AdBlock Stick Review: Enjoy an AdFree Internet

AdBlock Stick Review: Enjoy an AdFree Internet

Ads irritate me. That is something we are all aware of. However, before it devolved into that, online advertising has long been an important component of firms marketing strategy and objectives, with many companies effectively employing advertisements to reach, engage, and convert new consumers. Read about the AdBlock Stick Review with us.

However, internet advertising has grown increasingly annoying to online customers over time, particularly in recent years. Adverts are more invasive than ever, according to 91 percent of adults.

The worst aspect about these advertising is that they might be infected with spyware, adware, and trackers. Even if you do not click on them, they might infect you with malware. Furthermore, many internet visitors at the moment quit that specific website due to the frequency with which these commercial pop-ups appear. As a result, the Ad Block Stick is in high demand right now.

What is AdBlock Stick?

AdBlock Stick

Adblock Stick is a USB stick that actively blocks all internet advertisements, including banner ads, pop-up ads, and video commercials, as well as protecting your computer from monitoring, to help you get your computer back to its former glory. There’s no need to see those irritating internet advertisements anymore with Adblock Stick (It even blocks those annoying video ads). While saving you hundreds of dollars, this little USB stick increases your internet browsing speed and protects your PC from harmful viruses and advertising. There are no plugins required in your browser.

The AdBlock Stick is a little gadget shaped like a flash that ensures you will be ad-free on the internet in less than 5 minutes. You only need to set up AdBlock Stick once, and you may use it on as many computers as you like. If you have any questions, their customer service team is always available to assist you.

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Features of AdBlock Stick

If you’re someone who is constantly on the lookout for features that will help you learn more about the brand and the ad blocker, you’ve come to the right place. Then we listed all of the features in this review, which are as follows:

  • It eliminates all distracting advertisements from the website, making it much easier to read and comprehend.
  • As the web pages load quicker, loading gets easier.
  • Advertisers are unable to trace you across several websites.
  • It limits the amount of bandwidth available to mobile devices.
  • It also helps your computer’s battery last longer.
  • Helpful in preventing the spread of false news.
  • It guards you from malware.
  • It saves a lot of money.
  • The USB is long-lasting and of excellent quality.
  • Any of the devices, as well as the computer, are compatible.
  • It prevents the advertisements from reappearing, which might have a negative impact on your privacy and online experience. It aids in the quicker loading of your page and also protects you from viruses.
  • Simple user interface that is ideal for novices.

How is Adblock Stick different from others?

Adblock Stick

The basic purpose of the AdBlock Stick is to block the many types of advertisements that appear when you visit a website. Ads can take the form of dazzling banners, pop-ups, pop-unders, and a variety of other formats. When you browse Facebook or Youtube, heart attack-inducing films may appear unexpectedly in the middle of your visit. These adverts are also removed by the Adblock Stick.

There is also no technical means to use the gadget. The gadget starts working as soon as you plug it into your system. In comparison to all other devices available on the market, the Adblock stick not only blocks all advertisements and pop-ups promptly. It also ensures that your computer runs smoothly without causing the rest of the system to malfunction. It also safeguards your PC. And it enables it to perform flawlessly, just like a brand-new computer.

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Main Advantages

Let’s have a look at some of the most essential features of the product that you should be aware of before making your purchase choice.

  1. When we are going through a website or utilising a certain website, it typically takes a long time for the page to load. We frequently see advertisements that take a long time to load and cause an interruption when browsing the internet. Those advertisements and animations aren’t always essential or useful. As a result, the website loads quite slowly and takes longer to show. With the AdBlock Stick, you can put an end to annoying adverts and improve your browsing and online experience.
  2. More protection for you: many of these advertisements are virus and malware vectors. As a result, when they connect to your legal network, your device is disrupted. This is one of the most compelling reasons to get the new AdBlock Stick right away. When a virus or malware infects your network, it can create a variety of problems, including computer disruption, system hang-ups, and even system crashes.
  3. You’ll use less data: Since you won’t be able to view the advertisements, you’ll use less data overall, and your monthly data will be saved as well. Some adblocking programmes guarantee to save your information. When you use the AdBlock Stick, you will be able to save a lot of data. Because just loading these movies and animations consumes a significant amount of your user data. As a result, when you use the AdBlock stick, your data is automatically saved since the adverts are blocked.
  4. Longer-lasting battery: Using the AdBlock Stick is one technique to have a longer-lasting battery. Downloading anything takes a significant amount of energy and data. Stopping the download of much data and therefore minimising the consumption of much data is one approach to save a lot of battery life.
  5. Allowing marketers to track you throughout the website violates your privacy. It prevents marketers from tracking you and assists you in eliminating any disruptions.
  6. Removes distractions: The AdBlock Stick blocks pop-up advertisements, banners, and annoying animated films from surrounding the webpage. So that you may see what is truly important. AdBlock can prevent all advertising on any social networking site, including Facebook, Twitter, and others.
  7. Supports websites: The AdBlock Stick does an excellent job of blocking all irritating and malicious advertisements. By enabling appropriate advertising to flash, it promotes a healthy ecology for diverse websites and content providers.

How to use this AdBlock Stick?

For using the AdBlock Stick, the computer requirements is: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

  1. Plug the Adblock Stick into any open USB slot.
  2. From the file explorer, double click on “BlockMyAds_Setup.exe”.
  3. Follow the simple onscreen instructions.
  4. When complete, store the AdBlock Stick in a safe place.
  5. Enjoy your new ad-free internet.

Product Specifications

  • Weight: Ship at 1 oz 
  • Size: 4” x 8″ envelope
  • Packaging: Bubble Mailer

Who can use an Adblock Stick?

AdBlock Stick

The demographics below show how different people are divided into groups based on their requirements and demands when using the Adblock Stick. The following are the groups:

  • The first type of people are those who require some privacy and will allow a website to be listed rather than disabled. This group appreciates their freedom of choice and has complete control over their internet browsing and surfing experience.
  • People who are completely uninterested in advertisements will find it quite difficult to stay on a website that is constantly displaying advertisements. If they encounter any issues, this type of person will shift from one website to another.
  • People who are receptive to blocking advertisements would undoubtedly block advertisements if they are shown in front of them. This group is most likely to have a website with an allowlist. Many individuals require the Adblock stick to prevent advertisements from appearing on their screens repeatedly. As a result, we’re open to sensible options like paid memberships.
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Unlimited ad blocking: No more annoying ads, pop-ups, or video ads!

Lightning Fast: Increases website speed by 44% on average

Privacy Protection: Blocks greedy internet companies from tracking you online

It’s Easy to Use: Just plug it in, no technical skills required!

How does Adblock Stick works?

Adblock Stick is simple to use for anyone who owns a computer.

Adblock Stick does not require any technological expertise. All you have to do now is:

  1. Insert the Adblock Stick into the USB port on your computer.
  2. Simply follow the on-screen directions.
  3. Enjoy ad-free, speedy internet browsing experience!

You just need to set up Adblock Stick once, and you may use it on as many computers as you like. You’ll be able to do all you normally can with Adblock Stick. Surf the web, check your email, view movies (including Netflix), play games, and connect with friends on Facebook.

There was also a comparison test to evaluate how Adblock Stick compared to other competing solutions. The company gave each tester a USB stick and an outdated laptop at the start of the test so they could see for themselves if the product works as claimed. Adblock Stick was also deployed on new laptops and comparable gadgets to evaluate how it stacked up against the competition. The end effect was amazing.

Why you should have one?

There are thousands of malicious software apps hidden inside the videos, pop-ups, and ads you see every minute you’re online. They can hijack your computer and your personal information the moment it loads onto your hard drive. Adblock Stick shields your computer, preventing these unwanted ads from loading. Companies can no longer leave spyware and tracking cookies on your computer.

How does AdBlock Stick Protects Your Browsing?

Protects Multiple Devices: The software safeguards all Windows 7, 8.1, 10 or 11 desktops and laptops. One stick protects multiple PC devices.

Unlimited Ad Blocking: Enjoy distraction-free browsing while Adblock Stick prevents dangerous and annoying ads from downloading.

Speeds Up Older Computers: Blocking ads speeds up page load times by 44%, allowing older computers to run like new again!

Pros and Cons

  • The device is great in removing all the unwanted ads, whether these ads are on videos or any other form.
  • It helps in making your laptop works faster and better.
  • Makes the web pages load faster.
  • Your life becomes simpler.
  • It is highly cost-effective.
  • It is durable and provides quality in navigating through the internet.
  • Highly compatible with the other devices.
  • Protect you from any kind of malware.
  • The only con of the device is that it is available on the official website and nowhere else you can find the product.
  • Another con is that you might not get discounts if the order is not placed faster.

Is AdBlock Stick legit?

Yes, 100%. Compared to all other devices on the market, the Adblock stick blocks advertisements and pop-ups far faster. It also helps your computer operate flawlessly without disrupting the entire system. It also safeguards your computer. And enables it to work flawlessly as a brand-new computer.

Where to buy?

We advise you for purchasing the AdBlock Stick via its official website. The stick may only be purchased from the manufacturer’s website. The website also has a number of discounts and special deals. The manufacturer’s website is the only one that comes highly recommended.

You may also take advantage of their website’s different deals and discounts. The order is frequently simple and easy to place. You can receive your item and utilise it after only a few days of waiting.

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How much does AdBlock Stick cost?

Buy it right away and AdBlock Stick is currently on 50% off. So, the pricing of AdBlock stick is as follows:

  • The cost of 1 was 119.90 but currently on 50% off so available at $59.95. 
  • 2 Adblock Stick was 133.32 but now there is 25% more savings thus, available at $99.99.
  • The cost of 3 AdBlock Stick was $199.98 but now after off it is available at $109.99.
  • The cost of 4 Adblock Stick was $239.98 but now available at $119.99.

Conclusion (Adblock Stick Review)

The preceding review should have helped you grasp what the AdBlock Stick is all about. And how helpful it is in preventing the annoying advertising that you see on the internet on a regular basis when surfing the web or doing essential work. The device’s finest feature is that it aids in the removal of all virus advertisements that show when we use the internet. At the same time, it aids in the quicker operation of your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer technical support?

Yes we do. If you have any trouble with using your product, you can simply email our support or call our toll free number included with your package.

Is it true that this blocks all ads on the internet?

Pop-up advertising, flashing banners, and video commercials are all banned. The Adblock Stick is an excellent tool for blocking all unwanted advertisements and flashing banners.

Can I use the AdBlock Stick on a Mac?

At this time, we only support Win 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. However, we’re working on supporting Mac in the near future.

Does this block all internet advertisements?

Yes, the Adblock Stick blocks all banners, pop-ups, and video advertisements. Our filtering list updates many times per day to guarantee you never see an ad again.

Is there a downside to AdBlock Stick?

The only downside of the device is that it is available on the official website and nowhere else you can find the product.