SeedSheet Review: Best Organic Gardening Pods

SeedSheet Review: Best Organic Gardening Pods

You have to work hard to grow your own seeds. An herb garden can be grown from seeds, however. Gardening is not for everyone. There might be a solution in SeedSheet. Non-GMO gardening kits can be used by anyone to start their garden. What can this product do to make gardening easier now that urban gardening is on the rise? Read ahead in our detailed SeedSheet Review.

What are the challenges in Gardening?

You can grow your own pasta herbs in your own garden. Tacos and Caprese taste even better when you harvest the fresh ingredients yourself. Gardening challenges, however, are a fact of life. It’s a tight space for one. Two, plants don’t seem to grow from nothing. Whenever you plant seeds, they seem to die even before they have a chance to take root.

SeedSheets offer some interesting possibilities I couldn’t pass up for someone like me, who has a strong passion for gardening but only a limited amount of space for apartment gardening. They appeared on Season 8 of “Shark Tank,” causing a minor bidding war. (You can view the whole segment here.) They were ultimately funded for $500,000 for a 20% stake, revealing an above average level of confidence in this gardening product. A variation on an old concept like this is enough to get me interested. Not only “Shark Tank”, you could also read about SeedSheet at CNN and Business Insider.

Since long before the outbreak of COVID-19, there has been a growing demand to return to healthy, organic eating. We’re surrounded by toxic chemicals and pesticides in our food supply, so eating greens that grow in your own backyard is a nice feeling. How about those who have never been able to grow anything? The Hail Mary may be SeedSheet.

Why To Use Organic Gardening Pods?

A boyy using SeedSheet

People in urban areas who lack access to land, and/or fertile soil, are primarily targets for SeedSheets. They essentially make it simpler to grow plants without taking drastic steps in the beginning.

Choosing just a sheet or getting the better, container plus soil version will certainly make growing a lot easier and much more successful. It comes with anti-weed fabrics to keep your garden weed-free and clean.

What are Seedsheet?

SeedSheet in a bag

Gardening problems can be solved easily with a SeedSheet. There are all the necessary items included in this kit to help you set up your garden. Presented in dissolvable biodegradable pouches, the kit contains non-GMO seeds. As the seeds are watered, the pouches dissolve. You will receive a continuous update about the condition of your garden with its smartphone software. This sheet can be used in all types of gardens or containers.

The sheet can cover six different herbs simultaneously if it is placed perfectly. Beginners can use it effectively because of its simple use process. With a non-BPA gardening container, it keeps herbs safe and fresh. Whether you want to use it in the garden, on the balcony or even in a small place like the windowsill, you can use it anywhere.

A unique aspect of this is that it includes all the ingredients you would need for a particular dish. Each kit includes ingredients for a herb garden, taco ingredients, caprese, hot sauce, cocktail ingredients, and salad ingredients. There are six different kinds of seeds on each Seed sheet.

There are no GMOs or organic seeds. Making microgreens is now easier than ever before. With flaxseed sheets, for instance, you’re guaranteed weed-free plants. Consequently, your own herb or vegetable garden is more conducive to growing.

A Seed Sheet is included with planting soil and containers. It is also possible to purchase the sheets themselves separately.

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Features of SeedSheet

If you want to grow your own produce, SeedSheet are a fantastic product for you. As SeedSheets are designed for easy use, people of varying skill levels can use them.

  • No weeds: With the pouches you will have a container or garden that will be weed-free and only include the product you want.
  • Variety: Several varieties of SeedSheets are available, and they are easily customizable. Herb sheets are available as well as pepper sheets. There are many options.
  • No need for herbicides and pesticides: On your produce, neither herbicides nor pesticides are necessary.
  • Can be grown indoors: With SeedSheets, you can grow plants in just a corner of an apartment. You should also order some soil from SeedSheets along with the package to make growing your own produce a little easier. Make sure your plant receives enough sunlight and follows the instructions properly.
  • Wait time: SeedSheets can reduce success rates and increase wait times if you choose not to use them.

How does it works?

Pick Your Seeds: Decide on your ideal garden size. Our software helps you create the best garden by letting you choose from over 80 organic or non-GMO plant varieties.

Plant Your Seedsheet: Seedsheets should be placed on top of nutrient-rich soil in a gardening container. Spray water directly onto the pods and soak the soil through. You should continue to water your Seedsheet every day.

Enjoy!: Your seeds will grow as you watch! It is easy to eat fresh, healthy, and pesticide-free food knowing that it is local, fresh, and organic.

What is included in SeedSheet?


According to its advertising, SeedSheet is designed for gardeners who don’t have a green thumb (plant killers). Each sheet is about the size of a shallow peat pellet, and is prearranged in circular or rectangular sheets (that are essentially meshes) alongside a small amount of growth agent.

Among the variations on window sills and pots are fabric gardening containers (known as grow bags) and a saucer for catching and retaining water.

Pre-fertilized potting soil is included in the pot-sized package, enough to fill your small grow bag. Three green, plastic stakes come with the set to hold the sheet in place and prevent it from dislodging in the wind. A bottle with a screw-on misting nozzle can hold one or two liters of water. In this way, overwatering is prevented.

Those with the smallest SeedSheet have just one herb mix: common (giant) basil, cilantro, dill (probably dwarf fern-leaf), parsley flat leaves, onion greens (not to be confused with chives) and sorrel. The company now offers a bonus pizza variety, which contains basil, purple basil, sun gold tomatoes, and scallions.

It is important to note that custom sheets cannot be refunded for the backyard and raised bed/ground varieties. The backyard size offers 80 types of plants. Plants can either be grown in small beds/grounds (with 48 spaces) or big beds/grounds (with 32 spaces). The materials and accessories, with the exception of seed type, are generally the same regardless of size.

The SeedSheet mobile app reminds you when and how much to water your plants, as well as when they are ready to harvest. Basically, all you need for SeedSheets is a water bottle and a 1-liter bottle.

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Main Benefits

Save Money: Seed sheets help you to save money by yielding that overcomes the price of seeds. Almost 40 days of time, it starts giving its first harvest, approximately one produce gives around hundreds of dollars of produce.

But if the harvest fails it will yield less produce, as long as you follow the information in pouches it will help us in maximum productivity.

  • Save time: In order to save time we need to buy the seed sheets instead of buying the seeds alone as it contains an expandable.
  • Anybody can make use of SeedSheets: SeedSheets is incredibly easy to use and anybody with varying skills and experience in gardening can use them without any hassle.
  • Customizations are easily possible: Since they are simply pouches with seeds in them, you can easily customize which seed you want in your SeedSheet. You can choose from their listed, pre-made pouches, or make your own.
  • Organic and non-GMO seeds: There are multiple seeds in each pouch making sure that they will germinate. The Seeds themselves are organic, non-GMO seeds right from the USA.
  • Works indoors and outdoors: You can either plant them in a container or your backyard, SeedSheets will grow well in ay place if you take care of them well enough.

Who is SeedSheets for?


Everyone can use SeedSheets effectively. SeedSheets is an excellent tool whether you are an experienced gardener or a beginner looking for some help and guidance. If you live in an apartment or a city with less space for your own garden, this is especially useful.

SeedSheets will help you with everything, from healthy seeds to nutrient-rich soil and a container to grow your plants in. Despite their ease of use, SeedSheets are suitable even for children.

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Why We Recommend It?

Anybody can make use of SeedSheets: SeedSheets are easy to use, and anyone can use them no matter what their level of gardening expertise is

Customizations are easily possible: The SeedSheets are simply pouches with seeds inside, which means you can choose which seeds to put in them. They list premade pouches and allow you to make your own as well.

Organic and non-GMO seeds: In each pouch, there are multiple seeds to guarantee their germination. Seeds from the USA are organic and non-GMO.

Works indoors and outdoors: SeedSheets can either be planted in a container or in your backyard. If you take good care of them, they will grow well anywhere.

30-day money-back guarantee: It is possible to opt for a free trial run. In most cases, customers are completely satisfied with the product, however, if you are not, the company provides a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

How to use SeedSheet?

These kits are convenient and easy to use.

  • Overtop the potting soil, place the sheets. Be sure to place the seed side up. Once the sheet is firmly down, remove it.
  • Plant the seed papers firmly on the insert states in the kit. On the X slits, place it.
  • As you water the seeds, the biodegradable pouches dissolve. Each time they dissolve, add water for 10 seconds.
  • Sunlight is the best thing for seed growth. Those who lack balconies can grow these babies on their window sills.
  • You just have to wait! Forty days remain until harvest. Even though it’s long, it’s all organic.

Available Variants

There are different variants of SeedSheet giving you the ability to grow a variety of different produce.

  1. Herb Sheet:  There are six unique herbs in this SeedSheet, including basil, parsley, onion greens, sorrel, dill, and cilantro.
  2. Salad Sheet:  A must-have for salad fans and those who love fresh fruit. Includes beet greens, radishes, pea shoots, Red Russian Kale, tatsoi, arugula, and golden frills.
  3. Caprese Sheet: It has basil and glacier tomatoes, two key ingredients in making Italian food, meaning that it will be as fresh as it can be.
  4. Taco Sheets: Are you a taco fan? For your own personalized tacos, you can choose from six unique toppings. You’ll get the best, freshest produce ever when you make your tacos at home, including white radish, Valentine’s radish, purple plum radish, cilantro, scallions, and arugula.
  5. Cocktails Sheets: It is hard to imagine anyone not enjoying a cocktail, now you can make your own at home. A total of 8 ingredients are included on this sheet: celery, tulsi (holy basil), pea shoots, Thai basil, borage, and bronze fennel greens.
  6. Hot Sauce Sheets:  Are you a fan of hot food? Among the ingredients on this sheet, you will find purple bunching onions, cayenne pepper, and Dragon carrot, so you have a wide range of options to choose from.

Is Seedsheet a Scam?


The seedsheets shark tank caught my attention because I am a fan of gardening. My experience with it has been 3 months, so it is not a scam. The first harvest took about 40 days, but the second phase was shorter. My customized pot was placed on the sheet, and the sheet was positioned perfectly for its flexibility.

I put the container on my balcony in a low light location, and it works well. Then, I can track the overall progress with the app and be notified whenever I can eat the herbs. I have never used chemicals or fertilizers on the seeds or soil. Six different herbs can be grown in a pot using the pouches, saving me time and money.

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Pros And Cons

  • Weeding is not necessary
  • Personalized services
  • Pesticides and herbicides are not necessary
  • The wait time is relatively long, and fresh produce is not available immediately
  • Plants have a hard time growing indoors

SeedSheet App

Seedsheet provides the following features for free:

  • Video tutorials and tips
  • Plant watering reminders via text message
  • Plants are alerted when they are ready to be eaten
  • Here are some delicious recipes you can prepare with the plants you’ve just grown.

The SeedSheet gardens should be registered separately if you have multiple versions to ensure that you get the full benefits and satisfaction.

Begin the registration of one variety of garden before registering another. This will also help you understand how plants grow in different environments when combined with other gardens.

Custom Seedsheets do not currently have notifications. These will be included in the new native app.

What’s In SeedSheet Herb Garden?

The SeedSheet contains six herbs that we use on a daily basis. Green onions, basil, parsley, sorrel, dill, and cilantro are among the herbs. These herbs enrich your home-cooked foods with a much-needed layer of flavor.

You will be offered a Pizza Garden at 30% off if you choose to buy. Only when you select a package and click “ORDER” does this offer appear. There are violet basil, scallions, sun gold tomatoes, and scallions in the pizza garden.

SeedSheet Review

You can grow naturally with SeedSheets.

There are no genetically modified seeds in any of the seeds. There is no presence of pesticides or herbicides in the ground. Fertilizers are likewise organic in nature. The pot-sized set comes with a grow bag that’s designed for beginning gardeners, but not for anyone else. Watering your potting soil less frequently is beneficial due to its high water retention rate.

Plant heights appear to not be much of a concern with the larger sizes, although plant spacing appears better. In the sheets, “stages” (6 or 7) are based on plant growth rate but not on plant maximum height.

SeedSheets help make gardening as mistake-proof as possible.

What’s the point of buying seed sheets when you can just plant store-bought seeds? Separation and containment are the two advantages. Plants do not choke on each other because of the sheet, and the containment cells help prevent overlaps, at least in the beginning.

In addition to those who aren’t good at gardening, it appears this product is for those who aren’t too interested in it. Since the phone app tells you when to water and harvest, there’s no real planning beyond selecting seeds and the bed size. 

Whether the seeds germinate is the major variable that can’t be controlled. Seed germination rates cannot be altered dramatically by special soil, chemicals, or other growing agents. Some of your plants may not sprout for whatever reason

Almost any environment and a very small amount of space can be used to grow.

People who live in apartment buildings and who have a small yard are heavily promoted SeedSheets. A pot-sized grow bag measures 8 inches x 8 inches x 3 inches. Although herbs do well in 3 inches of depth, a little more depth will not harm them and help them to grow healthier. Because stronger roots make the plant more resilient and prolific.

Four feet by eight feet is the size of the raised bed sheets. Online gardening plans usually fit this standard size. A reasonable amount of space is provided for plants, but additional plants cannot be accommodated. Garden plants grow better and weeds will be discouraged by the mesh. While smaller weeds may eventually penetrate the mesh, the sheet is largely successful in preventing invasive plant growth.

Read on how to fertilize your garden plants in the best possible ways.

Does the pot-sized sheet contain enough herbs to be worth $92?

Seedsheet planted

There is no way to be more precise than this. What will basil cost this spring per bunch? Can anyone make any accurate predictions?

A considerable amount of herbs will require several Seed Sheet if you want to get them using Seed Sheets. Having a plan is unavoidable at this point. Nonetheless, SeedSheet herbs other than the chives require direct sunlight to grow.

A full day of sun means six to eight hours. A patio-style balcony under a roof connects the second and third floors of my apartment building. Despite getting a lot of sun from the east, my porch does not provide the ideal growing conditions for basil and tomatoes.

If you want to propagate the plants quickly, you will need more than one seed of each species, which will quickly fill even a larger garden. Because some seeds fail to sprout, you must have several varieties of each plant. For more certainty, you must plan more in advance than the SeedSheet typically allows. 

There are other factors you can’t control.

Keeping your air conditioner running a lot while you grow indoors will slow or limit your plant’s growth if you’re a warm-natured person. SeedSheet offers no advantages in terms of indoor environmental factors, despite the importance of spacing and seed separation. It is always best to grow herbs in soil that gets plenty of sun and is rich in grit and organic matter. Sowing more than one seed is the best way to ensure germination, thus it is recommended to plant multiple seeds.

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The following table shows the germination rates for the small SeedSheets. Agricultural Extension Program statistics from the USDA:

  •  Basil (common) – 85%
  •  Basil (purple) – 80%
  •  Chives – 90%
  •  Cilantro – 70%
  •  Dill – 46%
  •  Parsley – 74%
  •  Sorrel – 85%
  •  Scallions – ~60%
  •  Sun Gold Tomatoes – 95%

Your plants are not acclimatized by them.

They are slower to grow but more likely to sprout when grown indoors, a method that increases their likelihood of sprouting. You can also grow year-round indoors. Herbs can be harvested any month of the year as long as you have a strong light source.

Plants can only be grown outdoors during specific seasons. Watering outdoor plants more frequently is necessary because the soil dries out faster.

There are a few options available to you as well. From the sprouting stage onwards, the seeds become hardy enough to withstand intense heat. It is also possible to start inside under controlled conditions. Taking care of your plants at this early stage allows you to manage them better and care for them more attentively. 

It is advisable to prepare your plants for outdoor conditions slowly, starting with a few hours of exposure each day, then leaving them out overnight, followed by a couple of days of testing. Although it is certainly possible with SeedSheets, they don’t specifically mention it or provide any benefit in this regard. A roof or lid in the greenhouse style would aid in the acclimation process and should be considered if you plan to start plants outdoors.

What Customers Are Saying About SeedSheet?

Price and money-back guarantee

Starting at around $25, Seed sheets for different-sized containers can be ordered. Garden-size kits are available for just $99, while indoor kits are just $99 as well.

We have some good news for you: if you buy from their official website, you will be covered for money back within 30 days.

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Final Verdict

You don’t have to be a gardening expert to grow a garden. It’s easier to grow greens with Seedsheet gardening kits, and you can even customize them. Our reviews agree that Seedsheets makes gardening easy and will help you grow your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are the seeds included organic and non-GMO?

We use the very best organic and non-GMO seeds from the world’s best suppliers in our dissolvable pouches. Several seeds are included in each SeedSheet to ensure germination.

Do I need to pull the weeds?

The answer is no. A fabric embedded in the seed pouches prevents weeds from growing, so no chemicals are needed to keep them away.

Do I need to bury the SeedSheet?

That is not the case. Simply place the SeedSheet over the soil and secure with the provided stakes.

Can I buy a larger SeedSheet?

You can customize your SeedSheet and order it in 4’x8′ size.

Do I plant SeedSheets in the ground or in a container?

SeedSheet should be planted in a container with the soil that comes with the kit. If you want to plant SeedSheets outdoors, be sure to select a soil that is loose, nutrient rich, and loose.

Do I have to use pesticides and herbicides?

The use of pesticides and herbicides is not necessary. Besides having anti-weeding properties, SeedSheets prevent mold as well.