The Wand Wine Filter Reviews: Does it Really Work?

The Wand Wine Filter Reviews: Does it Really Work?

Wine is my favorite beverage. I don’t discriminate when it comes to wine, whether it is red, white, rosé, or sparkling. My least favorite part about myself? Later, I feel how it made me feel. I am most likely to get a severe headache after drinking wine. Even if I just have one glass, and don’t get me started on wine hangovers. Find our honest The Wand Wine Filter Review here.

My ailment(s) most likely to blame? Sodium sulfate. Almost all wines use these preservatives. They keep wine fresh by preventing oxidation. Some people have a problem with them as they can cause symptoms such as nausea and flushing. As well as histamines, wine contains chemicals that are released during an allergic reaction. Various foods and drinks naturally contain histamines, which can cause headaches and other symptoms that are not really fun. In essence, wine doesn’t make you feel all that great – alcohol aside.

Fortunately, there’s a solution for all those problems: the PureWine Wand . Using the single-use wine wands (made from food-grade, BPA-free plastic), you can eliminate pesky histamines and sulfites. This can be done without adding chemicals or changing the flavor, color, or smell of your wine. The method is applicable to all types of wine.

Histamines and sulfites in wine can cause headaches, stomach upsets, skin flushes, and hangovers. This is the reason why The Pure Wine Company knows how to minimize their effects. Nanopore beads are wrapped inside a BPA-free plastic pouch to make this wine ward.

What is The Wand Wine Filter?

The Wand

The Wand Wine Filters are made by Pure Wine. There are two packets, measuring 2.8 x 1.5 x 6.5 inches with a gross weight of 1.6 ounces. This wine filtering company is known for its quality. You can enjoy both white wine and red wine using this filter. This can be done without experiencing side effects usually associated with unfiltered wine. The histamines and sulfites are instantly removed from your wine as you swirl it. This results in a swift relief from headaches and stomach discomfort.

Histamine and sulfites present in the glass play a role in these reactions. This is because these natural compounds are present in all wine types. It’s good to know that the Wine Ward lets you take as much wine as you want without these ill effects.

With Nanopore beads all wine allergens are removed without adding chemicals to compromise the wine’s composition or bringing any additional additives into the equation that would affect the wine’s taste. With the wine wand, you can begin to feel the effects after swirling your wine after just a few minutes. It is most effective in 6 to 7 ounces of wine. 

Since Wine Ward’s mode of action has been under research and field-testing for more than five years in the US. High-quality performance is guaranteed.

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Features of The Wand Wine Filter

REMOVES ALL SIDE EFFECTS OF DRINKING WINE – Drinking wine presents 5 common side effects: Headaches, Stuffy Nose, Skin Flush, Next-Day Hangovers, and Upset Stomach. PureWine alleviates ALL of these symptoms.

Purified Wine’s Advantage – Other wine purifiers do not remove both histamines and sulfites that trigger those unwanted wine allergies. With the Wand, red, white, and sparkling wines can be purified WHILE retaining their natural flavors and aromas.

WASTE NO MORE WINE – Imagine never throwing away opened wine bottles again! Patented Phoenix Purification technology allows the Wand to restore open, oxidized wine to its natural state.

ECO-FRIENDLY – No harsh chemicals added. The safety and effectiveness of Phoenix Purification have been demonstrated in independent tests. Safe and BPA-free. FDA compliant. A 100% U.S. product.

CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE – It is convenient, easy to use, portable, and fits in purses and pockets. This disposable product is used once and then disposed of. Social celebrations, holidays, and social gatherings. The perfect gift for friends and family. The NEW twist-off wine charms will never let you lose track of your glass again. In less than 3 minutes, as well as aerates and purifies wine.

How does the Wand Wine Filter Work?

Working of the The Wand Wine Filter

My knowledge of the scientific details behind the product (and their patent, which protects those details) is limited, but I do know that each little filter is said to remove sulfites and histamines from wine. You can find more detailed information on the company’s website, but in general, the filter works better the longer the glass stays in it. It will be able to filter out all of the histamines after 8 minutes, which means that as you enjoy your wine, it will continue to do so.

Apparently, stirring your filter while it filters also helps to aerate your wine, if you decide to sit in front of your glass while you wait. As soon as I was done with my first one, I opened it up to inspect it more closely. The inside is a sphere-like mixture of yellow and red spheres; I assume they were once all yellow, but after filtering a glass of red wine, they have been saturated with color.

I like this feature the most (and my freezer too) because you can now store wine in the refrigerator to keep it fresh! As of now, I can (maybe) keep a bottle of red wine in my fridge without having runny noses just thinking about it, which is a huge win in my book.

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Are Wine Wands Effective?

Wine wands may be able to get rid of sulfites and histamines, but they don’t get rid of the main thing that causes hangovers. Alcohol is the thing in question.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism says that the effects of alcohol on the body are what cause hangover symptoms. Ethanol can lead to dehydration, trouble sleeping, stomach problems, inflammation, and a withdrawal-like feeling. Not because your wine has sulfites and histamines in it, but because you have these symptoms.

If you don’t drink, you won’t have a headache the next day. But if you drink enough alcohol, you’ll still get a hangover, even if you use a wine wand.

This revolutionary tool also has a few other problems. They say they’re good for the environment because they’re made of BPA-free plastic, but each wand can only be used once. After using the wand, you have to throw it away. Even if it can be broken down by living things, these plastics take a long time to do so.

Who is this product for?

As the wine wand rids you of all the side effects associated with unfiltered wine, it isn’t meant for a specific group of people. For those who are interested in taking wine without complications, this is the best option.

How to use the Wand Wine Filter?

The key to reintroducing foods with caution when suffering from histamine intolerance is to take it slowly. Start with a sip one day, a half serving the next, and then a full serving the third or fourth day, assuming you did not have any adverse reactions. The first thing I noticed when taking it out was all the dust inside, so I got a package of three from their official website to test. I’ve shared a few pictures of the wine wand in its packaging, but when I started using it, I noticed all the dust inside.

The entire bottom of the wand was coated with this light yellow powder, but it was easy to remove and it didn’t release again when I shook it. While the wand itself looks like a tea bag, its actual removing part resembles a coin purse with a lot of weight. I looked for instructions before using it, but there were many ways to write them. Leave the wine wand in wine for at least 10 minutes after dipping it in it. You should drink wine. So easy!

Can you Reuse the Wand Wine Filter?

People who want to use The Wand are told to put it in their glass for three to eight minutes. The Wand will clean the glass in that time without changing the taste or colour of the wine. Whoosh magic! The Wand shouldn’t be used again, so once it’s done, it’s easy to throw away.

So, can you use the wand wine filter more than once? Answer: Each wand is meant for one glass of wine and should not be used more than once.

But you can only use it once, so make sure you decant the wine with it or drink the whole bottle at once or it will cost you.

Pros and Cons of The Wand Wine Filter

  • User-friendly.
  • This is a portable device
  • A very efficient service
  • Very effective
  • Reusability is not possible
  • Inexpensive.

Main Advantages

Here are some advantages we think deserve recognition:

Portable & Disposable: The Wand is a convenient and portable device. It therefore makes extras easy to carry around with you. Due to the limited lifespan of The Wand, PureWine chose environmentally friendly, renewable materials.

Being Able to Enjoy the Richness of Wine: Wine can be health-promoting when consumed in moderation. People reconsider its consumption due to the bitter taste and hangover symptoms it can cause. Now, individuals can finally enjoy their favorite flavors without experiencing any side effects.

Instant Purification: Continual stirring can increase the purity of wine by as much as 3 minutes. While it is certainly best to stir it for a substantial amount of time, realizing that a few drops is also doing a lot is satisfying.

Limits Wine Wasting: Too much oxygen usually causes people to discard the wine when it has been exposed to too much oxygen. With The WandTM, this problem no longer exists, as the technology is capable of pinpointing oxidized particles that harm the taste of the wine.

100% Made in the US and Has Been Well Received: This ensures that they can monitor and oversee the product’s manufacturing processes instead of being reliant on an elaborate supply chain and allowing them to support local materials. In terms of the public’s reaction, 8,000 5-star reviews have been left online for Wands and Waves (the bottle version) alone.

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The Wand Wine Filter Ingredients

Each Wand contains resin beads that are specifically formulated to attract and absorb sulfites and histamines like a magnet. They are made in the USA from local sources, they leave nothing behind in the wine and are FDA compliant.

Wine Purifier: Step-by-Step Guide

After I poured my first glass of red wine and inserted my first wine wand, I set a timer for 10 minutes.

I found that the company’s website claims that after three minutes, only half of the histamines and sulfites are removed, while after eight minutes, up to 95% are removed. As a result, I would recommend letting it simmer for 10 minutes and gently stirring every minute or so to allow it to filter evenly.

Each pack comes with three wands, so on night one I only poured a bit more than the recommended quantity of wine (*4oz. ), just enough to cover The Wand plus the wand itself. The entire glass was sipped in one go… but I snuck a second one because it was so tasty. I then waited. After another few hours I repeated the process and instead drank half of the glass. Right now I’m on an antihistamine and eating very clean, but I enjoyed the meal very much.

On Day 4, on the day I had a full glass (4 ounces) with a reliably non-reactive meal, I experienced very minimal acid reflux (I waited two days after drinking the 1/2 glass). Although my mind remained clear afterwards and my histamine reaction is brain fog/distractibility, I think that was due to the sudden acidity more than to histamines. Alternatively, I may order low-histamine wines (organic or sulfite-free) from the supermarket next time.

As I remember, I liked the wine blend I picked because it had been that long since I had it. First time I had wine for quite some time, the first sips were strangely satisfying!

Does The Wand Really Remove Sulfites?

The Wand

As with any new product, the real question you ought to ask is whether or not it really does what it claims to do. A number of aspects of the Wand Wine Filter need to be assessed in order to determine whether or not it is actually effective at removing sulfites.

It is important to note that all of the components of this wine purifier are food-grade.

In terms of capturing and removing sulfites from your wine, the Wand Wine Filter uses an advanced filtration system that acts more like a magnet than a net.

Wand Wine Filter’s ability to remove up to 80% of sulfites and potentially harmful substances from your wine has been verified in several different blind taste tests by users and professionals alike.

You can visit The Wand Wine Filter’s official website to figure out more details about the science and technology behind the purifier.We’ve gone over the specifics regarding the effectiveness of the Wand Wine Filter in removing sulfites from wine, so now it’s time to examine a few of the most prominent pros and cons that you should expect to experience when using the device.

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What do Studies reveal about wine causing headaches?

According to Harvard Health Publishing, alcohol inhibits the enzyme as well as dilates blood vessels, resulting in a headache-inducing combination.

However, histamines are also present in a wide range of food and beverages. Processed and packaged foods, fermented foods, smoked meats and cheeses have a high level of histamine. That’s why some people with histamine sensitivities take part in a low-histamine diet to help alleviate symptoms, according to Dr. Elliot.

Dr. Elliott explains that red wines contain more histamines than other kinds. When experiencing these symptoms, pick Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc instead of Merlot, Chianti and Bordeaux.

How Histamines in Wine Can Cause Headaches?

People facing Headache

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, mast cells in your immune system release chemicals called histamines when your body encounters an allergen.

In turn, Immunoglobulin E (IgE) makes its way into the cells, which then releases molecules causing headaches, congestion, and bloodshot eyes.

According to Tania Elliott, MD, allergist and clinical instructor of medicine at NYU Langone, people who become congested or have scratchy throats after drinking wine aren’t allergic to the wine, but rather to the histamines in it.

The exogenous histamine in wine tends to increase body sensitivity to histamines because certain people lack the enzyme to break them down. Some individuals have higher levels of histamine naturally, or drinking wine increases their blood histamine levels.

The Wand vs Ullo

The Wand

In order to completely eliminate sulfite from wine, Ullo is an ideal solution. It can be easily used. It simply needs to be placed on top of your glass and your wine can be poured over it. Its sleek design can be used with any wine glass, decanter, carafe, or stemware. In this filter, sulfur dioxide is captured, while other substances can pass freely.

The way these filters are applied is one of the major differences. Wand filters are dipped in wine to work, but Ullo filters are placed over the glass. A single wand filter can only filter a small amount of wine whereas an ullo filter can filter a lot more. A wand can purify a glass of six ounces, or about 177ml. Ullo can refine approximately 750ml.

Besides that, ullo has a three-part filtration system with an aerator, a cup, and a filter. With its silicon cup, you can quickly pour wine without making a mess. You can also see the wine dripping into your glass due to the clear base. Turning the aerator on or off will allow you to choose whether your wine will be aerated or not. It is important to stir your wine when using a wand filter to aerate it.

In addition, the Ullo’s design allows it to sit firmly on the glass without having to be held. They’re both designed to be simple yet effective, and neither affect the taste of the wine. Additionally, they are safe, effective, and help restore the wine’s natural quality.

A sulfur dioxide allergy makes the ullo a perfect alternative. Histamine intolerance is best accommodated by wand filters. For someone who needs to carry a drink purifier to an event but does not want to invest in ullo, the wand filter is the way to go. It’s also less expensive than Ullo.

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Does The Wand Wine Filter remove side effects from goos quality wine also?

In addition to the wine’s quality, wine intolerances can cause some negative side effects. Histamines and sulfite levels are quite low in some high-quality (expensive) wines, while they are high in others. For less expensive wines, the variations are similar. Indirectly, histamine levels are influenced by factors like grape type, grape quality, and fermentation methods. No matter what type of wine you drink, you can almost always expect less side effects when you use The Wand.

What About the Sulfites in Wine?

A preservative found in wine and some foods, sulfur dioxide is also known as sulfur dioxide. In fact, Dr. Elliott says sulfites in wine are more commonly associated with allergies and asthma symptoms than headaches.

As a rule, sulfates trigger more allergic and asthmatic symptoms rather than headaches in select individuals who have a sulfite allergy, Dr. Elliott says. These foods, as well as wine, contain histamine, which is likely to be the cause of headaches rather than sulfites.”

Sulfites can worsen asthma symptoms and trigger food allergies when they are found in dried fruits, vegetables, pickled foods or package potatoes. For this reason wine labels must disclose that they contain sulfites if it meets a certain threshold according to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau. All wines with sulfur dioxide or a sulfite agent of 10 ppm will need to have on their label “contains” so be sure not to drink too many bottles before your next meal!

Is There Such a Thing as Sulfite-Free Wine?

Results after using The Wand

It is impossible to get sulfite-free wine. Sulfites are added to wine in order for it to stay fresh and prevent oxidation from occurring, but they also happen naturally as a byproduct of fermentation during the production process. “Sulfites are needed because wines that mass produce tend to use more than others; however natural wines aren’t always an answer,” says Dylan York, principal sommelier at The Society of America’s Sommeliers (the first organization with this title).

Winery work involves extensive skin contact which can lead some people who have sensitivity or allergy issues towards sulfates containing products like aspirin or antihistamines into experiencing unpleasant symptoms such as headaches after drinking alcohol.

The Wand Wine Filter Founders

The Wand Founder

Dr. David Meadows and his son Derek Meadows founded PureWine Inc. in 2014 as a privately held company. As the two realized the challenges that headaches from wine and allergic reactions from red, white, rose, and sparkling wines can bring, they spent two years in the lab to eliminate histamines and sulfites in wine. Since wine is beneficial, the team incorporated the theory into practice and has not experienced any symptoms associated with wine consumption. David explains:

We knew that our filtration system was working, but we weren’t sure if this big, bold Cab would be as good as the one in Napa.

They have since introduced The Wand Wine Filter for by-the-glass drinking in 2016 and The Wave for a full bottle of wine.

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Where to buy The Wand Wine Filter

You can buy The Wand Wine Filter from different places. However, not many of these places are safe or deliver the product as expected. We recommend buying The Wand Wine Filter from the official website.

Not just this, The company offer a no hassle, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with The Wand, we are happy to help you with a return. We want you to be happy!

The Wand Wine Filter Reviews – Customer Reports

How much does it cost?

To purchase The Wand, consumers must visit the official website. The usual price for ten Wands is $29.99. A number of packages are offered on the website, which include:

  • 1 package of 10 Wands (10 total) for $24.99
  • 3 packages of 10 Wands each (30 total) for $59.98
  • 5 packages of 10 wands each (50 total) for $89.97
  • 8 packages of 10 wands each (80 total) for $119.96

If you purchase ten Wands, you will have to pay shipping costs. There is no shipping cost for all other options.

Even if the user does not find the wands to be compatible with wine, they have 30 days to get a refund.

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What’s included?

The wine wand comes with a standard three-piece set and is only good for one use. The heart rate monitor can be taken anywhere because of its portability.

Final Verdict

The sulfates and histamine are simultaneously removed by filtering wine with a wand. Using them is very easy and portable. You can enjoy your wine within three minutes. Enjoy your wine today without headaches and stomach problems by using Wand wine today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s inside The Wand?

Each Wand contains resin beads that are specifically formulated to attract and absorb sulfites and histamines like a magnet. They are made in the USA from local sources, they leave nothing behind in the wine and are FDA compliant.

What do I do when I’ve finished using a Wand?

The handles of The Wand are made from food-grade, BPA-free polypropylene plastic and are 100% recyclable; just remove the filter from the handle and place the handle in the recycling.
The contents of the filter are not recyclable – they are resin beads that contain the absorbed histamines and sulfites – but you can dispose of the filter safely in the trash.

What if I only drink very high-quality wine? Do I still need The Wand to avoid side effects?

The side effects of wine intolerance are not necessarily related to the quality of the wine. Some high quality (expensive) wines have quite low levels of histamines and sulfites, yet there are other very expensive wines that have very high levels. Similar variations occur for less expensive wines.
More directly, high levels of histamines are related to critical variables such as the type of grape, quality of the grape and the fermentation processes used.
In other words, you can almost always expect to see a reduction of side effects when using The Wand, no matter what type of wine you’re drinking.

Does Wine Wand Change Taste

Not at all. Wine wands are filters that are put in a glass of wine. To appeal to women, they are often made in pretty colours and with fancy handles. The wand is a one-time-use piece of technology that is stirred for three minutes in a 6-ounce glass of wine. It is thought that three minutes is enough time to get rid of histamines and sulfites without changing the taste of the wine.