EcoHeat S Review – Is this Portable Heater worth?

Winter is here! Its cold outside. So, you dont go out, stay in your home and turn on the heater to feel the cozy warmth. And yet youre shivering in the cold. Why not find a better alternative to those typical heating systems? The EcoHeat S reviews will offer you just that.

The problem with the regular heating system youve got in your home is that they try to cover a large area. Thats why there are always areas where you feel like freezing out in the cold. Not to forget, they leave a huge bill afterward each month, which isnt a sight most of us want to see.

But there wasnt any other option than using the thermostat weve got. Until now! EcoHeat S is changing that scenario with its portable room heater to provide you the warmth where you need it.

We will break down more about the device in the coming sections so you can keep an eye on it to know more about it in detail.

What is EcoHeat S?

An image of EcoHeat S - Portable Heater

Designed with discerning yet budget-minded users in mind, EcoHeat S is an innovative compact space heater that provides wide-angle heating, covering up to 79 square meters.

Despite its small size, EcoHeat S heats up a whopping 70-degree angle in your room, so you and your family can stay warm and comfortable even when it’s very cold outside. All you have to do is press the “Turn” button, which prompts hot air to circulate through your space.

EcoHeat S incorporates a revolutionary PTC ceramic heating element that heats up your space in as little as 2 seconds, smart LED thermostat control so you can easily adjust the temperature, a digital display screen, and on/off timer, among other advanced features.

Portable, very safe, quiet, doesn’t take too much space and doesn’t increase your energy bill, because unlike most other electric heaters, it is extremely energy-efficient. It is also versatile and can be safely used for home, office, and travel.

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How does this portable heater works?

Working of portable heater

This little device sucks the cold air in from one side, heats it up by running it through the internal heat radiator and spits out the warm and cozy air we are all looking for.

It is USB powered and consumes minimal energy, meaning this portable heater will save you some precious cash on your electricity bill compared to more traditional heaters.

Also, this astonishing device, EcoHeat S, encapsulates adaptability joined with versatility along with a wide range of in-built safety features, which makes it an ideal ceramic heater that you can use for an entire all year.

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Features of EcoHeat S

A safe heater: For complete peace of mind, the EcoHeat S includes safety features such as; tip-over protection, overheat protection & a fire-retardant design.

Oscillating design: Not only does this black heater add contemporary style to your room, it also incorporates an oscillating design for a premium finish.

Flexible functions: The EcoHeat S features three possible settings for complete flexibility. Users can choose between 1200-Watts for a high level of heat output, 600-Watts for a low heat output or the standard cool blow fan setting.

Portable Design: The compact, portable design of the EcoHeat S makes it the perfect addition to your home or office.

Simple to Operate: The EcoHeat S is designed with functionality in mind, so it is very easy to operate, simply use the illuminated dots to select the desired function.

Energy Saving: The EcoHeat S is the ideal heater to reduce your overall heating costs. Instead of paying to heat the whole house or office, simply bring the heater with you to whatever room you are in.

Specifications of EcoHeat S
  • It has an auto oscillation
  • It has safety protection
  • An adjustable thermostat
  • Low-heat 600Watt / High-heat 1220Watt
  • It heats large areas
  • Power usage is 1.2 KW per hour
  • It operates within a range of 220V to 240V.
  • The rated frequency is 50 Hz.
  • BTU for the heater is 4092 BTU per hour.
  • The Amperage is 5 A – 5.455 A.

Is This Product Right For You?

A person using Ecoheat S in office

The small portable heater is a result of extensive research and innovation. Thanks to its wide-angle rotation it can rotate at an angle of up to 70 degrees and disburse heat widely.

The EcoHeat S radiator emits heat at wide angles and provides you with a pleasant warmth in winter. At basic level, this is like a fan in summer which also rotates and release air evenly. 

And its USP is is its silent heater which radiates heat in the room silently. You don’t get to hear disturbing device noises caused by traditional heaters.

It is vital to protect the environment and be sure of the heating bill, while avoiding suffering from cold. At EcoHeat you’ll notice of these aspects and you’ll be happy. A minimum of that’s what happened in my case. the key of however the device works are the ceramic pieces that heat themselves and keep the warmth at desired temperatures, eventually taking care to regulate itself if it reaches a too hot temperature. It’s terribly safe to use, environmentally friendly and it doesn’t need a socket.

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Benefits of Using This Portable Heater

  • Fast, Effective & Powerful Indoor Personal Heating
  • Our Safest Heater Yet, No Fast Spinning Blades & Automatically Shuts Off When Tipped Over
  • Precise Heating, An LCD Display Smart Thermostat Maintain Your Chosen Room Temperature
  • Portable Design, Small and Easy to Carry. Enjoy at Work, Home, etc.
  • Ceramic Plates Technology Result in a 2 Seconds Heating Time
  • Adjustable Power Mode, Low-Heat 600W or High-Heat 1200W

Ecoheat S 3 Modes Explained

3 Modes of Ecoheat S

Most portable heaters are too basic to offer any useful features. EcoHeat S is an advanced product that comes with 3 different working modes. These include low heat (600W), High Heat (1,200W) and Fan Only (10W). In Fan Only made, the product pushes out natural air which helps to increase its circulation around the room.

This means you can not only control the temperature but how much electricity you are using.

How to Install EcoHeat S Portable Device?

No special instruction is needed to install the Ecoheat S device. It has a cable that needs to be connected with socket and within a few seconds, the radiator heats up and can be used immediately for a warm interior.

Settings can be made on the unit using the display and buttons. Simple and uncomplicated.

How much does this portable heater cost?

EcoHeat S is now on sale at a significant discount, with all orders receiving FREE delivery.

Here’s how much each deal costs, depending on the one you choose:

  • 2 heaters for $187
  • 3 heaters for $285
  • 1 heater for $89
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Experts Feedback (EcoHeat S Review)

“I use the EcoHeat S throughout the year, whether it is used as a heater in the colder months or a fan when the temperature increases, it is always efficient. The LED thermostat functions works extremely well, helping me to always achieve the exact desired temperature.” – Paul Archer, Editor of Gear Hungry

“I was so impressed by the construction of this heater, which use ABS fire retardant plastic materials. I was given complete peace of mind, as I knew there was an excellent resistance to fire. In addition, should the heater ever tip over the auto-shut off function means that the device automatically turns off. I would highly recommend this heater to anyone who is looking for a safe device.” – Ben Popper, Popular Science

Support Team Contacts

Email at or by telephone under International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h Brazil: +552135003992, available between 9:00am to 14:00pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5).

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