DXRoller Review: Does Derma Roller Works?

DXRoller Review: Does Derma Roller Works?

Giving face skin a boost is what all people are looking for. There are many ways people are using to get smooth and rejuvenated skins. DXRoller is the best Derma Roller you are looking for. Read the review.

One of the latest and efficient methods is the use of derma rollers. They are beauty devices made by experts to ensure people get improved skin. Usually, these rollers contain small needles that pierce the skin, thus stimulating development collagen layers.

The micro-needles are designed to ensure skin enjoy improved regeneration. Therefore, once the roller is rolling, the device offers tons of benefits. As a result, people with acne, scarring, stretch marks, and other skin conditions benefit a lot. Basically, the process can be quite painful, depending on the size of the needles. But, to give skin best treatment, people need these derma roller reviewed below.

What is DXRoller?

An image DxRoller

DXRoller is a derma roller which uses tiny needles to boost the skin’s healing powers.

It is a handheld tool that is studded with many miniature needles, which are rolled over the skin to trigger an increase in collagen and elastin production in the skin, and it will give your complexion a glow. 

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Features of Derma Roller

  • Smooth Derma Roller With Micro Needles
  • Fast Results Completely Painless Application
  • Shipped In Secure High Quality Sterile Packing
  • Suitable For Acne, Beard Growth, Hair Growth
  • Washable With Alcohol After Every Use
  • Choose From 0.25mm (Starter) And 0.5mm (Standard)

How to Choose the Best Derma Roller?

Features of Derma Roller Explained

Needle Size: Different sizes are designed for different things. Smaller needles are good for fine lines, larger can be used for scars, for example.

Titanium Needles: Are the needles titanium? Some are stainless steel which isn’t as durable or long-lasting, but it is less expensive.

Areas of Use: Where can you use the rollers? Some are designed for specific areas of the body while others are good for use anywhere.

Storage Case: Do you get a case? Your derma roller should always be stored in a case to keep it clean and sanitary, but do you get one included?

Replaceable Head: Can you replace the head and continue using the rest of the roller or do you need to buy an entirely new unit?

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Benefits of Derma Roller

  1. Fine lines and wrinkles: Loss of collagen and elastin are mainly responsible for thinning skin, facial wrinkles and sun damage. All these conditions can be improved by micro-needling which produces natural collagen and elastin which further leads to the education of fine lines, wrinkles and scars.
  2. Stretch Marks: Most of the people experience stretch marks at some point in their lives. There is no doubt that the treatment of stretch marks do take longer as compared to scars but many people have seen and noticed results when they used dermal rollers for the same.
  3. Age Spots: Dermal Roller is one of the best ways to treat age spots. It sheds the top layer of the skin and minimizes the appearance of age spots. Apart from this, it also leads to improved absorption of the ingredients in your topical product treatment.
  4. Acne: For the treatment of acne, a needle of 0.25 mm is generally recommended. However, it can also spread the bacteria all over the face and may cause a breakout in case the needle penetrates into the acne that is active.
  5. Hair loss: A number of people rely on micro-needling in case they suffer hair loss be it baldness in men which is also referred to as Alopecia. Micro-needling releases endothelial growth factor that promotes hair growth, follicle size and also promotes thicker hair.
  6. Dry or Rough Skin: This is a vey common symptom that is experienced by most of the people who have adapted for a derma roller treatment. This usually happens when needles of longer lengths are used or there is a firm pressure when rolling it.
  7. Sun Sensitivity: For a few days after the treatment, it is advised to avoid direct sun exposure or sun beds. You can protect your skin by using a sunscreen as your skin will be sensitive to the sun for a few days. So, it is better you take great care of it.
  8. Inflammation: This is generally experienced by people who have a sensitive skin because of the use a longer length needles. However, this will be resolved within a few hours after the treatment.
  9. Skin Redness: You may notice this symptom after you are done with the treatment but it is perfectly normal as it usually disappears within a few hours itself. One of the best ways to deal with this to use a derma roller before going to the bed and you will notice conspicuous better results the next morning.
  10. Bleeding: Aggressive rolling can often times lead to temporary bleeding. There is nothing to worry about it whatsoever because the blood spots can be washed away after the treatment and the bleeding will apparently stop.
  11. Scars may get worse before they appear to be better: This side effect is pretty common when rolling icepack scars as they start out as deep and narrow. Scars make look wider and shallower because dermarolling causes their walls to collapse. But you should roll as this will gradually fill them up.

How to use the DXroller?

  • After cleaning your face, apply the right amount of nutritional lotion/cream on area that need be roller.
  • Gently roll 4-5 times in each direction, keep the constant speed and pressure, do not puncture skin.
  • Apply the moisturizer or mask product on skin that require care to avoid skin inflammation.
  • Rinse the roller in luke warm water then sanitize for the next time use.

Pros and Cons

  • Reduced wrinkles and stretch marks
  • Reduced acne scarring and skin Discoloration
  • Increased skin thickness
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Enhanced product absorption
  • Helpful in tackling hair loss, hair growth, and beard growth.
  • Different size
  • Prevents aging
  • Can be used on all areas of the face, neck and body
  • Stock is limited: Because of the quality of DXroller, interested customers are buying these beautiful product in large quantities and thus, limiting the existing stock. Order now before it becomes a story of had you known.
  • Online marketing: This product is only available on the official website, which is the sole known downside. There is no offline stock available.
  • Discount: The discount might not last longer.
  • It can irritate the skin.
  • Done too frequently
  • Cleaned properly after use
  • Not shared
  • It always stored in a case to keep it clean and sanitary

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What’s The Price

  • 1 DXRoller – $49.00
  • Buy 2 Derma Roller, GET 1 FREE – $98.01
  • Buy 3, GET 2 FREE – $135.00
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