing and doesn’t react to it anymore.

Keep your dog tired

Make sure that your dog gets enough physical and mental activity each day. When a dog is tired, it’s less likely to bark because it’s bored or upset. Depending on their age and health, your dog might need a few long walks, a good game of chasing the ball, and some fun toys to play with. 

Ultrasonic Devices

Using Ultrasonic Dog Device BarxBuddy

What They Do: When you bark, noise-making machines make high-pitched sounds. Ultrasonic sounds are too high for humans to hear, but dogs can hear them. The tone irritates them, so it works as a warning and stops when they stop barking. So, your dog will learn that barking makes the noise worse and being quiet makes it stop.

There are both indoor and outdoor versions of these things. Both machines will respond to any dog barking as long as the dog is in range. If you have more than one dog and they all bark, this is a plus. The outdoor machines are also great for calming down barking dogs in your neighbours’ yards. This can stop your dog and theirs from barking at each other. But if you have more than one dog and only one of them barks too much, keep in mind that the device will correct all of the dogs. To name a few, BarxBuddy and Anti Barking Dog Device really helps in stop your dog from barking. 

How to Use Them: Talk to a professional dog trainer about how to use these tools with your dog. These devices have a certain range, so where you put them is important. The machine should be facing your dog, and your dog should be in the microphone’s range of hearing. Lastly, make sure there is nothing between the device and the dog that could block the ultrasonic noise. Make sure to turn the machine off when your dog isn’t being a bother and barking too much. If you don’t, your dog may get used to the sound and bark anyway.

Vibration Collars

If you want to make sure your dog doesn’t bark no matter where it is, you could get a bark-deterrent collar. The vibration collar is one type. These work by both hearing the dog bark and feeling the vibrations in its throat. So, the vibration will only happen when the dog wearing the device moves. The vibration is meant to get your dog’s attention and stop it from barking.

How to Use Them: Talk to a professional dog trainer about how to use these tools with your dog. Make sure the collar fits right. You should be able to fit one finger under the collar along the back of your dog’s neck, and the vibration unit should fit snugly in the middle of the dog’s throat. You can change how strong these devices are, so make sure to set them only as strong as you need to stop your dog from barking. Be aware that your dog may learn to associate the collar with the vibration and may only be quiet when the collar is on


Remember that if these tips don’t work for your dog, you should talk to your vet, who can suggest a trained behaviourist who can help you.