AirPhysio Vs Kan Breathe: Complete Device Comparison

AirPhysio Vs Kan Breathe: Complete Device Comparison

Are you confused about which one to choose in between AirPhysio vs Kan Breathe? Do you want to know which out of the two is better for you? If yes, I can help you out. In this article, I will be comparing these two mucus clearance devices that will help you decide which one to choose out of the two. So, stay with me to the end.

What is AirPhysio?


AirPhysio is an OPEP device for mucus removal and lung expansion. The gadget operates on a completely natural principle known as Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP). This aids the body’s natural detoxification process. This contributes to the lungs’ optimum cleanliness and recovers lung capacity. Used to treat respiratory diseases such as Asthma, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, and Bronchiectasis, among others.

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Major Features and Benefits

  1. Without a Prescription, Medical-Grade: AirPhysio is constructed entirely of medical-grade materials. Additionally, it is completely drug-free. Without a prescription, you may purchase one or more AirPhysio units online.
  2. Transportable and Simple to Use: AirPhysio is portable, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go. The gadget is convenient to use whether on the move, traveling, or at work. Simply take AirPhysio out of your pocket, blow into it for a few seconds, and then store it. It’s that simple. It’s just as inconspicuous as asthma puffers and other medicines, if not more so.
  3. Natural, Drug-Free, Safe, and Effective: Certain physicians give medications to aid with breathing. Other physicians may suggest surgery or other forms of therapy. AirPhysio operates uniquely. It’s a completely natural, safe, effective, and drug-free method of breathing improvement. You’re removing mucus from your airways, which naturally improves your regular breathing patterns.
  4. Effective in the Treatment of Respiratory Conditions: AirPhysio is legitimate medical equipment – not a cure or a tool. It is prescribed by physicians for respiratory problems. Hundreds of pulmonologists and other medical professionals recommend AirPhysio to help with symptoms such as asthma, atelectasis, emphysema, bronchiectasis, COPD, and chronic bronchitis.
  5. Instantly Feel It Working: AirPhysio does not need days or weeks of usage to be effective. Rather than that, you can immediately feel the gadget in action. The majority of customers see a noticeable improvement the first time they use AirPhysio. Overnight, noticeable changes may occur. Your lungs become visibly cleaner, which makes breathing easier. Your lungs will get stronger and healthier as you continue to utilize AirPhysio.
  6. Naturally Clear Airways Mucus: AirPhysio’s main objective is to remove mucus from your airways via the application of pressure. The device applies pressure to your lungs, dislodging excess mucus and reopening blocked or partially closed airways. After dislodging the mucus, you can naturally expel it from your body. AirPhysio assists you in maintaining optimum lung hygiene while preserving and recovering maximum lung capacity.
  7. Recommended by a pulmonologist: Pulmonologists and other physicians suggest AirPhysio as a natural method to enhance your breathing. Numerous pulmonologists particularly suggest AirPhysio aid in breathing improvement by dislodging mucus from the airway.

How to Use the AirPhysio Device?

  1. Fill your lungs completely with a deep breath (abdominal breath) 
  2. Take a few breaths, then release them. 
  3. Exhale through the AirPhysio device at a reasonable, but consistent pace for between 3-5 seconds until your lungs are empty. Taking it easy and not pushing yourself too hard will keep your lungs from being over worked and will thus leave you feeling tight in the chest. 
  4. Some people struggle to get it to oscillate when they first try, but most are able to do it without too much effort. After your lungs have reached maximum capacity, lift the ball bearing off the cone and oscillating. 
  5. Try to keep your cheeks stiff to amplify the effects of the vibration. Turn the device upside down and place the cap facing the ceiling so that you can feel the maximum vibration. 
  6. If you are experiencing mucus accumulation after exhaling through the device, remind yourself to cough to expel the mucus. If not, the mucus may work its way to the throat and you can swallow normally. 
  7. RepeatSteps 1 through 6 approximately six times. Breathe deep twice between each session to avoid lightheadedness. Repeat 2 times every minute for up to 5 minutes.

What is Kan Breathe?

Kan Breathe

Kan-Breathe Is A Handheld Natural Ventilation Device That Utilizes Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP). It’s Stainless Steel Ball Bearing and Internal Diaphragm provide vibration and pressure, which aids in the removal of mucus from the Airways and Throat. Mucus Can Then Be Coughed Or Swallowed. Kan-Breathe As A PEP Device, It Assists In Increasing Lung Capacity And Clearing Airways.

Major Features and Benefits

  1. No Batteries or Refills Are Required: Nobody wants to be continuously concerned with changing batteries or refilling their lung health gadget. It’s infuriating. Particularly if you’re going to utilize it. This will not be a problem with this one. After each usage, just clean the gadget with soap and water.
  2. Effectively aids in the expansion of lung capacity: If you’re physically weak and want to improve your strength, you go to the gym and lift weights. The same could be said for a plethora of other aspects of our life. To improve at anything, we must practice. For singers, sportsmen, swimmers, freedivers, and smokers, this lung conditioner is a great method to significantly increase lung capacity and improve breathing muscles.
  3. Naturally, Eliminate Mucus Congestion: You may be unaware of the natural manner in which a PEP device eliminates mucus from your airways and throat. It’s intriguing. Vibrations and pressure generated by the stainless steel ball bearings and internal diaphragm help remove mucus and phlegm from the airway walls. When you cough quickly, mucus goes up the airway and out of your mouth.
  4. PEP Therapy Is Available in Two Settings: You may have seen or used similar Lung Expansion and Mucus Relief Devices in the past, but none compare to the one we’ve built. It is constructed with two stainless steel ball bearings and is capable of producing either minimum or maximum positive pressure, depending on your lung capacity and age. Other devices have just one preset setting, and as a result, they may not be appropriate for everyone.
  5. Cutting-Edge Design Proudly Designed and Manufactured in Australia: This drug-free portable lung cleanser is made in Australia with pride. It is meticulously crafted from polypropylene and stainless steel ball bearings. Each gadget has a convenient carrying case and simple-to-follow instructions. Everything you need to get started on the path to a healthy you is included.
  6. May Help Relieve Certain Respiratory Disorders: The White Kan-Breathe Natural Breathing Lung Expansion and Mucus Removal Device is ideal for anyone suffering from respiratory conditions, or Smoking-Related Respiratory Issues.
  7. Portable Device That Is Extremely Simple to Use: There is no elaborate setup required. This lung health gadget is portable. All it takes is five minutes (1-2 times a day) to strengthen your lungs and improve your breathing. Adults, children, smokers, the elderly, sports, vocalists, and artists all utilize this user-friendly PEP gadget.

How To Use Kan Breathe?

  • Maintain your body’s relaxed position, holding the device with one hand in your mouth, keeping it at an angle of approximately 15 degrees. Over time, you’ll find the best angle.  
  •  Hold your breath for one to two seconds while inhaling slowly through your nose. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Your cheek muscles should stay tense when you exhale; do not bulge them. When you exhale, make sure the muscles in your cheek are tight. 
  • Your chest should be vibrating when you tighten your cheeks. Raise or lower the device, and adjust the position to your preference. 
  • The mucus in the back of your throat increases after exhaling through Kan-Breathe for 2 to 5 minutes. Expel the mucus by coughing. Keep using Kan-Breathe for at least 10 minutes and cough or swallow any mucus.  
  • It is more convenient to use it twice a day, twice in the morning and twice in the evening. If you suffer from excessive fatigue, you can use it only once in the morning and twice in the evening.

AirPhysio Vs Kan Breathe Comparison

The features of both Kan Breathe and AirPhysio are almost the same. However, AirPhysio is more popular and experienced in this field. Also, the user review of AirPhysio is a little better than that of Kan Breathe. So, after this, we can say that the winner here is AirPhysio. AirPhysio due to its thin design, it’s easy to carry around. Fits perfectly in a pocket. The device will make a significant difference in the lives of consumers. Until they need it again, they can keep it in their pocket. The entire mechanism relies solely on the user’s breathing, so need of refills and medications.

Pricing Comparison (AirPhysio vs Kan Breathe)

Kan Breathe costs 39.9 dollars

The AirPhysio Pricing

  • 1 Unit: $59.99 + $5.99 Shipping
  • 3 Units: $119.98 + Free US Shipping
  • 5 Units: $179.97 + Free US Shipping

Only one person can use one unit. You can use it an unlimited number of times.

If you are looking for a budget OPEP device, then we recommend Kan Breathe. But if you also believe like us that “Health cannot be measured with money” then Airphysio is the product for you.

Our Verdict – AirPhysio Wins

After the features comparison we can clearly say that AirPhysio is better than Kan Breathe. However, AirPhysio is a little costlier than Kan Breathe. Therefore, many people choose Kan Breathe over AirPhysio. What I believe is, when it comes to health, one must not rush into any decision by looking at the feature. You have to get the best in the market. So, I recommend AirPhysio in the comparison of AirPhysio vs Kan Breathe.