XY Coin Review: Is it Legit or Scam?

XY Coin Review: Is it Legit or Scam?

What I can guess is that you do not earn money by watching TV, right? You won’t make any money using social media or conducting web searches, either. It is not possible to earn money from playing games like Pokemon GO (except for the pokemons). Read the XY Coin Review.

There’s not much money to be made sitting on your couch, walking your dog… or going grocery shopping across town. Things are about to change. An important message was recently communicated by the XYO Foundation, a newly-formed non-profit organization:

It will change the world if you help us build something big.

Isn’t that awesome? It’s the same – you just have to occasionally check your new app, COIN, to get paid.

Yes, I agree. Doesn’t it sound odd, doesn’t it? COIN piqued our curiosity – and our skepticism – when it was first announced. Then we started reading the reviews and decided not to ignore it.

This concept may have some merit. More than 750,000 people earn passive income (as well as cool rewards) through COIN… most of them without leaving their homes.

While the XYO Foundation app was only recently launched, it already has 16702 reviews and a 4.5-star rating on the app store.

I dug deeper as a result. Many people are likely to have questions after discovering this fun new way to make a little extra money. We’ll answer people’s questions here so they’ll know how to save and contribute to a worthwhile project. Let’s begin!

What is the XY Coin App?

XY Coin

The core mission of the XYO Foundation is to build a global, decentralised location verification network (more on that below).

Similarly to Pokemon GO, users say it tracks where they are as they move and rewards them for simply having the app. Earning rewards with this app is so simple that literally anyone who has a smartphone can participate… you don’t even need to be good at video games to participate.

The app allows you to earn “COIN”, which can be exchanged for cool stuff like a Playstation 4, DNA test kits, or – as many people prefer – cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which are easily convertible to cash.

COIN can be earned without leaving your home. You can earn more by moving around. Getting frequent flier miles on the ground is easy (there is no need to buy a plane ticket).

While doing the same things you would normally do, you can earn massive rewards through the premium plan.

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How does it work?

When you “check in” at different locations during your daily routine, the Sentinel device tracks your location, allowing you to earn COIN. Because it looks like a credit card, it can easily be tucked into your wallet.

So you can earn COIN while driving around with the COIN app, it checks you in automatically.

Besides giving you a percentage of other people’s coins as they check in at certain locations (such as your neighborhood), the app also gives you a percentage of your own coins earned.

The app continues to get updated with new features, showing the thought that has gone into it. One interesting feature is the ability to choose how much money to earn.

The COIN game is a great way to earn rewards (and cash) by actively playing.

You are more than welcome to just relax on the couch for a few dollars if that is what you want. The project will still be supported regardless.

Key Features

Only a few years after its launch, XY Coin has grown enormously. The platform has many features today, including Socialize, Achieve, Explore, and Power-Ups.

Explore: With the Explore feature, you can discover hidden ways to increase your earnings in the app. The following are some examples: 

Geomine: Users find digital objects in the physical world by geomining, like when they geocache. When you use the app, you’ll need to hunt for rewards hidden underneath novel tiles. 

You can then exchange these rewards with other Coin app users or use them to acquire physical items after receiving them. There are several notable features of Geomine: 

  • Big Geomines: 
  • Some hidden gems can be found when users explore. In some cases, users can also verify their wins. 
  • Geomining Recharge: 
  • Geomining recharges slowly. Level-ups are triggered by geomining recharges. 
  • Speed: 
  • Geomining can also be sped up by scaling up your plan. 
  • Extension Devices: 
  • You make yourself more authentic by using extension devices, since some users cheat by hacking into the app. If you plan to acquire digital assets, you should also consider extension devices.

Geodrop: When standing on a tile with Geodrop, you can drop digital files on it. Another user geomins that same tile after the reward is collected. Coin app allows you to create rewards that can only be accessed by specific users, in addition to geodrops specific to emails. 

Auto Explore: It searches for digital assets automatically while you’re driving or doing something else that requires your full attention. 

Home Base: By geomining in the same tile three times, you can establish a Home Base. You will be able to see your home base when it appears. 

Some Other Features

Store Visit: Also available are coupons, rewards, and bargains at popular retailers. Start by clicking the ‘plus’ icon in the app. Select Rewarded Tasks – Store Visits. 

Your nearest store will reward you when you follow the instructions on the screen. You can also earn Coins by participating in scavenger hunts. 

Socialize: In addition to earning currency by exploring, the app allows you to earn digital assets and rewards by socializing. The most popular social features of the app are listed here. 

Geoclaim: Depending on how popular a Coin region is, you can earn higher rewards. You can claim a new region each week and compete with other users in the app. 

Team Lift: Coin lets you work in teams to earn more rewards, but you can also earn rewards on your own. By creating teams of veteran players, players can earn greater rewards. 

Leaderboard: You can get started with a leaderboard by using it as a motivating tool. Users have the option to give their profile a name, choose a picture, and climb the leaderboard by downloading the Coin app. 

Achieve: Achieve features can be used on the Coin app by players who desire physical rewards. 

Sweepstakes: Currently, users of the Coin app can win sweepstakes only if they use treasures in the UK and US at the moment. 

Physical Redemption 

These currencies can be exchanged for real-life products, such as games, gadgets, and t-shirts. The developers of the app want to make the app even more appealing to users by allowing them to redeem physical assets as well, despite claims that digital assets can be fun. 

Digital Redemption: Physical and digital rewards are offered by Coin, including collectibles and souvenirs. You can then sell or exchange these items for physical rewards. 

In-app Badges: The app will award you badges when you complete a new landmark. You can display these badges on your user profile. 

HODL Rewards: HODL rewards work the same way as interest rates. The longer a treasure remains in an account, the more value it will gain. 

Power-Ups: With Coin’s Power-Up feature, your rewards can be doubled or tripled. 

Geoclaim Shield: You can earn a share of your earnings using the Geoclaim shield app. A shield can prevent these users from gaining access to your account and currency. 

Geoclaim Bonus: Bonus power-ups boost geoclaiming rewards. 

Background Time: Due to their short lifespan, background rewards cannot be used for a long time. 

Background Recharge: While you aren’t actively using the app, you can earn assets through background rewards. Utilizing the Recharge power-up feature, you can earn these rewards even faster. 

What is the XY Coin Foundation building?

Xy Coin

COIN App users use it to earn rewards (duh), but some are interested in XYO’s larger objectives – what’s the point of securing all these locations and why is it so expensive?

Global location information will be provided by this network. The network does not rely on satellites similar to GPS.

The unique capabilities of our current technology prevent us from verifying locations.

The mailman marks your package as “delivered” after you order it, but the package doesn’t appear on your doorstep. How come?

Currently, you are at odds with their word. It is a pain for consumers and the e-commerce industry alike.

As opposed to this, the new network of the XYO Foundation allows e-commerce companies to verify package delivery (without relying on human assistance) – and even delay charging your card until they are 100% sure you received your package. That’s awesome, isn’t it?

There are a lot of benefits to developing a network like this, but the details can be tricky. In addition to verifying deliveries, you can also track lost items and verify flight arrivals using it.

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How do you participate?

There’s nothing difficult about that. Sentinel can be purchased directly from the company’s website (you just need to pay for shipping).

Depending on your needs, you can select the Basic Plan or COIN Pro for earning bonus COIN (and thus rewards).

With just a small monthly fee, you can get 12X more rewards than you would from the free plan, while helping a non-profit foundation get back on its feet. But, let’s be honest: We’re all here to get rewards.

It is also worth mentioning that you will have a lot of fun playing XY COIN Pro, not just for the bonuses. There is a user who earned more than 1 billion coins in the past few months. This user received more than 1 million coins (worth $2,135.53 USD) in their first month.

Extension Devices 

The Coin app’s extension devices increase your earning potential even further. You can connect these devices to Coin app: 

  • SentinelX BLE: Bluetooth device with a 150-foot range. You will receive higher coins token rewards as well as hands-free control with this device. You can use SentinelX Sharing to boost other people’s rewards by 10%. This device, which can be worn as a keychain, can be used at work as well as during leisure travel. 
  • SentinelX NFC: With this NFC card, you can earn temporary Coin rewards. You can easily store this in your wallet because it’s waterproof and battery-free.

XY Coin App Plans and Subscriptions 

XY Coin

XY Coin is suitable for users of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, you’re sure to find a plan that suits you.


Coin’s free Basic Plan is ideal for beginners and first-time users. It includes the following features: 

  • For beginning miners, the Basic Plan offers you a multiplication factor of 1x geomining speed. 
  • Geomining Recharge Rate: Users can also receive a 1x rate on geomining recharges. 
  • Some of the biggest geomines are: 
  • It is more likely that users will find big geomines with the Basic Plan. 


Pro plan is ideal for those looking to earn the highest rewards. You will be charged $34.95 per month for the following features: 

  • Geomining is recharged 3 times faster than normal 
  • The probability of geomines increases threefold
  • Getting rewarded 12 times for mining
  • Bonus for geoclaiming 
  • Three-fold increase in background rewards 
  • Geomining Rewards are 3 times greater on the pro plan: users of the pro plan will receive 3x geomining rewards. 
  • Bonus rewards are earned by the user. 
  • You can protect your rewards by using a shield. 


The Plus plan offers users more benefits than the Basic plan without exceeding their budget. The cost per month is $24.95 and the features include: 

  • It is now possible to recharge geological mining twice as fast 
  • Geomines occur twice as often as other minerals
  • Getting rewarded 12 times for mining
  • Geomining Rewards are doubled
  • Bonus Drop Power is doubled 
  • You’ll get twice as many rewards for background work 
  • Geoclaim Bonuses and Shields
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If you choose to subscribe to their services, you can get the most out of your Coin plan. 

With an increased subscription level, Geomining rates increase, resulting in better geomining results. Since you will have a greater chance of getting Big Geomines, the rate at which you can recharge will also increase. 

Subscribing to SentinelX offers unique features including SentinelX Sharing. In addition, the app now offers Geoclaim Shields, a new feature. 

Due to the month-to-month nature of subscriptions, you can cancel your subscription at any time. You can change your subscription plan at any time.

Our recommendation: Start using XY COIN now, before everyone else!

COIN is already in use by thousands of people, and the positive response so far indicates that it will only gain in popularity.

There is something noteworthy about the fact that the app gives more points for being the first to claim an area.

It is not just because the first XY COIN users have been using it for so long that they will earn more over time, but because they will continue to earn more over time.

Furthermore, the COIN currency you earn is linked to a real currency that can be exchanged on the market… which means it will appreciate over time (just like Bitcoin, which is now valued over $10,000, but you don’t need to buy it).

After we return to the field, we hope to see XY COIN users everywhere. Enroll now while the opportunity lasts. The COIN Pro program also offers a variety of benefits – and because it includes a trial period, you have nothing to lose – and you’ll earn a great deal of COIN (while supporting a charity)!

Redeeming Coins

Upon accumulating 10,000 tokens, you can redeem your coins. They can also be exchanged for cryptocurrencies as well as physical items.

  • Digital currencies can be earned and exchanged for digital or physical assets. Earnings are easy with this app.
  • The app also allows users to trade tokens for cryptocurrency.
  • There are paid plans available for the site that reward you for providing the location of your users.
  • With Coin’s Basic plan, you won’t find many features that earn you cash.

Here’s what people say about XY Coin

Final Verdict

Geomining is definitely gaining popularity, despite being a relatively new concept for some. The Coin app also offers bonuses and shields in addition to geomining. 

Note, however, that despite being free, the Basic Plan does not include most advanced features. If you’re still unsure whether geomining is right for you, geomining might be a good option. After you decide in its favor, you should consider the paid version.