Dodow vs Hatch: Which Sleep Aid Device is Good?

Dodow vs Hatch: Which Sleep Aid Device is Good?

Because it’s so hard to get a good night’s sleep. In the last few years, more and more people have come to us with sleep problems. Our ability to do something that comes so easily from the moment we are born gets more difficult as time goes on, especially in a fast-paced world like ours today. Find out which sleep aid device is better between Dodow vs Hatch.

It didn’t take long for the market to figure out that technology could help us get a good night’s sleep, but do any of these new high-tech sleep aids work?

To find out, our editors tried two of the most popular and talked about sleep aids on the market, Dodow vs Hatch. Then, here’s what they thought about both.

Similarities and Difference between Dodow vs Hatch


  • You can optimize your sleep with either type of light
  • For easy device control, both devices feature smart touch displays

Key Differences

  • Dodow only has an eight-minute or 20-minute light session that you can choose from. Hatch Restore has a wide range of sleep sounds, wake up sounds, meditation, and sleep stories that you can choose from.
  • Hatch Restore has a “wind down” feature that helps you get ready for bed. Your body and mind should be at ease.
  • The Dodow has a pulsating blue light that shines on your ceiling that you move your body to match.
  • Unlike Dodow, Hatch Restore has a Natural Sunrise Alarm. Hatch Restore lets you change the light, sound, and timers of the alarm. Dodow only has a harsh blue light.
  • You don’t have to stand out in your bedroom with the Dodow disc because Hatch Restore blends in with it.

What is Dodow?

Dodow Sleep Aid Device

Using the Dodow sleep aid device is like using a metronome-light to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for a longer time. It stops you from thinking about things that aren’t important and puts you to sleep in a deep, peaceful way.

There are other practises and ways of living that can be used together with Dodow to get a better result, too. Yoga, meditation, and behavioural therapy are some of the things.

In order to help you sleep, the Dodow Sleep aid device uses a hypnotic light. When you look at the light, it can help you calm down and slow down your breathing rate. It makes your mind’s natural ability to fall asleep work again.

How it works?

The Dodow is said to be a lot easier to use. It’s a metronome with a light system that helps you fall asleep in 25 minutes or less. It uses a blue light that is hypnotising to coordinate and slow down your breath, which makes your body want to rest.

A small white disc shape is what the Dodow looks like. It won’t take up a lot of space on your night stand. There are only two options: an eight-minute session or a 20-minute session to help you fall asleep. It’s very easy to set up because it’s battery-operated. They say that you should start with 20 minutes.

Tap once for the eight-minute cycle, and twice for the 20-minute cycle, to get through each one. To do this, all you have to do is breathe in time with the pulsating blue light on your ceiling. The idea is that it will make you breathe more slowly, which will help you fall asleep.

Dodow Pros and Cons

  • The Dodow sleep aid device is easy to operate and use
  • It helps you relax and breathe better
  • The price is reasonable 
  • The device is portable and compact
  •  It is durable and long-lasting
  • On the manufacturer’s website, you’ll find a 100-day guarantee
  • As such, the Dodow Sleep Aid device can only be purchased from the manufacturer’s official website. Buyers are advised to purchase from the manufacturer’s website.

How much does it cost?

The Dodow Sleep aid device can be bought from the manufacturer’s official website.

Buy one Dodow Sleep Aid Device for $59, plus the shipping fee, and get it for free.

  • At $88.50, you can buy one Dodow and get one 50% off. You also get free shipping to the United States, which is nice.
  • At $118, you can buy two Dodow and get one for free. You also get free shipping in the United States, which is nice.

You can get a refund for this product for up to 100 days if you buy it from the manufacturer’s site. This should show you that the manufacturers have no doubts at all about this item.

Dodow Reviews Consumer Reports

Like many insomniacs, I will try anything for a decent nights sleep. I have bought most of them and unfortunately none have worked. I do NOT take any Rx medication but have used OTC stuff before. When I read about this thing, I thought why not give it a try. It is excellent for focusing your mind and controlling your breathing to help you fall asleep. It is relatively inexpensive and all I can say is GIVE IT A TRY. After all the other things I’ve tried this is my favorite. – George C.

For years I have had problems sleeping. It seemed like whenever I lay my head down, my mind kicked in. I tried pills, exercise, anything I could to get to sleep. I heard about the Dodow and thought I would give it a try. The blue light is actually soothing and the breathing technique helps for total relaxation. I can honestly say that I don’t even make it through the 8 minute cycle before drifting off. Highly recommend this product for anyone who needs help shutting down at night. – Larry F.

I bought the Dodow as a gift for my mother, who has trouble falling asleep. Of course, I had to try it out before I gave it to her… and I loved it. The dark blue light is very soothing, and the expanding and contracting rhythms immediately calmed my mind and relaxed me. I could see from my Fitbit reading in the morning that I fell asleep within about 10 minutes of turning on the device. If I awakened in the night, it was easy to tap the Dodow and turn it on again to help fall back asleep. – Susan F.

Refund Policy

Yes, every Dodow comes with a 100 Day Money Back Guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied.

What is Hatch?


In one small device, the Hatch Restore is a bedside lamp, an alarm clock that wakes you up at the right time in the morning, and even a sound machine. After a few weeks of using it, I think it’s a good choice for people who want to buy a sunrise alarm, but only if you like its features and think they’re worth the extra money.

How does it work?

Hatch Restore is a great tool for people who are stressed out about everything from relaxing before bed to falling asleep and even waking up the next day. This beautiful gadget is on your nightstand and takes care of every part of your sleep routine.

Your Hatch Restore connects to an app where you can set up a new sleep schedule. This means you can put your phone away because everything can be done on the device itself, so you don’t have to keep it with you. It’s easy to set the sounds you like and make your own sleep routine. You can read with a Warm White light and fall asleep with Pink Noise. Your mind and body are in charge of everything.

Hatch Restore is what everyone needs right now. Make it your own by adding music or sounds that will help you relax and shut your mind off. To help people get ready to go to sleep, Hatch has sleep meditations like Counting Down to Sleep, Autogenic Meditation, and Deep Body Relaxation that can help them get ready to fall asleep.

You can also use Hatch Restore to set the mood, with lighting and sound, so that you can relax. It has a soft reading light that doesn’t need a bright lamp, and you can even set aside time for reading when you plan your day. Your light should turn off at a certain time. You can stop reading all night and wake up feeling refreshed by setting your light to turn off at that time.

Hatch has a lot of sounds that help you fall asleep and stay asleep, like White Noise and Rain on Leaves. These sounds help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Then, if you wake up in the middle of the night, you can set the device up so that all you have to do is push a button, and it will start over from the beginning.

When you buy a Hatch Restore, you also get a six-month subscription to Hatch Premium, which gives you access to all of the sleep sounds.

Pros and Cons of Hatch

  • Reminds you to put down your phone and rest
  • Meditation techniques are provided by the app
  • Customise your Sleep routines
  • Sunrise mode lets you wake up naturally
  • The most expensive Alarm Clock we tested
  • Premium service charges


You can buy Hatch Restore from its official website at $129. 

Hatch Restore Reviews

Loved the simple design. So many features rolled into one. Looks great. Helped me sleep so much better on the very first night. The sunrise alarm is such a peaceful way to wake up and the sounds included are exactly what i was looking for. – Stephie

I’ve had my hatch restore for over a week and have been loving it so far. Set up was really easy and intuitive from the app, I loved seeing all the things I could customize like light color, alarm sounds and my nighttime routine. I’ve been waking up earlier with less snoozing since using this product because the light and alarm come on gradually to wake me up before my actual alarm goes off. I’m really looking forward to all the meditation and sleep story content next! – Avani C. Patel

Refund Policy

We love our products and want you to love them, too! If for any reason you don’t, feel free to head to the returns section of our website within 60 days of your ship date to initiate a return. Please note:

  1. Products must be purchased directly from Hatch.
  2. Products must be returned in the original packaging to qualify for a refund.
  3. You assume the risk of loss or damage during return shipping.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that Hatch Restore is a long way ahead of Dodow in every way. One size fits all isn’t going to work for everyone, especially when it comes to sleeping. Hatch has everything you need to make your way into and out of sleep.

With Hatch Restore, we can set a time for our sleep, set a wind-down routine, meditate, shut off from the world, and make sure that we have soothing sleep sounds all night long.

If you have a hard time getting to sleep, staying asleep, or even waking up, then we suggest getting a Hatch Restore to help you sleep. It has been the best thing we’ve done for ourselves in a long time.

We hope your confusion about Dodow vs Hatch is all over now. If you have any question in your mind, feel free to leave a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hatch Restore have a usb to charge your phone?

Hatch Restore was designed to be mindful at bedtime, which means practicing good sleep hygiene and that includes putting our phones away. For that reason, we did not include a USB charging outlet on Hatch Restore.

Can I have different alarms for different days of the week in Hatch Restore?

Yes! You can create multiple different alarms with whatever settings you choose. You can also create one time alarms for certain days if you need to!

Are there any side effects to using Dodow?

Absolutely not! Dodow is simply a way to help you concentrate, meditate, and relax your mind and body through ancient breathing techniques practiced by yogis from many tantra traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Dodow is completely natural and 100% safe.

How fast can I expect to fall asleep with Dodow?

While individual results may vary, most people have no problem falling asleep within the 20 minute sleep mode. And even better, many people can even start to fall asleep within the shorter 8 minute sleep mode! In fact, Dodow users report falling asleep up to 2.5X faster (on average)! And remember, the more you use Dodow, the better your results are likely to be…and even better, one day, you might find you don’t even need to use a Dodow to fall asleep!!!