QinuxLeep Review: Anti Snoring Device – Legit or Scam?

QinuxLeep Review: Anti Snoring Device – Legit or Scam?

Can’t sleep because of your partner’s snoring? Do you wake up every morning unrested? Snoring is one of the most annoying things for the person who sleeps with someone who does and that is that about 50% of the population snores, regardless of sex, being men or women. Read honest QinuxLeep Reviews here.

Sleep is very important for our health! Many people are not aware of what it really means not to rest because of snoring.

50% of men and about 25% of women snore and this can lead to some problems such as: Being more tired during the day, not resting, waking up several times during the night, heart problems, even an increased risk of heart attacks.

But now everything has changed! Thanks to a group of scientists specialised in sleep disorders, they have created a device that is placed under the chin and is able to treat snoring effectively. We are talking about Qinuxleep!

About QinuxLeep


Effectively reduces snoring! Get a good night’s rest and improve your and your partner’s quality of life.

  • Thanks to its EMS technology, it detects snoring activity by means of intelligent sensors, allowing air to flow better into the lungs.
  • It doesn’t disturb your sleep, it’s very easy to use! Just place it under the chin and Qinuxleep will reduce snoring in an effective and healthy way.
  • App available for mobile with which you can monitor your sleep phases and help detect possible health problems.

Features of QinuxLeep

Sound detecting technology: The sound detection ability identifies the snoring sound and sends a message to respiratory muscles to take immediate action.

Multi-Mode: The device contains 45 different levels that can be changed or modified as per one’s requirement. The modes can be adjusted with the help of application available on the App store, you can set the mode range between low sensitivity to high sensitivity.

Connectivity with the phone: The device can be connected with your phone through which you can retrieve the record of snoring and analyzing your snore as well as sleep patterns.

Portability: A portable device that can be taken along when travelling far or near wherever you need this efficient discovery to prevent you from snoring and embracement.

Intuitiveness: As discussed earlier the snoring is controlled by the muscles, a device that entails high spec technology can cope with this issue. A gentle stimulation at the back of the throat muscles occurs, causing them to contract, as a result, the process of inhalation and exhalation becomes easier and peaceful.

Comfortable: Usually people do not prefer such devices as prevention from snoring due to the hardness and irritability of the device. Well, a big round of applause to the mind behind this idea, who placed soft cushioning over the area touches your throat. Moreover, it only weighs 10g in total that is reasonably acceptable by anyone while sleeping.

Lasts whole night: The ability to be working for continuous 20 hours makes it an incredible tool. Also, along with conductive strips, a USB cable is added to the pack. You may charge it first and then there you go.

What makes QinuxLeep the best anti snoring solution?

A boy using QinuxLeep while taking a nap

How often has it happened to you that your snoring is so loud that even those who sleep in other rooms are unable to fall asleep?

This revolutionary device is able to detect snoring activity and gently stimulate the airway, making the air flow better into the lungs.

The snorer may not be fully aware of what it means to others, but the devastating effect of their snoring is very disruptive to the sleep of the snorer and the person sharing a bed, room or even a home with them.

Thanks to Qinuxleep, thousands of people have been able to sleep better.

How does it work?

This lightweight device sticks to your chin and emits small vibrations to prevent your throat from relaxing and snoring.

Weighing just over 10 grams, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it while you sleep.

This small device controls snoring without interfering with the normal sleep cycle. The adhesive pads prevent it from falling off during the night no matter what position you sleep in.

Why do I need this QinuxLeep?

A person using Anti Snoring device while sleeping

Many people, especially men, are affected by nocturnal pauses in breathing (including sleep apnea!), And hardly anyone can be treated for it. Often the men do not notice it and they are often made aware of this by their partners.

However, if you do not treat your snoring, it can turn into more serious respiratory problems and your snoring increases more and more. For this reason, the magnetically functioning snore stopper “QinuxLeep” helps you to improve your breathing during the night and brings peace to your sleep and that of your partner.

As your muscles are stimulated night after night, it may eventually cause them to stop needing stimulation at some point, and your breathing will automatically return to normal at night. Your muscles will not relax so much that they block your breathing and respiratory system and you can sleep normally without a device.

Technical Specifications

  • Pulse range: 10Hz to 1500Hz
  • Power Adapter: 3.7Volts/80Mah
  • System Supports: iOS and Android 4.3
  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Continuous working time: Up to 15hours
  • Net Weight: 10g
  • Working Mode: S/T
  • Product Type: Snore Stopper

QinuxLeep Anti Snoring Rating and Recommendation

Scott Sterling giving QinuxLeep Review

Scott Sterling from California is a glad client. He says that from the start, it seemed weird that a little gadget could really forestall snoring as the night progressed.

However, when he began utilizing it, the snoring halted, and he has consistently would be wise to rest than he used to have without the device. As far as he might be concerned, the item has effectively assisted him with overseeing nighttime snoring and breathing troubles while he is sleeping.

The counter snoring contraption’s attractive capacities animate the client’s muscles leaving them open during that time so that breathing happens typically. Authentic calls attention to that even his mornings turned out to be better on the grounds that he not, at this point had wounds, sore throat, and his chest depression didn’t feel as weighty as it used to feel when he was not utilizing the QinuxLeep Anti Snoring gadget.

He takes note of that “when your rest is upset, even in the inner mind, your wellbeing will be adversely influenced with time.” “This is an item I can suggest for anybody with a snoring issue,” he adds.

Main Advantages

Forget about snoring: The ultimate solution to reduce snoring. Pack of 10 electrodes included.

EMS Technology: Thanks to this technology, it emits a low-frequency vibration that helps to stimulate the throat muscles and helps to achieve a deeper sleep.

App for iOS & Android: App compatible with iOS and Android. The app allows you to obtain different sleep records, as well as the quality, phases and duration of your sleep.

Convenient and Effective: Thanks to its small size and light weight, it is not uncomfortable at night and you won’t even notice you’re wearing it!

Improve your quality of life: Getting a good night’s sleep and rest is very important for our health! It helps to reduce the risk of certain diseases.

Perfect gift: This anti snoring device is an ideal gift to help family and friends get back to rest and not disturb others at night.

How does Qinuxleep operate?

QinuxLeep reduces snoring and enhances quality of life by monitoring their snoring problems and resolving it, thus helping them sleep properly at night. Here’s what makes the QinuxLeep so user-friendly:

  • It identifies snoring behavior with the use of clever EMS technology sensors.
  • It makes it easier for air to enter the lungs.
  • Does not keep people awake at night, and it is easy to use! To efficiently and safely reduce snoring, simply lay it on the underside of the chin.
  • QuinxLeep’s app can track and record sleep phases on mobile devices.
  • QinuxLeep is a little gadget that clips to the underneath of the chin and vibrates gently to avoid snoring.
  • With a weight of just over 10 grams, QinuxLeep will not even feel like it is on while people are sleeping.
  • This clever anti-snoring technology decreases snoring without interfering with normal sleep cycles. The user’s sleeping posture is unimportant because the device’s adhesive pads will keep it from falling off during the night.

QunixLeep Review

When I first got the device, it was surprising how this small device could stop my snoring during my sleep.

However, I started using the device, and surprisingly the snoring stopped on the first night. And I have been consistently using it since. My sleep is better, and it has helped me a lot in finishing my snoring and breathing troubles while sleeping.

The counter snoring contraption’s alluring limits invigorate your muscles, leaving them open during that time so that breathing usually happens.

Along with better sleep, the mornings are even better. Before using the device, I had wounds, sore throat, and chest depression. And waking up after using the device was relatively better; the mornings look good, and I don’t feel the heavy body I used to feel before.

Good mornings are pretty important because when the rest is upset, even in mind, the well-being and quality of life are highly influenced. Lastly, I will highly recommend the device to every person facing snoring problems.

What do people who have already tried Qinuxleep say about it?

When I first tried it, I was not very confident, but after using it for several weeks, my wife is the happiest. She can finally sleep and rest after more than 20 years of putting up with my snoring. George R.

I love this product because it is really effective. I was tired of trying a thousand different ways that didn’t deliver what they promised. Since I have been using Qinuxleep I rest much better, it has improved my quality of life a lot! Mery P.

What I like the most is that it doesn’t bother me at night, it’s super comfortable and my snoring has decreased a lot. It’s very easy to use! Jordan F.

How much does it cost?

The company is providing this anti snoring device at very affordable price. Check below:

  • 1 for $139.95
  • 2 for $275
  • 3 for $389

Note: Get additional 2 year warranty for $9.95.

Where To Buy QinuxLeep?

Just follow these 3 steps to get your Qinuxleep with the launch discount:

  1. Add the product to your shopping cart.
  2. Click “Continue” and fill in your shipping and payment details.
  3. Receive the product at home and start getting a good night’s rest.


How does it detect snoring?

It is able to detect snoring through sound recognition and chin bone movement.

Is it heavy or light?

It is very light, weighing only 15 grams.

Is the app compatible with android?

Yes, it is compatible with both iOS and Android.


Qinuxleep was designed for you if you have a snoring problem, whether you’re a woman, kid, man, or senior. The device is cost-effective, user-friendly, innovative, and efficient. Qinuxleep’s battery can last 15 hours continuously. Put a stop to your unhealthy snoring habits and get to enjoy quality sleep by securing this high-end snoring stopper Qinuxleep on its official website.