TikiTunes vs Margaritaville: All That You Need To Know

TikiTunes vs Margaritaville: All That You Need To Know

Whatever the occasion, music is essential whether you’re partying on a rooftop or at a beach. These two places also do not have electrical outlets. No speaker, no matter how small, can be installed without wiring harassment. Read about TikiTunes vs Margaritaville here.

How can we solve this problem? Choose an affordable and effective Bluetooth speaker. In a beach party, outdoor gathering, or romantic beach dinner, music is a necessity. Now let’s compare TikiTunes with Margaritaville in-depth. Select one of them and buy it.

We have made your life easier by providing a detailed comparison between these devices. For quick learning and quick purchases, see the following table.

TikiTunes vs Margaritaville: Which One is Better?

Tikitunes vs Margaritaville

TikiTunes vs Margaritaville: what do you think? They are both head-to-head. We should rethink the facts before deciding which is better. There is a Bluetooth speaker named Margaritaville and a Bluetooth speaker named TikiTunes. Both are rechargeable and portable.

Compared to TikiTunes, Margaritaville can stay on for up to seven hours. Margaritaville also has a distance connection, which is a plus. Which is 3 feet more than what TikiTunes offers.

Margaritaville isn’t the winner solely because of these reasons. The TikiTunes app would be a good choice.

First and foremost, its IP65 rating makes it resistant to moisture and dust, so its lifespan is longer than Margaritaville’s.

In comparison to Margaritaville, TikiTunes offers much better audio quality. TikiTunes also hits hard on price. Margaritaville is also limited to adding one additional speaker of the same brand. In addition to 8 speakers, TikiTunes supports speakers of different brands and the same brand.

TikiTunes vs Margaritaville – Differences

TikiTunes ReviewMargaritaville
Connection Area 30 Feet33 Feet
Battery Duration6 hours7 hours
Water ProofingIP65Not there
Dust ProofYesLower than Tikitunes
Warranty1 year2 year
Best Suited For I highly recommend TikiTunes for outdoor/indoor. This bluetooth, wireless speaker with LED lights is your best companion. It’s both dust and water resistant.This portable Bluetooth is a must-have device for the summer, since it makes a great beach companion.
OrderBuy TikiTunes NowOrder MargaritaVille Now

What is TikiTunes?


Outdoor Bluetooth speakers that are awesome. The TikiTunes can be paired with other TikiTunes of the same brand model and other models. Add it up to a Bluetooth speaker that supports multi-speakers.

You can play music and enjoy lighting for up to six hours with this speaker. The playback time of a Bluetooth speaker is quite long. The beach party could be in your backyard or at a party at the beach. If it gets wet or dusty, you can worry-free.

If it gets dusty on the beach, speakers cannot be easily damaged by dirt. Dust cannot enter the chamber thanks to the design of this product. The beach party is on without any worries.

When it is nothing more than a speaker, what is the point? Bluetooth speakers aren’t all you get here. LEDs are attached to the speaker as an ambient light. I feel like I’m actually watching a real fire when I watch this. Using the LED lights, you can create a dance of fire. It is sometimes like dealing with tangible products when you are dealing with digital products. Candles seem to glow like fire lamps. After hearing that, everyone will feel good.

Order TikiTunes

Main Features

The main features are its portability and Bluetooth capabilities, but one thing that cannot be ignored is how affordable it is. A comparable device with the same capabilities costs significantly more.

One of the highlights of the game is its sound quality. There is a lot of volume and crispness to the sound. We mean really loud when we say loud. It’s obvious how powerful these little beasts really are when it comes to midrange.

Up to six hours of lighting and music are provided. Even in the dark, the light is very bright, so there is no problem.

Rechargeable with a 5 W charger, the battery has a capacity of 2000 mAh. 7.2V battery offers greater power than a mobile phone. You can play a long music playlist once your USB charger is fully charged.

Its multi-connection capabilities are what make it so interesting. There is no limit to the number of speakers you can add. One speaker can be connected to another speaker and the phone’s first speaker via Bluetooth. Your stereo experience will be completely unique with this product.

But wait, there’s more. With any Bluetooth speaker, it can be paired. Similarly, TikiTunes works with any other speaker that can be paired with the same brand. I must admit, this feature is quite handy.

How to pair TikiTunes?

Pairing with Phones/Laptops:

  • The first step is to power up the speaker.
  • Upon pressing the “Pairing” command prompt, TikiTunes will begin to pair.
  • Blinking lights indicate the status of the device.
  • Your device needs to be set up for Bluetooth.
  • TikiTunes can be paired with any available device.

A TikiTunes speaker and a mobile device:

  • The speakers should be on both simultaneously.
  • To play, press and hold the play button twice.
  • If the device synced successfully, the LED should stop blinking.

From where to buy?

Physical shops as well as online stores offer speakers for sale. You can buy the product from TikiTunes official website.

TikiTunes Customer Reviews

Purchased 5 for my family members. The sound quality is really good, the ambient light is a nice touch, the overall look of the speaker is very nice and it’s easy to sync. Very happy with this purchase and have recommended it to friends. – Liz.

Love that it comes w/usb charger – no batteries to worry about & long lasting charge… 1st time we used after full charge we played music for 8-9 hours straight & it was still going when turned off (did not expect it to last so long – what a pleasant surprise) … Bonus … Love the ambiance of the “flickering flame” usable with or w/out music … Hope to be able to order more in future – would be Fun to have several synced together for gatherings … Highly Recommend. – Pepper.

I love my tiki tunes it’s awesome! Easy to use, put’s out great sound, I use it all the time. Wish I ordered more then one, everyone who see’s it wants to have it. Would have made a great Christmas present. – Connie

How much does it cost?

TikiTunes is available on many online platforms, but they don’t offer any discount. It’s official page comes with 4 amazing deals and discounts. They sell 1 TikiTunes only at $39.99+S&H with a $10 discount. Another offer is Buy 2, Get 1 free at $99.98 with a $49.99 discount and free USA shipping.

Their most popular deal is Buy 3, Get 2 free at $149.97 with free USA shipping and a $99.98 discount. The last but the best deal among all is Buy 4 Get 4 free at $199.96 with free USA shipping. Remember, only the official website provides these offers.

What is Margaritaville?


It works on a Bluetooth connection and features a chandelier design. Travellers will love this Bluetooth speaker. Rather than being a gadget, the speaker is designed to be a showpiece.

This is supposed to be your summer buddy, according to the company. Play music through this speaker while you enjoy the summer at the beach or the pool. It is not much better in terms of water resistance and dust resistance. The beach is manageable, however.

You can then take it camping with your friends and have a wonderful time. Additionally, it can be beneficial when you enjoy relaxing on the beach or in the pool. This way, you can literally go to any park you like.

You will feel as though you are holding a real lantern with the LED lights. Adding two speakers will double your entertainment.

Main Features

Margaritaville is known for its amazing features, including lasting for seven hours at a time. It sounds quite good. For a small bonfire party, you can use it.

Is it forbidden to light a fire on the roof? That will be compensated for by Margaritaville. The speaker should be in the middle, and you should start the party. There is no way you’ll ever think there is no bonfire thanks to the flickering effect.

For the surrounding sound, you can keep 2 speakers in the distance. Maximum distance from the speakers is 33 feet. The speaker sticks to the ground on a pole, so you have a lantern-like effect.

A beach party entrance can be made with long poles. You should then position the two speakers above them. It will make your guests feel special, and it will make you look elegant. The main features to pay attention to are ambiance, sound, and duration.

How to pair Margaritaville?

Pairing with Phone/Laptop:

  • The speaker will turn on after 3-4 seconds of pressing the power button.
  • Pair your phone with MA112 by going to the Bluetooth settings.
  • Once it is synced, the white light will no longer blink.

Pairing with another Margaritaville speaker:

  • Press the power buttons three to four times to turn on both speakers.
  • As soon as the speakers are paired, both will blink.
  • The speakers do not pair automatically, so press the pause/play button on any speaker until it pairs. You mother will have that device.
  • A white light will continue to illuminate the second speaker, and a blinking light will appear on the master speaker.
  • Your phone or laptop needs to be connected to the speaker, then you are ready.

Where to buy?

Buy from the link here as we guarantee the original speaker with the amazing discount.

Margaritaville Reviews

I order this not really thinking I would use it so much. I love the sound quality and how pretty it looks. The only thing I found a little annoying was my phone sometimes cuts out and you have to re sync it, but that was user error not the speaker itself. I did buy two and my phone will not allow both to be connected at the same time which is a not a big deal. – Chris

I bought them for my son for XMAS. He loves them. He had both connected to his phone in a matter of moments. The sound quality was very good. He ran them on Christmas day for about 5 hours with the music and lights running. He was very happy. – Dan Melroy

What’s the price?

Upon checking the price of Margaritaville, we found this product to be costly as compared to TikiTunes. You can buy Margaritaville for $99.


These two Bluetooth speakers give cut-throat competition to each other. Which portable speaker should you buy? The answer is simple, look at the features of both Bluetooth speakers and choose the best speaker for yourself. If you want an affordable Bluetooth speaker then invest in TikiTunes and if you want greater battery life then go for Margaritaville. The features of both speakers are almost similar and their sound quality is amazing at the same time.

Get your hands on the best and good quality Bluetooth speaker right now and keep on enjoying your rooftop and beach parties. We hope now you have clear vision about Tikitunes vs Margaritaville.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the TikiTunes rechargeable?

You bet! The TikiTunes has a rechargeable battery and can be charged using the included Micro USB Cable.

How long does it take to charge?

The TikiTunes takes approximately 2.5 hours to charge from a fully drained battery. Once fully charged it will play for a minimum of 6 hours. Many of our customers report much longer play times.

How big is the TikiTunes speaker?

Each TikiTunes speaker is about 7 inches tall and 4 inches wide. It’s small enough to take anywhere while still offering powerful sound!

Can you use the Tikitunes outdoors?

Yes, the TikiTunes is designed for use outside and is rated IP65 certifying that it is dust tight and water resistant.