XY Find It Vs Tile: Comparison Guide

XY Find It Vs Tile: Comparison Guide

Is it possible that nobody ever loses anything? Managing all the items necessary at once isn’t really a problem but it can be exhausting. If this is something you have to do daily, how can it be made easier for you? Tracking precious things right away becomes necessary with a smart tracker. In the market, there are numerous customized trackers that excel in their respective fields. Thus, to make things easier for you, we’ve compared XY Find IT with tile tracker. So, lets read here in detail the difference between XY Find It vs Tile.

XY Find It vs Tile: Difference

Tile and XY FIND IT both perform the same function, but each is different enough that you will probably find one more suitable to your needs. Each Tile finder range is different. In contrast, the XY FIND IT claims a range of 300 feet (100 meters), whereas these devices top out at 200 feet (61 meters). Their range is guaranteed at 100 feet (30 meters). A 400 ft (122 m) range is offered in Tile Pro. In spite of the fact that these are the advertised rates, their actual differences can be significant due to Bluetooth’s nature.

Watch the table below for complete XY Find It vs Tile Comparison:

Details of ProductXY Find itTile
Ranges300 feet74 feet
BatteryIt is replaceable on every model.Not applicable to older models.
GPS trackingCrowd GPSBluetooth
Dimensions1.5 x 1.75 x 0.391.3 x 1.3 x 0.18
AdjustabilityCompatible with all devicesConvenient with iOS device
Warranty2 years1 year
Water -resistantyesyes

XY Find It vs Tile: Features Comparison

We have compared some of the amazing features of both XY Find It vs Tile here. Both work as a tracker to find lose items!

Battery Life

In deciding which option is best for your needs, you should also take into account the battery life. There is a battery replacement available for the Tile Pro and Mate models, which last a year, but there is no battery replacement available for the Tile Slim and Sticker. Battery life on the XY FIND IT is 5 years thanks to a replaceable battery. e battery. E-waste concerns arise from having to replace older Tile models every year. of e-waste. As with Slim and Sticker models, they also require disposal after 3 years. Mate and Pro models can be attached to adhesive. You can even purchase this directly from Tile.

Winner: XY Find It


Compatibility is another area where they can be compared. Despite their Android app’s availability on most Apple devices, Tile lacks sufficient support for Android devices. Ensure that your device is compatible with the Tile app by checking their compatibility page. Apple users are significantly worse off using the XY FIND IT app than Android users. It is likely best to select an app based on your operating system.



When making a purchase, you should consider volume as well. When searching in a crowded area, it is important to have a loud tracker. A 90dB decibel measurement makes the Tile one of the quietest trackers available. 112dB is the decibel rating of the XY FIND IT. If you drop it on a soft surface, such as between couch cushions, this increase in volume may help you hear it, whereas Tile may not be loud enough. In addition to the XY FIND IT and Tile phones, there are a variety of ringtones available, so you might be able to hear more of one depending on your hearing and age.

Winner: XY Find It


XY FIND IT’s free app includes all the features you’d expect. The premium version of TILE, however, hides some of its features. Alternatively, $29.99 per year could cost you $2.99 each month. It offers complimentary battery replacement, unlimited sharing, a service that lets you track your location back for 30 days, and premium customer service. You’ll also be notified if you leave something behind similarly to XY FIND IT’s Keep Near feature.

Winner: XY Find It


In addition to durability, there is the issue of cost. A pet collar that is attached to the XY FIND IT is compatible with small drops and is water-resistant. The Slim and Sticker models are waterproof, but the Mate and Pro are water-resistant. In other words, it is water-resistant as long as it does not get submerged in water. 

The device should operate normally even after it has been submerged for half an hour, if it is submerged for three feet or one meter. Tiles have a reputation of being more durable and of better construction.

Winner: Tile

What is XY Find It?

XY Find It

You can track your belongings using the small hexagonal tracker XY Find It using a Bluetooth signal. The XY FIND IT will ring when activated, enabling you to locate it by sound. You can locate them using the app when they are nearby, or look up where they were last seen using the app. You can also invoke the ringer on the most recent model.

The XY Find It ring can be made using an app or via the web app. Through the hole on the tracker, hook it to whatever gets lost all the time. One battery is supposed to last for five years. The device runs on battery power. If you lose something, you can report it to the community, so that other members can help you find it.

You can find your keys in a dark bag by using a bright color, or figure out where you left them by using a darker color. There is also a classic black and white option if you prefer to be more subtle. Additionally, you can take a picture of the tracking device and note its color. You can post a lost item here so the community can help you locate it.

Visit the manufacturer’s website to download the latest version. Other websites might have older versions with shorter ranges and worse battery lives. Those older models, as well as GPS versions, are no longer available. Consider this when buying an older model to keep within your budget. You can purchase multipacks if you want to save money overall, as well as track multiple things.

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Finally, in this final part of our XY Find It review, we will talk about some special features for your convenience.

Flexibility: When it comes to flexibility, other devices will not be able to compete with it. Trackers can be used almost everywhere. It’s a cool addition to the tracking industry that can be used anywhere.

Convenient: The most prominent feature of the product is that it keeps you close to the action. This means that keeping an item close to you will always result in it getting out of reach. The notifications will always be emailed to you if you walk away.

Great Look: A muted color can blend easily into anything if you want a discrete item. You can also add color to the whole thing with a variety of bold colors.

KeepNear: What if you thought that only objects could benefit from the device? The problem is that many people believe that they can find their phone even when they lose it. When you push the button, you will be able to hear your phone’s sound and find it.

Crowd GPS: The Crowd GPS function allows you to see the location of the lost item if it is within 300 feet.

Pros and Cons of XY Find IT

  • It is possible to replace the battery
  • Compact design and attractive appearance
  • Places of quiet work
  • Setup and use are simple
  • Silent phones cannot be found if they’re on silent
  • Hints are difficult to locate

What are the benefits?

  1. Unless the pet is very aggressive, you can attach this tracker to anything.
  2. Locating an item from such a distance is extremely easy.
  3. With the tracker, you can also track your steps, sleep, and more.
  4. The two-way device is compact and lightweight.
  5. Small and convenient, the tracker is effective.

XY Find IT Price

A single XY FIND IT costs $39.99, while two for $69.99, five for $119.97, and eight for $159.96.

With multipacks and combo packs, you can save some money and mix and match different models at the same time.

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From where to buy?

Best Place to Buy XY Find It: On its official website, you can easily purchase this product without any hesitation. 

What is Tile?


You can choose from multiple models of Tile, a Bluetooth item locating device. By pushing a button, you can make your lost phone ring or help you locate them. Based on what you are tracking, they can come in different forms. A keyring tracker can come in a basic or a premium version, it could be slim enough to fit in your wallet or it could be used to stick to items with an adhesive.

Tile uses an app to help you track your items and all it takes is pushing a button to do so. The app allows you to check the location of a piece of equipment. You can make your phone ring even with the phone on silent by pushing the button on your tile when your phone is lost. If you lose something, you can register it and the community will help you find it. It is also possible to set a ringtone that you can hear more clearly through the app.

Most of them come in black or white, but you can get limited edition printed versions that feature a variety of designs. Packs that include multiple models of the Tile are also available to help conceal more types of objects, like wallets and remotes. An adhesive model or a small, slim keychain is more practical than a keychain that’s bigger than a typical credit card.

Key Features

So, let’s look at the tile tracker’s features which can be useful in certain cases.

Range: It will be just as impressive as what xy find it. Tracking items from a distance is also possible with the tile tracker, but it is limited to 74 feet. Despite its limitations, it does a great job.

Bluetooth: Using Bluetooth connectivity, the tile tracker identifies your devices to the community. Although it uses GPS to locate your misplaced item, they find it one step ahead.

Compatibility:  Tile trackers can connect to a wide range of devices and can also run in software if they identify the Bluetooth hardware in that device. In addition, it worked with hardware providers to integrate the trackers.

Main Benefits

The devices you use for tracking your items should provide some benefits when you start using them. 

  1. The Bluetooth-enabled and flexible companion app allows you to track your wallet, keys, and phone easily.
  2. Designed in the shape of a credit card, this tile tracker fits in your wallet. Also suitable for attaching to keys or logs.
  3. If the attached item goes out of sight, you can easily find your item with a tile ring.
  4. Easily attachable to almost anything, the tile tracker has been designed in a way that makes it more visible.

Pros and Cons of Tile

  • Finding lost items can be loud, especially if it’s windy
  • It offers a wide range of products, making finding them easier
  • The app is compatible with the finder and can be used together
  • Costly
  • Using Android devices is difficult

How much does it cost?

Although Tile might be a bit cheaper upfront, you might end up spending more in the long run since you have to buy batteries every year for the Pro and Mate models. The Tile line of products also requires a subscription fee for the feature of alerting you if you leave something behind.

Mate Tiles are available for $24.99, Slim Tiles for $29.99, Pro Tiles for $34.99, and Sticker Tiles for $39.99.

Where To Buy

Best Place to Buy Tile: You can also purchase this tracker using its own official website.


In comparison of XY Find It vs Tile, you may find that XY FIND IT and the Tile line have different benefits and downsides. The Tile app would likely be more useful if you own an iPhone 6 or higher. If you are an Apple fan, then you should stick with it. A good choice if you prefer Android is XY FIND IT, especially if your phone model is less common. If your family regularly loses remote controls, tiles may be a better bet than XY FIND IT since they may be harder to attach.

The Tile might also be more attractive if all you need is to track something like your keys or a bag, since the Mate model is much cheaper. Select the one that works best for you based on your needs and what features are most useful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How strong is XY Find It against weather & other bad conditions?

XY Find It is rugged & versatile – making it extremely strong. The device is also water resistant and extremely durable in all conditions.

How does XY Find It help me find my phone?

The XY Find It device has a small button that when pressed will ring your connected phone – even on silent mode!

Are there any subscriptions or monthly fees?

Unlike other devices, XY Find It has no extra fees or hidden costs! Find your valuables without limits!