HearingAid Max Review – Does This Hear Aid Amplifier Work?

HearingAid Max Review – Does This Hear Aid Amplifier Work?

Millions of People are fighting with hearing loss. That’s why we’d like to inform you about new HearingAid Max. Hearing aids are numerous, some costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. It is a much cheaper price, but just as effective as some basic hearing aids that doctors can find.

It’s small, easy to use and efficient! We have prepared a detailed review for you, but the short version is as follows: if you are struggling with hearing loss and are looking for an affordable option, this is the device for you! If you want to learn more, we’ve provided you with all the information you need in our HearingAid Max Review!

What is HearingAid Max?

HearingAid Max in hands

HearingAid Max can easily recover the sounds that make all the difference. You can enjoy hearing without interference from noise or wind and without being bothered by whistles or buzzes.

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Key Features

  • Alternative ear plugs in 3 different sizes(S, M, L) are included, made of silicone material, not easy to slip off, it will be very comfortable to wear.
  • Reliable quality, user-friendly and skin-friendly, flexible, safe to wear without harming ear canal.
  • Simple operation, helping you regain the pleasure of enjoying music, movies and TV programs.
  • Adjustable volume, you can turn up the volume from low to high depending on your needs.
  • Easy for you to replace the battery, convenient for you to use anytime anywhere.

Specifications of HearingAid Max

GeneralBrand: HearingAid Max
Product DetialsMaterial: plastic
Max sound output:130dB±5dB
Sound gain: ≥50dB
Harmonic Wave Distortion: ≤5%
Frequency response Range: 300Hz~4000Hz
Input Noise: ≤ 30dB
Power Voltage: 1.5 V
Current: ≤ 4mA
Battery Type: AG13
DimensionProduct Size: About 43*19*9mm
Package Contents1 x Hearing Aid
2 x Earplug of different size
2 x Cell Battery
1 x Box
1 x Brush
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Manual

Common signs of hearing loss

Normal signs of hearing loss are as under:

  • One cannot hear the speech and various sound in a clear manner
  • The person with hearing loss may not understand consonants
  • Disability to hear TV and radio in normal sound
  • One cannot understand the talks in a normal voice and may ask to speak loudly and precisely
  • People with hearing loss may not engage more in conversions with other people.
  • A person with hearing loss does not socialize more to avoid hearing problems.

How To Use HearingAid Max?

A hearing amplifier device

Getting used to your HearingAid Max device could be a little tricky if you’ve never owned a hearing aid before. So, we aren’t going to leave you in the dust. Here are a few tips to adjust to your new hearing buddy:

  • Let yourself adjust to the differences
  • Try wearing the aids for a few hours at a time
  • Talk out loud to adjust your speaking levels
  • Practice reading along to audio books or captions on TV
  • Speak with family members and friends
  • Keep a journal of your struggles
  • Set goals that are realistic
  • Don’t change the volume too much
  • Be patient

Listening Programs of HearingAid Max

While doing research about this gadget, we found that it has 4 different Listening Programs. Let’s find out the difference in between them.

Normal: Equal amplification across all pre-programmed frequencies.

Noisy: Reduces background noise.

Outdoor: Decreases overall sound gain, more comfortable.

Meeting: Increases voice frequency, decrease base and high frequency sound.

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