VisualCleanX Review: Best EarWax Remover Tool

VisualCleanX Review: Best EarWax Remover Tool

Do you have problem removing earwax that block your hearing? Do you wise to view the blockage in your nostrils that won’t come out? If yes, keep reading. VisualCleanX Earwax Remover Tool is here for your help.

The ear, nose and throat easily get irritated or infected, and it is up to use to keep a close watch on these areas in our body.

How well can we do that without hurting ourselves? The answer is really easy, with VisualCleanX Earwax Remover Tool you can examine these areas in your body without hurting yourself. It will help you detect infections at an early stage and thus treat them before it gets any worse.

The VisualCleanX Earwax Remover Tool is an examining and cleaning tool that works to keep you healthy always!

Kindly read through this VisualCleanX Earwax Remover Tool Review to learn more about it. Thank you.

What is VisualCleanX Earwax Remover Tool?


VisualCleanX Earwax Remover Tool is an innovative ear cleaning product designed for use by anyone (yes, even without a medical degree). People from around the world have hopped on the bandwagon and have seen astounding results to their overall health.

This handy-dandy VisualCleanX Earwax Clean Tool ear camera provides both inspection and cleaning so users don’t end up removing more wax than necessary.

While there are other products that do the same job, this one appears to be the front runner. The reason? The camera. It plugs straight into a phone or a laptop, so consumers can see their ear canal clearly.

The VisualCleanX Earwax Clean Tool is the way to keep your ears clean and functioning properly.

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How does VisualCleanX works?

VisualCleanX Earwax Remover Tool works like a dream. It is beyond easy to set up — so much so that the how-to guide included in the box is almost unnecessary!

The VisualCleanX Earwax Clean Tool ear camera uses advanced endoscopic technology to help users observe and fix their ear troubles. It is as simple as plugging the USB or USB-C into a phone, tablet, or laptop. It’s quite a struggle to do it wrong.

As soon as the ear camera is plugged in, the screen will display a clear picture of whatever the user desires. Whether that is an ear canal, the inside of a nose, or the throat, it doesn’t matter.

The 6 LED lights will also start to shine when the device is plugged in to ensure the picture is of the highest quality.


  • Multipurpose: VisualCleanX Earwax Remover Tool is very good as it is designed to be used for many purposes. It works majorly by projecting the surface for you to see how it looks. From there you can take action.
  • Early detection of infection: With the camera footage of the surface, it is very easy to detect when something is wrong and your best possible approach will be instituted immediately. It is made in such a way that every home should have one which they will use to assess their ear canals and other important canals in the body.
  • Easy cleaning: It helps to make your cleaning easy and fast. As you already see the picture of what you need to remove, cleaning it off will no longer take time. You can also use it to clean multiple surfaces as it will always show you a clear picture. With VisualCleanX Earwax Clean Tool, you can clean your ear canal very well. There are only a few devices for cleaning ear canals.
  • Reduce inflammation: Sometimes, what you use in cleaning a surface can cause injury there. But when you are already seeing what you need to remove, it will not be hard to remove it without any injury that can lead to pain.
  • Portable: You can take it to anywhere you want to make use of it. It is not heavy. Making use of it can also be very simple as it is lightweight to carry.
  • Easy setup: It is very easy for you to set it up. You don’t even need professional skills to use. It is more like a first aid tool like other tools you have in your home.
  • Micro-camera technology: With the help of the camera inbuilt in it, you will have a zoomed-out image of the surface you are checking.
  • Led lights: It has 6 led lights that will help you go beyond where your eyes could have reached.

Why you should buy the VisualCleanX?


Sometimes it can be quite tough to attain a few spots in the ear canal, plus cotton swabs can leave a few residue. Moreover, ear wax construct-up, which we are not aware of from time to time, can cause some severe consequences along with earaches, infections or everlasting ear drum damage. VisualCleanX Earwax Remover Tool Reviews is right here that will help you out and simplicity the procedure of ear cleaning.

So, this device will offer you and your family with an efficient detection of ear wax construct-up or various unsure fitness problems which could usually be detected by means of medical doctors.

With VisualCleanX Earwax Clean Tool device, you may keep away from unfavourable your ear canal by means of cleansing with Q guidelines. Plus, cotton swabs can from time to time be very useless by using leaving residue on your ear. Thus, this cleaning device comes with numerous size ear selections with a view to assist you choose ear wax out of tight spots of your ear canal.

What is greater? Micro digicam technology will display a really clear view and will help you see a close up of some a ways off spots. And curiously, VisualCleanX Earwax Clean Tool tool will serve properly with the multifunctional function, that means that you may be able to get a closer appearance no longer only into your ear canal however additionally inner of your mouth, throat, nasal hollow space and scalp. Anywhere that you are feeling you will not be able to real, VisualCleanX Earwax Clean Tool will help you out.

So in my view, it’s miles well worth buying this new and awesome device. By using this revolutionary product and checking your ear canal every day, you will be capable of hold cleanliness and save you risks from getting diverse infections or everlasting ear damages. VisualCleanX Earwax Clean Tool endoscopic digicam will take a look at your ear canal and reach all slender and tight spaces on your frame.

You may also be able to see a real time view to your computer or smart telephone to optimize the cleansing method. Prevent all viable ear infections, ear aches or even a permanent ear drum harm with the VisualCleanX Earwax Clean Tool cleaning device.

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Main Benefits

Perfect For Your Ears: VisualCleanX Earwax Clean Tool allows you look into your ear canal to examine or check for earwax blockage, infection or/and irritation. VisualCleanX Earwax Clean Tool is perfect for those who know the risk of using cotton swabs and like to keep their ears clean.

Great For Throat and Sinuses: This product can also be used for the throat and nose. VisualCleanX Earwax Clean Tool is ideal for quick home check-ups, when you feel like something is blocking your nasal passage or you have an injury in your throat and think it might get infected or worse. You can use VisualCleanX Earwax Clean Tool to examine it quickly.

A Good Way to Keep a Close Watch on Your Health: It is designed to help you take closer look at those impossible parts in your body. It is the most accurate, reliable, easy to use ear inspection and cleaning tool on the market today. Thanks to its endoscopic camera, you can look into your ear canal, nasal cavity, throat, and so on.

Great For Viewing Anything You Can Think Of!: VisualCleanX Earwax Clean Tool can do more than just examining and cleaning the ear canal, examining the nose and throat. It can also be used for looking into tight dark corners like car engines, pipes and so on.

How to use VisualCleanX?

You have to follow these 4 easy steps for using this device which are written down below:

  1. Plug in the USB Camera.
  2. Press long the power button to power on the device (Make sure battery level is high).
  3. Enter Wi-Fi settings on your phone and connect your phone to VisualCleanX.
  4. Open the Camera application on the mobile phone.

Simply connect the camera cord to your mobile device, and insert the camera gently into your ear or focus it on the object of your inspection. View the camera feed on your smartphone to see clearly what is inside your ear!* Then use the ear wax removal kit to gently and precisely clean your ear.

All you have to do is download an app named “YCamera” from the App Store or Google Play Store.


If this equipment does not work properly, read the following contents carefully, troubleshoot the problem or contact us for the solution.

Connect the phone, the light does not shine and no imagePlease confirm whether OTG Function is on
Connect the phone, lights and no imagePlease confirm whether the phone supports free driving UVC Camera
Camera is not clearThe best focal length is 1.4-2cm, check if there is dirt in camera
Cannot remove the earwaxPlease try sticky cotton stick or swab cotton stick
Doesn’t work on the phone/computerPlease confirm whether it is connected with the device/ whether the camera software is downloaded and operating

What makes VisualCleanX Earwax Remover Tool so special?

VisualClean X

This high-tech device will give you closer look into your ear with access to see a real-time view on your smart device! This 2-in-1 inspection and cleaning tool is equipped with a high-quality camera and earpicks to reach and clean those spots that cannot be easily reached without a camera view.

Now examine your ears more effectively and detect any issues that can cause such conditions as earache, infection, or permanent hearing loss problems.

Those who are suffering from eczema, cognitive issues, or wear hearing aids have a higher probability to face and develop various ear infections. VisualCleanX Earwax Clean Tool will be an incredible solution to all of the potential health problems!

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Camera diameter: 5.5mm

Camera pixels: 1.3 million

Is it waterproof: Yes

LED: 6 leds

Cleaning Method: Wipe with alcohol

Accessories: 2 Ear-picks, 2 Ring Ear-pick, 1 Cleaning Cloth, 1 Camera Protective Cover

Here are some of the honest VisualClean X Reviews

How much does it cost?

The manufacturer is currently offering the VisualCleanX device at lower prices. Check below:

  • 1 for $67
  • 2 for $97 – Popular Offer
  • 3 for $134

Note: Price mentioned above are in US Dollars. All the price is after discount of 50% OFF!

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From where you can buy VisualCleanX?

Clean your ears more effectively! For a limited time, VisualCleanX device is available up to 50% OFF!

Purchase VisualCleanX in 4 SIMPLE steps:

  • Choose your country from the list
  • Click on the “Buy Now” button
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  • Let us take care of the rest!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is this product safe to use?

Yes, this product is 100% safe to use. It doesn’t have any side effects, rather it helps to remove ear waxs which goes a long way in preventing ear infections.

What’s the importance of the built-in camera?

The built-in camera helps you to see what you’re doing.It helps the user to remove ear wax properly without causing any damage to the ear as opposed to when the user does the cleaning without the use of a camera.