BackXPack Review: Best Anti-Theft Bag – Is it Worth?

BackXPack Review: Best Anti-Theft Bag – Is it Worth?

The safety of your property is of utmost concern when traveling. Nothing makes somebody feel worse than getting their items stolen while traveling. It is therefore essential to have your items safe with the best anti theft travel bag. Read about BackXPack Review.

These are bags designed to make it difficult for unauthorised persons to take away your property while you are on the move.

What is BackXPack?

What is BackXPack?

BackXPack is the latest anti theft bag in market which helps you in keeping your belongings safe while you are roaming around.

Made with a light-weight material, the BackXPack is made to be water-repellant, protecting every one of the products inside. With several areas and a USB adapter, users will have what they need to maintain their valuables ready for use and protected from harm.


  • Comfortable: The backpack is made to be incredibly comfortable no matter if you are a single shoulder or a double shoulder user. Its design features allow the back to conform to your back and allow for a super comfortable experience.
  • Anti-theft: BackXPack uses a number lock to make sure it is totally anti-theft. The primary compartment can be easily sealed and easily opened once you need to retrieve its contents.
  • Ergonomic and adjustable design: With an incredibly ergonomic design, BackXPack makes for a convenient backpack. It can be adjusted easily using the straps as well.
  • Multiple compartments: The bag comes with three compartments, where the biggest one can be locked using a number lock system.
  • Wallet repellent: BackXPack is also highly water repellent and does not allow water to penetrate ruining your belongings.
  • Portable charging: It also acts as a portable charger for your laptop and your phone. Simply connect your phone or laptop to the internal cable and connect an external USB to the bag’s power supply.
  • Lightweight and durable: The bag itself is super lightweight and can be easily carried from one place to another. You can safely store any heavy item in it without worrying about the straps breaking. We tested, so you can be free of any worries regarding the same.
  • Five colors to choose from: There are 5 different colors to choose from. You can opt for Everyday Gray, Fashion Red, Mountain Blue, Young Violet, and Traveler Black.

Some Other Features

The shoulder straps on the pack have some padding. Although, this is by no means a long distance hiking pack. So, don’t expect extreme comfort if you have this pack heavily loaded. It will be ok for short walks, but after that it won’t be super comfortable.

There is a decent carry handle on the top, which is always good for being able to pick up your pack.

On the right hand side pocket is a nice magnetic leather clasp which is handy if you throw something valueable in that pocket (not recommended, but I do it sometimes and forget I have stuff in my side pockets – not the best idea!).

There are also adjustable compression side straps, which help keep things in those pockets (like a longer item – tripod, umbrella etc).

Water Resistant Material: This pack is made from waterproof high grade 900D Nylon that is also water resistant. So, the material looks great (as you can see on the pics) but is also durable and able to take at least a shower in the rain for a while. I would not put it down in a puddle (but who would, right?) but at least you can run for the bus in the rain and not have to worry!

Why you should buy the BackXPack?

Why should I need an anti theft bag?

An anti-theft travel bag is ideally designed by the manufacturer keeping the traveler in mind. They come with additional safety features that help in reducing the risk of becoming a victim of theft, which on trips could be a nightmare. 

The first and foremost priority with such bags is always the quality and effectiveness of the anti-theft features and how practical they are in real travel scenarios. Then it comes to the other aspects of the traveler needs where the bag needs to math with specific needs. 

It could be about the space available in the bag, the number of pockets it has, and the particular style of bag. Durability is also of the essence where you need to carefully probe the material of the bag and also if it suits the weather of your travel destination or not. 

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What are the benefits?

Practical, Spacious and Stylish:

BackXPack comes with many different compartments and hidden pockets. The laptop compartment is very strategically placed at the back. There are many clever storage spaces in the main compartment where you can keep your belongings in a well-organized manner.

Safe for every season: The waterproof and easy to clean fabrics make BackXPack a must-have for all year round. Carry your essentials always with you without worrying about rain or water in general destroying your documents and devices.

On the go charging: Make sure that your devices are always charged with BackXPack. Thanks to the built-in USB port you can charge your devices while you’re travelling, going to school or your office.

Ergonomic shoulder straps for extra comfortability: The padded shoulder straps protect your back from lifting up too much weight. The compartments are strategically placed in order to ensure that BackXPack is always as lightweight as possible.

10 Reasons why you would like this Backpack

  1. It is Compatible with completely different lifestyles, events and occasions
  2. Trendy
  3. It has against theft Properties.
  4. Moderate Design.
  5. Has Spacious Volume.
  6. Free USB Charging Port.
  7. It is Your excellent Travel Companion.
  8. Various Compartments with Smart Organization.
  9. The Comfort it offers is satisfying.
  10. Different Colours Available

How to use it?

  1. Select the mixture for your flex lock (and make sure you recall that)
  2. Put your valuables within the bag.
  3. Close the zipper of your bag.
  4. Attach the bag to a set object.
  5. After attaching the bag, just fold its flap on the article to snap its lock.

BackXPack Review

My Name is Smith. Being a regular college student, I was looking for a backpack from quite a long time. One day, I found this BackXPack. After checking out its amazing features in its BackXPack Review. Placed an order for myself and delivery was on time.

Now, I can easily listen to my favourite music without any worry of keeping my phone in hand. You should get BackXPack. It is amazing.

Where To Buy BackXPack?

Just press the button given below and it will take you to the official website. All the prices above are after 50% Off. The website is completely SSL Secured and accepts all major payment methods.

If in case, your product is not working or you receive it damaged. You can refund it as well in period of 30-days.

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How much does it cost?

You won’t be charged a hefty amount for this anti-theft bag.


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