Zippy Pet Ball Reviews: Interactive Dog Toy Worth It?

Zippy Pet Ball Reviews: Interactive Dog Toy Worth It?

Pets are adorable creatures and they can be such a delight to have at home. Dogs and cats have become an integral part of many families because of the close relationship people have with them over time. The animals enjoy going on vacations, picnics, and posing for pictures with their owners, providing much entertainment as well as attracting attention to their owners. Learn about the Zippy Pet Ball Reviews with us.

Their routine activities include meal times and walks just like everyone else in the family. Man and dog share a wonderful and mutual bond, until the owners have to go about their daily activities, like work, leaving their pets alone.

A prolonged period of alone time can be detrimental to pets psychologically and lead to a significant decline in behavior and health. It will then be necessary for pet owners to pay for the services of a Dog Whisperer to rehabilitate their pet and hope they can recover. You will no longer have to worry about your pet’s anxiety when you leave or deal with their destructive behavior when left alone.

Zippy Pet Ball provides pet care for your pet while you are away. We promise to give you an in-depth evaluation of this product that is breaking all market rules and surpassing all expectations. 

Buying Guide For Pet Toys – Things To Consider

  • What Kind of Toy Do You Want?

To keep the dog calm, is this necessary? Can you play with it to keep them entertained? Is it just something you do to keep them entertained while you’re occupied? Considering what you want this toy for is very important, as you can find specialized items.

  • Size Of the Toy

There are a wide variety of dog sizes, so what suits a little terrier might not suit a friend’s Labrador. Smaller dogs can suffer blockages or even choke on toys meant for larger dogs, since large dogs’ toys are more durable and can cause more harm. Be aware of this when picking out a toy.

  • How durable is the Toy?

It is important to find durable toys that will not have to be replaced every week, since dogs tend to be quite rough when they play. The toy should not harm pet’s teeth. Feel the toy with your fingernail. You might find it too hard if it doesn’t give a little.

  • How easy is it to clean?

The health of dogs and other members of the family is extremely important. It is easy to machine wash fabric toys and easily wash in washing machines.

  • Know What Your Dog Toys Are Made Of

Certain dog toys have been found to contain toxins in various studies and tests. Using a Wal-Mart pet toy purchased from China, Consumer Affairs tested it for safety. Toys tested positive for lead, chromium, and cadmium.

When shopping for toys, look for:

  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Natural Rubber
  • Eco-Friendly Materials

What is Zippy Pet Ball?

An interactive and intelligent pet toy ball, the Zippy is a revolution in pet toys. Using modern technology, it will automatically generate randomized movements to keep your pet engaged and entertained even when left alone. 

Pet toys and pet toy balls like the Zippy pet ball are not the same.

Its interactive feature makes this dog and cat toy ball unique. When you own a pet, you don’t have to worry about your pet being alone while you’re doing other things. 

Zippy pet ball is not only an interactive pet toy ball, but it is also responsive to your pet’s touch, causing it to make random movements. Pets will enjoy playing with this modern pet toy for as long as their energy will carry them.

Summary: Zippy pet balls take old, lifeless pet toys into the 21st century with their highly acclaimed design. The built-in motion sensors, smart movement programming, and tear-resistant design make it possible to play even when you are away.

What Are The Features Of Zippy Pet Ball?

  • Intelligent Reaction Technology. Your pet simply touches the ball to begin playing. A fun game of fetch begins when the smart tacker activates the ball. Don’t wait anxiously.
  • Smart Randomized Action. Engage pets with smart programming that uses randomized actions. Keep your pet guessing what’s going to happen next as it bounces, rolls, and jumps. Effortlessly entertain your pet.
  • Modern Convenient Design. Charging the USB gives your pet unlimited fun for 8 hours. The plastic is 100% food-grade and tear-resistant. You will never need another pet ball.
  • USB Chargeable. Dogs can use this toy on their own without your help. Less anxiety when you come home and more play!
  • Automatic Sleep Function. When the ball detects nobody is playing with it, it is no its smart programming automatically turns it off.
  • 100% Automatic Fun. You do not have to assist your dog in playing with this toy. Your dog will have more fun and be less anxious when you get home!
  • Super Easy Activation. Your pet will only need to nudge the ball to make it move. Once your pet starts playing with it, it will continue to move.
  • Multiple Movement Action. You can bounce and roll the Zippy.

Pros and Cons

  • Play 100% hands-free
  • Intelligent Reactions 3-in-1
  • Maintain Your Pet’s Health
  • Reduces Separation anxiety
  • Dogs and cats will love it
  • Suitable for chewing and water
  • Pet-safe material
  • 8 hours battery life
  • The official website is the only source of information
  • Stocks limited
  • Human interactions may decrease

5 Reasons Zippy Pet Ball Is The Best Pet Toy Ball For Dogs?

Dog and Cat playing with Zippy Pet Ball
  • Randomized pattern of motion.

The same back and forth motions while playing fetch can quickly become boring for dogs. There’s always something new going on, keeping pets entertained and on their toes.

  • Smart Reaction Technology.

With motion-activated sensors, the ball will automatically turn on when alerted by a pet’s presence. As a result, the animal has self-control, so in the absence of its owner, it won’t feel bored or alone. When the dog is ready to play, the ball immediately starts a game of fetch. The dog will be occupied for hours at a time.

  • Built to last

Bite and chew on the nontoxic and food-grade material of the Zippy pet ball with no worries. Durable, waterproof, easy to clean, and made to endure endless hours of bouncing, rolling, and romping around.

  • Long-lasting entertainment

Use any standard USB device to charge this smart pet toy. With just a one-hour charge, pets can stay entertained without their owners for up to eight hours.

  • Automatic Rest Mode

For up to eight hours, the Ball will remain activated if the dog interacts with it. The ball will remain in “rest” mode until the dog touches it again, so once the dog is tired and stops chasing it, it will go back into this mode until the dog touches it again.

Main Benefits

Pet toy ball Zippy is a highly valuable and cost-effective pet toy. Pet owners and their pets will be happy with it. It will ensure your pet is healthy, as well as providing fun and entertainment. Here are just some of the many benefits that come with a simple dog ball.

  • Supports and Improves Pet Health Increasing fitness levels, reducing anxiety, improving behavior patterns & making your pet happier, the Zippy is more than just an entertainment device, it boosts their health and longevity.
    • Enhances Pet Activity and Fitness Levels: With the Zippy, your pet will bounce, jump, roll & run as much as they need. In addition to improving their joint health, this also improves their long-term health.
    • Reduces Separation Anxiety and Loneliness: When you walk out the door, your pet won’t get lonely, depressed, or anxious. Zippy ball keeps them enganged for a longer time and they are happy to see you again after a longer time.
    • Builds their confidence: It is difficult to leave your pets alone for a long time. They can be difficult to keep with all the time.  By playing with toys while you’re away, your pet learns that they can have fun even without you. If you’re trying to accomplish something at home, they will also more likely give you space.
    • Provides companionship: If their owners work all day or run errands, dogs sometimes feel lonely. Just as a child can find comfort in a toy, so can a dog.  A lot of dogs love playing with their toys. A pet owner should pick a toy that is durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.
    • Improves intelligence and enhances the development: It is equally important to stimulate the mind as well as the body. A pet’s ability to learn can be enhanced by toys, allowing them to acquire new skills. Additionally, it encourages their natural behaviors such as foraging, exploring, and playing.
      Playing with interactive toys encourages dogs to solve problems, which can help them avoid dementia later in life. We play with toys in the same way we do crosswords or Sudoku puzzles. Dogs will tire faster from toys than from a 30 minute walk, leaving them with less energy to cause trouble.

What Makes Zippy Pet Ball Unique?

Zippy Pet Ball working
  • Can’t Be Destroyed – This ball is made from food-grade plastic and durable TPU that is completely free of harmful chemicals. It can also withstand endless chewing sessions without cracking or tearing.
  • Completely Hands-Free – The dog can chase the ball around by turning it on once and then putting it on the floor. Pets get tired playing with the ball, so it switches off until they are ready to continue.
  • The Pet Will Never Grow Bored –By alternately rolling and bouncing, the Zippy pet ball is designed to keep pets guessing and entertained. The randomized pattern technology ensures that the same pattern will never repeat.
  • Won’t Get Stuck –A motion sensor built into the Zippy pet Ball prevents it from getting stuck or lost under the sofa or TV stand, as per the manufacturers. After it moves back into view, it will not cause a problem. 
  • Helps Tire Out Any Dog –Playing the zippy Ball gives dogs the opportunity to release some of their energy in a similar way to playing fetch or tug-of-war. Dogs do get tired after playing with this ball.
  • Waterproof & Slobber Proof –Moisture cannot penetrate this smart pet ball’s outer shell, damaging the electronics inside. The ball is safe, regardless of whether the dog rolls through a puddle or slobbers on it after catching it.
  • Fast & Easy Charging –  Obtain Up to 8 hours of nonstop play from a single hour of charging. Recharge by simple USB charger.
  • Automatic Rest Mode – After some time of not moving, the ball automatically switches itself off if the dog gets tired. A dog engages with the device again and it instantly reactivates.

How does Pet Toy Ball work?

The technology Zippy uses is very simple for a toy ball that is so effective. No technical knowledge. With just a few easy steps, you can provide long-lasting entertainment for your pet.

  • Twist the ball to activate: The smart dog toy can be opened by gently twisting it. A charging port and an on button are located in the inner compartment. Once the button is pressed, the ball is activated by a green light.
  • Drop in strategic points: The first step of the Zippy Pet Ball requires no human input. The pet can now safely play without destroying any important objects or being injured if you place the ball on the ground in a suitable place and space. As soon as the dog or cat touches it with their paw or nose, the ball is activated by intelligent motion sensors.
  • Play time for your pet: When the smart dog toy has been activated, it will automatically alternate between rolling and bouncing for an exciting game of fetch whenever the dog is feeling playful. This alternating and randomized pattern of movement is designed to mimic natural movements and prevent the pet from getting bored. Once the pet tires out, the Zippy pet Ball will go into a default “rest” mode until the dog or cat wants to play with it again.
  • Recharge: Recharge this by just plugging it into any standard USB charger. When the ball is charging, a red light will appear, and , a blue light will appear on complete charge. One hour of charge time will keep your furry friend occupied and entertained for up to 8 hours when left alone.

Instructions for Use Zippy Pet Ball

Dog playing with Zippy Pet Ball

The Zippy Pet Ball is very easy to inflate and deflate. It has a valve that allows you to open and close it, which helps you easily adjust the amount of air inside. When your pet gets tired, just take the ball out and let your little friend rest in its cage. You can then re-inflate and use it again later.

For whom is it best suited?

The Zippy Pet Ball is great for small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs or hamsters when used with other toys like cardboard tubes or playhouses . The ball also provides additional bounce when rolling around on the floor, which both entertains the pet and makes it exercise more!

What do people have to say about it? (Zippy Pet Ball Reviews)

This is the best thing I ever had my pit bulls use to jump and bark non stop after use . She is so sweet now I don’t have to worry about her knotting me down or hurting me. Thank you so much for this Zippy Pet Ball. I ordered one for my son. He is a bully and also gave my niece the email address she has a pit, “Thank you so much” – James

“ I ordered the Zippy Pet Ball to quiet my barking dog. It is a work in progress as he is stubborn. But I have noticed a significant difference. So it is working, just slowly. I live in town so having a barker does not sit well with the neighbours. They have noticed a difference not only with my dog but with others in the neighbourhood as well. So we know it is working! Plus the treats are helping so much to train him. – Peter

He loves them. He is now coming back to me when told to come. This is breaking his concentration on the barking behavior and teaching him if he is good he gets scratches and a small treat. I had tried everything before I found you guys. Thank you so much!” – Jessie

How much does it cost?

The Zippy Pet Ball can be ordered from its official website, where it currently comes at the following prices that have discounts applied:

  • 1 for $43
  • 2 for $73.98 – Free Shipping
  • 3 for $104.97 – Free Shipping

The prices are the same, no matter what color you might opt for. Get additional coverage for just $9.99. This means a warranty will protect you for 2 years.

Where To Buy A Zippy Pet Ball?

One of the most popular pet toys in the industry, this ball has exceeded expectations. There are a lot of counterfeit products with low quality and features available in other online retail stores due to this reason. Therefore, Zippy Pet Ball recommends that customers buy the product only from their official website. The official website also offers discounts and other bonuses that you cannot get from any other source.

Zippy pet ball price, discounts, and refund policy

On the official website, customers can take advantage of a special holiday sale on this interactive pet toy ball for dogs. There is a 60% discount when you order today.

Money-back guarantee

There is also a money-back guarantee of 30 days with this special offer.

For further information, contact the company

Call +1-855-748-4853 or send an email to

M-F 8am – 5pm MST

Please send all returns to:

Zippy Pet Ball

Returns Processing Center

C/O 200 Docks Corner Road, Suite 221

Dayton, NJ 08810


In contrast to other pet toys, Zippy pet balls are unique. There are no other pet toys like them. If you have a pet that you find it difficult to leave alone, this smart toy is ideal for you.

Your cat or dog will be safe while you carry out your other activities with this Pet Ball. Clean-up is a breeze.

Any time the ball touch a surface, motion sensors begin to activate, triggering an automated game of fetch.

In addition, it moves in a randomized pattern. As a result, the dog cannot sense its next movement, which gives the appearance that it is moving naturally.