AltusCam HD Drone Review: Does it Work or Scam

AltusCam HD Drone Review: Does it Work or Scam

Drones are incredibly helpful in taking amazing scenic shots. There is a niche market that takes drone flying and photography very seriously. At the request of a colleague who dabbles in drones, we reviewed the Altuscam HD.

If you are looking for an effective drone to take photos of sceneries and stuff, there is nothing better and more compact than the Altuscam HD. On the usefulness scale, Altuscam is easily one of the highest scoring drones. With this device you can also take breath-taking pictures from high in the sky.

Now, when it comes to drones, they come in all shapes, sizes, design choices. However, for the sake of one aspect, say design, most companies leave out the other things to cut costs. Altuscam HD is much more than that. It provides a brilliant design and feature qualities to go with. Not only that but the device is also incredibly silent when in use. This makes it one of the perfect drones for photography.

What is AltusCam HD Drone?

AltusCam HD is a lightweight, compact, portable pocket drone. It is easy to control in air while taking HD (high-definition) photos and videos from an amazing aerial view.

An image of AltusCam HD Drone

Drones have become very popular these days, at the rate which different companies produce them across the globe. I believe this drone is turning out to be very valuable for nature lovers and professionals in filming, surveying, photographers, and even for security purposes.

This drone comes at a cheap price compared to other brands, but still provides you with amazing features. However, with the increase in production of this gadget, if you happen to be a photographer, cinematographer or just love seeing things from above or love flying things for fun, then I believe you’ll love to have AltusCam HD by your side.


This drone is packed with various features that are listed below:

  1. Flight time: The Altus Cam HD comes offering about 10-15 minutes of flight time, making it quite impressive for such a compact drone. If you are looking for extra flight time, then you can easily buy extra batteries for this one. 
  2. 6-axis gyro: When it comes to a drone, stability plays quite an important role. The Altus Cam HD is one such device that comes with an advanced stability algorithm and helps keep the drone stable in any weather conditions.
  3. HD Camera: The Altus Cam HD comes with an inbuilt HD camera that helps takes photos easily and record videos with great quality. This Altus Cam is quite easy to control and is highly durable as well.
  4. Height Hold: When you are taking standstill photos, and when you are looking to land the drone gently, this feature comes to good use.
  5. 3D Flips and Rolls: When you are looking to fly a drone, people often experiment with new tricks and experiments. This feature is quite useful and adds an element of fun for all kinds of tricks and controls.
  6. Wifi FPV: This feature is perfect for enabling any easy smartphone controls.


This ultra small drone sized at 250x250x35 mm, weighs just 85 gms. It looks attractive with a black and turquoise colouring.

The battery life is 6-8 minutes and it takes almost 70 minutes to charge completely.

The camera can glide over, rotate, hover and take a 3D flip just as smoothly as any multi dimensional toy.

Altuscam HD drone is cordless and can be controlled through a remote controller.

Why Is the AltusCam HD Better Than Other Drones?

A women checking AltusCam HD Features

If you’re interested in learning to fly drones but are not ready to spend thousands of dollars and hours of learning, you need the AltusCam HD. You’re better off buying a few AltusCam HD drones for your friends and family than buying one expensive drone you may only use a few times.

  • Easy to Learn
  • One-Button Take-Off / Landing
  • Portable
  • Amazing Aerial Photography
  • Compact
  • Unique Angles
  • Convenient
  • Comes With Free App
  • Lightweight
  • Fun
  • Compatible With Smart Devices
  • Very Affordable

The AltusCam HD is the ultimate drone for beginners, children, and even professionals that want to have more fun flying. When you get the AltusCam HD, you are getting more than just a drone.

You are getting perfect selfies, wide group shots, incredible landscape footage, and endless entertainment.

Post pictures on your social media and share videos from your drone, and you could gain thousands of followers wondering how they can get the same amazing pictures! Once you start using the AltusCam HD, you won’t be able to go anywhere without it!

How to Set Up AltusCam HD?

One thing I really like about using the AltusCam HD, is that you can use it directly from your smartphone. There is a separate controller that you can purchase, but I like using my phone because it makes it easier for me to access. It’s a simple set up that takes only a few minutes:

  1. Download the free app onto your smartphone
  2. Use the main interface to take off, navigate, and land
  3. Start flying and take aerial photos and videos

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