OlumiRing Reviews: Is This Ring Light Worth It?

OlumiRing Reviews: Is This Ring Light Worth It?

A pandemic has affected the entire world since more than a year has gone by. The average person has never lived a life quite like this before. Oluminate emerged from the pandemic to address the problem brought on by a new lifestyle: working from home. Check out the OlumiRing Reviews with us.

Webcams are not clear enough to see coworkers well due to their low quality. How can we solve this problem? Ring light with a clip. This problem was first addressed by Oluminate with its OlumiRing ring light.

On the surface, the OlumiRing looks like an ordinary ring light…but upon closer inspection, you’ll discover its vast array of options.

In addition to the built-in clip, the inside of the case is lined with soft silicone to protect your expensive electronics. Easy access to and control of completely adjustable brightness. You can match your skin tone with both warm and cool tones. Furthermore, this device is rechargeable and has a diameter of just over 3 inches, making it extremely portable.

It goes beyond the essentials of working from home with the LumiRingTM. Such an affordable package offers so much versatility that Content Creators will love it. There are lots of locations for students, photographers, videoographers, beauty professionals, and so much more.

With low lighting conditions, you can make high quality videos with TikTok. Before applying makeup, clip it to the mirror for instant glow. Point it at whatever you’re shooting and clip it to a nearby object. After you’re finished, simply throw it in your bag and leave.

There’s no doubt that lighting plays an important role in video and photographic content. An uneven lighting pattern can go a long way in determining whether a person wants to pay attention to a message or not. Lights should not interfere with what you do best.

What is OlumiRing?

In an effort to offer employees a zoom-based meeting solution, a company called Oluminate surfaced last year. Video recordings are often overlooked, but lighting plays a crucial role. OlumiRing delivers an easy and quick solution to consumers. Portable ring light easily clips onto Desktops, Laptops, Cell Phones and Tablets. Lights even have a soft internal lining, so your device won’t get scratched.

A must-have product for Zoom meetings is OlumiRing. With only 3 inches in diameter, OlumiRing is a portable device that provides clarity when using it in online meetings. It’s size may fool you, but its 40 LEDs pack a punch. There are also three lighting options available. Clip it to your phone whenever you need better lighting. Just toss it in your bag. You can take pristine selfies and make TikToks.

OlumiRing was followed by OlumiRing MAXTM. An oversized, 10-inch ring light powered by LEDs, LumiRingTM MAX extends your lighting for years to come. Various mounting options, including an arm swivel, a tripod, and a sturdy phone mount, are in this package. During creative recording, you can even fix a tripod to it. Along with cool and warm white lighting, OlumiRingTM MAX can also light up in RGB mode. With the remote included with your package, you can access any color.

You can use this LED sphere as a desk light, or hang it outside your home to create a relaxing atmosphere. Having a full charge and water-proof (IP67) makes it ideal for an outdoor night. Besides the wireless remote, LumiSphereTM also includes RGB LED lighting mode control. You can choose from 5 different sizes of the OlumiSphereTM, so you can find one for your desk or a giant 30cm one for your living room! If you are working at your desk or relaxing by the pool, this product is both indoors and outdoors.

We are constantly searching for new and unique LED lighting technologies to source at competitive prices for the company.

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Features of OlumiRing

Easy Hanging: It is easier to take better selfies when the lighting is better. The pictures come better, the quality of TikToks improves. 

Outdoor Use: The IP65 and IP67 waterproof ratings are for outdoor and moist environments. Thus, safe to use outdoors. Thus, be it any weather, you can have perfect light for your videos and photos.  

Use it anywhere: The features of OlumiRing allow it to be used in almost any setting. Thus, use it anywhere and get the perfect pictures and videos as you always wanted. 

High durability: There is no quick fix here. OlumiRing’s superior materials and design mean that it will keep on looking great for years to come!

No Power Cables: Since it is rechargeable, you can enjoy perfect lighting virtually anywhere. OlumiRing can run for over an hour on its battery, and users can even use it while charging!

Potable and compact: OlumiRing is compact and easy to carry, unlike other bulky lighting options. Your camera is always at your fingertips – it fits easily in backpacks, purses and pockets.

How to use OlumiRing?

A client using OlumiRing for meeting

It is very simple to use OlumiRing. Anyone will be able to use it. Steps for using it are :

  1. Take the OlumiRing in your hand and select the device you want to use it on. It can your phone, desktop or laptop. 
  2. Clip it to the screen of the device and you are done. 

Can it get any simpler than this? 

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How does it work?

OlumiRing has many good features, yet it is incredibly easy to use. It has just one button and requires no installation. You’ll be blown away by how amazing your photos and videos look. In addition to its unique ring shape, the OlumiRing also includes a built-in diffuser that softens the light, making it look professional. They make sure you are always looking your best and feeling confident on camera!

Who should use this Olumiring Ring Light?

Anyone who wants their photos and videos to come perfectly. If you are working from home and have zoom calls, why not have proper lighting, thus OlumiRing would be perfect for that. 

For the students who are studying from home, this will be of much relevance as clear lighting on their device will be highly helpful to them.

For the social media influencers, who need to have the perfect lighting on their photos and videos, this OlumiRing will be a perfect choice for them. 

What type of devices it can support?

OlumiRing on laptop, smartphone and DSLR Camera

With OlumiRing‘s built-in clip, you can head out and shoot with your phone, tablet, camera, laptop, or desktop without using any bulky tripods or light stands! There is a silicone rubber lining inside the clip that ensures a secure grip without scratching your device

Why We Recommend OlumiRing To All?

People using OlumiRing

Listed below are a few OlumiRing advantages you shouldn’t overlook:

  • Makes you Look Good – With OlumiRing, you can adjust the brightness of your ring to achieve a good glow no matter what the situation. Your look can be changed accordingly, and you can enjoy the OlumiRing’s lighting experience. In the face of a camera, it helps you look good.
  • Works with All the Devices – The OlumiRing provides all the functions of a tripod and light stand because it is compatible with all devices. The clip-in technology allows it to be attached to any laptop, desktop, or camera. In order to ensure that your device’s grip is not scratched.
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Main Advantages

  • 30-DAY MONEY BACK WARRANTY – If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with OlumiRing, you can easily return it, hassle-free!
  • AMERICAN-OWNED COMPANY – OlumiRing is owned and operated in the beautiful city of New York, New York.
  • FREE, FAST SHIPPING IN THE USA – We also provide fast shipping to over 30 countries.
  • QUALITY PROMISE – We control every step of the process to ensure a safe and high quality product.
  • WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SUPPORT – They’re real humans, they’re quick, and they actually like talking to you.
  • MISSION DRIVEN – Our mission is to empower millions to look their best and feel confident on camera.

Why use OlumiRing?

OlumiRing on Smartphone for Photo Session

Your DSLR or smartphone pokes through the open middle of an ring light, like a hula hoop of light.

The shadowless lighting provided by ring lights is the primary advantage. It’s not flat, even though it’s shadowless. In the middle of the light source sits the lens (or phone or your eyes). Hence, the optical line of sight is surrounded by the light source.

As a result, light is falling from all sides on the subject. Seeing the details clearly is possible after getting rid of the shadows.

This non-directional light source is useful even when it is not being used for photography, such as when applying make-up. Apply the make-up knowing how it really looks by placing the light near the model, looking through the opening, and looking into the light.

Both medium distance and up-close views can benefit from these advantages. In portraits and videos, ring lights create a beautiful shadow and light effect that seems to fall away from the subject as a halo of shadow. No shadow in this close-up. An interesting shadow, moderate distance.

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  • Amount per unit: One 
  • Diameter: 3 inches
  • Material: Plastic
  • Accessories: USB Cable
  • Colors: White, Black, Pink

So, is a OlumiRing light a magic, do-it-all light source?

It has limitations, yes. There is a problem with using them beyond a medium view portrait distance. You should arrange a group pose, and you should look for a different light bank.

In addition, even the best ring lights wouldn’t be our first choice if our subject would benefit from directional shadows and contrast. Light and shadow provide directional lights with the dimensional relief that we sometimes need. The lights could be covered for that purpose, but it adds a complication of possible heat buildup.

OlumiRing provides many benefits, but it can’t do everything. However, there are a few limitations.

Where can you use it?

Work from Home

Utilize OlumiRing on Zoom communications video, Skype, and other communication sites to work from home with your cell phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Your presence and participation are clearly shown during meetings and conferences. 

Lighting for Makeup Artists

Use OlumiRing to enhance the lighting of mirrors when applying makeup. Each setting on the ring light reflects the skin tone differently and uniquely. Take it with you on-the-go for personal and professional uses. 

Create Content

Produce motivating and captivating video content and post it on YouTube, VSCO, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. A Lumi Ring can be used both outdoors and indoors. It provides photographers and videographers with bright, diffused LED lighting for photographing and recording. 

Photography and Videography

With ring lights, photographers can provide quality lighting in a variety of environments and backgrounds. Easily connect it to your camera for professional-looking images. OlumiRings are also used by videographers to improve their videos.


OlumiRing LED lights are commonly used by consumers as nightlights in the home. You can place it in any room of your home, including your hallway, bathroom, home office, or bedroom.

History behind OlumiRing

In the early stages of its development, Oluminate is a brand for LED ring lighting products. As part of the pandemic in 2020, the company introduced the portable OlumiRing to provide adequate lighting to Zoom meetings. Oluminate developed a product to accommodate the millions of people who started working from home. 

The clipping apparatus allows it to be attached to your laptop, smartphone, tablet, camera, or desktop. Whether at home, at work, or anywhere else, consumers find ring lights useful and helpful. Compact, available in three different colors, and measuring about three inches, it fits into small bags. 

When in use, the OlumiRing light fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and is made of soft, durable material. To date, customers have purchased over 10,000 products since the launch of the brand’s second product. With the exception of the United States, Oluminate is now available in 75 countries.

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Do you need a Ring Light?

For your content to look great, you need lighting! You can accomplish this with the help of an OlumiRing.

OlumiRing can be used by anyone and provide a shadowless source of lighting.

YouTube content creators, TikTok users, Zoom conference goers, tattoo artists, vloggers, hair stylists/salon goers, selfie lovers, streamers, and photographers are all examples of people that this light will help.

You will not regret purchasing OlumiRing. Multipurpose and affordable, they are readily available even if you won’t be using them exclusively for business. Take better selfies with ring lights, organize an activity with your friends, etc. Ring lights can be used in infinite ways – it’s up to your imagination!

Is Ring Light worth it?

Yes, these are specifically made for this purpose! Several factors make them so effective. Firstly, the lighting used in these is designed to mimic natural sunlight as closely as possible. You will look much more natural with this light.

OlumiRing For Phone

OlumiRing can be used on iPhone and Android phones easily.

There is nothing more satisfying than having a device that works with so many other devices. They say that teamwork is everything. You save money and time by using such a device. This is why the OlumiRing is a market disruptor. Nobody would pass up such an opportunity. Its clip expands to a width of approximately 1 inch, which is compatible with the thickness of all new-generation screens and is also tight enough to prevent loss. The OlumiRing is compatible with all mobile devices, computers, tablets, and mirrors. Sounds like so much fun.

Do Ring Lights Have Alternatives?

As we’ve already established, ring lights are a great idea that can really release the potential of your picture! Nonetheless, you can improve your lighting without getting a ring light.

Using your phone’s flashlight, for example, if you need good lighting for a Zoom call. If you want it to look flattering, just be sure to place it properly.

Additionally, you can experiment with your room’s lamps. Before attending a meeting, make sure the lighting is right.

The following lighting techniques can be helpful if they are used properly, but I would not recommend them for professional purposes. If you can, you should consider buying ring lights instead as they are much less hassle.

What Else Can You Use OlumiRing Light For?

Selfie with OlumiRing

The ring light was initially developed for dental purposes, but other professions found it useful, too?

In addition to highlighting particular details in photos and videos, OlumiRing are also an excellent choice. This is because of its structure and design.

Using OlumiRing to create color effects is another way to utilize them. A simple way to accomplish this is to change the white bulbs in the ring to different colors. Simply change the color of the light bulbs will drastically change the visual effect of your photos!

You may find that ring lights are enough to light a room, but softboxes will create a more professional appearance.

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Pros and Cons

  • VERSATILE: Clips easily to laptops, desktops, phones, etc.
  • BUILT-IN PROTECTION: Protect your devices with a soft silicone lining.
  • PORTABLE: Fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.
  • DIMMABLE: You should adjust the lighting according to your needs.
  • None Found!

Where to buy OlumiRing

Following the link below, you can purchase the Olumiring light from the manufacturer’s official website. When you click the link, you will be transported to the original factory group where you may safely purchase Olumiring. Payment is protected, and your information is kept confidential. The manufacturer also offers price reductions. However, you must make a purchase. Purchase today.

Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with your OlumiRing. You can return your newly purchased OlumiRing and get a full refund, provided that they are sent back to the manufacturer within 30 days of delivery. The customer care arm of the company are real humans, so they will respond to you as fast as possible, and in the manner you would like.

OlumiRing Reviews Consumer Reports

How much does it cost?

The Oluminate LED Light is very much affordable and starts just from $24.99. 

  • Buy 2, Get 1 Free – $59.98 (Free USA Shipping)
  • Buy 3, Get 2 Free – $89.97 (Free USA Shipping)


Use Oluminate for a number of purposes. Makeup artists may approach things differently than someone who posts on YouTube or Tik Tok. As with still photographers, you’ll also need to adjust your decision depending on how close or far your subject is. It will be a perfect choice for you.

Additionally, having too much light won’t hurt either, so you might want to go for a 14-inch or 18-inch light. You will get much use out of a good ring light if you take care of it!

There is one thing we can count on. By using Oluminate, you will gain a whole new perspective on photography or video.

Frequently Asked Questions

How bright is it?

OlumiRing’s brightness ranges from 100 lumens (for soft lighting that gives your skin a gentle glow) to 800 lumens (for dark areas — that’s 8X brighter than most large LED flashlights!). OlumiRing’s light intensity can be quickly and easily changed to your liking with the touch of a button. It’s powerful enough for virtually any lighting condition!

Will OlumiRing affect my iPhone’s Face ID Feature?

No, OlumiRing will not cover Face ID on iPhones. It is easily adjustable and designed with an open center so it won’t cover your camera.

Can it be used for product videography & photography?

Absolutely! You can use OlumiRing to light virtually any subject with soft professional quality lighting that works particularly well for product photography and videography.

Does OlumiRing require batteries?

Nope! OlumiRing has a built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery that provides over an hour of run time. You can also use OlumiRing while charging for unlimited run time. Use the provided cable to plug it into your laptop or any USB charger for fast charging!