Barx Buddy Vs PetGentle: Which Device Is Good?

Barx Buddy Vs PetGentle: Which Device Is Good?

Are you looking forward to a dog training tool? Are you confused between the two best competitors in the market Barx Buddy and PetGentle? If yes, we can help you out. Here, in this article, I will be comparing Barx Buddy vs PetGentle of the best dog training tools available in the market. So, stay with me to the end. 

What is Barx Buddy?

Barx Buddy

BarxBuddy is a tiny gadget that emits a sound at a frequency that is audible only to dogs. When you push the button, the dog will hear the sound and will immediately halt its activity and barking.

The gadget indicates its operation by emitting a tiny light from an LED. Although the sound may be surprising to dogs the first time they hear it, it is not extremely unpleasant for them, so there is no need to be concerned about their health. The noise level is just loud enough to deter your dog from barking.

Similar to how a dog’s bark may draw your attention and cause you to halt for a minute, the sound the dog hears when you push the BarxBuddy button will similarly cause them to pause and pay attention. After the high-pitched sound begins to be produced, the dog is unlikely to continue barking.

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Major Features and Benefits

  • Apart from the apparent sound produced by the BarxBuddy device, the lights assist in training dogs to avoid undesirable behavior.
  • Additionally, the gadget is very lightweight, ensuring that users are not burdened down when training or enjoying a great dog walk.
  • Without portability, the BarxBuddy would be ineffective. As a result, the engineers made certain that it fits comfortably in the pockets of the majority of cargo trousers, sweatshirts, jackets, and other articles of clothing.
  • Both the LED light and ultrasonic sound function have been rigorously tested to ensure that owners and their barking pets are completely safe.
  • The device has two different strength settings to suit your needs. The first setting is for correcting undesirable behaviors like leaping, barking, aggressiveness, excessive chewing, and destructive digging. The second setting is for the purpose of discouraging aggressive dogs and other animals.
  • This is a tool that anybody can use, regardless of their level of expertise. It is controlled by a simple on/off switch, which guarantees that disruptive conduct is quickly halted.

What is PetGentle?


PetGentle is a lantern and electronic dog whistle combined into one device. It is a device that is used to teach dogs when and when not to bark. This gadget is based on a dog’s aversion to high-pitched noises.

PetGentle’s Infrared light provides an additional benefit for your dog. If the sound does not seem to have a significant impact, the lights may be turned on concurrently to provide further control. PetGentle eliminates the need for bark collars and other types of control devices. Petgentle is a softer, but no less efficient, method of teaching your dog when and when not to bark.

Major Features and Benefits

  • Taking the price into account, Petgentle is significantly less costly than similar products on the market. When the cost of the product is compared to the cost of pets and puppy trainers, it is justified.
  • Petgentle is gentle on your puppy’s skin.
  • PetGentle is no longer limited to assisting you with your dog’s barking annoyance. Additionally, to engage your puppy’s visual and auditory senses.
  • You may use Petgentle’s products to train any dog (you can apply to any breed of dogs).
  • PetGentle uses high-frequency sound that it can only detect with the assistance of dogs. As a result, noise pollution will not be a primary issue.

Barx Buddy Vs PetGentle Comparison

As you can clearly see, the features of Barx Buddy seem to be a little better than that of Pet Gentle. Also, Barx Buddy is more trusted and appreciated by the customers. So, our verdict here is Barx Buddy. The BarxBuddy app works on dogs of all sizes, including large dogs like collies and huskies, as well as small dogs like terriers and poodles. In addition, it helps slow moving and hyperactive dogs. Only dogs who are not concerned with pleasing their owners may not benefit from the device. Initially, this type of dog may be startled by the BarxBuddy and then ignore it. Rarely, but this has happened in rare instances.

Pricing Difference

As of now, the cost of both BarxBuddy and PetGentle is exactly the same i.e. $ 39.95. However, if you purchase 2 or more 2 devices, PetGetle offers you some discount. Therefore, when it comes to pricing we can say that they are quite similar but still PetGentle wins.

Final Verdict (Barx Buddy vs PetGentle)

Both Barx Buddy and PetGentle are really great gadgets. However, the features offered by Barx Buddy are better, and also Barx Buddy is a more trusted brand as compared to PetGentle. Also, the pricing of both these gadgets is exactly the same if you purchase 1 device, so we can clearly say here that Barx Buddy wins.