Bed Scrunchie Reviews: Sheet Holder Straps

Bed Scrunchie Reviews: Sheet Holder Straps

Bed sheets constantly popping off the bed can be highly annoying during sleep. In addition to causing you to wake up in the middle of the night, the sheets also quickly become old. In case you’ve been struggling with your sleeping troubles, Jack Nekhala invented a product called the Bed Scrunchie. The reason for Jack’s invention was an amusing personal experience; his luxury king-sized bedsheets wouldn’t stay put when he was sleeping. Bed Scrunchies are a lasting solution for your falling bed sheets during the night. They improve the appearance of your room and improve your overall experience.

Based in 2005, Luxzor Linens manufactures this product. Based in the United States, this company also manufactures towels, rugs, and sheets. Individual clients and larger companies such as hotels and hospitals can buy the device directly from Linens.

The information we provide in this Bed Scrunchie review will answer any questions you have about this product. You can learn more about the construction, the usage, the benefits, and why sleep tight is so important. From other reviews, you would understand what the 360-degree all-in-one tension-relieving product is worth.

A Guide to Choosing a Sheet Tightening Strap

You don’t just want these straps for aesthetic purposes, they’ll keep the sheets in place as well. Pockets along the edges of your sheet can become loose, causing them to wrap around your feet, hands, or even head before you even realize they have moved. Straps on the sheets will keep them from bundling up, which could restrict your breathing and movement.

What’s the problem with fitted sheets?

Aren’t you scared when you realize that you’re becoming just like your parents? Fitted sheets that come loose from under the mattress are one of my mom’s pet peeves. 

I have no idea why, but our fitted sheet always comes loose on Mr. We Tried It’s side of the bed and that drives me nuts! Is it annoying to wake up to a bare mattress in the middle of the night because of a loose sheet?

The Bed Scrunchie caught my eye, so I decided to give it a try! You can use it to hold your mattress pad or fitted sheet (or both!) in place while giving your bed a hotel bed look.

Things the buyer needs to think about before buying sheet-tightening straps

  •  Consider these questions when deciding whether a sheet-tightening strap is right for you: 
  •  Are you often on the move during the night? 
  •  Or you having trouble keeping your fitted sheet in place? 
  •  Are your legs entangled in loose sheets when you sleep? 
  •  Does your mattress have an unusual size that makes it difficult to match the fitted sheet to it?
  •  Would you be willing to use the flat sheet you have as a fitted sheet?
  •  The Bed Scrunchie Tightening Straps may be useful if any of these questions apply to you

Who Created a Bed Scrunchie?

Michael Nusinkis and Jack Nekhala invented the Bed Scrunchie. Bed Scrunchie was designed and patented in the United States by the two.

Fitted sheets had caused problems for Jack and Michael. Most fitted sheets were too loose for them. is owned by Jack. His goal was to create a more comfortable sheet system for him and his wife. After purchasing one “sheet tightener” from Amazon, he was disappointed with the way it worked and, in his New Jersey workshop, he developed a better solution.

What’s Inside The Box?

Here are the contents of the box:

  • Scrunchies for 1 bed
  • Eight premium fabric clips for Bed Scrunchies

The Bed Scrunchie

Bed Scrunchie, which comes in a light gray (I would call it white), is the parachute-strength bungee cord that lives under your mattress after installation. It is a one-size-fits-all item and will fit any type of mattress, from crib to king. From RVs to boats to couches, we have it all.

8 Premium Fabric Clips

Your bed sheet and the Bed Scrunchie will be attached with 8 clips each. It seems that 8 clips are just what we need, but you can order more on the website if you need more.

Vegan: Bed Scrunchie is vegan, in case that matters to you!

What is Bed Scrunchie?

Bed Scrunchie

In a nutshell, Bed Scrunchie is a bed sheet tightening system that allows you to tighten one or more sheets at a time. Upon attaching the scrunchie to the fitted sheet, it tightens the fitted sheet for a firmer and more appealing appearance.

One size fits most customers thanks to this device. A 360-degree bed sheet holder is available exclusively from Bed Scrunchie. It is available in various sizes including twin XL, king, California, twin, full, and queen. You can use Bed Scrunchie for any type or size of mattress, whether you are at home or in an RV. It only takes a few minutes to get a comfortable night’s sleep by shopping for this device at a low price and placing the clips above the bedsheets.

Use this bed scrunchieby anyone, and works on king, twin, full, adjustable and other sized beds. Use One Bed Scrunchie for all beds or can be multiple rooms since it comes in one size. Scrunchies can be useful when attached to the mattress; they slide smoothly under it.

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Features of Bed Scrunchie

Despite its shortcomings, the Bed Scrunchie has so many benefits that you should expect when you use it. Here are a few of them. A mattress protector and a sheet protector can be purchased separately. On the other hand, you would discover from its reviews that many customers appreciate its versatility.

  1. Works for all bed sizes: It can be used on beds of all sizes, including small and large ones. Whenever you switch beds or mattresses, a new device is not required.
  2. Simple to set up: You don’t need to lift your mattress or interfere with the bed frame when you use the Scrunchie setting. As well, the setup would take no longer than two minutes.
  3. You don’t have to buy new sheets: 
  4. Using the Bed Scrunchie you can cinch flat, fitted, top, or any horizontal sheet. Additionally, you can use them with a mattress topper, a featherbed, or a protector.
  5. No damage to sheets: Your sheets will be pulled tight once the device is installed on the sheet. All it does is make your bed look better by flattening the sheets.
  6. Easy to clean: When you wash your sheets, you don’t have to remove Bed Scrunchie. It is easy to clean your device if you decide to remove it from your sheets; simply run it under cold or hot water with soap and let it dry before returning it.
  7. Highly durable: Despite being made from durable plastic and a bungee cord tightener, this device is built to last for many years. As long as they use a bedsheet strap, it is important to note that it is unlikely for it to lose its grip.
  8. Works for the short fitted sheet: Customers who have used this product so far love being able to use it for their sheets and the mattress if required. The bed scrunchie is the perfect gift to give to your loved ones if they have a short fitted sheet. Add it to your wish list today. Bed Scrunchie has an average rating of 5 on Amazon.
  9. It comes with a tight sleep guarantee: The manufacturer offers you a 100-day warranty to cover any concerns about this device’s quality. The product works well in keeping your bedsheets in place all night long.

Who is Bed Scrunchie Fit For?

Bed Scrunchie
Happy children boy and girl siblings jumping on parents bed in morning

People who turn around in bed a lot may find the Bed Scrunchie beneficial. The device is also useful in preventing the bottom sheet from sliding or slipping off while sleeping. Give it to a friend with playful children, and they will appreciate it forever. Michael and Jack Nekhala, two friends with vast experience in the textile industry, came up with the Bed Scrunchie. In search of a solution to the falling sheet problem, Jack and a friend devised a 360° bed sheet holder, which they called the Bed Scrunchie. Additionally, this is useful for straightening short, loose, and stubborn sheets.

A Bed Scrunchie works for all kinds of beds, no matter the type, size, or even type of mattress. Bed Scrunchie would be perfect if you tend to move around during the night and lose your sheets. This product helps you sleep tight with minimal interference for both you and your child.

Purchasing this good and useful product will provide you with all the benefits outlined in this review. A Bed Scrunchie is the perfect solution for customers who have loose or worn-out sheets. It lets buyers with flat or top sheets use the bottom sheet as a fitting sheet by converting it into a snap-in fit. A fitted sheet that appears too small for their mattress foundation can also benefit from it. 

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How does it work?

Bed Scrunchies work similarly to hair crunchies. The fitted sheet is held in place by tension bands. Rather than leaving loose and wrinkled fitted sheets on the top of your bed, it tightens them, eliminating this problem. Bed Scrunchie is convenient for everyone, and it is useful for any bed size, ranging from twins to kings to adjustable beds.

This device and many related products are not one size fits all; this is why you need to shop around. As a 360-degree bed sheet holder, the Scrunchie tightens sheets from all directions. Fitted sheets are pinned to the top, bottom, right and left sides of the holder, allowing them to be tightened completely. Mattress protectors and toppers can be added if you need them. Easily slides under your mattress after attaching to the edge of your bed.

What Problem Does Bed Scrunchie Solve?

We spend nearly a third of our lives in bed yet we can’t figure out how to keep our wrinkly bedsheets tucked under our mattress. Each night, no matter how much we care for our bed, the bedsheet pops off the corner of the mattress and we’re left sleeping on a nasty exposed mattress, ruining our good nights sleep and annoying us in the process.

The patented Bed Scrunchie holds your fitted sheets in place by securing them tightly to your mattress. Regardless of what mattress or bed sheets you own, your bed sheets will always stay in place and wrinkle-free. You can now have a great night’s sleep every day without the huge hotel price tag if your bed has that flawless 5-star hotel look.

Construction Details

By using the Bed Scrunchie, you do not have to lift or reposition your mattress in order to use it on any mattress type or size.

  • 360 Degree Bed Sheet Holder Wheel Lock – A patented buckle and a custom-designed wheel lock secure the bungee cord. According to the information in this review, one can also loosen the wheel lock to remove the fabric clips and take off the mattresses.
  • Fabric Clips – Eight replaceable clips ensure that bedsheets will stay securely fastened and guard against damage with the Bed Scrunchie. There is an option to purchase fabric clips separately.
  • Parachute Cord – With a bungee cord that can handle 500 pounds of resistance, the device will not slip from your hand. It will help to keep your sheets in place if you use the bungee cord. Therefore, the product is vegan. If you have a mattress or bed size, you should purchase this item.

Why Is Bed Scrunchie Different From Other Solutions?

Bed Scrunchie

Bringing your sheets tight and secure every night is Made Simple with the 360-degree all-in-one bed tightening system, Bed Scrunchie. 

With this patented innovation, you can easily slide it under your mattress – without the loose, wrinkled mess that you’re used to. Other solutions for sheet security do not exist.

A Bed Scrunchie not only allows you to secure your bed sheets within minutes without having to lift your mattress, but it also doesn’t require you to lift your mattress at all.

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Main Benefits

Before learning about the benefits and advantages of the Bed Scrunchie device, you shouldn’t make any decision. I’m going to show you a few of the features that I enjoy about this device below.

Works With All Sizes Beds: Sheet tighteners with this feature effectively support all sizes of bedsheets and mattresses. If you change your bed sheet or mattress, you don’t have to purchase a new device.

Easy-to-Use: It is very easy to set up this sheet extender. The mattress doesn’t have to be lifted or the frame’s settings must be changed. In addition, it takes just a few minutes for the whole setup to be completed.

Don’t Damage Bedsheet: The Bed Scrunchie will not damage your bedsheets during use, so you can use it confidently with your bedsheet. Your sheets stay tight and crease-free, improving the appearance of your bed.

Easy to Clean: This device is characterized by its easy cleaning procedure. Sheets do not need to be removed during washing. In any case, you can easily separate it from the other if needed. My washing machine and manual cleaning were both successful.

It Provides Tight Sleep Guarantee: A 100-day warranty is provided by the manufacturer to ensure the quality of this product. It’s possible to return a product to its manufacturer and receive a refund within 100 days if it doesn’t meet your requirements.

How to use Bed Scrunchie?

Bed Scrunchie
Before and After using Bed Scrunchie

In addition to being easy to use, the device is also compact. The Bed Scrunchie fits the mattress without the need to lift it, unlike some competitors. No matter how tightly you pull your sheets and mattress, this unique bed holder will protect your sheets.

  • Step 1: Secure the device clips around the edge of the bedsheet or mattress topper.
  • Step 2: Use the markings on the bungee cord’s markings to guide you in attaching the fitted sheet clips. At the bottom of the mattress, place the buckle so that it is centered.
  • Next Step 3: Take the fitted sheet off and turn it over.
  • Step 4: Wrap the cords around the Bed Scrunchie, and tighten it up until you find the perfect tightness level
  • Step 5: Tighten the rope by sliding the wheel lock onto the buckle and pulling it apart in the opposite direction. Ensure that the string is tight enough before storing it underneath the mattress.
  • Step 6: You can use the Bed Scrunchie if you’re a sleeper who keeps rolling during sleep, and the clips keep bed sheets from falling from the bed if you add a mattress topper to your bed. Sheets should be one and mattress toppers should be the other. This will not only improve the quality of your sleep, but will also give your room a whole new look when all the procedures are completed.

How easy is it to install?

The first time you do it will take the longest (probably around 10-15 minutes) as you learn exactly how it goes on. Once you know how to do it, putting it on your sheets will be a breeze.

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Does Bed Scrunchie Fit on all beds?

Bed Scrunchie

Definitely! All types and sizes of beds are compatible with Bed Scrunchie, including:

  • Crib
  • Twin & Twin-XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King, Cal-King & Split-King
  • Adjustable beds & memory foam
  • Sleep Number, Tempurpedic, Purple, Casper & all other major mattress brands!
  • Hospital beds, campers, boats and more!

This is important to me because you never know when your bed will need to be changed. I know that Bed Scrunchie will serve me for the rest of my life because it is so adaptable.

In addition to fitting every bed, Bed Scrunchie can also be used with every type of sheet. Bed Scrunchies are also perfect for mattresses whose sheets are too small!

The Bed Scrunchie I keep on my sheets. No extra work is there and machine wash it easily.

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Will Sheet holders work with my mattress?

A Bed Scrunchie is available for twin, twin XL, full sheets, queen sheets, king sheets, and California King sheets. The design of Bed Scrunchies is to fit any mattress size or type, whether you have a bed at home or a sleeping bag in an RV. Sheets often come off an adjustable mattress when you adjust your position. Your adjustable mattress sheets won’t fall off the bed until you remove Bed Scrunchie from the bed. To prevent the sheet from coming off the bed, bed sheets for feather and water beds often need to have straps attached to their ends. 

How to care for a Bed Scrunchie?

Bed Scrunchie

With the Bed Scrunchie plus premium clip, you can machine wash it. It needs a little soap and water, and then dry before placing it back on the bed, like any other device. Keep the device clips attached until you are cleaning your bedsheets; you don’t have to keep removing them.

Depending on your needs, you can use the dryer at a low, medium or high speed. You do not require any special care for the Bed Scrunchie, and you do not have to keep it away from children or pets. It can also hold bed sheets 360 degrees. To provide a lasting solution to the loose parts of your bed, you can use one for the sheets and the other on the edges. Choose one that fits your needs while at the same time.

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How do you keep fitted sheets from coming off the bed?

The cause of bed sheet coming off the bed is due to many factors. The sheets often pop off the bed when not deep enough to accommodate the mattress, whether it is a pet jumping on the bed or someone sleeping on it. Sheets can be too thick and too loose for some mattresses. By adding sheet holders, your fitted sheets will be tighter during the night, ensuring a more secure fit. Bed Scrunchies convert flat sheets into tight-fitting fitted sheets so you don’t have to remove your sheets until you remove them. If you’re using a flat sheet instead of a fitted sheet on your mattress, the Scrunchies serve as bed suspenders.

Will the Bed Scrunchie keep a mattress topper from sliding?

Under fitted sheets, sheet holders should help keep your mattress toppers in place. Your mattress topper will remain well-secured under the bed sheet if you use the Bed Scrunchie’s sheet clips. Adding straps before throwing away your favorite blue bed sheets in the Goodwill pile may save you from learning the hard way that your bamboo memory foam mattress topper is too short.

How do bed sheet straps work?

Using Bed Scrunchie, you can extend fitted sheets, create fitted sheets from flat sheets, and keep sheets from falling off the bed at night. 

In addition to bungee cord with parachute strength, the bed sheets clips are durable plastic that keep the sheets tight until removing them. The concern of the design sheet clips is to keep your sheets from being stretched out or damaged.

Bed Scrunchie Alternative

Siaomo Bed Sheet Straps

Every morning, do you suffer a great deal with loose or wrinkled sheets? What a difference the Siaomo Bed Sheet Holder Straps make! The sheets are drawn properly with no wrinkles, which improves the quality of your sleep; when you get up in the morning, the sheets are still on the mattress, so you no longer have to re-make the bed every morning, which makes your life easier and more fun. Consider it a one-time investment that will cure your wrinkled sheet issues. Obtain your criss-cross bed sheet holder straps now.

Raytour Bed Sheet Holder Straps Sheet

The Bed Sheet Straps Clips are a brilliant sheet/cover attachment solution that makes life Easier and More Enjoyable! RayTour sheet fastener straps are constructed of durable nickel-plated metal clips and heavy-duty elastic cords that will always hold your bed sheets securely. These are Premium Elastic Band and Clip Sheet Suspenders of Premium Quality. The improved clamp design and integrated plastic clamping system prevent harm to the fabric! The thicker and broader elastic bands guarantee a firmer and longer-lasting grip.

Pros and Cons of Bed Scrunchie

  • A product of high quality that will last for a long time
  • Installing and using clips is easy
  • Any bed with tight sheets will be uncomfortable.
  • Having a professional-looking bed means a more comfortable night’s sleep.
  • People who move a lot in their sleep and make their beds untidy should use this
  • Refunds are available for 100 days
  • The product is only available through the company’s website
  • Large mattresses may be difficult to install if it is not loose enough

Bed Scrunchie Reviews Consumer Reports

“Skeptic turned believer; I had doubts about this bed scrunchie since I’ve never had luck with fitted sheets staying in place. I like to make my bed quickly, so I never use a flat sheet, only a fitted one. For years and years, I have had to use all kinds and brands of different fitted sheets (additional cross elastic, various depths, etc.), Each time, I pray and hope that I never have to buy another one.” – Sheena

Skeptic turns believer

“Didn’t quite work that way! I utilize a sliding action which always pulls the fitted sheet a bit more each day. After looking up several different types of gadgets to keep sheets tight, I settled on this one. I wasn’t very optimistic about it so imagine my surprise when this thing worked! T have had this on my bed for about a week now, and my fitted sheet is as snug as a bug in a rug. It took a minute to figure out how to use it, but it was relatively easy and forgiving to use. I also like the bungee cord on the foot of the bed, which helps tighten the sheet and make it even snugger. All in all, I highly recommend this!”

“I’ve tried so many products in the past. The Bed Scrunchie works and it’s truly a high-quality product. If you’re not looking to mess around with your bed sheets every day and keep them on tight, The Bed Scrunchie is what you need. It’s easy to use and made with quality materials. The clips are amazingly engineered. Not to mention you can buy extra clips:) I have been using it for almost a month and can’t be happier.” – John H.

The Bed Scrunchie is worth every penny

How much does it cost?

This bed sheet holder are not going to cost you a very big amount. The company has decided to stick to a reasonable price, check below:

  • 1 for $49.99
  • 3 for $99.98 (Buy 2, Get 1 Free)
  • 5 for $149.97 (Buy 3, Get 2 Free)
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Where To Buy Bed Scrunchie

Due to its tightening mechanism, the Bed Scrunchie can tighten and hold sheets of any size as well as tighten and hold clothes, as mentioned before. Check out to buy the product. You can place an order right there on the website.

You could use this product regardless of your bed size if you want your sheets to stay put. In addition to king and queen size beds, this device also works with full size beds. This would be a wonderful present for your family if you are looking for a perfect present.

You can order the Bed Scrunchie online, right from the comfort of your home, through the company’s official website. As soon as your order is placed, it is dispatched, and you will receive your Bed Scrunchie faster than you expected. By clicking on this link, you can place an order. Make sure you order from the company’s official website.

Refund Policy

There is no risk with purchasing Bed Scrunchie as you get 100-night trial with Bed Scrunchie. During the first 100 days after your purchase, you have the option to request a full refund minus shipping.

Bed Scrunchie Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it work on flat and top sheets?

Yes! Bed Scrunchie was carefully designed to works perfectly for flat or top sheets. Our patented system easily converts a flat sheet into a perfectly tailored fitted sheet.

Can I use my own sheets with Bed Scrunchie or do I have to purchase new ones?

When inventing Bed Scrunchie, it was really important to us to create a product that allowed our customers to use the sheets they already have and love with our product. So yes, no matter what type of sheet you own now and in the future, you can always use your OWN sheets with Bed Scrunchie.

Is Bed Scrunchie made with any animal products?

Yes, it is completely vegan. We do not use any animal products in the manufacture of the product.

Can you wash Bed Scrunchie?

The Bed Scrunchie and premium fabric clips can be washed and dried. Leave them attached to your sheets, and when you toss your fitted or flat sheet into the washing machine, the Bed Scrunchie will be washed together with the sheet. Additionally, it may be dried in your dryer at low, medium, or high speeds! It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

How do you remove sheets with a bed Scrunchie?

To remove your Bed Scrunchie as easily as you put it on, ensure that the wheel lock is completely loosened and facing the silver portion of the rope. Then, as you normally would, reach under your mattress to remove your bed sheets while simultaneously gripping the Bed Scrunchie and the linens.


Using the Bed Scrunchie will keep your bed sheet tight in a 360-degree manner. Your sheets will be wrinkle-free and tangle-free, giving them the look of a 5-star hotel.

As the manufacturer claims, this product works effectively. The product can be easily used by clipping it on the edge of your bed sheet or mattress topper. Despite tucking in your mattress, the pillow stays upright. It is a wonderful innovation and works by eliminating the bedsheet mess you’ve been fighting. It works by eliminating the bedsheet mess you’ve been fighting.

Quite a few brands and sizes of bed sheets work with this device. There are five sizes to choose from: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. You can also use this tool on hotel beds, home beds, bunk beds, waterbeds, RVs, boats, feather beds, and more!

Also, learn about what are sheet suspenders and is there any better alternative.