AirPhysio vs TilCare: Which One To Choose?

AirPhysio vs TilCare: Which One To Choose?

Are you looking for a breathing exerciser trainer that will help you expand your lungs and improve your respiratory health? It’s what this article is about, so you are in the right place. Learn the difference between AirPhysio vs Tilcare here.

In our society, we are so focused on exercising and strengthening our muscles. Despite this, most people are not paying enough attention to one of the most vital organs in the body – the lungs.

The lungs should be strengthened just like every other muscle in the body. But you might be wondering, “How am I supposed to strengthen my lungs?” There is no way I can begin!”

It’s okay, this article will help you determine what breathing exercise best suits your specific needs. Here we have listed the top devices available for purchase, removing the guesswork from the equation.

Introduction for OPEP Device Report

It is considered essential to optimise respiratory status and minimise disease progression when lung diseases result in excess secretions via airway clearance techniques. During the mucociliary escalator (a major barrier against infection) secretions are cleaned from the conducting airways by ciliated epithelial cells (hair-covered cells that move back and forth to help move particles out of the body.

The sticky mucus in the respiratory tract attracts microorganisms that are then carried up the mucociliary escalator to the pharynx or part of the throat behind the mouth and nasal cavity and above the oesophagus. It is an essential component of the lung defence protecting the lung and gas exchange regions from inhaled particles and bacteria which may lead to infection.

A mucus film is produced by mucus-producing goblet cells and sits on top of respiratory tract cilia (hairs). Mucus is moved from peripheral airways to central airways by the rhythmic beat of the cilia. Using a cough or huffing technique, the larger airways can allow mucus and trapped particles to be expelled.

Techniques for clearing airways exist in various forms. It is the primary goal of these techniques to shear excess mucus and sputum from the inner surface of the airways into the larger airways. This is accomplished through external force applied to the lungs and airways, which manipulates the gases moving through the lungs and airways. Postural drainage, percussion, breathing exercises or positive expiratory pressure (PEP) are some examples of airway clearance techniques.

AirPhysio vs TilCare: Comparison Table

Airphysio vs TilCare
Symptoms that reducesCOPD – Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis, Cystic Fibrosis, Emphysema, Asthma and many other respiratory conditions.COPD, asthma and Cystic Fibrosis
Battery Free YesYes
Usage timeApproximately 5 – 10 minutes,Once or twice a day,Approximately 10-20 minutesDaily, 1-2 times
Who can use it?Athletes, Singers, Wind Instrument Musicians, Children, Adults, Elderly, Smokers, Swimmers and Deep Sea Divers.Children and adults
Easy to useYesYes
No. of resistance settingsNoneN/A
Country of originAustraliaN/A
Flow range5 L/min up to 30 L/minUp To 15L
Warranty1 Year30 Days
Shipping Information & TimeUSA = 3-5 days & $5.99 or FREEUSA = 3-5 business days
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AirPhysio vs TilCare: Difference

A lot of people use either device to keep their breathing healthy. The AirPhysio OPEP works better than the TilCare for people with asthma or COPD, which make it hard for them to breathe. However, it doesn’t work as well in other situations where there may not be a problem with breathing.

Because it is made of high-quality materials, the AirPhysio OPEP has a stronger airflow pressure than devices like the Tilcare. This makes it easier to use. This is the best choice if you want something that works well and doesn’t hurt your lungs.

How They Differ

AirPhysio and TilCare are both devices that use resistive muscle therapy (RMT) to strengthen the muscles used for breathing, such as the diaphragm, the muscles between the ribs, and the abdominal muscles. However, there are a few key differences between these two devices.

First, AirPhysio is a device that helps loosen mucus from your lungs passages and make vibrations. This helps your lungs get bigger and moves mucus up through your throat, so you can either spit it out or swallow it. TilCare, on the other hand, is a device that uses RMT to strengthen the muscles used for breathing, such as the diaphragm, the muscles between the ribs, and the abdominal muscles. By doing this, it can reduce or get rid of breathing problems like shortness of breath that are caused by not being fit enough in these areas.

Second, AirPhysio is an easy-to-use device that is perfect for people who have long-term breathing problems. TilCare is a more sophisticated device that requires some training to use properly. However, it can be more effective in helping people overcome breathing problems.

About AirPhysio OPEP Device


OPEP devices, such as AirPhysio, are produced in Australia. A stainless steel ball seated in a conical cone occupies the center of the AirPhysio device, which is shaped like a pipe. Three different ball bearings can be fitted in the device thanks to a modified cap and dual cone designed by the manufacturers.

Polycarbonate plastics are used to construct the device, making it more durable, says the manufacturer. In order to improve hygiene, the mouthpiece sits elevated above the benchtop and sits flat on it. A cap is included on the device in an attempt to improve hygiene.

Check Availability of AirPhysio


  • You can use it instantly
  • The best way to take care of your health is to use all-natural products
  • Blocks and partially closes airways
  • User-friendly
  • It is not necessary to have a prescription to purchase
  • Warranty of 1 year included
  • New Easy Remove Cap
  • No batteries, no refills

Who can use it?

AirPhysio is a natural treatment for several respiratory diseases.

People who might find it useful to use this oscillating positive expiratory OPEP device-

  • Older people.
  • Heavy smokers
  • Suffering from asthma
  • Suffering from atelectasis
  • People who have been suffering from bronchiectasis
  • People suffering from cystic fibrosis
  • Who have COPD

Principles behind AirPhysio

AirPhysio was designed specifically to improve breathing, which is especially useful since COVID-19’s main symptom is difficulty breathing. Users can use this device to treat lung conditions and eliminate the risk of having severe lung diseases that might otherwise leave them vulnerable.

However, it doesn’t prevent illness or cure it. Once people use this device once, it is often enough to make a significant impact on their lives, removing any excess mucus that could block their nasal passages. Users are essentially cleansing out their lungs while clearing out mucus, improving their air capacity and hygiene.

How much does it cost?

AirPhysio is priced at around $59.99 per unit, although the price drops when ordering 3 or 5 units at once.

  • 1 Unit: $59.99 + $5.99 Shipping
  • 3 Units: $119.98 + Free US Shipping
  • 5 Units: $179.97 + Free US Shipping

Each unit is designed for one person to use. You can use it an unlimited number of times.

What is Tilcare?


Would you like to have a stronger and more capable lung capacity or are you experiencing respiratory problems? You should get the Tilcare Mucus Relief & Lung Expansion device if you are experiencing mucus symptoms due to asthma. Here is why: The device is suitable for all ages and is easy to use, making lung congestion a thing of the past.

This device can be used to increase lung strength and capacity for athletes. It could improve fitness, performance, and sleep, as well as increase lung strength and capacity. This device includes a free filter that removes 99% of particles from the airways during use so that no toxins are recirculated. Contains no batteries – Since this respirator has no batteries, it is great for long-term treatment. 

Key Features

  1. Appropriate for all ages and easy to use 
  2. Increases lung strength and capacity for athletes 
  3. Comes with a free filter 
  4. Does not need batteries 

Who can use it

  • People suffering from any lung disease
  • Athletes 
  • Singers
  • Deep Sea Divers
  • Wind Instrument

Principles behind TilCare

Tilcare was founded with the Hippocratic principles of medicine in mind, focusing on the ancient command of helping those in need to improve their health and enhance their quality of life. It is borne out of extensive research and our tireless testing to deliver devices with comfort, efficacy, and ease of use in mind.

How much does it cost?

After checking out the price of Tilcare, we found that it merely cost $54.99 only. In case of AirPhysio, we have seen a great response from customers all over the globe.


Overall, AirPhysio and TilCare are both devices that use RMT to help with breathing problems. However, they have different purposes and are suited for different types of users. So, which device is right for you? That depends on what kind of breathing problems you’re experiencing. 

If you’re having trouble getting enough air in, then Tilcare would be the better option. If you’re having trouble getting rid of mucus, then AirPhysio would be a better choice.


Is AirPhysio safe to use?

Yes, it’s completely safe and is FDA-registered! Doctors and Pulmonologists recommend AirPhysio because of how safe it is. It’s all-natural, meaning there are no harmful chemicals, toxins, or steroids, so there are no known side-effects. This is why 80,000 people use AirPhysio to help them breathe better and improve their quality of life.

How often can I use AirPhysio?

Optimal use can vary by person depending on your needs, but generally, for the best results, we recommend using AirPhysio a few times a day. Those who keep up with it and use it regularly should expect to see drastic improvements in their ability to breathe and overall lung health/strength over time.

Can I use Tilcare for Asthma?

Yes, Tilcare can be used in any conditions like Asthma (COPDs), Cystic Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis and More!