Wifiblast Reviews: Range Extender Legit or Hoax?

Wifiblast Reviews: Range Extender Legit or Hoax?

Despite its overstated nature, a strong and reliable internet connection is already a necessity. There is one device which appears to be able to correct this issue, the Wifiblast.

WiFiblast is a WiFi signal booster that enhances the signal of your wireless network even in areas with poor reception. It remains uncertain, however, whether this will actually improve internet speed. Is the Wifiblast a real product or just a scam? That is the question we will attempt to answer. However, before we make a final judgment, we should get a better understanding of the device, its features, and how it works.

What is WifiBlast?


According to WiFiblast, its 2.4 GHz band could extend internet speeds in hard-to-reach areas. There’s no question about how wide a 2.4 GHz network can reach, but the connection speed is notoriously slow.   If the network is wide but the connection is slow, what good is it?

According to the product specifications, Wifiblast claims to increase your bandwidth by 100%. If you are able to take full advantage of a 300 Mbps connection, for example, imagine what you could accomplish. You’ve probably already downloaded a lot of movies and participated in video conferences.

You might ask how Wifiblast accomplishes this. According to the device, ISPs cannot throttle your bandwidth. For those who are not familiar with this term, bandwidth throttling is the deliberate slowing of the internet by service providers. The purpose of this is to decongest the network capacity.

Wifiblast has the advantage of bypassing bandwidth throttling. At some point, this claim becomes grandiose and misleading. You cannot hide it when you go overboard with your browsing when most ISPs have excellent detection systems. Using a VPN or a proxy server is not a guaranteed fix.

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Features of WiFiBlast WiFi Extender

Extremely Strong Amplifier

WiFiBlast is an ideal device for homes with dense construction, such as attics and garages. Even in outdoor garages, it works.A radio hole can cause a network lapse.This device amplifies router signals to provide you with stronger signals that can pass through the radio hole areas, improving your Internet browsing experience.

Easy to Use

Internet access is generally limited to certain areas and usually separated by walls or floors. There are certain areas, such as balconies, garages, outdoor sheds, and cellars, that are cut-off from the Internet, making internet access extremely difficult.

It can be extremely irritating and frustrating to deal with issues like these now that we are living in the modern era. WiFiBlast can help solve these problems. It is an easy-to-use device that simply plugs into your router and improves your Internet connection.

Anywhere there is a plug, you can plug in the WiFiBlast. It is also simple to use. You’ll have a strong connection without radio holes in no time.

Plug-In Compatibility

This WiFiBlast device is easy to set up and is pretty handy. There are no long cables to install. Putting it together is as simple as plugging it in. You just need to plug it into a power source. You can immediately begin browsing without interruptions as it will extend the Wi-Fi signals from your router.

There Will Be No Lags

In particular, this can be a challenge when performing activities involving a lot of data, such as uploading and downloading files, online gaming, etc.

It is common for Wi-Fi connections to run at a slower speed than average.  On occasion, people may experience a sudden drop in their online activity. This is when WiFiBlast comes in handy. 

This will ensure that no interruptions will occur on the wireless network. Imagine playing your favorite game when the Internet goes down just as you are about to win. Most gamers can identify with this nightmare.

Your WiFi network will work faster than lightning with the WiFiBlast. Regardless of what you are doing online, it won’t slow you down and removes any chances of lag.

Versatile Design

WiFiBlast is a small but incredibly powerful device that enhances your web browsing experience. It will solve all the problems related to connectivity, Internet signal strength, range, and range strength Since it has a very small size, you can take it with you wherever you go.

Additionally, this device is pocket-friendly and budget-friendly. WiFiBlast does not cost as much as other WiFi devices.

How good is the WifiBlast?


In the same way any WiFi extender works, Wifiblast uses your existing WiFi signal and amplifies it in areas where the signal is weak or nonexistent. This is a common problem when it comes to offices and large buildings. Households can also experience it. Wi-Fi signals cannot penetrate solid surfaces such as walls. It may also stem from problems with the ISP’s servers. A lack of network reception in your area can also slow down your internet connection. Unfortunately, WiFi boosters cannot help you in this regard.

Wifiblast requires a reliable connection to your router in order to work. After that, Wifiblast will be in charge of improving your WiFi coverage. The process is fairly straightforward. So you can surf the web anywhere from your home, it pushes the WiFi signal it receives to your devices.

Wifiblast can help you maximize your internet bandwidth as long as your ISP does not hinder your connection. Wifiblast might be able to help you maximize the benefits of your 300 Mbps plan. Your internet bandwidth can’t be much more than 25 Mbps if its limit is only that. Your bandwidth will not miraculously extend beyond what you have paid for due to some sort of magic.

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How does this range extender work?

There are a lot of Internet providers who throttle the bandwidth of your connection so you pay more than you should.

By keeping the most bandwidth available, WiFiBlast prevents bandwidth throttling, which saves you money.

This extender will boost the signal that goes out of the router so that you can enjoy excellent Internet signals even in areas that would otherwise receive only a bit of signal.  Without spending a lot of money, the device will provide a stronger connection.

With WiFiBlast Range Extender, you will be able to extend the Internet signal so you can access Wi-Fi throughout your home, including in areas that are far from the router. Its maker claims it will bring internet to places that were once dead, providing speeds of up to 300 Mbps.

Does WiFiBlast Increase Internet Speed?

It’s hard to tell if Wifiblast accelerates internet connections or not. It may depend on the circumstances. 

It improves connectivity because it distributes WiFi signals in areas where the main router cannot reach. That’s the basic function of a WiFi booster.

However, it remains dependent on the network coverage of your area or on the main router. Low WiFi signals are normal if your area has weak network coverage. Due to that, your router won’t be able to feed enough signal to your WiFi booster, and your WiFi booster won’t be able to distribute any signal either.

Most people aren’t aware of this. There is a misconception that WiFi boosters will make the internet faster unconditionally. The vast majority of people fail to understand how WiFi boosters work. This leaves them with nothing to gain.

A WiFi booster will not solve the problem of poor network coverage. Switching internet providers might be the best solution.

Technical Specs

Almost any device can be configured to work with the WiFiBlast. WLAN receiver amplifiers will stay connected even after being set up, even through thick floors and walls. Any wall socket will work with this device. You simply need to plug it in. In addition to the safety it offers, this adapter provides Wireless-N system speeds up to 300Mbps.

The Wi-Fi amplifier therefore maintains the connection. Connect this port if you don’t have good reception or want a more powerful WLAN. Your Wi-Fi connection will now be faster and stronger thanks to WiFiBlast.

Is WifiBlast a Scam?

Contact your Internet provider and they could claim that the WifiBlast is fake or a hoax.

But the reality is that a few Internet service providers employ the split-channel technique as they also offer wireless hotspots.

This is the principle to explain why you can connect to many more Internet “channels” with a Wi-Fi Range Extender.

We believe the WifiBlast is not a complete fake. However, there are some reviews from customers which claim that the device did not perform as expected and it’s difficult to obtain the money back.

Is this range extender right for me?

There are a few things you should check out before you spend your money on Wifiblast to ensure you’re really in need of a WiFi booster.

No matter if you are considering an internet service or want to give your internet a boost, this is the first step. If you haven’t decided whether Wifiblast is actually what you need, don’t buy it, since you might end up wasting your money. To find out how much coverage you have in your area, you can check online. A provider’s speed and type of connection will give you a better idea of what you can expect.

Considering you only experience a slow connection away from your router when the broadband performance in your area is excellent, it’s safe to assume you can get a better connection with Wifiblast.

WifiBlast Setup


Plug and play should be easy with this WiFi booster. However, non-techies may have difficulty setting it up. You can connect your router to Wifiblast in two ways. The first is by using a laptop or computer to set it up. 

However, you can configure it easier if you use your phone or tablet.

Here are the steps for configuring Wifiblast on your smartphone.

  1. Your Wifiblast must be connected to a power source before you can use it. If the light beside the power logo is on, it means the device has already been charged.
  2. Your phone should then display a list of available WiFi networks in the WiFi settings. In the event that the device works correctly, you will see an open network named “WiFi Repeater.” Connect to this network.
  3. Enter the IP address “” into your phone’s browser. is the router’s default login address. Sign in with both admin and admin as your password.
  4.  Change this later if you wish to prevent unauthorised access to your network’s admin page.
  5. Change the connection mode from “Access Point” to “Repeater Mode” as soon as you are in the admin page.
  6. Wifiblast needs to be connected to your main router at this point. By switching to Repeater Mode, you can view what WiFi networks your device is capturing. To view the WiFi network you want, click on it.
  7. For the SSID and password, a text box should appear. Enter the name of the WiFi repeater network on the SSID field, which should be different from your main WiFi network. You must use the same security key as when you connected to the network previously.
  8. The configuration will begin as soon as you click “Apply.” Your connection to the main router will be automatically established. You have successfully configured the router.
  9. You can now connect to Wifiblast by going back to your WiFi settings. Except for when you are changing your main router, you do not need to configure the WiFi booster every time you connect.

Check Your Router’s Transmission Frequency

When buying a WiFi booster, you should also consider the router’s transmission frequency. In terms of WiFi transmission frequency, there are two bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. There are differences in range and speed between the two bands. The 2.4 GHz band has a greater range, but a lower bandwidth. Meanwhile, the 5 GHz band offers a closer range and a higher bandwidth. Also, it is dual-band, which means it can operate on two different frequencies.

2.4GHz is the frequency used by WiFiblast. Make sure that your router also runs on the 2.4 GHz band if you plan to buy one. 2.4 GHz devices are unable to connect to 5 GHz SSIDs, unlike dual-band devices that can connect to either band.

On your smartphone, you can easily check the WiFi frequency band. Select the SSID that you are connected to from your WiFi setting. The WiFi properties, such as the frequency, should appear.

Place Your Router on an Optimal Spot

There is a simple reason why your home WiFi may seem slow in certain areas: your router is not situated in the ideal spot. A change in the angle of your router can significantly affect your WiFi performance. Try moving your router around if you’re having trouble connecting to the internet.

Steps to update the WiFiBlast Range Extender firmware

  • You can easily update it by your IP address if you wish to update the Wifiblast range extension firmware. After a firmware update, you get a lot of new features.
    Connect the extender to the power outlet and activate the button to update the firmware.
  • In the address bar, open your web browser and navigate your IP.
  • Now use your default login and column credentials.
  • Go to the ‘Management’ option, select the ‘Firmware update’ option under the following.
  • Check whether or not the firmware file is downloaded. Downloaded if it is not downloaded.
  • Click the “browse” option and locate your device’s download firmware file.
  • Upload this in your column after locating the firmware file.
  • Press the ‘upgrade’ section now.

You don’t turn off your device, the firmware version is updated.

Pros and Cons

  • A top-rated wireless router that provides uninterrupted signal strength.
  • Compact and portable, easy to take with you wherever you go. The device can be hung or placed on a table.
  • Signal strength is more than 100 feet, and range is said to be up to 15 feet. This is much better than any traditional router.
  • No obstacles will hamper your Internet signal inside the building.
  • Signal is available in all areas, including spots that can’t be reached, such as dead zones.
  • Up to 30 devices can be connected.
  • Unlike regular routers, it can provide a maximum speed of 300 Mbps.
  • Easy to install and use. Neither clumsy nor filthy software is needed.
  • A 50 percent discount is available.
  • According to the company, the signal is strong up to 150 feet, but this does not seem to be the case.

WiFiBlast Alternatives


In addition to unicorns and rainbows, Wifiblast also has some downsides. It’s not a particularly exciting device. You can use the following WiFi boosters instead of Wifiblast.

Linksys Max-Stream RE9000

Linksys offers the best routers and WiFi boosters in terms of networking hardware products. A RE9000 is an intelligent device that uses either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz wavelengths to focus wireless signals on devices you want.

Although DAP-1650 appears to be a smart speaker, it is in fact a smart WiFi booster. 

In addition to its 5 GHz speed and range, you’ll also be able to maintain a stable connection for every space since it has a 4 gigabit LAN port.

WifiBlast Reviews – Customer Reports

How much does it cost?

WiFiBlast is very affordable, as mentioned earlier. When you buy more, you save more.

The current price list is as follows:

  • 1 piece – $39.95
  • 2 pieces – $69.95
  • 3 pieces – $99.95
  • 4 pieces – $129.99

When you buy four of these devices, the price will only be $129.99, making each device $32.50. Compared to buying one device, you will save around $17.50.

A 90-day guarantee is also included with the device. The device can be returned for a refund if it doesn’t work as expected. We will discuss both the pros and cons of this device in this review, as we do with all WiFiBlast reviews.

Return and Exchange policy

  • If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return the product within 90 days from the purchasing date.
  • At the time of return, the whole amount will be refunded.
  • If the customer damages or tempered the device, we have no responsibility. Therefore, there is no refund.
  • Money-back guarantee is provided by the company for 90 days.
  • When returning or exchanging a device, shipping charges will not apply


Why doesn’t my wifi extendor work?

If your wireless extension does not work, you must verify that your extension is properly connected to the wall plug. You turn on the power socket button.

How do I reset my extender for wifi blast?

If the wireless range extensor can reset. The reset button will be located. Press the reset button for the WLAN extender, then wait for the LED to turn orange.

Does the wireless expansion unit remove the weak signal of the existing router?

The WiFi expansion extender obviously eliminates the faint signal of the router. The existing router can connected easily via the WPS button.

Is the WifiBlast a hoax?

Even I was a bit confused while purchasing the WifiBlast but upon receiving the product. I found it to be working fine and it really does help in extending your wifi range easily. No worries about the setup as well.

Final Verdict

Wifiblast makes many claims about its capabilities. Among them is that it bypasses bandwidth throttling. Despite this, Wifiblast looks shady for a price that’s lower than average. To be honest, it doesn’t offer anything special.

As a WiFi booster, it merely improves the coverage of your home’s WiFi network. Wifiblast could work for you if you need a cheap and an okay WiFi booster. If you need more power, there are still others to choose from.

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