Snappower Guidelight Review: Outlets Night Light

Snappower Guidelight Review: Outlets Night Light

Want a light-sensing nightlight that’s easy to set up and not too bright so kids can’t play with it? I did find one! No one likes to stumble around in the dark or blind themselves when they get up in the middle of the night for a midnight snack or a quick trip to the bathroom. What’s that? With the SnapPower GuideLight and SwitchLights, neither of these problems is a problem anymore.

I often joke that the fact that I never sleep through the night is my fatal flaw. No matter how tired I am, I always wake up at some point during the night and have to go to the bathroom or the kitchen to get a glass of water, even if I’m not thirsty. When I trip and fall because I refuse to turn on the lights, I often hurt myself. (Did I say I’m very accident-prone?)

When I learned about SnapPower’s SwitchLights and GuideLights, I saw the answer I’d been looking for. Not only that, but I also saw that these illuminated faceplates could help my children, who are afraid of the dark, in other ways.

Pros and Cons

  • Fits in with your decor
  • Casts a bright pool of light
  • It is automatically turned on and off by a light sensor
  • GFCI outlets cannot be installed
  • Mounting screws do not have retention washers
  • Light sensor cannot be turned off (unless tape is applied to it)

What are Snappower Guidelight?

GuideLight is an innovative outlet cover plate that functions as both an LED pathway light and an automatic night light. Use it in your hallway, bathroom, child’s bedroom, or anywhere else where visibility is required to be improved. It has been featured in Forbes, Gizzmodo, Fox and Buzzfeed

Snappower Guidelight

GuideLights are patented, award-winning electrical outlet covers with a built-in LED nightlight. They’re quickly becoming famous for their professional, elegant look and surprisingly low operating costs.

GuideLights attach over top of your outlets and emit a soothing glow beneath the outlet. They light the area enough to see clearly — yet are dim enough to avoid waking you up at night.


  • So incredibly easy to set up. There’s no need to turn off the electricity or call an electrician. Just take off the old cover and put this one on.
  • Give your home a new feature that high-end homes usually have, but don’t take away an outlet.
  • Kids who think this nightlight is a fun toy can’t take it out.
  • This doesn’t need to be on. Because it has a light sensor, everything works by itself.
  • The LED lights only use a small amount of electricity, don’t get as hot as old lights, and last a lot longer.


  • Light Options: Adjustable, Motion-Activated
  • Color Options: White, Light Almond, Ivory, Black
  • Outlet Options: Duplex, Decor
  • Switch Options: Toggle, Rocker, 3-Way

Snappower Guidelight Installation

Installing GuideLights is a total breeze… all you have to do is snap them on and they automatically start providing the perfect amount of light!

It’s all thanks to GuideLight’s easy 1-2-3 installation:

  1. Turn off your electricity.
  2. Remove the old outlet cover.
  3. Snap the GuideLight into place over the outlet and screw it in.

Now simply turn the electricity back on and you’re all set!

This means you won’t have to ask for help to install them. In fact, we’ve even seen a few hilarious stories on social media of people “pranking” their spouse… they install GuideLights while their spouse is on a quick grocery run, and when they come back, they’re shocked to see what appears to be a professional electrical installation. It’s that fast and easy!

Also, read SnapPower Guidelight Troubleshooting if you are facing any issues!

How it works?

Traditional nightlights are cumbersome, consume valuable outlet space, and necessitate replacement bulbs… GuideLight is entirely dissimilar! It installs over your outlets in a matter of seconds and emits calming light for up to 25 years.

Simply remove your current wall plate and snap the GuideLight into place; no wiring is required. The LEDs provide excellent illumination without occupying a socket or causing an eyesore, unlike traditional nightlights. Even better, GuideLights turn on automatically at night, so no electricity is wasted!

GuideLights make your home’s dark corners safer and more aesthetically pleasing.

Should you replace your nightlights with GuideLights?

If you’re still using plug-in nightlights, have small children running around, or have dark areas in your home… then the answer is simple: Yes!

GuideLights can do the same job (or better) than nightlights, yet at a fraction of the cost — and with a MUCH improved look!

Thanks to all these innovative features, GuideLights have quickly gone viral since their release — as of press time, more than 4 million GuideLights are out there lighting up homes, and that number is fast increasing as more people discover them.

Thums up for Snappower Guidelight

As we mentioned, each GuideLight costs less than 10 cents per year to operate… and that’s not considering how much you’ll save by avoiding the need for rewiring your home. Equivalent solutions that look and function the exact same cost hundreds more.

Clearly, GuideLights are a welcome innovation for anyone who relies on nightlights — or simply wants to brighten up their home in a sophisticated way!

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Why we recommend?


Trade those plug-ins for an option that works better! You can use both outlets with GuideLight built into your outlet cover. There is no need to unplug.


You can save power and ensure the safety of your home with GuideLight’s automatic on/off feature.


The LED lights provided by GuideLight provide a soft glow that provides visibility without waking you up. As well as lasting up to 25 years, the bulbs are also energy-efficient!

My personal Experience (Snappower Guidelight Review)

I dislike having to turn on the lights in the middle of the night. Bright light exacerbates the annoyance of a bit of insomnia. The SnapPower Guidelight provides enough illumination for you to safely navigate your home without turning on bright lights. And I must say, it works especially well for keeping babies sleepy during the 2AM feeding. I adore it!


  • The Best time to buy Guidelight is now as on buying 4 you get 4 free thus, you can buy all 4 at the price of only $119.96 which otherwise costs $239.92. 
  • If you buy 3 , you get 2 free, so they will cost you $89.97 which otherwise retail at $149.95. 
  • If you buy 2, you get 1 free. Thus, you can buy these at only $59.98 instead of $89.97. 
  • Also, if you just want to buy 1 and see its magic then there is $5 discount, and you get it only at $24.99. 


If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with GuideLight, you can easily return it, hassle-free!

What Customers Are Saying about Snappower Guidelight

Where to buy SnapPower Guidelight

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Have Questions? Read These FAQ

How do GuideLights turn on and off?

GuideLights include a light sensor that turns the LEDs On/Off automatically. They should be at full brightness when the room is completely dark and slowly dim as the room gets lighter. If you have a truly dark space they will just stay on.

Is the GuideLight ETL listed?

Yes! GuideLight has been designed to the highest standards of safety, and is ETL listed in the US and Canada. We design our products in conjunction with safety engineers and UL staff to meet and exceed UL standards. All of our products are tested to these UL standards by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories. We use Intertek as our testing laboratory and all of our products use the Intertek/ETL mark.

What color temperature are the LEDs in our lighting products?

The LED lights in our lighting products are a neutral white temperature. Approximately 4,000 Kelvins.


So far, the SnapPower Guidelights have performed precisely as envisioned. They are consistent, cast an excellent downward glow on the area surrounding the outlet, and are one of the most ingenious electrical market innovations I’ve seen in the past five years. As an upsell for your clients, you should have these on hand if you are an electrician. This is as close to a no-brainer as you can get if you are a homeowner. The nightlight has gone out. The SnapPower Guidelights are eternal!