CoolEdge AC Review: 3 in 1 Air Cooler with Humidifier

CoolEdge AC Review: 3 in 1 Air Cooler with Humidifier

Here we go again, summer heat!—A reality we all wish we can avert. Give us summer and take the heat. Is that even possible? Well, let’s face things, it’s getting warmer. Read our honest CoolEdge AC Review and find all the information about

The planet is warming, and the summer is accompanied by serious heat for many people around the world. Does that need to be a headache for anyone right now? Of course, but not for those who have equipped themselves to fight heat this summer by keeping the necessary devices handy.

What is CoolEdge AC?

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The CoolEdge AC is an easy-to-use, lightweight device that cools and humidifies the air around it, allowing you to access an unlimited supply of the freshest, safest air at any time and season.

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Features of CoolEdge AC

  • Two working modes: you might each select a cooling breeze or a every day fan, relying on what you need. You possibly can even alter the louvers to direct the air wherever you want.
  • Humidifier perform: CoolEdge makes use of water to perform, which means that it moreover works as an air humidifier – elevating discomfort attributable to dry air and serving to alleviate the heat.
  • Quick cooling: Quick Cooling Mode helps in the reduction of the heat in merely 30 seconds by quickly emitting refreshing gusts of air.
  • Three fan speeds: you might set the fan to your hottest setting, which means that even when this gadget is small you might nonetheless get the comfort diploma you may often rely on from an enormous AC unit.
  • Water cooling: CoolEdge AC is using water to relax the air, which means that it’s larger for the ambiance and extra wholesome for you. It’s vitally easy to refill the water tank and 300ml functionality ensures that you just gained’t must do it too sometimes.
  • Portable: weighing decrease than 2 kilos (or just under a kilo) when unfilled, CoolEdge is straightforward to carry and switch spherical. Its compact measurement lets you place it wherever, and the linked cope with makes it even easier to maneuver it about.
  • Quiet: you might sleep correctly whereas using CoolEdge – it doesn’t emit any obnoxious noise which may disturb your peaceful sleep.
  • Temper gentle: if you would like, you might set a shocking mood mild on the very best of the gadget, which is good for creating a pleasant surroundings throughout the mattress room, or just placing it as a nightlight for teenagers.
  • Highly effective battery: whereas CoolEdge Desktop AC has a large 4000mAh battery, it gained’t devour a ton of electrical power, and is completely protected to utilize even when sleeping.
  • Inexpensive: this air cooler is type of moderately priced and has a higher long-term value than wall-mounted aircons.

How does this portable AC work?

Below is an easy step-by-step guide on how CoolEdge AC works. This latest portable air conditioner helps you stay healthy and comfortable with an on-the-go convenience.

  • Step 1 Add water. Simply pour it directly into the top of the unit of the AC.
  • Step 2 – Insert the replaceable water curtain of the AC. Each one lasts approximately six-eight months.
  • Step 3 – Turn the AC on. You won’t have to wait long for refreshing relief it offers.

We have the CoolEdge Portable AC by our bed, and one for each of our kids too. It really helps me get a good night’s rest these days! I used to be constantly getting shocks from static electricity because of dry air my dog was afraid to have me pet him because he thought he was going to get zapped! Haha!

Why is the CoolEdge AC so unique?

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The CoolEdge AC is special in many ways. We don’t need to overstate its uniqueness. Excellent performance and ease of use are just a few of the things that make it stand out from the crowd. Other qualities that make it unique include:

It humidifies air

Dry air is harsh to the body. It is what causes nose bleeds, snoring, coughs, dryness and cracking of the lips, and skin irritation. Apart from cooling air, the CoolEdge Portable AC also adds moisture to it. This makes the air feel fresh and soothing.

When the air in your room is hot and dry, it will take the CoolEdge Portable AC less than a minute to cool and humidify it.

Minimizes dust particles

Many ACs only cool the room but leave the dust particles in the air. The CoolEdge Portable AC cools and removes dust particles at the same time. Dust particles in the air are another cause of coughs and sore throats, especially if the air is also dry and hot. By eliminating dust particles in the air, this device makes the air friendly even to people with respiratory conditions.

No cables, cords, or wires

The CoolEdge Portable AC does not need any cables, cords, or wires to function. It is entirely cordless and wireless. Once you’ve decided where you want to use it, just add water at its top, install its water curtain, then turn it on. Sit back and wait for your room to get cool and humidified.

CoolEdge AC Technology

For the CoolEdge Portable AC to function better than other personal portable air coolers, the designers combined three cooling technologies into this unit. These technologies include:

The ice tray: The ice tray can make your air as cold as ice. If that’s what you need to feel comfortable with, then you won’t need to look elsewhere.

Water curtain: The water curtain is what this unit uses to humidify the air. You just need to soak it in water then turn the unit on. The water will evaporate and raise the level of humidity in your room. This evaporated water also has a cooling effect on the air.

Misting device: The misting device keeps the air moist and cool. This is a bonus that works to the advantage of your sinuses and skin.

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  • Award Wining Efficient Air Cooling Technology
  • Perfect for Room and Desk Air Conditioning
  • Fully Portable With Large Capacity Built-in Battery
  • Super Silent Working For Zero Disturbance
  • Easy to Use, Just Press a Button and Go
  • Standard USB Power Supply for Convenience

What does CoolEdge AC do?

CoolEdge working

CoolEdge AC equipment has 4 different capabilities that it performs. You probably can try these underneath to resolve whether or not or not or not it’d be worthwhile funding for you:

Private fan: You have to use this gadget as a non-public fan barely then an air cooler on days when it is not to scorching. Merely set its setting to its lowest to utilize it as a private fan.

Air humidifier: It’s vitally widespread for the surroundings in your room to get dry and uncomfortable all through the summertime season. CoolEdge air conditioner makes the air in your room moist so that you just actually really feel refreshed and also you’re well-being is not impacted adversely.

Air filter: A purification filter will be put in throughout the gear. This ensures that the air is cleaned of poisons and dirt sooner than it is blown out into your room.

Air cooler: After all, that’s the first operation of CoolEdge AC. It could nicely significantly cool your room inside seconds to have relaxingly good surroundings barely than endure throughout the heat of the summer season.

Pros and Cons

  • It can be used as a standard fan or to produce a cool breeze, depending on the user’s preferences.
  • Additionally, it serves as a humidifier. If a user suffers from dry air or clogged sinuses, the CoolEdge AC can assist the user in breathing more easily.
  • The CoolEdge Portable AC generates a significant amount of cool air in a short period of time! Within seconds, users would be breathing ice-cold air.
  • The speed of the fan can be adjusted. Users may adjust it to their preferred level of comfort.
  • There is no noise. There will be no obtrusive fan noise to divert the user’s attention from their task.
  • Both compact and lightweight. It includes a carrying handle. When empty, it weighs less than two pounds.
  • It features adjustable louvers that guide cool air in the desired direction.
  • If the purchaser is unhappy with the CoolEdge AC, he or she has 30 days to return it for a full refund.
  • The disadvantage is that it is only available through the internet: Currently, the only way to obtain CoolEdge AC is to place an order via the official website.
  • Limited Supply of Stock: There is a limited supply of stock for the CoolEdge AC. As a result, interested persons would be unable to purchase them if they are sold out. Act now!

Does CoolEdge AC require installation?

As it is a portable device, the CoolEdge Portable AC doesn’t require any installation or assembling by the user. It is delivered as a whole machine, with a power cable and an instructions manual which explains how to fill the water and start using the AC. 

Although it is designed for workstations, it can be placed in any room wherever you need it. But don’t expect CoolEdge to cool the entire room because it is a small device designed only for a single user. However, if your room is small, it may change the overall temperature of the room to some extent. Still, this cooling can’t be compared to a central cooling system.

How can it be so affordable?

Major portable AC brands spend BILLIONS of dollars annually on advertising and marketing, and physical stores. And if you do the math – it really is us, the consumers that are paying for that in reality.

CoolEdge AC spends nothing on any of this. They only sell online, don’t advertise on TV and don’t have to pay for commissions.

They really prefer to let their devices and positive reviews do the selling for them.

Is CoolEdge AC Any Good?

The CoolEdge Portable AC benefits are what you should consider before spending a dime on air conditioners. CoolEdge is reliable and easy to maintain. Enjoy your perfect humidity with this AC. Find more benefits below:

  • PORTABLE: The CoolEdge AC cable includes Type-C charging, so you can remain charged anywhere you go. Using the attached carrying handle, shift it from room to room or take it on your next road trip.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Any room would benefit from the clean, modern design. You can always adjust the humidity to your liking thanks to three fan speeds and a variable louvre for directing airflow.
  • SIMPLE TO USE: The CoolEdge is built to make your life easier with simple top-fill pouring and cordless operation. There’s no need to think about re-filling the tank. To get safe, humidified air, simply pour water directly into the machine.

Are there any problems with CoolEdge AC?

The CoolEdge Portable AC is an easy-to-use device whose functions do not even require reading the explanations in the user manual. Of course, we always recommend this so that you always know how to use certain functions, but the air cooler is very self-explanatory overall.

There are no problems with the operation. It is only important to check the integrated air filter from time to time and replace it if necessary. Replacements are also available from the manufacturer. The question of whether the CoolEdge causes problems can therefore be answered with “No!

How to use CoolEdge AC?

Utilizing CoolEdge AC is really straightforward, and you can remove it from the box, change a couple of things and begin utilizing it immediately. It can be plugged to an electrical switch and doesn’t need any technical skills to install it.

Here are the steps on the most proficient method to use CoolEdge AC.

  1. Unwrap the CoolEdge AC carefully and remove the gadget from it.
  2. Place the CoolEdge AC in your room or anyplace you need it to be.
  3. Fill the tank by opening the door at the top of the cooler. Fill 300ml of water or equivalent of ice in it.
  4. After doing all that, simply pick your favored setting in the cooler.
  5. That’s all, you would now be able to appreciate the cool and outside air emerging from the cooler.
  6. You can change the setting of the cooler like fan speed and moonlight whenever you need.
  7. Refill the tank after each 10-12 hours.


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Mobile Phone Stand

Beauty Makeup Mirror

Three Wind Speed

Brushless Motor

Low Nois Quiet

Adjustable Wind

Convenient To Carry

Long Lasting Life

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From where to buy?

You can simply get the CoolEdge Air directly from the official website. The manufacturer is given a 50% discount on every order made today with a free delivery to your home. Try not to miss this opportunity. click the button below.

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Get your CoolEdge AC today by placing an order through the manufacturer’s website. The company is currently giving new customers a 50% discount on every purchase plus slashed shipping fees. So if you order the CoolEdge AC today, you will not only get it for a reduced price, but they will also deliver it to you at no extra cost.

  • One CoolEdge AC unit by paying $79.99
  • Two units by paying $169.99
  • Three units by paying $192.48
  • Buy four AC units by paying $237
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Final Verdict – CoolEdge AC

In short, YES!

With the summer heat a hotter than average summer being here already, CoolEdge AC will keep you cool and comfortable.

All the other AC systems are big, noisy, difficult to install and more importantly – extremely expensive. Time to stop sweating and stressing under the scorching heat!

At the moment you can get it with a 50% discount. It is an amazing deal and we are sure that it will not last long…

In a Nutshell: CoolEdge is the best value for money option on the market right now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the CoolEdge AC use an air filter?

Yes. The CoolEdge AC device makes use of a dust filter that is fitted into its front. This filter can occasionally be clean and is replaceable.

Is CoolEdge Safe To Use When Sleeping?

Absolutely yes. The device is extremely quiet, it’s perfect for the bedroom.

Does CoolEdge AC pose any health risk?

On the contrary, it is beneficial to health. Humidified air keeps the skin and the respiratory cavities moist. Its air filter function clears dust, allergens, and toxins from the air to give you a healthier air.

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