FloraBrite Reviews: Floral Outdoor Solar Powered Garden

FloraBrite Reviews: Floral Outdoor Solar Powered Garden

You want to make your garden, driveway, or lawn stand out with outdoor accent lights? You won’t be disappointed with these garden lily lights. The accent lights illuminate your yard with 7 changing colors and fascinating lily flowers at dusk. Fully powered by the sun, they automatically turn on at dusk. Read the FloraBrite Review with us.

What is FloraBrite?


You can bring color to your gardens, pathways, landscapes, hangout areas, and more with FloraBrite realistic flower design.

Choose from 7 different colors and bend the flowers in any direction you like!

‍The realistic designs look equally good at night as they do during the day! The sun won’t glisten off those unsightly lights. A lily-shaped stake light with seven colors. Solar lights illuminate your garden and pathways automatically in the dark. Flower petals are expertly crafted to resemble real lily flowers. If you bend the flower lights a thousand times, they will still retain their shape

Features of FloraBrite

  • Elevate Your Landscape: Pleasing red and purple lilies in gardens, landscapes, and walkways, FloraBrites’ red and purple flowers are a stunning addition to any outdoor space.
  • Eco-Friendly Reliability: Solar LEDs harnessed from the sun power FloraBrites, which remain lit for hours at a time. There are no batteries, wiring, or extra maintenance needed!
  • Dusk To Dawn Light Technology: Florabrites are powered by solar energy, doing their job at night, and charging during the day- no more worrying about switching on or off!
  • Lightning Fast Set Up: Your garden or landscape will benefit from one or a hundred Florabrites. You can glow in minutes after choosing your spot, staked into the ground.
  • Custom Tailor Your Outdoor Space: Gardening, patios, walkways, and more can be enhanced with the colorful solar flowers from FloraBrite. Select your own color scheme and design your own arrangement.


  • Solar Panel: 2V / 40mA
  • Light Bulb Type: RGB LED
  • Power Source: Solar-Powered
  • Battery: 1.2V/Ni-MH 600mAh rechargeable battery for each light
  • Decorative Material: Cloth
  • Lighting Body Material: Stainless Steel
  • Charger Time: 8 hours in daylight
  • Working Hours: 8 Hours Fully Charged
  • Switch: On/Off
  • Assembly : Adult assembly required, tools not provided
  • Protective Qualities: Weather Resistant
  • Contains: Brightology Florabrite 1 Red + 1 Purple Solar Flower 

Where To Use Florabrite?

Florabrite Uses

Florabrite will add a touch of magic to your space. Adding a sparkle to your space is easy with our stunning lily solar lights. FloraBrites can be easily placed in gardens, on pathways, around homes and on lawns! High-quality solar panels harness the power of the sun and keep them glowing all night long without any wires. In addition, our lights change to create a variety of beautiful hues that are uniquely yours. 

Directions for Use

FloraBrite is a DIY yard makeover that is 100% solar-powered!

FloraBrite installs in a matter of seconds. You can enjoy year-round lighting with just a flick of a switch and a stake in the ground. There are no wires or cords involved! In its pretty colorful petals, FloraBrite’s dusk to dawn technology turns off during the day to charge, and turns on brightly at night.

  • Plant Florabrite in an area that receives direct sunlight throughout the day. To ensure that your floral lights will shine brightly at night, you should charge them fully during the day.
  • Slide the switch to ON position and unfold the attached solar panel. 
  • After installing the solar stake, attach the LED florals.
  • Use the extendable solar stake to secure your Florabrite to the ground, and watch it magically illuminate your space at night.

Is Florabrite Worth It?

  • Unique Features That Make Your Home Stand Out
  • Within seconds, install
  • Budget-friendly
  • No ugly wires
  • 100% Solar Powered

How Can You Try FloraBrite?

There is no store that sells Florabrite, it is only available online. You can buy them here from their official link and right now there are many offers going on, so do not miss the lucrative offers and order yours now. 

What do the customers have to say about Florabrite?

How much does it cost?

These gorgeous glowing lilies come in 4 colors and add instant curb-appeal to any yard or garden!

  • 2 lights for $49.98
  • 4 for $99.96
  • 6 for $149.94


If you want to enhance your home’s beauty at night, these lights are just what you need. Florabrite works well as a garden or courtyard ornament. While you wait, you can use Florabrite to light up your patio, lawn, porch, gate, or yard with LED light strings. This solar flower pot is ideal for outdoor use, as it comes in black, white, and purple colors, so that you can make your life more beautiful as well as change the color as often as you like. 

Florabrite make great gifts to friends and neighbours, particularly at night. Made from high-quality plastic, this led panel has a beautiful appearance and shape. LEDs are ideal for decorating gardens, patios, and yards. This is a perfect gift for those who are passionate about gardening or nature, and can use these to decorate their home at night. Power supply from solar panels, green plants, flowers, lights, energy saving, environmental protection. No matter what season or environment it is, use the blossoming flowers of FloraBrites Anywhere.


Are the lights capable of ataying on one solid color or are they set to cycle through the colors all the time?

The lights can stay on one color. FloraBrite’s unique fade mode continuously cycles through all 7 colors!

How do they charge?

At the base of each FloraBrite is a solar panel that they use to charge during the day. You don’t need to run wires in your garden or anything. Just stake them in and done!