Difference between a Memory Stick and a Photo Stick

Difference between a Memory Stick and a Photo Stick

Are you looking for the answer to whether a Photostick is the same as a Memory Stick? If yes, we can help you. Here in this article, we have mentioned everything you need to know about what is the difference between a Memory Stick and a Photo Stick are and how they can help you. So, read this article to the end.

Even though we now have mobile phones with really nice quality, most of us still use digital cameras or DSLR. Also, no matter where you take pictures, whether it is a DSLR / digital camera or your smartphone, you will ultimately save them on your laptop/desktop. These pictures are precious because they are a glimpse into your memories. You do not want to lose them, and hence you believe on your laptop/desktop that they will store them perfectly, not on your smartphone or camera, because they can get damaged or get lost easily.

What is a PhotoStick?

What if I tell you your laptop/desktop is not safe either? If I tell you that your hard disk can crash any time and you can lose all your memories in a fraction of a second? What if I tell you that almost 40 % of the people lose their important pictures like this? Yes, this is true. If you are unlucky or not careful, you may lose your images. When this happens, a Photo stick can help you retrieve your images. It can literally bring your memories back. 

A Photo Stick Device

A Photo stick looks exactly like a pen drive but contains the software. This software can help you retrieve your hidden pictures that are not yet completely lost from your system. It is also effortless to use. It is a USB stick, and you have to stick it in the USB port of your laptop/desktop, your system will automatically identify the stick, and you have to click on ‘Go’ after opening it. This simple procedure will help you retrieve your deleted or lost images easily in no time. 

What is a Memory Stick? 

We click a lot of pictures on our camera or mobile phones. Have you ever wondered where these pictures are stored when using a mobile phone or camera? Most mobile phones use SD cards, while most cameras use Memory sticks. SD cards are a kind of memory stick too. All the memories you capture, either on your mobile phone or on your digital camera / DSLR, get stored somewhere inside the memory stick. 

A Memory Stick

Now, these memory sticks usually have a particular capacity to store data or images. This is generally in GBs. If the limit exceeds, that means your storage is full, and now you won’t be allowed to add more images to it. At that moment, you will have to transfer all your images to a desktop/laptop. With modern cameras and smartphones, you can do it via cables or wirelessly through Bluetooth or other applications. However, with older cameras, you will first have to remove the memory stick, use a card reader, which is a device that can hold and detect your memory stick, and at the same time has a USB stick that you have to stick to the laptop/desktop. This way, your memory stick gets connected to the desktop/laptop, and you can transfer your images there and use your memory stick again and fill it up with more images. 

Comparison between a Photo Stick and a Memory Stick: Which One is Better?

Difference between a Memory Stick and a Photo Stick

There is a lot of difference between a Photo stick and a Memory Stick. Let us compare both of them – 

  • A photo Stick will help you retrieve lost images, while a Memory Stick will store your images.
  • A photo stick is not a necessity, while a Memory Stick is. This is because, without a Memory Stick, you cannot store images at all, which means there are no images at all, while Photo Stick comes into play when the images have been lost or deleted somehow. 
  • PhotoSticks consists of software that does the work, while Memory Sticks are just storage devices.
  • As compared to Memory Stick, PhotoSticks are costly.
  • PhotoSticks need to be inserted into the system via the USB port, while a Memory Stick needs to be first inserted in a card reader that helps it connect to the system. 
  • A Photo Stick can fulfil both the purposes of retrieving and storing pictures, while a Memory Stick can only store pictures. 

After all these comparisons between Photo Stick and Memory Stick, we can say that Photo stick is better than Memory Stick.

Pricing Difference

Pricing of both of these devices highly varies depending upon the country, model, storage capacity, manufacturing company, and many more.


No, PhotoStick and Memory Stick are not the same things. In fact, there is a huge difference between the two. A Photo Stick is a device that can be used to retrieve lost images, while a Memory Stick is used to store images. However, a Photo Stick can fulfill the purpose of storing images. This article has provided you with all the necessary information about Photo and Memory Stick. We sincerely hope this article helped. Please let us know in the comment section if you know anything more exciting about any two. 

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