Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Reviews: Phone Mount

Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Reviews: Phone Mount

The Snapshot ShelfyStand 360, which is awesome with easy-to-use capabilities, takes personal photography to an entirely new level. The Snapshot ShelfyStand Triangle is the finest selfie accessory to record their most significant moments in breathtaking clarity and complete comfort, whether they are out with their pals creating fantastic memories or at home with their family taking flawless images.

Photographing significant events allows people to acquire a full sense of their surroundings, allowing them to make the most of any situation. Adaptability and focus are required in photography, which drives people to search out that elusive perfect snap. This is one of the reasons why so many people think photography is an excellent tool for improving mental health.

As a result, every photographer and selfie enthusiast understands the significance of photographing from the correct perspective. A great photograph will capture all of the important details without distorting the image or lowering the pixel count. That is why it is critical to pay attention to this Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 Triangle review.


The camera is a recording device that captures the individual’s best, worst, oddest, and funniest events in a single frame. The individual’s existence is made up of a collection of moments, and the camera is an important element of that existence since it captures the intricacies of each moment.

The numerous parts of people’s lives and the world are fascinating, and photography is an important piece of art that allows people to share unique moments from their life with one another.

Given the fact that not all smartphone cameras are capable of taking high-quality selfies, the Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 will make this possible. This Selfie Stick is an accessory that any selfie fanatic would adore and want to keep on hand.

Read this Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 Triangle Reviews article to learn more about this amazing equipment that is currently gaining popularity in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and a number of other nations.

What is SnapShot Shelfystand 360 Triangle?

Everyone wants to increase their social media presence and hilarious moments as a result of the increasing amount of social distancing that is occurring, and the Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 is the greatest and easiest way to do so.

Without a question, the Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 Triangle is the greatest selfie accessory on the market right now. It is portable, allowing the user to carry it with them wherever they go. Its anti-shake technology assures smooth and clear filming, and it even connects to common 14.5-inch tripods for more convenience and flexibility.

Any individual can take selfies with the Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 that will turn the heads of everyone who sees them, whether they are taken indoors or outside. Its artificial intelligence (AI) will compose the shots automatically to achieve the best potential result. Set it up, download the app, and then sit back and relax as it handles the rest.

The Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 is a great technical camera mount that is to snap images with ease and clarity from all angles. It is the best phone camera mount anyone has ever seen, thanks to its artificial intelligence capabilities. It captures photographs with great care, attention to detail, and beauty, as well as tracking faces and following body motions for a truly immersive 360-degree experience.

Overall, the Snapshot ShelfyStand Triangle allows the user to take their own photos without requiring the assistance of others. Individuals can also participate in hands-free video chats, Facebook live broadcasts, and YouTube vlogs. The cutting-edge technology in the Shelfystand 360 camera includes smart auto-tracking that can lock on to and track its object even when it moves.

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Features of Snapshot Shelfystand 360

  • Sleek and Collapsible Design: The Snapshot ShelfyStand Triangle’s sleek design aspects make it a popular choice among individuals who want to retain memories for the sake of saving them or for reference purposes. Its folding design features a flexible and collapsible joint that makes collapsing a breeze. Folding this equipment takes no time at all, allowing it to be taken anywhere and at any time.
  • With the auto-tracker technology, you can swivel, spin, and monitor the Snapshot ShelfyStand Triangle. Every expression and movement made by users is captured by the Shelfy stand’s 360° object tracking. This device allows for video calls and live video streaming. This auto-tracking mount uses artificial intelligence (AI) to recognise and create images of people. This is a one-of-a-kind feature that enables the user to record all of the angles and features of the photographs without missing a single second of action.
  • The Snapshot ShelfyStand Triangle Facial Tracking Camera Mount rotates quickly, allowing it to capture vloggers quickly and monitor face movements, guaranteeing that all perspectives and motions are captured. Other auto-tracking gadgets, on the other hand, spin at a slower rate.
  • Smart Capture Technique: While in this mode, the Shelfystand 360 Phone Camera Mount has three options for taking photos or videos. This one-of-a-kind smart capture feature allows the user to shoot photos or record movies without even touching the phone. In this situation, users can capture the moment by clapping their hands, speaking, or spreading their arms horizontally.
  • To take everyone’s attention without any problem, this Smart Rotation Selfie Stick is the best . Users can position the Snapshot ShelfyStand Triangle at a safe distance and use one of the strategies for better photography to take photos.

Some other notable features

  • The bundled Bluetooth remote shutter, which is compatible with iOS iPhone and Android phones, allows users to take selfie images and movies from a distance. This provides stress-free control, allowing users to capture the right emotions while capturing pictures with ease.
  • The Snapshot ShelfyStand Triangle is a terrific addition to any home or office, with a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged via USB by a power bank, PC, laptop, or wall charger and provides more than 50 hours of operation on a single charge. This ensures that you obtain high-quality, smile-filled images at all hours of the day and night.

Who needs Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Triangle?

Snapshot Shelfystand 360

The Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 is essential for everyone who wants to take amazing shots without worry and who wants to capture all of life’s moments. Everyone, men, females, boys, girls, teens, and adults, must have a shelfystand 360 for their images in order to achieve this goal. Snapshot 360 is not a male or female-only app.

The Snapshot ShelfyStand Triangle Phone Mount is essential for students, social media users/influencers, sports, vacationers, campers, explorers, and those who require ideal photographs and recordings at all times. For human image design and size assessment, this gadget uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The stand can rotate 360 degrees, giving customers the opportunity to take the finest selfies possible. The stand will automatically swivel to the spot, strike a stance, and seize the person within three seconds if the user leaves.

Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 Triangle allows users to record video during lectures and athletic events, as well as presentations and group photos, and then share them on social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and vlogs. The fact that it is inexpensive is also a compelling reason why no one should be denied the chance to possess even one unit of this magnificent selfie item.

What makes Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Phone Mount so unique?

Object Tracking: The best way to record amazing videos of your baby’s first steps, or your new puppy adorably playing with his favorite toy, or that energetic friend who moves around a little too much! The Snapshot Shelfystand 360 intelligently tracks your subject so you can enjoy the moment rather than lose it trying to get that perfect shot.

Face Tracking: Simply the best selfie-taker you’ll ever use. The Snapshot Shelfystand 360 recognizes and follows your face and makes sure you are always front and center for your best pics. The two-person shooting mode enables you to take fantastic couple’s photos without any stress or disagreements!

360-Degree Horizontal Rotation: Set it up and let the Snapshot Shelfystand 360 do the rest! It tracks your subject wherever they are, and can even rotate 360 degrees horizontally, and 37 degrees up and down so you’re guaranteed to not miss any important memory!

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How to use Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Triangle?

Steps for using this phone mount

It is incredibly simple to use; no technical knowledge is necessary. To get your tablet or phone correctly propped up in your photo shelfystand Triangle, simply follow these basic instructions.

  • Take out your phone or tablet and choose the photo shelfystand Triangle angle you want to utilise.
  • Turn on your smartphone and position it in the slot on the snapshot shelfystand Triangle that gives you the greatest view.
  • Now it’s simply a matter of watching your film, surfing the web, following your recipe, or writing your text.


  • Rotation: infinite 360-degree (Left and right)
  • Angle flip: 360-degrees (Up and down)
  • Device weight: about 220g
  • Speed: about 42”/seconds
  • Battery Capacity: 3 AAA battery
  • Battery Endurance rate: Up to 48 hours (2days in use)
  • Charging Port: Type-C port
  • Base size: 10cm/3.93inches
  • Voltage (Power): 5V 1A
  • Produced Quantity: Batch production in stock for a limited time.

Why Is Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 Triangle suitable for everyone?

Snapshot Shelfystand 360

There are a variety of reasons why everyone should get at least one Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 Triangle Phone Mount. These reasons are inexhaustible, regardless of how you look at it, because the necessity of a high-quality selfie stand can never be overstated.

To begin with, the Snapshot ShelfyStand Triangle, as its name implies, can rotate in a full circle on its base while remaining firmly attached to the smartphone or tablet in its mounting space. Once the user has used the shelfystand app to select a certain face or item for it to detect, the holding device will revolve on its own as it follows the person or thing and photographs/records it on video.

Furthermore, the Snapshot ShelfyStand Triangle is a lightweight, elegant, and ergonomic piece of technology. It may be moved about the user’s home or another big area if necessary, but it can also be left immobile if desired. This gadget may be packed in a vehicle or backpack and takes up less than a foot of space.

Another reason to acquire a Snapshot 360 selfie stand right away is that it is not necessary to own a smartphone of a certain brand or model in order to use this phone holder effectively. As long as the user’s smartphone isn’t much smaller or larger than the usual, it should fit within the holder’s mounting space. Those who use old-fashioned flip phones, on the other hand, may discover that it does not retain them firmly.

Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 Triangle Phone Mount is a must-have in the age of social media, especially for people who like live streaming videos of themselves cooking in the kitchen, jogging in the field, doing acrobatics, tutoring or lecturing, camping, or undertaking various degrees of study, etc.

Main Benefits

  1. Design and Construction: The snapshot shelfystand Triangle is built in the United States of America with the most durable material. The BPA-free rubber-like substance used to make the snapshot shelfystand Triangle has no chemicals. What does this imply for you personally? It means that you can even use it with your children. The shelfystand Triangle is a little snapshot. The dimensions of the packaging are 5.8 x 4.2 x 1.3 inches. And because of its round design, you can easily slip it into your pockets.
  2. Non-Slip: If you have a smooth desk at home or at work and are concerned about how snapshot shelfystand Triangle will keep its ideal position on the surface, don’t fret. This is because snapshot shelfystand Triangle has non-slip silicone feet. Even with the ipad or tablet, you won’t have to worry about it slipping away.
  3. Stability: While reading this snapshot shelfystand Triangle review, one of the things that comes to mind is the stability of your smartphone or tablet on this stand. Snapshot shelfystand Triangle not only gives you a hands-free viewing experience, but it also ensures that your device does not slide off due to vibrations. Forget about flimsy gadget supports that flail about in the breeze! Snapshot shelfystand Triangle includes a weight in its base, making it robust and stable enough to use with big tablets like the iPad Pro.
  4. Integrated Magnet: An integrated magnet on its base to assist fasten the stand to metal surfaces. Another technique to ensure that your photo shelfystand Triangle is always stable and upright, even with the heaviest and biggest tablets.
  5. Lanyardhole: As previously noted in each snapshot shelfystand Triangle review, it features a hole for attaching a lanyard. It makes it simple to transport the snapshot shelfystand Triangle everywhere you go.

Some Other Benefits

  1. Snapshot shelfystand Triangle provides three pleasant viewing positions for your phone or tablet, allowing you to relax your hands while using it. Free up your hands to play games, write with a stylus, cook while reading recipes, or watch your favourite shows and movies! The snapshot shelfystand Triangle has viewing angles of 20°, 30°, and 50°, making it simple to enjoy and share your material with your peers. The snapshot shelfystand Triangle angles allow you monitor many displays efficiently if you’re working with numerous screens.
  2. Look, when it comes to items, durability is crucial. You’re also making an investment, and you don’t want to keep returning to the same merchant to obtain the same thing. Fortunately for you, the snapshot shelfystand Triangle’s longevity is incredible. In fact, the maker has put it through extensive testing to ensure that it is durable and capable of withstanding a lot of abuse. After all, the photo shelfystand Triangle is built of a rubber-like substance that adds to its durability. This phone and tablet stand will not shatter even if it bang against a wall. Isn’t it impressive?
  3. Exceptional Quality: To ensure exceptional craftsmanship and longevity, the Snapshot Shelfystand Triangle was built with quality components. The Snapshot Shelfystand Triangle has a series of punch holes for lanyard attachment. It is up to the user to attach or use it with the lanyard. This a terrific technique to keep it out of the way while yet keeping it within reach.
  4. Snapshot shelfystand Triangle has been professionally built to work with a wide range of mobile devices. Most smartphones, tablets, and eBook readers are compatible, as are numerous protective cases up to 1/2 inch thick. Take a look at how the snapshot shelfystand Triangle fits into your life.

Is the Snapshot Shelfystand Triangle a good investment?

Snapshot Shelfystand 360

When you want to use your credit card to buy a product or service, this is the first question that comes to mind. This is why our editors took the time to do significant research prior to releasing this Snapshot shelfystand 360 review. We determined from our testing and customer snapshot shelfystand Triangle reviews that it is well worth the money.

Snapshot shelfystand 360 is a secure and simple to use shelfystand. It is completely safe and patent, and it was chosen the greatest device stand and got first rank. It’s also highly cost-effective and portable. Snapshot shelfystand Triangle saves you time in addition to holding your phone or tablet by keeping you slightly away from it so you don’t have to touch it until your next break. It’s a fantastic gadget stand that’s well worth a go.

Pros and Cons

  • 360 degree infinite horizontal rotation
  • Object tracking
  • Face tracking
  • Smart shooting
  • AI Composition
  • Orientation switch
  • Vlog Shooting
  • Easy to Operate
  • Power Saving
  • Handle with care.

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Where To Buy

You can purchase the Snapshot Shelfystand 360 from the company’s official website. You can choose from a variety of payment choices with no risk to the buyer at all.

This includes options like PayPal and credit cards, which are two of the most popular ways to make online payments. If customers are not happy with the things they have received, they have the option of returning them and receiving a refund within 30 working days, which is very convenient.

Price of SnapShot ShelfyStand 360

  • $39.99 for 1X Snapshot ShelfyStand Triangle
  • $79.99 for 2X Snapshot ShelfyStand Triangle
  • $89.99 for 3X Snapshot ShelfyStand Triangle
  • $109.99 for 4X Snapshot ShelfyStand Triangle


What is the working time of this device?

You’ll get approximately 50 hours of working time before you need to replace the batteries.

Will my camera fit on the Snapshot Shelfystand 360’s tripod mount?

It should. If your camera has a standard ¼” thread, you’re good to go.

What phone models work with the Snapshot Shelfystand 360?

Your phone should be iOS 10.0 and above, or Android 8.0 and above. Just check your phone settings for your particular model if you’re not sure.


This moment in time, the Snapshot Shelfystand Triangle is a unique stand that provides three different hands-free viewing positions. It’s a secure, simple-to-use, and patented stand for today’s smartphone users, according to its makers.

The Snapshot Shelfystand Triangle is a universal mobile/tablet stand that improves hands-free enjoyment. The innovative circular structure of this object sets it apart from most smaller stands on the market today, since it supports a wide range of device sizes. The usage of TPE, or thermoplastic elastomers, as the material has its own set of advantages, including chemical resistance, recyclability, and flexibility.

The latter appears to be what allows for different device sizes. However, it is vital to note that this material’s one big fault is that it may not endure in the long run, which is something to consider. When it comes to price, the Snapshot Shelfystand Triangle is well within the market range, making it desirable. In fact, its low cost is due to its simplicity, waterproof and flexible nature, and absence of installation.