Why are Security Cameras Important?

Why are Security Cameras Important?

A study about CCTV found that it was linked to a 16% drop in crime. There’s no doubt that security cameras help stop crime, but they have more uses than just that.

Whether your place of business is commercial or industrial, you can benefit from putting up security cameras. Here are seven reasons why your business needs security cameras and video monitoring systems.

1. Reduce Shrinkage

As we’ve already said, surveillance systems are a great way to stop theft. If your business is losing a lot of money, investing in security cameras can help stop bad things like employee theft and customer shoplifting.

Not only that, but security cameras can also help you figure out how your products or materials are being damaged. Once you find the sources, you can get rid of them and cut your budget’s waste. Smarty Security Bulb Reviews give us the detailed information that it is a video surveillance system that is easy to set up and works without wires or extra work.

2. Keep Your Employees Productive

Even the best workers sometimes don’t do their best work, especially if they know they’re not always being watched by their boss. Because of this, you might end up with workers who aren’t as productive as they could be.

When your employees know you can see what they’re doing at any time, they’ll be less likely to waste time and not do their jobs. You can also use your security cameras to thank people who deserve it and scold people who need a firm reminder.

A surveillance system also gives you a better idea of how the workflow works as a whole. It might help you figure out where something in the pipeline could be better.

3. Resolve Disputes Quicker

There will always be disagreements at work, especially in places with a lot of stress. Most of the time, it’s a “he said, she said” situation, and it can be hard to decide what to do when you don’t know who to believe.

If you have security cameras, it may be easier to tell who was right and who was wrong. For example, if one employee says that the other started the fight, your recordings may show that the other person started it.

When you have a good surveillance system, not only do you get the real story, but you also make sure that problems are solved in a fair way. This can help make the workplace better as a whole.

4. Better Workplace Safety

If your business is one of those that puts its employees in dangerous situations, you should definitely install security cameras on your property.

Falls, slips, and other accidents can happen at your workplace, so it’s best to record and keep track of them all. Not only will it give you clear records of when and where accidents happen, but it can also help you improve your safety procedures when you see the most common accidents right in front of your eyes.

Again, accidents can happen at any job, even if you work in a quiet office. Someone will always get hurt, whether they are an employee or a customer. When it does, you want to make sure you’re covered so you’re not responsible.

If someone wrongly tries to sue you in court, you can quickly fight back with hard evidence from your surveillance systems.

This is also helpful if two employees go to court against each other. When you can give them video recordings, it can speed up and smooth out their court proceedings.

6. Protect Your Employees and Clients

If your workers are at a remote construction site for a long time, they may be more likely to be a target for crime. Not only are they out in the middle of nowhere, but after a long shift, they might not be as alert. If there aren’t any security cameras in place, this could be a disaster waiting to happen.

If you set up a strong video surveillance system, criminals won’t even think about breaking the law on your property. This will not only keep your employees safe, but it can also keep your clients safe if they come to your site. This will make sure that everyone can safely get to and from the job site and their cars.

7. Get Peace of Mind

Let’s say you and your colleagues are at a trade show. You’ve invested a ton of time and money into making sure your booth is one of the best around.

If you’re there for multiple days, then you may not feel 100% secure about leaving your booth on the premises overnight. Your booth is equipped with security cameras so you can feel at ease while you’re away.

Since the HauSafe Cam HD is portable and easy to set up, you can quickly set it up and take it down if you’re going on a long business trip. You can know more about the features of this amazing security camera in our detailed HauSafe Cam HD review

What Are the Privacy Concerns of Home Security Cameras?

Cameras can record video all the time or only when they see movement, like when you or someone else walks into your garden or past your video doorbell. Before you put up cameras in and around your home, make sure everyone in it knows about them and is okay with them. Your camera footage can be watched or even put on the internet if it is hacked. But if you take the steps we talk about in How to Keep Your Security Cameras Safe, this risk will go down a lot.

We strongly suggest that you turn on any privacy features that come with the camera. For example, you can turn off the cameras using the mobile app, or geofencing technology can do it automatically when a smartphone user in your family comes home.

What are some other ways to keep people from breaking in?

Installing a home security system with door and window sensors and a connection to a monitoring station is one of the best ways to stop burglars from happening when you’re not there. Simple physical security measures like padlocks, door and window locks, grates, bars, and bolts can keep burglars out of your home without costing too much. “If you have a small budget, focus on physical security devices like a security door brace that keeps a door from being kicked in,” says security consultant Frankel. Putting clear security film on windows is another way to make them harder to break.

Light can also keep people away. Outdoor lighting that turns on when it senses motion or is set to turn on at night and off in the morning can keep your home well-lit and make it harder for a thief to hide. Keeping your landscaping neat and trimmed will help get rid of places where people could hide.

Leaving signs that your house is occupied even when you are not there can help keep thieves away. Some ways to do this are to use automated shades and smart lighting to make it look like someone is home and to make sure that no newspapers or packages are delivered while you are gone. A loud dog, which doesn’t have to be big, is also a great deterrent.


Theft and vandalism are less likely to happen when there is a surveillance system. Not only that, but if they do decide to do it, you’ll have proof of who did it and when. This can save you a lot of trouble when the police are looking for evidence.