BrightSelfie Pro Review: Selfie Ring Light Worth It?

BrightSelfie Pro Review: Selfie Ring Light Worth It?

Time to step up your selfie game with the BrightSelfie Pro. Read our honest review of the product and check out the features, benefits and price before buying.

The ring light is a popular way to light up for YouTubers, vloggers, digital marketers, make-up artists, social media influencers, and just regular people. Before, people thought that phones could take pictures that were well lit and of good quality. But today, images and videos with high quality are made with the help of lighting equipment.

After a lot of research and testing in our lab, we came up with the BrightSelfie Pro, an ultra-bright LED selfie light that makes your photos and videos look more professional. It does this by giving you bright light with perfect diffusion, softening shadows, making iconic Halo catchlights, and giving your photos and videos a professional pop.

What is BrightSelfie Pro?

BrightSelfie Pro

BrightSelfie Pro is the latest selfie ring light which helps in taking a perfect selfie or bringing great light while you are in a meeting.

Features of BrightSelfie Pro

  • 3 LIGHTING TONES: Warm, Cool, and Natural. Featuring 4 brightness levels. It’s the perfect light to take away all your unflattering shadows!
  • WORKS WITH ALL DEVICES: The BrightSelfie Pro comes with an expandable clip that attaches to your phone, tablet, laptop and more!
  • RECHARGEABLE: Comes with an easily rechargeable internal lithium ion battery so you don’t need to buy batteries!
  • INFLUENCER APPROVED: Popular social media influencers love capturing the perfect image, video or stories on the go!
  • FREE BONUS GIFT: Unlock our exclusive selfie school video course which teaches you how to take the perfect selfie!

Technical Specifications 

  • 36 LED bulbs
  • Clip-on design
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • USB port
  • 3 different light levels
  • Beauty fill light
  • Different mood settings
  • Fits perfectly for any phone
  • Measures 85 * 85 * 33 mm
  • Weighs 72.5g

Who is BrightSelfie Pro made for?

Different light level in BrightSelfie Pro

BrightSelfie Pro is designed for good photo lovers to enable them to take high quality photos no matter what kind of weather they are in. BrightSelfie Pro Ring Light gives your selfie photos the best effects especially when you are in a meeting. There will never be any better way to take photos than using this Ring Light.

There are a lot of selfie lovers who are looking for the best ring light they can go for, most people after discovering that their selfie ring light has bad effects on the photos, they never care to look for any product again. BrightSelfie Pro will put an end to such bad effects on your photos by making sure that your photos look nicer than any other light effects. When you use BrightSelfie Ring Light, you will understand the difference between normal light and the light which BrightSelfie Pro gives. This is because it will give you the best effects which you have never seen before.

Pros and Cons

  • BrightSelfie Pro is designed to enhance the clarity and quality of your photographs and videos.
  • The selfie ring light provides brilliant illumination with ideal diffusion
  • It features a clip-on design that allows for easy smartphone attachment.
  • BrightSelfie Pro has a circular o-ring form.
  • With this innovative and superior selfie light, dark spots and shadows will be a thing of the past.
  • Compatible with every mobile device.
  • Every current purchase of BrightSelfie Pro is discounted by fifty percent.
  • Free and expedited shipping
  • 24/7 customer care support
  • Unavailable for purchase in offline stores.
  • Only online purchases from the BrightSelfie Pro official product page are permitted.
  • The ongoing 50% discount is only valid for the time being; it may be revoked at any time.
  • It may run out of stock sooner than anticipated due to high demand.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing The Best Selfie Ring Lights

Girl using BrightSelfie Pro

Weight: These selfie ring lights do not weigh a lot. This means you can pack them anywhere and put them in your pocket for easy transport

Light: The standard is 36 LED lights with 3 brightness levels. Anything more than that and you are getting a great selfie light for your photo taking fun. You want the most lights and the most lighting options for your photo taking sessions

Power: Rechargeable batteries are the best. But they can run out of power at the wrong time. Make sure to get the selfie light that hooks up to USB power sources. That way you are guaranteed not to run out of power. Long battery life is the best way to go as well

Attachment: You will find that clip on style is a standard for most of these selfie lights. But when you can get one with a smartphone holder, your selfie-taking opportunities have reached a whole new level.


  • Improve Selfie Pictures And Videos
  • Bright Light With Perfect Diffusion
  • Easy And Simple Smartphone Attachment
  • Round With O-Ring Shape
  • No Dark Spots And Shadows
  • Compatible With All Smartphones

Why Should I Use BrightSelfie Pro?

Eliminate Dark Spots and Shadows: With the BrightSelfie Pro ring light, you can easily and affordably achieve professional lighting for all of your videos and photographs, regardless of whether you’re using an iPhone or Android camera. It is designed to eliminate all shadows and dark spots from your photos with its superior brightness.

BrightSelfie Pro is designed to save you money by providing you with a professional touch that you may have believed was only achievable by visiting a studio or hiring a Hollywood-level photographer. Without a doubt, BrightSelfie Pro will save you money.

During our research for this selfie ring light, we came across a number of customers who stated that the BrightSelfie Pro is less expensive than other selfie ring lights on the market, whose high prices may cause you to go bankrupt. BrightSelfie Pro is highly recommended by all BrightSelfie Pro reviews because it provides the best results at a very reasonable price!

Our review of BrightSelfie Pro confirms that it is sturdy, resilient, and long-lasting. It is constructed with high-quality professional technology materials. This indicates that the ring light is highly dependable. It can last a very long time, depending on how it is handled and how frequently it is used. Regardless of the circumstance, the BrightSelfie Pro will last so long that you will never need to replace it.

When you purchase BrightSelfie Pro from the official website of the manufacturer, you are eligible for the manufacturer’s satisfaction guarantee. The company gives you 30 days from the date you receive your order to initiate a return for a refund if you are unhappy with the product. There is no hassle with the return policy, and no questions are asked!

How to Use the BrightSelfie Pro?

BrightSelfie Pro is intuitive and simple to use. This selfie light does not require any prior knowledge of the art of photography in order to be utilised. To use the BrightSelfie Pro, simply squeeze the selfie ring light to open the clip, then place it on the phone as desired. Ensure that the front-facing camera is not obscured, and that is it.

What customers are saying about BrightSelfie Pro?

“The BrightSelfie Pro light has changed my teaching experience. I’ve tried other brands in an attempt to create a soft natural light while virtual teaching. In comparison the BrightSelfie Pro is the best. This selfie light has multiple settings and long lasting life. It’s the perfect size for one or multiple people. This light is a must have for anyone!” – Stacy

“I used it for online schooling to help brighten my display for my online lessons and although it’s great lighting, it’s tough to look at the whole time. Luckily, there are multiple settings for dimming the light.” – Carrie

How much does it cost?

The company is offering BrightSelfie Pro at very affordable price. Check below:

  • 1 for $39
  • Buy 2, Get 1 Free for $79
  • Buy 3, Get 2 Free for $99

Where To Buy BrightSelfie Pro?

BrightSelfie Pro is one of the most popular and reasonably priced selfie ring lights in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and most other prominent regions of the world. It can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website. The original BrightSelfie Pro is not available for purchase locally or anywhere else besides the product page.

Order BrightSelfie Pro from the official website immediately if you don’t want to fall into the scammers’ web. Buy your selfie ring light directly from the manufacturer to ensure you receive a genuine selfie ring light at a low price. Currently, the provider offers a 50% discount on all BrightSelfie Pro purchases. When you shop at the official product store, you will receive both speedy and free shipping. When shopping at the store, you do so with confidence.

Final Verdict

Technology continues to develop day after day after day. The images and videos we now see on social media are of a high quality. Absolutely amazing! As a result, it is no longer sufficient to simply use natural light or the smartphone camera flash to capture engaging and professional-looking images. To achieve this, you will need to begin using a selfie ring light, and the BrightSelfie Pro is the ideal option for you right now. Do not wait until the device is sold out; purchase one immediately from the official website of the brightselfie pro.