StealthHawk Pro Reviews: Helicopter Drone Worth It?

StealthHawk Pro Reviews: Helicopter Drone Worth It?

Are you searching for a way to keep your home under surveillance? Or do you need a way to explore an adventurous location with safety? In all cases, we got you covered. Meet StealthHawk Pro, the military-grade drone that has been sold out globally.

This is Why You Need a Helicopter Drone Over a Regular One. Most of us believe that a drone is a gadget designed only for photography or for playing around just for fun. However, a helicopter drone offers way more than that.

For years now, special forces have been using these types of drones for surveillance and security. Thanks to their design, helicopter drones are highly resistant and ultra-fast. They can survive extreme conditions such as high altitude and their powerful battery make them unbeatable.

This way, helicopter drones are the ideal devices for activities that require extra safety. They come in very handy for adventures such as hiking, hunting or even camping as they offer a safe option to explore the location without putting yourself or your love ones in danger.

Most drones on the market are not that durable and can’t be used that way. It’s after all really expensive to do all the research to produce a military-grade drone.

Recently this technology became available for mass production and this is how StealthHawk Pro was designed.

What is StealthHawk Pro?

StealthHawk Pro

The StealthHawk Pro is the world’s first commercially available military helicopter drone. The StealthHawk Pro is a small espionage drone that is designed to be ultra-durable and highly quick. StealthHawk Pro is stable in strong gusts and provides crystal-clear aerial video even in harsh situations since it is equipped with actual blade movement. 

StealthHawk Pro can withstand rain and temperatures ranging from -10°C to +43°C (or 14°F to 113°F). This way, you can be certain that your images and videos will always be smooth. The StealthHawk Pro is one of the few drones that can fly for 15 minutes at a distance of 120 metres thanks to its battery. And it was all done in near silence, with no distracting noises. When you want to utilise a helicopter drone to monitor your house and the region surrounding it, this is a must-have function.

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StealthHawk Pro Features

  • Smart Construction and a Stylish Design: The StealthHawk pro has a fashionable appearance. This drone is made of hard plastic and is designed to appear like a helicopter. The blades are solid yet not too heavy. This drone is small and portable. Without a doubt, this is the way to go.
  • Excellent Flight Time: When the Team tested the Stealthhawk Pro RC drone, it flew for roughly 15 minutes on a full charge. The fact that it has a 3.7V 600mAH Li-Po battery is a bonus. Flights are almost silent as well.
  • Various Flight Modes: We discovered that the StealthHawk Pro Helicopter drone features several flying modes and reliable mode switching throughout our testing. You can’t get enough of this helicopter drone, from the hover function to the auto-return feature. More information may be found in the manual.
  • Wireless Controls Made Simple: A wireless control pad is included with the Stealth Hawk drone reviews. Its control knobs are accessible to anybody. Signals may be sent to the drone for up to 100 metres in Team testing, not 200 metres as other reviews claim.
  • Sensors that are smart: The StealthHawk pro’s gravity sensor is excellent. In our indoor testing, the drone‘s collision rates were lowered, and it remained steady. It is important to remember that children should not approach the drone while it is in flight. They could be hurt because of the quick blades. We strongly advise you to use the Stealth hawk heli drone outside.
  • Affordable Camera: The Stealthhawk Pro camera may be spotted in the heli’s front section. The camera may be toggled and the resolution is adequate. You may consult the user handbook for information on camera modes.

What problems does StealthHawk Pro solve?

StealthHawk Pro

Because of its features and amazing design, as well as its low pricing compared to other manufacturers, this drone is sold out everywhere. The well-thought-out and ultra-durable build of the StealthHawk Pro allows you to take it with you wherever you go since it fits comfortably in your pocket.

Finally, the discounted price is incredible for such a high-end product. Pick one up before they’re gone, we say. In a nutshell, the StealthHawk Pro is just as excellent as the major names, but at a fraction of the cost.

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Technical Specifications

  • Type: Helicopter Drone
  • Dimension: 230mm x 80mm
  • Battery: 3.7V 600mAH Li-Po battery
  • Flight Time: 15 minutes
  • R/C Distance: 100 metres
  • User Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Gravity Sensor: Yes
  • Camera: Yes

How is StealthHawk Pro different from other Helicopter Drone?

First and foremost, the StealthHawk Pro is not just another drone. Its one-of-a-kind helicopter-like design makes it very helpful and functional. The StealthHawk Pro is small and nimble, making it simple to handle even for those who have never used a drone before.

The auto-landing and auto-return capabilities make flying even simpler by allowing you to leave StealthHawk Pro flying on its own without fear of it being lost. You may touch on the screen of your smartphone to choose a place on the map using the StealthHawk Pro app. StealthHawk Pro will fly there right away to investigate the situation and provide you with real-time video.

Furthermore, the 4K WiFi integrated camera, along with image stabilisation technology, makes this drone a must-have for anybody interested in photography, vlogging, or live broadcasting.

  • Helicopter with Real Blade Movement in a Compact and Stylish Design
  • Military-Grade Materials that Withstand Wind, Rain, and Altitude 4K Ultra HD WiFi Camera Provides Smooth and Crystal-Clear Footage
  • Long-Lasting Battery Provides Continuous Flight for 15 Minutes
  • User Interface that is Simple and Easy to Understand

Main Advantages

  • It’s transportable.
  • The drone is made of a tough material.
  • It has a straightforward user interface. The controls are simple to master, and the mobility is excellent.
  • 15 minutes of continuous flying using the Clear Anterior Camera. By heli drone standards, it’s reasonable.
  • Multiple flying modes are available to users.
  • Affordably priced.
  • As a result of the sensor support, there are fewer collisions.

Who needs the StealthHawk Pro?

The StealthHawk Pro Helicopter Drone is best for every individual who’s a helicopter drone geek. It is a simple gadget to use. However, its simplicity does not mean that it’s not as sophisticated. Being easy to use makes this helicopter drone camera the best option for both beginner users of helicopter drone and the professional users.

StealthHawk Pro can likewise be used by campers to survey the camping ground to ensure security. They can just set the gadget over the camp region as a surveillance system. The StealthHawk Pro Drone can also be exceptionally useful to families.

They can put it to various purposes since the drone is even multifunctional. They can use it for a wide range of things, from capturing amazing experiences and moments to using it to surveil their homes. Stealth Hawk Pro is something each family needs to have a hang on.

Pros and Cons

  • High-level durability, so it can take a few hits.
  • The controls are straightforward to learn, even for the uninitiated.
  • Stability during the flight.
  • Stylish design in dark colors.
  • The camera is pretty good for the price.
  • Several flying modes that you can switch between easily.
  • Portable and easy to carry around.
  • The price is low compared to other models.
  • Has sensors to avoid collisions.
  • Not many different designs to pick from.
  • Only flies for 15 minutes (other models can last longer).

What is so special about the StealthHawk Pro?

StealthHawk Pro is a unique device not like all other drones or surveillance devices. This is what makes it so special and one that you must consider buying.

While there are many drones in the market, they are quadcopter drones. This is a helicopter drone that looks like a helicopter drone but works like a quad drone. This makes it a special device.

Just like other drones, the device has a camera. The camera can be used to take high-resolution images and videos. This makes it as utilitarian as a drone camera.

The drone is as functional as a military drone in terms of its surveillance capability. The unique feature of this device is that it is fast. This makes it perfectly suited as a surveillance device. You can fly it around your home or any other place and get live videos thanks to the WiFi-enabled camera. You can use this video for security purposes making it apt as a security camera with drone functionality.

The remote controller that makes with the device makes it really easy to use. The controller is easy to manage and you need not have any knowledge of drones to fly this device.

A special aspect of this device is that it has two functions known as auto-return and auto-land. If you are worried about the device being lost, then the auto-return function will be useful. This function allows you to bring back the device wherever it is. Even if you cannot see the device in the air, press the button and it comes back.

Auto-landing is another special feature of this device. When you use this function, you can land the drone easily without having to control it.

What’s the big deal about this drone?

In comparison to other drones and surveillance equipment, the Stealth Hawk Pro is a one-of-a-kind model. This is what sets it apart and makes it a must-have item.

Quadcopter drones are the most common type of drone on the market. Although this drone looks like a helicopter, it actually functions like a quadcopter. Because of this, it’s a unique device.

The camera on this drone is similar to those on other drones. Images and videos can be captured using the camera. As a result, it can be used in the same way as a drone camera.

In terms of surveillance, the drone is just as capable as a military drone. The device’s most notable feature is its speed. As a result, it’s ideal for use as a surveillance tool. Thanks to the WiFi-enabled camera, you can fly it around your house or any other location and get live video feeds. As a security camera with drone capabilities, this video can be used to keep an eye on things.

The device’s remote controller makes it incredibly simple to operate. To fly this device, you don’t need to know anything about drones at all.

Auto-return and auto-land are two of the device’s unique capabilities. Using the auto-return feature can help alleviate your concerns about misplacing your device. This feature enables you to bring the device back to where you left it. Despite the fact that you can’t see the device, pressing the button brings it back.

Another unique feature of this device is its ability to land itself. This feature makes it simple to land the drone without having to manually control it.

StealthHawk Pro Reviews – Customer Reports

Where To Buy

StealthHawk Pro is currently only available for purchase online. The checkout procedure is simple and quick. We ensure that you will have no issues placing your purchase, even if you are unfamiliar with internet buying.

StealthHawk Pro Price

The StealthHawk Pro costs $298, but the company is presently offering a 50% discount. You can now get yours for $149. Instead of $894, 2 StealthHawk pro Heli drones cost $297.

You will also get an additional drone with your purchase. Instead of $1490, 3 StealthHawk Pro Heli drones cost $447. In addition, every purchase includes two more drones. The official website is where you can get yours.


What Does the Stealth Hawk Pro Drone Contain?

Blades of the main rotor
Rotors at the back
Detachable Battery payload with battery levelled indicators
The anterior HD camera is housed in the cockpit.

What do you receive when you order a StealthHawk Pro?

User Manual, Control Pad, USB Cord Drone Pouch for the Stealth Hawk Pro helicopter drone


The StealthHawk Pro is based on a good idea. Its heli design is very appealing. Is this the best drone this year? Easy controls, superb air stability, near-silent flying performance, a respectable flight length, a reasonable price tag with discounts; Is this the best drone this year? Well, we suppose it’s worth a look.