TP Toss Game Review: Try Out This Game Now

TP Toss Game Review: Try Out This Game Now

Staying at home with no responsibilities or duties seemed appealing a few months ago. But now that you and your family have been stuck at home for two weeks, you’ve started to get the blues, and they’re out of hand, especially for your children. If you’ve tried board games, movies, and even video games to keep them engaged but nothing has worked, then try the TP Toss Game! It’s a goofy yet high-energy boredom buster game that will improve even the most grumpy kid’s attitude.

So, if you want to experience the truth of your mind’s lockdown, this tremendously enjoyable and engrossing game is for you. You’ll discover everything you need to know about this isolation-busting game in this TP Toss Game review, and you’ll realise that quarantine isn’t that awful! It gives you extra time to play this incredibly entertaining and addictive game. So, without further ado, let’s get this party started.

Overview of TP Toss Game

TP Toss is marketed as a game that will offer fun and excitement to a family, as well as a group of adults, elderly, or youngsters. For those who are unsure what the game is about, “TP” appears to stand for toilet paper in “TP Toss.” To put it another way, it’s as simple as playing with the included toilet seat and two toilet paper rolls. So, if you’re seeking for ways to spend the holidays indoors and are in desperate need of anything to pull you out of the doldrums of the year, especially if it may bring your family closer than ever, look no further.

Then there’s the fact that, aside from its simplicity, this game is easy to clean, one-size-fits-all, and, of course, provides hours of entertainment. As the year 2020 approaches, many nations are still dealing with the effects of COVID-19 on their mental, physical, emotional, and, in many cases, financial health.

To lighten things up a little, we’ve chosen to look for games that may make everyone grin, whether they’re for kids or adults. We stumbled upon TP Toss while doing so. By all appearances, TP Toss appears to be a game that may briefly liberate people from their cares, sorrows, and pain. The goal of this review is to evaluate TP Toss in its totality, as well as the level to which it may leave everyone wanting more! Now comes the fun part: figuring out how to play the game.

What is TP Toss Game?

TP Toss Game

The TP Toss Game is a highly addictive, entertaining, and even amusing game in which you wear an inflated toilet bowl rim around your waist and hurl inflatable “TP rolls” through it. Whoever wins will be crowned King or Queen of Toilet Paper Tossing.

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Features of TP Toss Game

The TP Toss Game has the following main features:

  1. There is a single size that fits all.
  2. Compact Inflatable Tubes with Velcro Belt
  3. Inflatable toilet seat with a strap
  4. Two TP rolls that inflate
  5. Portable
  6. Cleaning is a breeze.

How does it work?

When you’re ready, the TP Toss Game is ready to go! It requires almost no installation or setup and delivers hours of entertainment for the entire family. Furthermore, if you or your children get weary and it is time to end the game, the toilet seat and TP rolls can be quickly deflated and stored.

Here’s a simple step-by-step instruction to teaching you how to play the TP Toss Game:

Step 1: Fill the toilet paper rolls and the toilet seat with air.

Remove the toilet paper and the strap-on toilet seat from the packaging. With your lips, blow air into them.

Step 2: Tighten the straps on the toilet seat.

Use the Velcro band to fasten the toilet seat around your waist once it has been sufficiently inflated.

Step 3: Have some fun!

The TP Toss Game has no set rules; you and your children may make up your own. So go ahead and let your imagination run wild because the sky is the limit! A weekend tournament or a regular one-on-one game are also options. You may even blindfold the thrower for added hilarity and difficulty.

Is the TP Toss Game Actually Entertaining?

TP Toss Game

Yes! The TP Toss Game is wildly entertaining for the entire family, not just youngsters. Your entire family will love this competitive, entertaining game, and trust us when we say that playing it together will strengthen your connection.

The TP Toss Game does not require any assembly or prior knowledge. All you have to do now is inflate the toilet paper and the toilet seat, and you’re ready to go! Another fantastic feature of this game is that everyone may participate in the action and have a good time.

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Rules of TP Toss Game

The game’s rules are the plot twist in TP Toss: there aren’t any. Instead, it is strongly advised that individuals put on their thinking caps and create the regulations as they see fit.

This space for liberty is symbolic, especially given COVID-19’s grip over work, health, economics, and our whole way of life into 2020. Here are some recommendations from the creators. These, as seen below, can be customised to fit one’s preferences and beliefs:

  • Adults

Allowing each participant a chance to throw the TP roll is one way to have some fun if adults want to play TP Toss. The person who is wearing the toilet seat around their waist should sit or stand 10 feet away from the throwers. The person wearing the toilet seat can have a drink after each successful throw, and this position should be alternated until all players have reigned the toilet seat. Drinks can be replaced with truth or dares for non-drinkers.

  • Children

A point system can be used to make things competitive but still fun. To begin, a person must be chosen for the toilet seat, who must stand 8 feet away from the throwers. A point will be awarded for each successful throw. We have a winner after 5 rounds. The game can be advanced to the next level if there is a tie after 5 rounds. What may it be? Well, it could be entertaining to blindfold the remaining players and see who can throw the most successful throws in the shortest amount of time.

Who Should Consider Purchasing a TP Toss Game?

TP Toss Game

The TP Toss Game is ideal for families or individuals who are weary of being alone and seeking for methods to brighten their spirits during these difficult times. This Game might be the ideal complement to brighten up any occasion whether you’re weary of sitting at home with kids or need something for an office party (hopefully, we won’t constantly be secluded and life will eventually take its toll, and work parties will return).

TP Toss Game is equally at home entertaining adults as it is entertaining children. So, why should you not purchase the TP Toss Game? Isolation does not have to be dull, and this competitive and fun game will help you rapidly brighten things up.

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  • The nicest part about the TP Toss Game is that it is one size fits all! You do not need to purchase a separate set for each family member. The Velcro straps are tightly attached around the body for a secure fit. No matter how large or tiny you are, or what body type you have, the TP Toss Game will suit you wonderfully.
  • Easy to set up and play — The TP Toss Game is simple to set up and play. You only need your mouth! You’ll be ready to play for the throne in no time if you simply blow air into the TP rolls and the toilet seat.
  • When you’re done playing, simply collapse the toilet seat, and the toilet paper rolls through the inflated tubes. Roll them up safely and keep them somewhere safe for the next toilet paper flinging fight!
  • Simple to clean – The TP Toss Game is also very simple to clean. All you have to do now is wipe it down with some water (we clean ours with our favourite cleanser) and you’re ready to go.
  • The TP Toss Game is small and portable, making it ideal for practically any occasion. It’s quite simple to put up and take apart. It’s so little that you may carry it everywhere or to any function.
  • The TP Toss Game does not require any assembly and is ready to play straight out of the box. That is, no assembly or prior experience is necessary. All you need is some fresh air, and you’ll be ready to have a lot of fun!


The disadvantages of the TP Toss Game, in our opinion, are insignificant to be concerned about. However, in order for you to make an informed decision, consider the following disadvantages of the TP Toss Game:

  • Only available for purchase online: The most significant disadvantage of the TP Toss Game is that it is not sold in shops.
  • Product unavailability: The TP Toss Game is a fast-seller that sells out rapidly due to strong demand and limited product availability. As a result, make sure you obtain yours right away.

What is the best place to buy a TP Toss game?

To avoid purchasing counterfeit items, we recommend purchasing the TP Toss Game straight from their official website. Furthermore, if you buy now, you will receive a special introductory price of 50%.

If you are unhappy with the TP Toss Game for any reason, the firm provides a no-hassle return policy that allows you to obtain a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

How much does it cost?

The developers have chosen to provide discounts on bulk orders because TP Toss is significantly more exciting when played in groups. To be more specific (price in US dollars):

  • 1 TP Toss unit costs $19.99 plus $8.95 for shipping and handling.
  • $39.99 + $9.95 S&H for 2 units
  • $44.99 + $10.95 S&H for 3 units
  • $54.99 + $11.95 S&H for 4 units

When entering one’s individual addresses at checkout, keep in mind that shipping and handling prices may differ. The price listed above is the very minimum that may be expected.

Final Thoughts – TP Toss Game Review

Overall, the TP Toss game appears to be a good game to have on hand because it may loosen people up and leave them having fun with their pals. The latter is critical in a time when everyone on the planet is cooped up indoors. The extra benefit is that users are given the freedom to create any game they desire, with no restrictions. What are the advantages of this? For starters, adults can use it one day, and when it comes to the turn of the children, the regulations can be adjusted properly.

As a result, the prices appear to be reasonable. The only danger to consider is waiting until the 30-day mark, or even later in some situations, when the refund is no longer valid. Otherwise, the advantages exceed the disadvantages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages is Hoarder appropriate for?

The Hoarder TP Game is appropriate for all ages to use. Young and old alike can enjoy this casual form of entertainment.

How many people can play Hoarder at once?

That’s up for you to decide! Sure, a one-on-one game is always welcome, but think outside the box. An eight-person tournament sounds fun and competitive. Or maybe a game with three teams pitted against each other. You make the rules, so include as many people as you’d like.

Is Hoarder just for kids or can adults enjoy it too?

Adults love the Hoarder TP Game. It can be used at literally any social function from office parties to home get-togethers with friends. It can even make for a fun drinking game! This is a game that both children and adults will get lots of entertainment from.