Does Fat Freezing Belt Works?

Does Fat Freezing Belt Works?

Have you heard a lot about fat freezing belt? Now, you want to know more if they really work or not? Do you want to know how exactly they work? If yes, we have included all the information you need. So, read this article to the end. 

Fat freezing involves killing or destroying fat cells differently from the surgical way. This method is the same as liposuction, but it does not involve any surgery. This is a weight loss technique that one can practice being at home.

What is Fat Freezing Belt?

Representation of Isavera Fat Freezing Belt

This belt decreases body fat conveniently. In this, fat cells are frozen in a way that helps you to get slim relatively faster and easier way. This also helps in increasing your caloric expenditure. These belts are soft and gentle. This belt provides abdominal coverage to target your entire belly.

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How Does it Work?

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This belt’s working is relatively simple to wrap it around your belly, arms, thighs, legs, or anywhere you need to have a slight toning. Place the cold part of the belt on the area you wanted to be treated, and then use the elastic band given on the belt to fasten it with the Velcro compressing it in place to apply pressure. If you want this belt to deliver the maximum amount of coldness to the targeted area, then tighten the belt so that the area is compressed and effective enough. This belt is not practical for the face, and it is pretty slim and can be stretched easily. 

Once it is strapped on the body part, the process of cooling starts, and decreasing the fat cells’ temperature begins, and this helps to eliminate the fat cells of your body naturally. Like other weight loss procedures, it does not involves invasive procedures or surgery.

This stimulates fat reduction naturally. This belt is ideal for lower belly fat. The belt works on the body’s lymphatic system that helps you get rid of the fat. Most other methods relocate this fat. The belt won’t pinch or hurt if you wear it for a longer time, and it’s comfortable enough to wear and leave it on for 20-30 minutes while doing your work or watching TV. If you use the product regularly as suggested by the manufacturer or by your doctor, you can find promising results in merely 4 to 6 months. The belt is highly affordable, accessible, noninvasive, and a nonsurgical method of losing weight. 

Benefits of Fat Freezing Belts

  • The main benefit of this is that the fat cells are destroyed and removed from the body, unlike diet and exercise. This means that these fat cells cannot get enlarged with weight gain again, and the same fat cells cannot come back to the body. 
  • Only a few reported adverse outcomes or adverse reactions to this method are observed.
  • The fat cells are destroyed evenly across the skin patch, so because of this, the risk of bumps or skin dimpling is shallow.
  • This is a low-risk procedure for most people. 
  • Since no surgery is required, the results come naturally, and that too in weeks. 
  • As the fat cells are destroyed and are removed from the body, there is less risk of regaining weight, and because of this, results are long-lasting.
  • There is no need to take time off from work as you can use this during your routine work time, like while watching TV, making food, washing dishes, etc.
  • This can also be used by the person who has lost weight and has a healthy weight but still has some fat in some particular areas.

Overall, when this belt is used to achieve weight loss with proper diet and exercise, it boosts the self-confidence and self-awareness of a person.

Some Side Effects and Disadvantages of Fat Freezing Belt

This method is a non-invasive and safer way of fat reduction than traditional procedures involving surgery. There are only some noticeable side effects that tend to be minor and only occur in the treatment area. These minor side effects go away within a few days or weeks after the procedure. If the loss of one experience of sensation or numbness in the treatment area is expected. Some common immediate side effects include – 

  • Tingling
  • Mild to moderate pain
  • Itching 
  • Bruising
  • Cramps 
  • Tenderness
  • Minor swelling
  • Stinging
  • Redness on the area

The side effects experienced by a person for few weeks after the procedure – 

  • Feeling of fullness in the throat after the treatments involving neck and chin.
  • Some even have diarrhea, as dead fat cells come out of the body. 
  • Itchiness is a common side effect for a few days after the procedure.

Who Should Avoid This?

Conditions in which one cannot use this – 

  • A person is having inflammatory skin conditions such as dermatitis and hives.
  • Any person who has diabetes.
  • A person is suffering from an immune-related skin condition such as psoriasis.
  • Reynaud’s disease
  • Thin skin condition causing bleeding
  • Severe anxiety disorders 
  • Allergic to isopropyl alcohol or propylene
  • Chronic pain conditions.
  • History of hernia
  • Pregnant lady

The regions where it is safe to use – 

  • Thighs 
  • Back
  • Belly
  • Under the chin
  • Flanks

These belts are safe to use and can give results in record time. And there are negligible side effects of this belt, so it is less harmful. When used with a proper diet and a good exercise plan, it can give commendable results. However, it is easily affordable and can be used efficiently.

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