Eggfecto Egg Cooker Reviews: Microwave Egg Boiler Worth It?

Eggfecto Egg Cooker Reviews: Microwave Egg Boiler Worth It?

EggFecto is truly a blessing! You can’t go wrong with it for a morning wake-up call. Have you ever wanted a tasty boiled egg to start your day, but ended up with a soggy one instead? When you boil an egg, do you always find the end result to be a watery one? Do you prefer soft eggs but your cooker will not let you have them? You need not worry about this EggFecto Egg Cooker review!

I had a problem with soggy eggs before getting a microwave egg Cooker. In most cases, I end up disappointed when my eggs don’t turn out as I expected after boiling them with huge expectations. EggFecto changed my egg story for the better.

A microwave can be used to cook eggs with the EggFecto Egg Cooker. You might get carried away with the conversation or your morning preparations while boiling water and forget about your eggs. When it dries up, your eggs become burnt. Ouch! Fortunately, this can be avoided by using the EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker, since it shuts off once your egg is set.

People won’t buy a product that lacks aesthetics. Here are the reasons why you should purchase the EggFecto Egg Cooker. The egg-like design adds beauty to any kitchen or countertop. The EggFecto Egg Cooker makes soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs. When there are more mouths to feed, it’s even better since you can cook up to four perfect eggs at once. 

The EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker review provides all the information you need to know and guess what? Your money is well spent!

What is an Eggfecto Egg Cooker?

Eggfecto Egg Cooker

You can boil your eggs in no time with the Eggfecto Egg Cooker. Also, you can now prepare four eggs quickly and easily without breaking a sweat. You don’t need any prior kitchen experience or expertise to use this gadget; all you have to do is add a little water, place the eggs in it, and microwave for a few minutes.

With the EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker, eggs are cooked in the microwave and come out perfectly cooked. It is now easier than ever to prepare hard-boiled eggs. Your eggs in a pot will also not take an eternity to cook nor will you be uncertain when they are ready.

The EggFecto Egg Cooker simplifies egg cooking. With this 5-star egg cooker, you can start off your day on the right foot. The EggFecto Egg Cooker is the way to go if you want to prepare more than one. You can boil up to four eggs without cleaning or stressing out about it with this cooker. 

This removable EggFecto Egg Cooker makes cleaning incredibly simple. Moreover, this cooker can be washed in the dishwasher, so there’s no need to worry. Eggshells are so easy to remove from eggs, and they always come out smooth and flawless.


133mm x 133mm x 165mm (5.2 x 5.2 x 6.5 inches) is the dimensions and weight of the EggFecto Egg Cooker. Your kitchen needs this invention. As opposed to other electric egg cookers that are massive and bulky, this cooker can fit into cupboards with ease. A stylish egg-shaped design will add a touch of aesthetics to your kitchen and beautify your counter. If you want to cook eggs, the EggFecto Egg Cooker is what you need.

Featuring a strong pp exterior as well as an aluminum egg tray, the EggFecto Egg Boiler allows you to get boiled eggs in any shape you like, including hard, medium or soft. Afterwards, you can easily and quickly clean the detachable cooker using a dishwasher or soapy water after it has boiled. Breakfast, salads, muffins, sandwiches, or any other meals of your choice can be prepared with the EggFecto Egg Cooker. The EggFecto Egg Cooker is indispensable!

Features of the EggFecto Egg Cooker

Guaranteed High Quality:

EggFecto Egg Cooker is made with a high-quality feature that provides a long-lasting result. It comes with a 30-day warranty. As a result, you won’t be disappointed if you don’t get what you want. EggFecto Egg Cooker is a complete package as a result of both the guarantee and the high-quality features.

Ease and Convenience:

This is what sets the EggFecto Egg Cooker apart from others. The EggFecto is easy and convenient to use. Since it works with a microwave, you don’t need to constantly monitor it. Keep your EggFecto Egg Colker clean even after use. You can wash this detachable appliance with soap and water and put it in the dishwasher. It’s so convenient!

Delicious and Nutritious:

Perfect egg cookers are the only way to make delicious boiled eggs. What would you think if you had a grumpy egg for breakfast and wondered why you had a bad day? The EggFecto Egg Cooker will provide you with a perfect egg boil every time. Avoid regrets by using it.

Boils Up To 4 Eggs:

There are many nutrients in an egg that you need. With the EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker, you can make your boiled eggs perfectly. There is no limit to the number of eggs you can boil at once, as you can boil up to four eggs.


Nothing in this world is perfect, so the EggFecto Egg Cooker is nothing. Reviewers have given the EggFecto five-star ratings because it is perfect and does not cause any problems. The stress of getting a pot, water, and standing by without a guarantee of a perfect egg had me contemplating boiling eggs in the morning before I discovered this product.

Who It’s For?

The EggFacto Microwave Cooker is a great product for anyone who likes eggs, and anyone who can’t quite get the perfect boiled egg right without one.

Everyone knows that breakfast is important, and there are millions of households which can’t imagine a day started without boiled eggs. If that describes you, then the EggFecto might be perfect.

If you have special dietary needs that require a high-protein diet, then the Eggfecto could also be a great product to buy.

Again, get the EggFecto Microwave Cooker if you would like perfect eggs every time you make them.

How does Eggfecto Egg Cooker work?

Since the dawn of time, humans have tried to produce flawless boiled eggs. Some even avoid cooking eggs. It’s sad. Some people try to find a solution by buying multiple egg cookers, which take up space, overcook eggs, and waste time. 

Furthermore, some egg cookers are very difficult to clean and can’t be placed in a dishwasher. However, this is no longer a concern. EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker provides consistently flawless results, saves you time by boiling eggs quickly, and it is easy to clean. 

Besides being easy to clean, you can store this gadget in your cabinet if you like, but the majority of customers leave it on their worktops for aesthetic reasons. There is also the noteworthy feature of a 50% discount on the EggFecto Egg Cooker’s official website at the moment. Don’t pass it up.

Does it worth having?

Eggfecto Egg Cooker is an essential tool for every household. Anybody can use it to make their eggs effortlessly. It is the best egg cooker on the market that can give you the tastiest microwave eggs. It is great for an office snack without using pots, pans, or stove. Eggfecto is great for kids breakfast without spending time on every single egg or having to clean up a big mess. And it is great for mass-producing eggs in meal-prepping.

Egg Fecto is perfect for small kitchen, dorm life, camper, RV traveling, and households on the go.

To further address the fears and doubts on the minds of consumers, the manufacturer added these few promises:

  • Guaranteed high quality: It is manufactured from premium components for excellent durability and longevity.
  • No hassle returns: In case you are not satisfied with eggfecto, you can return it within thirty days and get back your money.
  • Quick and convenient: It is designed to be used with minimal setup or frustration. Start enjoying perfect eggs immediately.

Why should I buy the EggFecto Egg Cooker?

Eggs boiled by using Eggfecto Egg Cooker

It is better to ask: why should I not buy the EggFecto Egg Cooker? Boiling eggs has been a struggle since time immemorial. Several restaurants have gone so far as to remove “boiled eggs” from their menus. This is quite sad.

Egg cookers consume space, cook eggs too long, and take a lot of time to use. Additionally, some egg cookers require a lot of cleaning and can’t be put in a dishwasher.

There is no need to worry about all these things anymore. EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker is easy to use, produces perfect results without wasting any time, and is easy to clean. It can be easily washed apart, and the best part is that it fits in your cupboard, though users often leave it on their counters for aesthetic reasons. Count me in!

Can we talk about trust? It appears that EggFecto Egg Cooker buyers haven’t used their 30-day money back guarantee because they haven’t complained. If you become the first to complain, however, the guarantee remains in effect. All you have to do is return it for a refund or replacement. The EggFecto Egg Cooker is therefore perfect.

On the official EggFecto Egg Cooker website, a 50 percent discount is also currently being offered. Take advantage of this offer while you can!

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Its unique design and quality make the EggFecto Egg Cooker one of a kind. Therefore, even though it fits into your cabinets, you’d rather leave it on your counters. Speed and convenience are its unique features. The egg-like shape of this egg cooker makes it the perfect way to boil eggs. Don’t pass it up!


Definitely! I agree! With EggFecto Egg Cookers, this is not the case, as most egg cookers cannot be washed in the dishwasher. The lid and aluminum tray can be easily separated for a dishwasher wash.

Aesthetics: My EggFecto Egg Cooker is usually on my kitchen counters because of its aesthetic effect. EggFecto is the most aesthetic egg cooker available.

50 percent discount

Buying directly from EggFecto’s official website is the best way to get these products. The microwave egg Cooker comes with a discount price even with all its amazing features. Combining quality and affordability is the pinnacle of perfection.

How to use EggFecto Egg Cooker?

Steps on how to use EggFecto Egg Cooker

Microwave eggs can be cooked in less than 10 minutes with the EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker. When using the EggFecto Egg Cooker, add 112 cups of water ( 50 ml) to the base, place your uncooked eggs (a maximum of 4) in the bottom, and then place the cover over it. You can make soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs by following the cooking time and microwave oven power recommendations. To make peeling easier, shake it at least seven times after cooking. With EggFecto’s Egg Cooker, you’ll be able to get the exact eggs you’re looking for in the microwave.

Who can use it?

Eggfecto Egg Cooker is a great product for anyone who likes eggs, and anyone who can’t quite get the perfect boiled egg right without one. Most people know that breakfast is important, and there are millions of households which cannot imagine a day started without boiled eggs. If that describes you, then the Eggfecto perfect for you.

If you have special dietary needs that require a high-protein diet, then the Eggfecto could also be a great product to buy. Again, get the Eggfecto Egg Cooker if you would like perfect eggs every time you make them.

EggFecto Egg Cooker Reviews – Verified Customers

“It’s the easiest way to make perfect eggs that I’ve ever used. I didn’t think much of this when it was gifted to me by a friend. I wasn’t even going to use it! Wow! I am ever glad I did. This makes perfect eggs, every time, EFFORTLESSLY! I put the eggs on, get ready for work, and they’re done when I want them! I’m convinced this is the absolute best way to make eggs, guaranteed.” Mark G. – Portland, OR

“Awesome gadget that cooks four eggs at once. I eat two eggs every morning and this thing is perfect for cooking them. Quick and easy! Great value and makes preparing breakfast a lot better. My whole family loves this thing.” Ken G. – Butte, MT

“It’s not that hard to boil eggs on the stove, but I’ll only use my EggFecto now! It’s got a fantastic design and the operation is super simple. ANYONE can use it, and it makes amazing eggs! Quick and easy eggs done right, every time. Can’t beat that.” Paul V. – Memphis, TN

How much does it cost?

The 50 percent discount has been applied to the prices below:

  • 1 Cooker for – $19.99   
  • You can buy 2 for – $39.99
  • 3 Egg Cooker – $44.99
  • Buy 4 for – $54.99
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Final Verdict – EggFecto Egg Cooker

EggFecto Microwave Egg Cookers are a necessity for everyone and every household. Egg-boiling has been made easier and faster, and not only that, the eggs come out perfectly. Now I don’t have to worry about my eggs being grumpy or burnt when I boil them.

Simply place an order to enjoy the benefits of the EggFecto Egg Cooker. Don’t forget about all the benefits offered, like the 30-day guarantee and the 50 percent discount.

You can order the EggFecto Microwave Egg Cooker by clicking the next link, which will take you to the official website.

This is the ultimate egg-boiling experience! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Cook Eggs In EggFecto?

It takes only a few minutes for your EggFecto Egg Cooker to produce perfectly cooked, delicious eggs. Hard boiled eggs take less time than soft boiled eggs. With EggFecto, you can find your specific egg preference.

How Easy is EggFecto To Use?

Easy as pie! An EggFecto combines ease and perfection. The EggFecto Egg Cooker requires no more than the addition of water to the base, the placement of the aluminum tray on top, and the addition of eggs to the aluminum tray. Put it in the microwave and cover it. It won’t take long for your perfect eggs to be ready!