Xtra PC Reviews: Does It Really Work Or Scam?

Xtra PC Reviews: Does It Really Work Or Scam?

Your computer will not slow down or lag in this modern technological era. Despite this, many people still have to deal with the system problem, which affects their computer performance and makes operations more challenging. Xtra PC is the perfect solution. Read the reviews with us.

Even though there are many factors that contribute to this problem, there are several ways to solve it. No matter what the cause of the problem is, the underlying effect of the problem usually frustrates you when your computer is performing an urgent task.

I am going to try a new gadget I’ve heard about. In addition to speeding up aging computers, it allows users to access any desktop anonymously. Thus, if you cannot leave your devices unattended, this may provide a solution. In the meantime, here is my Xtra PC review.

What causes your computer to run slowly?

Xtra PC

It gets slower if the operating system of your computer does not receive adequate support from all its components. In the following paragraphs, I’ll discuss some of the common causes of slow computers.

  • Use of Random-access memory when you run out of it.
  • Hard-drives can get full.
  • Hard drives age as they get older.
  • There are a lot of startup programs.
  • There are too many programs running in the background.
  • Malware or viruses attack.
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No Hard Drive? No Problem!

Even computers without hard drives can run Xtra-PC. It’s true! You can use Xtra-PC with any type of computer – regardless of whether your hard drive is broken or damaged!

What Can I Do With My Like-New Computer?

A lot! Right out of the box, Xtra-PC comes with some useful software:

What is Xtra PC?

Xtra PC

Xtra-PCs are USB flash drives that plug into a computer’s USB port. The Linux Foundation developed Xtra-pc to replace the old and slow windows operating system. This device boosts your computer’s speed and performance using a new, simple operating system with a great interface to make it as fast and as powerful as possible.

A faulty hard drive will not affect its use at all. With the way the USB stick works, does not alter existing computer files , and everything can still be accessed from the device. 

The good news is that it is simple to use and handling it does not require training, you simply plug it into the USB port, restart the PC to boot from the USB drive, and there you go.

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Xtra PC Features

The Xtra PC provides a wide array of incredibly useful features. The following are a few examples:

  • Universal Compatibility: Nearly any computer can run Xtra PC. The fact that it offers the same functionality makes it one of the best devices. It does not matter if your computer is a Mac, PC, or a version of either, the Xtra PC allows you to easily boot it up.
  • Safe and Secure:The Linux operating system has long been recognized as one of the most secure on the market. It is therefore an excellent option for repairing a damaged computer. Moreover, the operating system itself is very user-friendly and easy to learn. As malware and viruses do not run on operating systems, even if your system is infected with viruses, this will not adversely affect your experience.
  • Privacy: Your data will always be protected by Xtra PC with an additional level of safety and procedures. Due to the fact that it does not require any files from your previous operating system to run, it is extremely safe to use. Furthermore, the plug-and-play functionality of the device allows you to send confidential emails and data to others without having to use your generic OS first, an additional convenient and useful attribute of the device.
  • The Pro version has a File Recovery System: Even the data from a dead PC could be retrieved if you ordered a Pro Xtra PC. That is truly a wonder product. Dealing with dead PCs can be challenging since most of the data might be corrupted. Extra PC can also help with that. The Xtra PC has this major advantage over other PCs.
  • Linux: One of the primary advantages that the Xtra PC provides is its operating system. Fast, stable, and secure, it is an ideal candidate for repairing a computer that has been damaged by viruses or malware.
  • Free Software: The device itself is the only price you pay. It comes with everything: all the nifty software, the Linux operating system, all of it is free. It is a truly great deal.
  • Plug and Play: Xtra PC users rave about its ease of use. You can plug it in and start using it right away, thanks to the device’s handy plug and play feature. Simply plug it into your USB port and start using it. It looks and functions like a simple flash drive.
  • Reasonable: For the base model, you’ll only have to pay $35. A maintenance call to fix a PC would cost you much more than that. In addition, this is recurring. Whenever you want, on any number of computers.

Xtra PC Versions

Xtra PC
Different versions of Xtra PC

You can choose from a variety of Xtra PC styles. Various features are available for different types of users.

  1. Xtra PC Turbo 16: This model comes with a capacity of 16 GB, which is ideal for fixing your PC as well as surfing the internet or playing online games.
  2. Xtra PC Turbo 32: Most popular among college students, parents, and professionals, the 32-bit version comes with enough memory to backup data while you fix your broken PC. This version also provides fast performance for basic computer tasks. You will be able to make your old computer work like a brand new one since it is faster than version 16.
  3. Xtra PC Turbo Pro: The most powerful device of the three, it is capable of effectively overhauling your entire PC with ease. Despite the high price of $159.99, this one delivers excellent results. Your computer will even run faster as the extra memory makes it easier to fix, surf, play, and watch. In addition to the 64 GB storage capacity, you also get the File Recovery System that allows you to restore damaged data from a crashed OS.
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Technical Specifications

  • Package Dimensions: 5.7 x 3 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 0.16 ounces
  • Connection Type: USB (2.0 or 3.0)
  • Manufacturer: Prairie IT, LLC
  • Processor: In order for Xtra PC to function properly, your system must have AMD Chips or a 64-bit Intel processor operating at 700 MHz or greater. 
  • RAM: A minimum of 512 MB is required, while a maximum of 2 GB is recommended. 
  • USB Port: Your system should include a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port.
  • Network Card: It requires either a WiFi or a wired network card. Graphics: The graphics should be supported by DVI, HDMI, or VGA.

How does Xtra PC work?

The instructions that come with Xtra-PC clearly describe the setup process.

I had an easy one-time setup, during which Xtra-PC automatically installed the correct drivers for my CD/DVD-ROM, display, webcam, etc., including my wireless internet adapter and all my other hardware. Setting up the machine took about seven minutes, depending on the machine.

Xtra-PC claims you can get a huge performance boost, so we tested the boots times of the original Windows operating system and Xtra-PC after we had completed the set-up process.

The results have been impressive, as you can see.

  • Windows boot time: 252.80 seconds
  • Xtra-PC boot time: 26.13 seconds

Xtra-PC loads ten times faster (almost) than the original Windows operating system, but this isn’t the only advantage. It performed all of the usual tasks as well.

  • Surf the web
  • Watch movies
  • Play games
  • Read and answer e-mails
  • Facebook
  • Listen music
  • Create and edit spreadsheets and text files
  • Twitter

The only program that is missing is Skype, but you can easily install it as you would on your Windows or Mac computer.

Xtra-PC comes in 3 different configurations:

  • Turbo 16 with 16 GB storage
  • Turbo 32 with 32 GB storage
  • Pro with 64 GB storage

With the exception of the Pro, they all contain the same software.

As we tested, we didn’t notice any big differences, aside from the faster speed on Turbo 32 and Pro versions.

Is it a gimmick?

It is reasonable to ask if Xtra-PC is a scam when you look at how it works, its effect, how it carries out the operation, and the outcome you get. You can understand that. 

You can store your files and Linux OS on Xtra-PC’s storage space.

Who needs Xtra PC?

Xtra PC

Using the device doesn’t require a lot of tech knowledge. It is therefore accessible to anyone. In order for Xtra-PC to work, your computer must meet certain requirements. 

  1. Slow and old computers: Earlier I pointed out how we develop an attachment to our old computers over time; when your favorite PC no longer works like it used to, it’s time to consider Xtra-PC. 
  2. Using this device, you can clean out temporary files and unnecessary programs to create more space and improve the speed of your device. 
  3. Linux is the ideal operating system for users who want to switch.
  4. It is perfect for those who have experienced a virus or malware catastrophe with their computers. 
  5. On computers with bad hard drives, it can still work. 
  6. Suitable for computers without operating systems. 
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What are the system requirements?

In view of the fact that this software, the Xtra-PC, was developed in order to make all older PCs usable again, it is likely that the Xtra-PC will run on all your old laptops, desktops, and notebooks. Xtra-PC is compatible with any computer model manufactured after 2004. In the event that you are unsure as to whether or not Xtra-PC will run correctly on your computer, we suggest you contact the customer support of Xtra-PC and ask your questions. Xtra-PC requires the following system requirements in order to run optimally:

  • USB Type: If you have a flash drive attached to your computer, it will be able to run or boot only if it is the latest version of USB, such as 2.0 and 3.0.
  • Processor: An inbuilt processor with a clock speed of at least 700MHz will be required for your PC. You cannot go below that.
  • RAM: The minimum amount of RAM that is required is 512MB, but the makers of Xtra-PC recommend at least 2GB.
  • BIOS (Basic Input/Output System): This system is what allows you to start your computer without losing any data. To ensure a smooth connection between your computer and the Xtra-PC, your computer must have a well-functioning BIOS.
  • Graphics Support: To ensure that Xtra-PC runs efficiently on your PC, you will need to have support for HDMI, DVI, and VGA.
  • Network: You need the network card to use Xtra-PC because it requires an internet connection, either via Wi-Fi or a wired network connection.

Who Xtra-PC Is For?

Xtra PC

Xtra-PC provides the perfect solution for those who are tired of waiting for their computer to catch up. You will not be able to match a brand new Mac or Windows 10 computer, but your old machine will work again, probably (at least in the case of our example) faster than when it was brand new.

If you are looking for a way to breathe new life into that old computer that is collecting dust, Xtra-PC is the answer. All of your normal tasks will be able to be performed once again. Your kids will no longer use your computer if you have spares available.

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What Problems Does it Solve?

Because their operating systems are old and overloaded, millions of people use older, slow computers. Xtra-PC helps people speed up and improve the performance of their computers, making them feel like they have a brand new machine.

Tips for Using Xtra PC

  • Check the Packaging:Look for any signs of damage on the flash drive tool before removing it from the packaging. Request a full refund if you discover any damage. Additionally, it reduces the chance of someone tampering with the item.
  • Restart your Computer: Restart your computer before running Xtra-PC. It will force all programs to close so they do not interfere with the installation. Apps and programs that did not respond when you restarted your computer may also ask for permission to shut down.
  • Give it Time: After you plug-in Xtra-PC and the computer does not immediately respond, many people freak out, WAIT! A few minutes may pass before your computer recognizes the new device. When this happens, the software should run.
  • Stay Nearby: If you are using Xtra-PC, you should never move from your computer, even if you feel tempted to use the bathroom or grab a snack. It will ask you a series of questions throughout the process of downloading and running the software. As a result, the computer may cancel the process if you leave without clicking on the right button.
  • Call for Help: If you encounter any difficulties during the installation, contact them.

Main Benefits

If you want to use your old computer with a dated operating system, Xtra-PC is beneficial. Viruses and malware can cause computers to stop working due to this device. It is possible to reuse an older computer that does not have a hard drive with Xtra-PC. Install Xtra-PC on any PC with a USB port. UseXtra-PC even if your PC lacks a port, after contacting its manufacturer and obtaining an online version of the software! You need bothA web browser and an internet connection to use the online version.

Using Xtra-PC has the following benefits:

  1. With Xtra-PC, you can check your email and send new messages.
  2. Watching videos online and surfing the web are both possible.
  3. Access and edit the Documents as well as download new files
  4. Use the Spreadsheets.
  5. Streaming services such as Netflix are available.
  6. In addition to running antivirus software, you can play games, listen to music, edit photos, and use photo editing software.
  7. A speaker, keyboard, webcam, and mouse are all compatible with it.

Why do I need Xtra-PC?

Xtra PC

You shouldn’t replace an old, slow computer with a new one if you are having trouble with it. There is only one solution to all your problems: the Xtra-PC. You can store this on your desk without taking up any extra space. The cost of purchasing a new computer that performs the same task is much lower. Besides having a super-fast speed, it also has a fully-featured OS that overrides the outdated operating system, enabling you to accomplish your tasks perfectly.

The product is capable of carrying out the task required urgently with a quality interface and an operating system. It is portable, and it is faster to retrieve information than a normal computer. The Windows operating system is typically more prone to cyber-attacks, like hacks and other forms of cybercrime. Though it is not perfect, Linux is stable, and thus Xtra-PC is more desirable and dependable for customer needs.

Although every machine has its problems, Xtra-pc has a good reputation for serving clients well, and that is the biggest reason to use it. Additionally, its package management, repository concept, and other security features make it safer than Windows.

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Who can benefit the most?

One solution is to replace individual components, such as RAM or the CPU (central processing unit), but doing so requires technical skills that may not be available to everyone. If you or someone you know finds the world of computing overwhelming, a simple solution such as the Xtra-PC could be a better option than upgrading or replacing your computer.

To remove temporary files and unneeded programs, you can use the disc cleanup setting. Even though this can speed things up, it can also take a lot of time, doesn’t always work, and can sometimes remove programs that you didn’t mean to remove or didn’t know you needed!

What applications can you install on Xtra-PC?

Xtra PC Applications

You can customize the Xtra PC program by your preference.The following examples may prove useful if you choose to purchase it.

  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Affinity Photo, etc. are all image editing software.
  • Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max and others provide streaming information.
  • Find out which Linux games are compatible here, or play your favorite game.
  • Browser applications, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, allow you to browse the internet.
  • Spotify, VLC, Clementine, etc. are music apps.
  • Libre Office, Open Office, etc. are office-like applications.
  • Software that protects against viruses
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Why is it different from other solutions?

You can improve your computer’s speed and performance temporarily with other solutions. These solutions can be difficult and produce very little improvement. When people plug Xtra-PC into their computer, they are able to use a completely new operating system. It’s like having a brand new computer once you start using Xtra-PC-there is no other product like it!

How to setup Xtra PC?

  1. Connect your Xtra-PC USB device to your computer’s USB port
  2. Restart your computer: You may need to change your computer settings so that it will start from the Xtra-PC USB device if your computer loads normally and not from the Xtra-PC USB drive. Consult your computer’s documentation to learn how to do this.
  3. Enter a password for the administrator account when it boots into the Xtra-PC USB device, and check the box once you agree to the terms of the license agreement. To close your computer, click on “Quit.” Alternatively, if you do not want to proceed, click on “OK.”
  4. Once you click “OK,” redirect to Xtra-PC login page. On the previous screen, you entered a username and password called “administrator.”.
  5. A welcome screen will appear after logging in
  6. For the installation to continue, connect to your network. Wired or wireless connections will work. Wired connections will work faster.
  7. Once you connect to network click “Continue”.
  8. An installation wizard for third-party software appears.
  9. “Continue” will appear. This screen is the first of two important applications installers
  10. Select “Install”. A window will appear with additional information and EULA agreements. To begin installing, click “OK” after agreeing to the EULA terms
  11. Install the software and an LXTerminal window will appear. As seen below, it will be on the right side of Xtra-PC. The LXTerminal window will prompt you to agree to the Microsoft TrueType core fonts EULA during installation. Click on “OK” and then “Yes” to confirm your agreement. Install theXtra-PC USB keys directly to these applications, which is why at times there will be a pause in the terminal window. The installation is still in progress. This step takes about 10-15 minutes depending on your computer, but it will not require any interaction with the LXTerminal window except when accepting the Microsoft EULA.

Learn more about How to Install Xtra PC?

Where can it be used?

There are many things you can do with the Xtra PC once you have it. The main feature of this computer is the Linux operating system, which lets you do everything you could do on a different operating system.

  • Email can be checked, and emails can be sent to contacts.
  • Visit your favorite websites, surf the internet.
  • Documents can be accessed and edited.
  • Files can be downloaded.
  • Music is available to you.
  • Video, film, etc. can be viewed.
  • If necessary, spreadsheets can also be used.

Software as well as programs are available in Linux OS. Transfer the files Keep in mind that all your files may not be transferred. A few files could be skipped if Xtra PC overwrites your existing OS. You must check for viruses and also buy a signal booster if you want your computer to run faster while still using specific programs.

When you log into your account with the Linux OS by Xtra-PC, you can access Google Docs and several other online programs from any device.

Using your Xtra PC

Xtra PC

NOTE: While the Xtra-PC USB device is running, do not remove it. Remove Xtra-PC by shutting it down (Start -> Shutdown). Xtra-PC USB devices can be removed from the computer once it has been shut down and used on another computer.

  1. File Manager: You can organize all your files here, including documents, photos, spreadsheets, and more. It can, for example, read and write to USB sticks and pull photos off of your phone. File Manager can be opened by left-clicking the Start menu (the blue X in the lower left corner), then selecting “File Manager.”
  2. Office Apps: On the Xtra-PC is installed OpenOffice, which is used for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, and databases. Double-click the OpenOffice icon at the bottom of the screen to use OpenOffice. The first time you use OpenOffice on your Xtra-PC, you will need to follow the instructions for using OpenOffice. Click on the Start menu (the blue X in the lower left corner), then click “Office,” then “OpenOffice.” OpenOffice is now available.
  3. Email: By double-clicking on the Email desktop shortcut, you can setup your email. By left clicking on the Start menu (the blue X in the lower left corner), you can choose Email and IM and then Email. A Thunderbird window will pop up and ask you to enter your email settings. Now you can start using your email.
  4. Facebook, Pandora, and Pinterest apps: These commonly used apps now have desktop shortcuts for your convenience. The shortcut for each app is on the desktop, so you can double-click it to use it. Also access it using the Chromium web browser.
  5. Internet Access: Internet access is provided by Chromium on Xtra-PC. The Google Play Store lets you install Google apps, use the Google Store, access Google Docs, and more.
  6. Google Apps: Click the Chrome shortcut on your desktop to open Google Store, Google Docs, Google Drive, and other Google apps, or go to the Start menu (the small X in the lower left corner of your screen), then click Chrome, then type accounts.google.com into the address bar. You will be redirected to your Google account’s log-in page.
  7. Netflix and Amazon Videos: You can access Netflix and Amazon videos using their desktop shortcuts or menu selections, as they require special web browser settings. These services cannot be accessed using Chromium.
  8. Music and MP3 Player: You can use the “Audacious” screen to play music CDs, MP3s, and other audio formats either by plugging in a CD or by accessing your MP3s and other audio files from your removable drive or anywhere else you store them. Your music will begin playing once you have done this.
  9. Kindle Cloud Reader: Double-click the Kindle Cloud Reader shortcut on your desktop to access your Kindle eBooks. Input your email address and password for your Amazon account will be required. After signing in, you will have access to your Kindle eBooks.
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Under the Local Administration Menu, you will find tools that will allow you to customize the appearance and functionality of your Xtra-PC.

Printers: Click on the Start button (the blue X), then select “Local Administration,” then “Printers.” Choose “Printer Manager” [click on the Start button (the blue X), then select “Local Administration.” Click on “Add” and follow the prompts. After that, you can use your printer.

Useful Tools: DVD player playback can be fixed or desktop icons can be restored using Xtra-PC’s tools. You can find these tools on your Start menu (the blue X in the lower left corner), under “Local Administration,” then under “Useful Tools.”

Restore Desktop App Shortcuts: Choose “Restore Desktop App Shortcuts” to restore the original shortcuts you got after installing Xtra PC. A window will appear as shown below. Just click “Restore.”

Customizing your Desktop: For example, you can customize your desktop by clicking the blue X in the lower left corner, then going to Local Administration, then choosing Desktop Preferences. You can then choose how you want your desktop to look.

Manually Setting your Monitor Display Settings: It selects the resolution for your monitor will automatically. On the other hand, you may need to change the resolution and refresh rate of your monitor from time to time.

Click the Start button (the blue X in the lower left corner), then choosing Local Administration, then Display Settings. To apply, choose your desired Refresh Rate and/or Resolution, then click “Apply.”

Multi-monitor Configuration: If you have two or more monitors, Xtra-PC includes a tool that allows you to set up and adjust them. Access the Screen Layout Editor from the start menu (the blue X at lower left corner), then “Local Administration” and “Multi-monitor configuration.” It will open in a new window. Multi-monitor setups are typically set up as mirrors, meaning the same image appears on both monitors. Change this by by changing the display settings.

Drag the monitor you want on the right of the “Screen Layout Editor Window” to the right side of the left monitor. An example of how to do this is by using the left VGA monitor and the right laptop monitor:

Click the button with a checkmark once you have performed the above step. Apply the changes to the monitors.


Network Connections: The Start menu (the blue X in the lower left corner) contains options for managing and changing your network connection settings. Click on “Local Administration” and then “Network Connections”.

Power Management: Manage the Xtra-PC’s power settings by clicking on the Start button (the blue X in the lower left corner), then selecting “Local Administration,” then “Power Manager.” In this step you will have the option to select from various power settings.

Screensaver: Select Screensaver from the Local Administration section of the Start menu (the blue X in the lower left corner). Select from wide a variety of Screensaver options.

User Accounts: Xtra-PC has administrator account with it. To do so, click on the Start menu (the blue X in the lower left corner), then “Local Administration,” then “User Accounts.” A window for editing and adding users will appear. In the upper right corner, click on “Unlock”. Once Xtra-PC has been installed, the administrator password that you created will need to be entered.

Xtra-PC Alternative

Xtra PC Alternative

We were unable to find any viable alternatives to Xtra-PC. Only the Ubuntu Linux 14.04 Bootable 8 GB USB Flash Drive is available, but it is incomparable to Xtra-PC, since the latter is a barebones Ubuntu Linux operating system on a USB memory stick, without any software. Basic Xtra-PCs come with 16 GB of storage and all software installed.

Since Linux is a free open-source operating system, the only answer is to build your own “Xtra-PC“, however, unless you’re very technically inclined, this would be time-consuming and you might have to have your PC repaired.

  • Linux Mint 19.0 Cinnamon Install USB: This product combines a Linux operating system with 16GB of additional storage
  • Kali Linux Bootable USB: Created for penetration testing and ethical hacking, the Kali Linux Bootable USB is mostly unfavorably reviewed, with a number of complaints about technical issues and lack of customer support.
  • 9th and Vine USB Drive: The 9th and Vine USB Drive has been designed to recover corrupted or lost files, as well as reinstall programs. Despite being highly affordable, some users claim that it does not work properly.
  • RESQSTICK PC Recovery USB: 
  • It might be the perfect tool for all your devices if you need to quickly recover lost documents and other files. Regardless of your level of experience with computers, anyone can use it. With this device, you can find all types of files simply by plugging it in and running the software. You can use the stick to find photos and videos as well as Microsoft Office documents and similar files. You can use REQSTICK on any computer running Windows 98 and later.
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What we like about this device

  • Despite its age, it can run on desktop and laptop computers made as far back as 1998.
  • Install the software can easily without requiring a lot of computer experience.
  • It is possible to save files on the flash drive or create a system backup using the extra storage available.
  • There are no discs to keep around since it comes installed on a flash drive.
  • Due to the compact size, the software can be set up on multiple computers and carry out everywhere.
  • This program gives you a convenient way to download the Linux operating system to your computer.
  • In Xtra-PC Pro, you will find a tool for recovering data from any PC.
  • With Linux, you enjoy all its features, including its design that insulates you from hackers and other threats.
  • Linux can be set up in around ten minutes even by naive users.

Is Xtra-PC a Scam?

Xtra PC

My old computer was still running slowly, so I tried to find something that will increase its speed. I didn’t want to buy a new computer with slower performance.

I immediately thought about purchasing an Xtra Pc after hearing about it. It was hard for me to tell if it was a scam or not. In any case, the product is 100% real and it will turn your old computer into a newer one with its incredible speed. This device is incredibly affordable. It’s still working for me, and I haven’t encountered any issues with it. Xtra-PC is not a scam, according to my experience.

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Can you use it on any computer?

Xtra-PC is compatible with nearly all desktop computers, laptops, and notebooks from 2008 and later. There is no need for an operating system or hard drive since it only requires a USB port.

Disable the secure boot on computers running Windows 8 or 10. The Xtra-PC software is compatible with all Apple models after 2011. By pressing the start-up key, verify that the computer can boot to the USB. Anyone can use Xtra-PC, who follows the screen prompts, and installs it. You will need an internet connection in order to take advantage of the Xtra-PC’s amazing features.

Xtra-PC Testing

Given the abundance of products claiming to speed up or enhance your computer, we decided to test Xtra-PC and see how it performed on a variety of different systems. Designed to resemble a standard USB or memory stick, it may not appear to be capable of much yet packs a powerful punch when used. This straightforward flash drive enables anyone to utilize Linux without the need to install a new operating system. After reading our Xtra-PC tests and what we performed with it, you’ll have a better understanding of how it can benefit you and your computer.

Build Quality, Durability and Feel

Xtra-PC is the same size as any other USB stick you’ve used previously. This simplifies operation and results in a compact size that is ideal for individuals on the go. You can easily bring it to school or work and stash it in your backpack or handbag. It’s even small enough to fit within luggage when travelling on business. The stick is robust enough to be used in any situation that may arise. We discovered that it sustained no damage when we dropped it on the ground inadvertently.

One minor problem is that it ends with a cap. While this is advantageous for keeping dirt and other debris off the stick, it does not secure as securely as we would want. When the stick rolls around in a bed, the cap may come off. Additionally, one of our team members noted that it’s easy to misplace the cap, particularly if you set it down and then move around with your computer.

Xtra-PC has a pleasant feel to it, particularly in comparison to comparable flash drives. Plugging it into your computer requires only two fingers, and removing it from the port is just as simple. While other flash drives have a keychain ring or holder, this one does not, which makes it more difficult to keep the stick secure when you’re not at home. We were pretty satisfied with the Xtra-endurance PC’s and build quality.


You’ll discover dozens of reasons why Linux is superior than Windows, which will convince you to buy in the Xtra PC Pro and other versions. Due to the fact that Linux is an open-source project, you may readily obtain upgrades that improve its performance. With Windows, you must wait for a Microsoft update. Additionally, it is more secure and less susceptible to online risks and cyber-attacks.

While several versions of Windows exist, your system need certain components to run newer versions. While older systems are unable to run Windows 10, even the oldest PCs can run Linux. The time required to reach the boot menu varies according to the age of your system and other connected systems, but most customers discovered that Xtra-PC enabled them to utilise their computers more quickly and spend less time waiting for their systems to start. This convenient USB flash drive is compatible with all of your favourite programmes and software.

Types of Xtra-PC Products

While people enjoy discussing Xtra-PC online, you may be unaware that they refer to all items by the same name. This firm produces three distinct products, the first of which was the Xtra-PC Turbo 16.

Xtra-PC Turbo 16

If you want to get a feel for how Xtra-PC works and save some money, you may start with the Turbo 16. Though it retails for $49.99, it is frequently available on the official site for $34.99. This device performs admirably in terms of speeding up your computer but lacks the functionality found on more expensive models.

Xtra-PC Turbo 32

The Turbo 32 accelerates your computer 1.5 times faster than the Turbo 16. Although it retails for $89.99, you can purchase it for as little as $49.99 plus shipping and handling from the official website. Along with speeding up your PC, this variant includes 32 GB of additional storage. On the drive, you can securely store family photos and vital papers.

Xtra-PC Pro

If you want the greatest Xtra-PC product and are willing to pay a premium for it, the Pro is the option for you. It retails for $159.99 but is frequently discounted to $79.99. Additionally, when you purchase the Pro model, you will receive free shipping and handling within the United States. The Pro twice the performance of the Turbo 16 and provides an astounding 64 GB of storage for films, photographs, and other things. Additionally, it includes file recovery software, which often costs $99 on its own. This software enables you to restore and duplicate some of the files on older systems.

Pros and Cons of Xtra PC

  • You may recycle obsolete computers that might have ended up in a landfill otherwise.
  • The bundled apps make it simple to perform your favourite online and computer activities.
  • Each of the three items has an updated version of the Linux operating system.
  • You can choose from those devices according to the amount of speed and additional storage you require.
  • When linked to the internet, the USB drive enables you to access your favourite websites, like Google and Facebook.
  • Yahoo, USA Today, and ABC are just a few of the prominent websites that endorse this item.
  • You can store files to the drive for viewing and usage on additional computers.
  • It has the ability to greatly boost the processing performance of any computer.
  • The Pro edition includes tools for recovering deleted, lost, and damaged files.
  • The device simplifies the process of updating as new Linux operating system upgrades become available.
  • Setting up the product can take an hour or more.
  • There is a good probability that it will prevent you from accessing your computer’s files.
  • Generally, you cannot utilise the apps and software that came with your previous operating system.
  • The corporation charges a premium for shipment to certain places.
  • Some users waited weeks for instructions on how to utilise the product with a Mac and never received them.

Does it work with my Old Computer?

When it comes to purchasing any technical device or computer, compatibility is an important factor to consider. With Xtra-PC, you can make a huge range of devices work together. 

The program is compatible with almost all computers on the planet. Plugging the device into a USB port should work as long as you have one.

Consumer Reports by Xtra PC Reviews

“My daughter wanted a computer for herself. But I wasn’t about to spend $500 on a new one. I had an old Toshiba I hadn’t used in years, so I figured I’d give Xtra-PC a try. WOW – AMAZING!!! My old, slow Toshiba performs great again – it’s perfect for her. Your product saved me hundreds!” – Stephanie S.

“Your product saved me hundreds!”

“Their product is a Niche Product that is very Good if You want to learn LINUX computing. It is a very valuable tool that is VERY transportable and has a lot of Value if someone is inclined to learn a less simpler operating system than MS Windows. Well worth the money to get the High-End version of the Xtra-PC 64 device.” – Robert Fox

Great Product Built with Linux OS

How much does it cost?

Order the device from the manufacturer’s website. For new customers, they are offering a 40% discount.

  • The cost of Xtra Pc with 16GB storage is $34.99
  • Also, the cost of Xtra Pc with 32GB storage is $49.99
  • The cost of Xtra Pc with 64GB storage is $79.99
Order Now

From where I can buy Xtra-PC?

Go to their website now. Customers have the option of choosing from different payment methods and a variety of options based on their preferences. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with Xtra-PC®, you can easily return it, hassle-free!


Will I lose the existing files on my computer when I use Xtra-PC® (photos, music, etc.)?

No. Xtra-PC® runs from the USB and does not touch or modify the existing files in any way.

How does the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee work?

All products are backed by our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, starting on the day of shipping.

Can I use Xtra-PC® on a Mac?

Yes. We have, however, seen that Macs before 2011 might not boot to USB. If you want to use Xtra-PC® on a Mac, follow the instructions provided for your Mac to boot to USB.

Final Verdict

You can finally put an end to old, stuttering computers and move on to much faster, almost new ones by using the Xtra PC. Even if your PC is a mess, Linux will allow you to run tasks smoothly. Repairing the computer will be simple, surfing and managing files will not take much time, and all this at a very affordable price.