Fend Nasal Spray Reviews: Does It Really Help?

Fend Nasal Spray Reviews: Does It Really Help?

Dry airways make it hard to breathe. Dryness makes it easier for droplets to form in the lungs, and our airways can’t clean and filter the air we breathe in. Don’t forget to read some of the honest Fend Nasal Spray Reviews before buying.

Our airways need to stay moist to keep us healthy. Because of this, keeping the airways moist is the missing link to better health. Droplets from your nose and mouth make it hard to breathe well. They break up your mucus and move toxins deeper into your lungs or back out into the environment.

This is exactly what your mucus shouldn’t do, and keeping your airways clean is all about that. In clinical trials, FEND was shown to remove up to 99 percent of respiratory droplets from the airways for up to 6 hours. Let us tell you in detail in our Fend Reviews.

What is Fend Nasal Spray?

Fend Nasal Spray

FEND is an all-natural airway cleansing mist that filters up to 99% of allergens, carcinogens & pathogens from reaching your lungs.3

It works by capturing billions of tiny airborne particles, then flushing them out BEFORE you breathe them in.

In short, FEND strengthens your upper airways’ natural ability to clean the air you breathe.

Even better, FEND is 100% drug-free and completely safe for anyone to use. It doesn’t require a prescription or an expensive office visit, and there are NO side effects to worry about.

The proprietary solution is similar to natural ocean air, made with natural ingredients that are fundamental to keeping your nasal passages clean, hydrated, & healthy.

Features of Fend Nasal Spray

Powerful all-day effectiveness

To stay safe from dangerous airborne particles, give your body a boost.

The air we breathe is more dangerous than ever, with natural threats like microorganisms and germs and pollution like car exhaust and cigarette smoke.

The doctor-recommended saltwater and calcium solution improves your body’s ability to filter up to 99 percent of these harmful particles right away, without drugs or bulky equipment.

You can finally get a breath of fresh air wherever you are with FEND.

Clinically Proven & Doctor-Recommended

FEND was made by a world-famous Harvard professor working with scientists from some of the world’s best research and academic institutions. Clinical trials and peer-reviewed research have shown that the device works. It has also won a number of innovation awards, including Time magazine’s Best Invention of 2020 award.

FEND is a big step forward in making airways safer, and people all over the world are taking notice.


Water, Calcium, and Sodium are used to make FEND. This mixture of natural ingredients helps clean your airways and improves how well they work. It feels like breathing in a mist of fresh ocean air.


Your body’s natural defenses are boosted with just two deep breaths of the FEND mist. This helps protect your airways from harmful pollutants for up to 6 hours.

Take it with you anywhere!

FEND is small and made to be taken with you everywhere. There are no cords, batteries, or refills to deal with. Just put your FEND in your pocket, and you can breathe easy all day.

Why do you need Fend Nasal Spray?

Benefits of Fend Nasal Spray

Your upper airways have a special lining that traps and cleans away airborne particles to keep them from getting in. This lining can break down and fail in modern places and ways of life.

Our mix of salts not only keeps your airways moist, but it also helps your mucus keep its natural shape longer in the face of the many stresses of modern life.

How it works?

In short, FEND Nasal Spray strengthens the natural defense system your body already has in place.

Your body has a natural “sticky trap” that catches germs & airborne particles before they go deeper into your lungs. (Which is why you aren’t getting sick every single day from all those microorganisms and toxins you’re inhaling.)

The FEND solution hydrates this lining in order to make it MORE effective at trapping any of the particles that enter your airways.

This gives you “super mucus” that helps filter the contaminants you’re exposed to each time you breathe.

Once they’re trapped by the “super mucus”, your body will safely eliminate them on its own.

And because FEND uses an ULTRA-FINE mist atomizer (the technology behind the part of the bottle that actually sprays), you’ll experience much deeper absorption into your upper airways.

This allows FEND to be much MORE effective at filtering airborne particles and germs while also helping you breathe better overall.

It’s not just incredibly effective, it’s also surprisingly simple to use.

How to use Fend Nasal Spray?

How to use Fend Nasal Spray
  1. Spray 2 mists of FEND
  2. Inhale through your nose
  3. That’s it – FEND will immediately start filtering 99% of airborne particles!

The solution starts working right away, and two sprays can help filter dangerous contaminants for up to 6 hours at a time.

Plus, FEND is completely safe to use multiple times a day without side effects.

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How to ensure you’re getting a consistent mist

  1. Their team likes to hold the device with two or three fingers on top and the thumb on the bottom. When you squeeze the device together, this even pressure will help make a more consistent mist.
  2. Keep the FEND in place. If you use it backwards, you might get a “drool,” which is when a little bit of liquid builds up near the nozzle. Just shake the “drool” off to let the mist come out.
  3. You might not get the full mist if you squeeze it too quickly or too slowly. When you press the FEND together all the way, you may hear a small click, and you’ll see that the mist stops.

Who can use FEND?

Air contaminants can harm anyone, but they can be especially dangerous for a few groups of people.

Those who are immunocompromised, Infants, Children & Teens. People with Asthma & other lung diseases. People with allergies and anyone over 65 could all benefit from FEND’s powerful ability to clean them and supercharge your body’s own natural air filtration system.

Who can use Fend Nasal Spray

Especially since FEND filters up to 99% of airborne allergens, carcinogens, and pathogens so you can breathe with confidence.

We should all feel safe breathing. And FEND is helping us do just that.

How does it help?

  • Improve Sleep
  • Reduce Snoring
  • Increase Athletic Performance
  • Reduce Congestion
  • Ease symptoms of allergies

Fast Acting: No need to waste time waiting around for it to kick in. With FEND you get instant peace of mind as soon as you use it.

Long-Lasting: Two quick sprays of FEND last for up to 6 hours. So no need to constantly reapply, saving you time and hassle. Just a few FENDs a day keeps me breathing better.

Compact & Portable: You’ll always have it when you need it.

Best use Cases of Fend Nasal Spray

Offices: FEND helps keep teams safe from particles in the air when they work in the same space. And just like when you wash your hands, FEND works better as more people use it.

Retail and hospitality: Clean the airways in your workplace so that you can continue to help hundreds of new people every day.

Education: Their health is just as important as how well they do in school. FEND will help them stay on task, stay healthy, and keep learning.

Manufacturing: FEND helps make sure that your staff stays available and on task. It works with your regular hygiene and safety practices.


Multi-Award Winning – The “Best Invention of 2020” according to Time.

100% Safe – FEND is 100% natural, drug-free, and safe to use every day.

Lasts 6 Hours – You only need two deep breaths.

Backed by Science – It really works!

Who invented Fend Nasal Spray?

Fend Nasal Spray Founder - Dr. David Edwards

Dr. David Edwards, a scientist at Harvard, wants everyone to feel safe when they breathe.

Dr. David Edwards, who has taught at Harvard for a long time and is a member of three national academies in the US and France, made FEND.

David has worked for decades to learn about and improve how we can fight pollution and the worsening air quality around the world. His groundbreaking work on inhaled insulin and protecting against Anthrax led him to his mission today, which is to help protect people from harmful airborne contaminants.

People all over the world finally have a way to breathe better and easier, and it’s safe and cheap for everyone. This is all thanks to Dr. Edwards’ decades of research, his work with multiple international teams, and his never-ending dedication.

How does it compare to nasal sprays?

I had tried nasal sprays before, but they didn’t work as well as this.

I was curious to know why and found out it had to do with FEND’s “ultrafine mist atomizer.” Basically, the way I understand it is that the mist particles are much smaller than the particles in nasal sprays – 10 microns to be exact which apparently is the perfect size. Because it’s too big to travel all the way to your lungs but too small to get trapped in your nostrils.

And this is what allows it to interact with your body’s natural mucus, effectively giving you “super mucus” which helps your body catch unwanted particles before they go deeper into your lungs.

Fend Nasal Spray Reviews Consumer Reports

I love my FEND! We’re on a trip to Disney which doesn’t require masks, and it gives peace of mind after being in crowded areas. Plus, it’s so refreshing we like using it daily. – Dianne

I use FEND three times a day to combat my chronic dry nose and polypoidal nasopharynx. It reduces the need to breathe through my mouth since my nose feels more open and clear. I especially appreciate that FEND uses no preservatives and since the device is used for just one month and then recycled, there is no need to sterilize anything or worry about microbial build up over time, as is necessary with a Nettie pot. – Scot M.

Life changing product! As someone who suffers from constant sinus issues, FEND has been a blessing! – mkers24

How much does it cost?

The most legit and reliable way to buy your own Fend Nasal Spray is its official website. Also, they currently have a lucrative discount for each of the offers of Fend Nasal Spray. So, I will never want to miss that if I were you. Right now, the best packages to seal your deals are: (Fend shipping available worldwide and price can be different currency wise!)

  • 1 for $29.00 (+S&H)
  • Buy 2, Get 1 Free for $69.98 (Free USA Shipping)
  • Buy 3, Get 2 Free for $104.97 (Free USA Shipping)

Where can I buy Fend Nasal Spray?

We’re happy to see that FEND has continued to rise in popularity since we wrote this article. However, we’ve also heard about some knockoffs going around. They either use the wrong solution (that could even be unsafe to inhale!) or they don’t use an atomized mister, which makes the product MUCH less effective.

So, if you’re planning to help yourself and your family filter pollutants with FEND, please be sure to order ONLY from the official FEND website!

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Conclusion: Does Fend really work?

In short, YES!

Not only does FEND help you breathe better and shield you from poor air quality, germs, and allergens…

It’s ALSO easy and safe to use, completely portable, and – perhaps most importantly of all – it’s doctor-recommended!

Whether you have a condition that makes it especially important to keep your airways clean, or you simply want to help your body filter the “dirty air” we’re all breathing today…

One thing is clear: FEND could quite possibly be your new favorite product that improves the quality of your day-to-day life with each and every breath you take!