Cosmic Scope Reviews: Is This Monocular Scam or Legit?

Cosmic Scope Reviews: Is This Monocular Scam or Legit?

Cosmic Scope Review: Is nature something you enjoy? What types of activities resonate with your lifestyle choices, such as hiking, bird watching, hunting, or moon watching, for example? It must be a treat to be able to admire the finest details. Knowing that one can view the world at a better range is that much more comforting, right? It might not be possible to capture every detail, but knowing that one can appreciate all that the world has to offer is that much more satisfying. 

Depending on your reason for exploring the outdoors, you load up your bag accordingly. An optical instrument for distant vision, however, is something you should never do without. The problem is picking the best one.

Those who prefer monoculars have their weight issues solved instantly. Due to the wide variety of brands on the market, choosing one can sometimes be a headache. It is still possible to locate the best one for your goals. An overview of monoculars can help in this situation.

Plus, you can see through just one eye, and they perform virtually the same functions as multipurpose binoculars. Their prism technology is very similar to that of binoculars, which is why they are so accurate. One difference between monoculars and binoculars is that you can only view images with one eye.

Choosing the right monocular for you

Understanding monocular specifications

Two numbers indicate specifications of monoculars. A monocular’s first number represents its magnification power; its second number is its objective’s diameter. Monoculars will perform differently depending on these two elements, as well as their size.

We have provided an example below to show you how it works.

The specification of a monocular is 8×25

Magnification power

This monocular will provide you with an 8x magnification, meaning that you will be able to see objects eight times closer than you could without this device. Using an 8×42 monocular, a buck standing 50 meters from you appears to be 6.25 meters away (50 divided by 8). If you use high-magnification monoculars, you will see far and in greater detail. Essentially, monoculars provide the same level of power with half of the size of binoculars.

Objective lens diameter

This number represents the diameter of the monocular’s objective lens. Objective lenses are the lens closest to the subject of the monocular and are farthest from the eye. Monoculars have 25mm objective lenses.

Determine the light gathering capacity of your monocular in large part by the size of the objective lens. A monocular will capture more light the larger its objective lens diameter. Especially in low light, more light is better for seeing. As a downside, a larger lens will make your monocular heavier and bulkier. Users who want a wide, sharp, and bright image use the objective lens diameter of 30mm or over.

What is Cosmic Scope?

Two Cosmic Scope

Designed using military prism technology, the Cosmic Scope telescope measures 40 by 60 inches. Anyone who wants to capture the beauty of nature, wildlife, concerts, or even hiking into the woods from miles away will love this device. Addition of this part will enhance the experience, no matter what the trip may be. The simplicity of this app might lead one to imagine that its features aren’t very interesting, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ll take a closer look at the features of Cosmic Scope now.

Want to capture your pictures with your Smartphone like a pro? Check out these innovative gears. Interested in taking your photography skills to the next level? Make the best use of Cosmic Scope to take the best images at a low cost. For more details, read the Cosmoscope Review in its entirety.

This review is for those who are looking for a portable, lightweight, and waterproof camera lens kit with shipping to Australia, Canada, the UK, and the United States.

With 300X zoom, it is a high-quality lens for smartphones. Below you can learn about this lens kit in more detail.

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Who’s This For?

Use of Cosmic Scope

Even the elders today make sure that they take a telescope along when they go on vacation to hill stations or any other place to explore. So, they are the ideal candidate for Cosmic Scope.

Using the Cosmo scope camera I can take images of distant objects using my smartphone as a monocular camera.

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  • Zoom – Up to 300X Zoom
  • Lens – 114/110m field of View and 50mm Objective Lens
  • Compatibility – All Smartphone Models
  • Functions – Images Capturing and watching events, sightseeing, and more
  • Type – 4K HD Telescope Lens and Fully Multi-colored Lenses
  • Weight – 320 Grams
  • Accessories – Adjustable Tripod
  • Material – Industrial grade material designed with scratch-resistant technology
  • Design – Waterproof and Anti-Fog Design

How does this Cosmic Scope monocular work?

Using Cosmic Scope with a smart phone, you will have a monocular camera lens kit. The effect gives the image a crystal clear and exceptional quality by bringing far-off objects or scenes into closer proximity.

By using the 4K HD telescope lens, the gadget captures high-resolution images of distant objects.

How to use it?

  • Unlike other photography accessories, Cosmic Scope is much more than that. A monocular telescope is also part of this gadget.
  • A tripod and lens as part of the kit.
  • Users have to fix the lens above their Smartphone camera in order to use the app.
  • Make sure the camera lens is at the correct height by using the tripod.
  • Adjust the tripod to the proper height and the lens installed on it
  • Start capturing high-quality images by fixing the Smartphone camera to the end of the lens.

Main Benefits

  • Compact and lightweight monocular lens kit
  • 4K HD Telescope Lens for clear images
  • Waterproof and anti-fog design
  • Scratch resistance lens
  • Compatible with almost all Smartphone models
  • Available with Exclusive Offer 50% Discount

How is Cosmic Scope Better?

  • Telescope lens captures distant objects in 4K HD
  • Easy to carry in a pocket Due to its compact size
  • Sports watchers and outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy this waterproof lens
  • Technology ensures scratch-resistance
  • Most Smartphones are compatible with this app

Key Features

Astronomers report that the software contains many features that facilitate enjoyable viewing sessions. According to the official website, we found the following:

1. Magnification

By zooming in by 10 times, the Cosmic Scope can capture high-definition views. It can zoom in as close as 30 miles from one’s current distance, for those of you trying to figure out what that might mean in miles. According to its description, this device is likely to produce images that are impeccable to the smallest details. There are many ways to describe hyper-close details, including feathers, petals, droplets, trees, and subtle movement.

2. Enhanced Field of View (FOW)

Using a monocular telescope, an individual can see an open, visible field of view (FOW). Cosmic Scope’s objective lens measures 50mm (8mm longer than industry standards), allowing for roughly 45% more light to be captured. One can see things up close, and spot movements from all sides, when one can expand well into a view. Hunters looking for wider ranges tend to prefer these kinds of lenses.

3. Fully Multi-Coated Lenses (FML)

Cosmic Scope’s lenses are treated with anti-reflective compounds so that increased brightness does not cause glare. Images appear less contrasty with this.

4. BAK4 Porro Prism Optics

The Porro prisms of Telescopes are made using BAK4 (high-density) glasses. When viewing through a cosmic scope, this results in a circular exit pupil. BAK4’s advantages over its competitor, BK7, include better optics (the image and edge of the field of view will be more bright) and is easy on the budget.

5. Weather-, Water-, Fog-, Dust- and Shockproof

Cosmic Scope is made according to CAD/CNC standards, which prevent the telescope from deteriorating even in the most severe weather conditions. Moreover, this monocular telescope is made from 100% nitrogen-purging materials and hermetically sealed to prevent air, moisture, and dust from entering. As a final step, Cosmic Scope’s shockproofing has been improved.

6. Ergonomic Grip Pads

People who are worried about poor grip won’t need to worry about this, as the cylinder has targeted rubber pads embedded around it for steady grip. A Cosmic Scope will not slip out of one’s hands, whether it is raining or shining.

7. Fully Compatible

Both the iPhone and Android versions of Cosmic Scope are compatible. It can also be attached to a tripod to take steady photos. An individual should attach a mounting bracket to his or her cellular device when purchasing a monocular telescope. When the monocular telescope is mounted and tightened to the mount, a tripod is provided for taking stable pictures.

8. Lightweight and Portable

A portable and lightweight device, Cosmic Scope weighs only 320 grams. One can even put it in one’s pockets or backpack.

Why we recommend Cosmic Scope Monocular

  • Astroscope Monocular with 4K HD Telescope provides amazingly clear long-range views
  • Designed for outdoor use, it is dustproof and waterproof.
  • Zoom-adjustable lenses come with the Cosmic scope Monocular
  • Made of high quality durable materials
  • Customers can return the product within 30 days for a full refund
  • The lenses are available at the best price in three different time packs: Gamma Time Pack, Alpha Time Pack, and Beta Time Pack

Should you buy it?

Without a question, yes! Honestly, there isn’t even a debate here.

We bought it, we tested it and we are sure that Cosmic Scope can actually have a great impact on your life.

You can experience the rare, stunning details of nature and wildlife that you only got a glimpse of before. And you can take the pictures to prove it!

With the Cosmic Scope, you will never miss an epic moment.

It has our vote!

Cosmic Scope is currently on a 50% discount. We offer this discount to our readers because you matter to us and we always want to provide you with the best quality products in the market. You better place your order on time before this is a limited time offer and be sure that it won’t last for long.

Here’s what Cosmic Scope customers are saying…

Price of Cosmic Scope

Current prices are as under:

  • Alpha Time Pack (1 Cosmic Scope): $54.99 each
  • Beta Time Pack (2 Cosmic Scopes): $52.49 each
  • Gamma Time Pack (3 Cosmic Scopes): $39.67 each

An additional $9.99 is incurredIf for individuals who wish to purchase a protective carrying case.

Return Policy

30-day money-back guarantee! What more you want? Therefore, orders can be returned within 30 days of receiving them.he order is received. The consumer will be responsible for any shipping fees incurred. Our customer service team can provide detailed information about how refunds work by:

Email: or

Phone: (855) 343-2553 or 1 (855) 424-6850

Mail: Modern Life Trend, 427 E 17th St, Costa Mesa, CA 92627, USA

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Final Thoughts

A monocular telescope, Cosmic Scope enables one to see landscapes up close and with very fine details. With closer examination, it becomes obvious that all the features of this telescope are thoughtfully designed. It allows people with varied preferences to find comfort in them. The prices appear reasonable for these reasons. Prior to placing an order, individuals should however consider a couple of gray areas.

Due to the current circumstances, there may be delays in shipments. Its setup seems quite simple, although it could be a bit cumbersome. It is unclear if Cosmic Scope also comes with a mounting bracket and a tripod, as we mentioned earlier in this piece. As this will affect price as a factor, it’s something you should consider discussing with customer service.

Cosmic Scope does seem to possess a great deal of benefits, in spite of these minor ambiguities. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to get started with Cosmic Scope?

One may view what nature has to offer by simply snapping Cosmic Scope over the camera of one’s smartphone. Cosmic Scope can be held directly to the eye if individuals wish to simply view it and not take photos.

How to maintain Cosmic Scope?

You can clean your lens with a soft lens brush if you have captured any debris. Use a soft cotton cloth to remove dirt, grease, and fingerprints. Usually avoid clothes made with coarse fabrics, since they tend to scratch easily. You should also keep in mind that you should not wash Cosmic Scope from the inside, and you should never disassemble it for any reason.

How long will it take to receive all Cosmic Scope shipments?

After an order is confirmed, it is usually shipped within 24 hours. During times when supplies are low, it may take as long as three weeks to weigh an order. Also, COVID-19 may cause a setback due to its challenges. When your order has been shipped, you will receive tracking information.

What if, upon arrival, there is damage to Cosmic Scope?

If it arrives damaged or defective, you can easily replace Cosmic Scope. Contact customer service for assistance. It is recommended that individuals document external damage by taking photos or videos. The manufacturing team will be informed of this as well, so that future incidents can be prevented.

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