CreaClip Review

CreaClip Review 2021 – Salon-Quality Hair Trimmer for Home

I kept hearing about CreaClip and decided to purchase it and see whether it was a scam. Or is that actuality? It performed well for me, and I cut my hair at home with the ease of a licensed hairdresser. Its video library aided me in obtaining cutting ideas that suited my design. Additionally, it saves me time and resources by eliminating the need to visit a hairdresser and staying in a serial queue. I can conveniently cut my baby’s hair and my son’s car, respectably. The method is suitable for both wet and dry hair.

Visiting a hairdresser is expensive and time-consuming. Without visiting a barbershop or hairdresser, the Creaclip enables you to cut hair perfectly. Additionally, the device is appropriate for all hairstyles due to two different clip sizes. It is safe to use, and even beginners will cut hair perfectly. Men and women alike can comfortably style their hair, and the video library can assist you in learning how to cut hair in the perfect style. I’ll share my views and experiences with the Creaclip hair cutting method in this post. Let us begin.

What exactly is CreaClip?

CreaClip is an incredible instrument that enables you to trim your hair without visiting a barbershop. It fits well with long or short hair and thin to dense hair with an elastic clip. Creaclip has two clips that can be seen for long or short hair and bangs. It is simple to operate and can be set up in a matter of minutes to begin cutting hair.

An image of CreaClip

The sleek edges ensure precise hair cutting akin to a skilled barber. It is not rechargeable or driven, allowing it to be used everywhere, at any time. Due to its lightweight nature, it is suitable for cutting and leveling hair by anybody. The clip has a video library of instructions and hairstyles, making it the ideal haircutting clip for anyone.

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Is It Effective?

CreaClip is a revolutionary accessory that enables one to cut hair correctly. While it is mainly used to cut hair, it serves various purposes. The kit includes two CreaClips of varying sizes – one blue (more minor) for cutting bangs and one white (more prominent) for cutting, scaling, and styling hair around its length.

Hair Trimmer Tool

The CreaClip shape is similar to that of a long clamp used to seal open food packets – it is long, two-part, and has a zipper. Within, a row of teeth aids in the accessory’s retention in the hair.

A tiny pool of fluid and a pointer are located outside of CreaClip. It resembles and functions like a level and aids in determining if the haircut is level. The most exciting feature is that the miniature level is constant, allowing for rotation. It is dependent on the cut you want, such as a simple fringe.

Observe specific common laws, such as placing the accessory on combed hair, removing it down, cutting wisely, using practical cutting tools, and remembering that the level is determined by gravity, and therefore must be immobile. It is a fact that CreaClip significantly simplifies therapy.

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CreaClip’s Top 5 Most Impressive Features

CreaClip was created to assist you in cutting hair and bangs at home without creating any errors. Additionally, it provides cutting a naughty child’s hair that moves during the haircutting process. I’ll highlight five of Creaclip’s most exciting features in this section. They are as follows:

1. Suitable for all hair types: CreaClip blends well with heavy, slim, medium, and long hair and aids in perfectly completing hair end. It features two clips suitable for both hairstyles, layers, and bangs.

2. Precise and even: It features spinning level and comb-shaped teeth that assist in maintaining a healthy haircut and accurately aligning hair. Additionally, we can remove the hair’s edges with the scissor to build a fantastic hairstyle.

3. Efficient: The clip saves us time and money by eliminating the need to visit a salon or parlor for hair cutting. We would spend at least $ 30 for a style haircut in a salon or parlor. The system is simple to set up, and the CreaClipping feature assists in perfectly cutting hair.

4. Professional haircut: The compact yet long hair clip enables you to shave hair effortlessly and effectively, enhancing your look. As a result, we don’t have to worry about making errors, as the clip helps discourage uneven cutting.

5. Excellent for girls: As we take the children to the salon to get their hair trimmed, they move about as though they were cutting hair in a barbershop—the clip assists in cutting various types of hair, including though they are jumping or wriggling. As a result, you will not be distracted and will be able to relax at home.

Pros and Cons


  • It saves time and resources by eliminating the need to see a hairdresser. 
  • Suitable for personal as well as saloon use. It is suitable for all hairstyles. 
  • Clips in various sizes are used for long and short hair. 
  • Safe for children, even though they switch during the haircutting process. 
  • Cut and trim edges precisely, much like a specialist does. 
  • One hundred online guides about how to trim the hair in various ways. 
  • Money-back promise within 30 days.


  • No Cons observed. 

What Am I Getting With This Creaclip Purchase?

You will receive four products when you buy the deserving saloon clip for hair and bangs trimming.

1. Small clip: It aids in the precise cutting and trimming of short hair and bangs. Additionally, it enables one to cut the edges cleanly.

2. Large clip: It is ideal for neatly trimming long hair and bangs.

3. Video Archive: The library features hair cutting tutorials on various hairstyles.

4. Smooth edge: The smooth edge creates an accurate yet skilled haircut.

Which Scissors Can I Use?

With the Creaclip, you can use any scissors, but they should be sharp and rust-free. By trimming the edges properly, the sharp scissors offer a professional haircut. Generally, sharp scissors are simple to manage and pose little dangers. Without requiring some experience, the clip and scissor guarantee a flawless appearance. Align the lair with a tiny or big clip before grinding.

How do You Cut Long Hair with a CreaClip?

CreaClip is very simple to use and does not require the assistance of a haircutter. Adhere to the steps for creating a CreaClip.

1. I open the considerable clip and place it near the hair connection as practicable. Hair is spread uniformly and adheres well to the scalp. Then, I comb the hair to spread it or separate it into layers by creating varying heights.

2. At this stage, I slide the clip to the correct length and double-check that it is straight. Additionally, you can do it horizontally, like I did, by merely following the path of the film or vertically, using the tip scissors, with further movement and a less harsh line.

3. I set the level to a 45-degree angle. A Snap-On protective closure secures the hair and prevents the clip from opening when cutting.

4. I have attempted to scale the hair and use a smaller clip for the fringe hair since these devices are very convenient and easy to use.

How do You Cut Long Hair with a CreaClip?

Note: Before beginning the haircut, obtain a pair of clean, competent scissors. Hair should be washed and dried to obtain a more accurate and complete hair vision. Often verify the level to ensure a clear and flawless cut.

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Is It A Scam?

When I learned about the CreaClip hair cutting product, I bought one to see if it was a hoax or assisted me in cutting hair like a professional. It miraculously assisted me in cutting my hair without seeing a hairdresser. Previously, my haircut lasted 15 to 20 days and then needed a $ 50 visit to the hairdresser. The unit economizes on both capital and time. It is appropriate for men, women, and children due to two different clips. I’ve experimented with bob, layers, and bangs styles using the unit. With a strong scissor, the haircut would have a professional appearance and the corners will be neatly trimmed.

Is This Device Refundable?

Yes, the CreaClip hair cutting tool provider offers a 30-day money-back policy if the machine is defective or has a flaw. Additionally, the period required for distribution differs by nation and scope. They offer FAST distribution inside the United States of America and 7 to 12 working days outside the country. During the warranty period, you can exchange or repay the item based on your needs.

Where Will I Get It?

I suggest purchasing the CreaClip hair cutting product directly from their official website, as I did. They promise high-quality products and prompt delivery with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Never purchase it through a third-party website; only purchase it from the Button page, the official CreaClip link.

They give a buy two get one free deal with a single order. I bought two and received one free since I am part of a shared family, and we use it to trim our hair. The 100 videos in the video library have elevated me to the level of hair specialist.

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The Creaclip is a game-changer in the hairstyling business. I discussed my experience with CreaClip and its use in this CreaClip analysis. It saves resources and precious time by avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Additionally, it is safe for both learners and professionals to use. To get a professional haircut, what you need is a sharp and high-quality scissor. Both saloon owners and patrons use it to facilitate their work. It offers a more precise finish than our hands and trims perfectly, keeping us looking younger for a more extended period. Acquire it, clip, slip and trim fur.

CreaClip Review

A user of Creaclip - Cathenna Becker

I am Cathenna Becker, and I have very rough hair. I used a range of products recommended by my stylist and a lot more recommended by customer care executives from various trimmer websites. Nothing worked for me well.

My experience with this trimmer is lovely, and I spent a lot of time researching this before buying it, and hence I know you won’t get any better product than this in the market. I already have tens of trimmers at my home which seems useless after working with CreaClip.  I recommend purchasing this product. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
May I use it for my children?

Ans – Children move about when their hair is being styled in a salon or by a hairdresser. The technology enables precise cutting and trimming of children’s hair even when they turn and wiggle. As a result, you can feel at ease cutting their hair.

Is it possible to use CreaClip on heavy hair?

CreaClip comes in various lengths to assist in cutting coarse and thin hair. Additionally, it is ideal for long and short hair due to its specific edge-cutting functionality.

Is it possible to use CreaClip on damp hair?

The CreaClip may be used on wet or dry hair. I suggest avoiding some haircutting system when it is damp if you have layered hair. Your hair would be affected as a result.

May I use this CreaClip if my hair is curly?

Applying 4 inches to your desired hair length is recommended if you have curly hair. Before using it, hold the hair straight to ensure a precise shave.

What purpose does the level serve?

When we cut children’s hair ourselves, the level enables us to shave the hair precisely and consistently have an exact calculation. Additionally, it aids in hair alignment during haircutting, allowing one to cut all hair styles in all circumstances.

How do I get the video tutorials?

The CreaClip has a video library of 100 tips on various hair cutting styles. Thus, I can perfectly cut my hair while maintaining a professional appearance.

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