Prime Tracking Reviews: Personal GPS Tracker Worth It?

Prime Tracking Reviews: Personal GPS Tracker Worth It?

The Prime Tracking Personal GPS Tracker makes tracking your assets or loved ones much easier. A small, handy real-time GPS tracking device in a vehicle, backpack or pocket and will transmit a location update every 10 seconds through 4G LTE technology.

It uses Google Maps to relay movement reports, and you can set up Geo fencing alerts so that you get information whenever your target moves past a particular zone. The GPS tracker features a battery life of up to two weeks, a SIM card, and it gets activation within minutes of purchase. It has an instant SOS button to send live location details to a handler in an emergency situation. This review will assist you in determining whether it is the best GPS tracker for your purposes.

Things to consider before buying a Real-Time Location Tracker

Battery life

Battery life is one of the most critical factors to consider when shopping for a real-time tracker. Trackers include batteries that can operate for weeks without needing to be recharged. Trackers are installed such that they can take power from the device they are attached to whenever available.A good example is a tracker mounted on a vehicle that draws power from the vehicle’s electrical system.

Water resistance

Another factor to consider when purchasing a real-time tracker is the device’s resistance to water damage. Although the majority of trackers are not entirely waterproof, they can resist occasional splashes. Ensuring that the tracker’s connecting wires do not cause short circuits when water droplets settle on the tracker is greatly facilitated by concealed wiring.


The tracker’s visibility is determined by the size of its hardware component. Tracking devices are compact and easy to conceal. The tracker you wish to install should be lightweight so as not to add additional weight and compact so as to be readily disguised.

App compatibility

Modern trackers permit the user to view the location of the tracked object on a smartphone interface. The trackers are connected to an application with integrated Geo-location maps. The tracker then displays the location using an icon on your smartphone’s maps.

App-compatible trackers provide users with a greater degree of control that extends beyond simply knowing the location of the asset they are tracking. Most applications generate warnings when they exceed thresholds. Geofencing is a standard feature in most tracking apps, allowing the app to give an alarm when the monitored object violates specific predefined boundaries.

Attachment accessory

What utility is a tracking device if it cannot be attached to the target for tracking? Include extras such as cases, cables, car mounting brackets, a pouch, or a case in your budget? There are also watertight magnetic enclosures to conceal a portable tracker from the driver (here’s how). In addition, Trackimo’s waterproof magnet box incorporates a 3,500 mAh battery pack, extending the tracker’s battery life up to one year!


The data captured by the tracker is transmitted via cellular technology to a server where smartphones and desktops can access it. Most GPS tracking systems transmit data via mobile phones. Prior to selecting GPS trackers, you must determine which cellular network the device you intend to purchase will utilize. Determine

(1) if you have coverage concerns in the locations where the recipient will be travelling, and (2) if you can afford to wait the minutes, hours, or even days until the device transmits its whereabouts. If this function is important to you, check that your GPS tracking supplier has not only multiple coverage options but also the means to evaluate which coverage is necessary. You may require a tracker with a global roaming SIM card to track your recipient(s) no matter where you are in the world.

What is Prime Tracking?

With Prime Tracking, you can monitor the location of all of your gadgets and assets in real time using the latest 4G technology, cutting-edge GPS positioning, and an app for your smartphone. Since it’s compact, lightweight, and durable, you hide in bags, luggage, trunks, or even pockets.

Trackers are great for spying on children because of their small size and ease of use. Their location is broadcast on the app throughout the day as long as the tracker has enough battery.

It’s no longer necessary to wonder why the kids are taking so long to get home from school. See if they went to the mall or played soccer by opening the app.

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Features of Prime Tracking

​​Real-Time Tracking: This tracker transmits device location information via super fast 4G connectivity. This real-time tracking is displayed on Google maps using an icon whose position is updated frequently so that you can view the item’s location with complete accuracy.

Geo fencing Alerts: Protect your home, workplace, or school by a virtual fence with Prime Tracker. Once the tracker crosses outside of the preset boundary, the tracker application alerts you. You will know when your asset has been taken from where you placed it without your authorization with this feature.

Location history: You can look back at the movement of the tracker up to 400 days in the past on the app store. You can view the history of turns and play back, rewind, or forward it for a detailed assessment.

Speed checker: Track your car’s speed even when you aren’t driving. When you receive the car, the driver will be able to explain why they overshot at a particular time. 

Portable and undetectable: Detect people’s movements without them knowing it by tracking their movements with prime tracking’s super compact size. There are only 0.5 inches of width and 3 inches of length on the tracking hardware. 

SOS Distress signal: The device sends a distress signal to your emergency contacts when you press the SOS button on the Prime tracker and application. If you are or in an emergency, it will be easy to find you. Your exact location goes in the text message.

Long life battery: Batteries power them that can last for a few weeks without recharging. In most cases, the charging port is identical to the mini USB power port so it is always possible to find a compatible charging port.

Who should use Prime Tracking?

Prime Tracking

Prime Tracking recommends its use in the following scenarios:

  • Business owners and fleet managers can track their vehicle’s location and speed in real-time with GPS
  • Locate your child or elderly parent
  • You track vehicles, tools, equipment, and more
  • Verify a spouse’s location on a night out or confirm a cheating spouse’s suspicions

Prime Tracking does not recommend using it without the other person’s permission. Although, promotional images show a woman secretly putting the tracker into a vehicle. As well as slipping the tracker into her spouse’s pocket.

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How easy it is to use?

Install it by simply plugging it in. It is very simple to operate after you set it up. Icons and menus are clearly labeled and highly responsive in the application. A 4G connection ensures that the tracking app does not lag. The accurate location information is always available with the frequently updated position.

How to use Prime Tracking?

Unlike other complicated devices, Prime Tracking is simpler to use than a cell phone – especially for those with mobility or dexterity issues.

Setting it up only takes a few minutes, and from there you don’t need to maintain it (aside from charging it once or twice a month):

  1. First, activate the tracker on their website.
  2. Open the free iPhone or Android app and connect it to your device following the easy instructions.
  3. That’s it – you’re connected! You’ll automatically get live updates on the device’s current location.
  4. If you want to use the advanced features, simply activate them as needed (more on those features below!)

Once its on , you can easily keep Prime Tracking in your pocket, bag or dashboard.

Why you should opt for Prime Tracking?

Using Prime Tracking to search a vehicle

Speed Control:

It is possible to closely monitor the speed of a car via the smartphone app that comes free with Prime Tracking. In this way, users can determine if their driver, children, are operating the vehicle responsibly.

SOS Functionality:

One of the great things about this GPS tracker is the SOS button, which you can use to alert the authorities if you are in any kind of trouble. The machine sends the location of the car without any action by the user, once they press the button.

Extremely Accurate and Quick:

The 4G capabilities of Prime Tracking enable it to provide users with real-time data on car movements. In addition, the device’s superior data receiving capability allows it to take into account a wide range of information – speed, real-time alerts – as well.


A cool feature Prime Tracking provides its customers with is the ability to create “GeoFences” – that are basically imaginary boundaries that, if a driver crosses over, the car owner receives an alert so they know where their car has been.

Wide Reach and Service Coverage:

According to the manufacturer of this product, Prime Tracking provides users with full map coverage across the United States, Canada, and Mexico as of the writing of this article.

About Performance & Connectivity

It offered great connectivity across Northern Michigan, even in the most remote spots where cell service is abysmal on good days. Despite occasionally stuttering, particularly when driving in a car or getting off at the airport at a new location, PrimeTracking reports that its 4G LTE connectivity enables it to update its location every ten seconds. 

The device looks simple from the outside, and it requires no technical expertise or prior experience with GPS tracking to use. As an example, one simply needs to place the machine in a safe and secure place within the car and turn it on.

What makes us interested in Prime Tracking Personal GPS Tracker?

Prime Tracking

You can stay up to date with every corner turned with the Prime Tracking GPS Tracker mini portable device. If you loose a dear one, you can also call for help using the SOS button locator tracking device.


The PrimeTracking GPS tracker is a personal GPS tracker that integrates well with Google Maps so that you know not only where your target is, but also how fast they’re driving or if they’re taking a corner too fast. In addition to the smartphone app for the Prime Tracking GPS Tracker, this GPS tracking device also has a desktop interface and a MAC and PC desktop app. You will be able to keep track of your seniors kids car vehicle with real-time location updates once you have it set up, so that you are never concerned about where they are.


Because of its small size, this GPS tracker mini beats out a lot of other GPS trackers on the market. The GPS tracker mini is about three inches tall and barely a half inch wide, but it can still fit into your kids’ backpacks, vehicles, bicycles, and luggage. Additionally, the tracker includes a SOS button so that if your children or elderly loved ones are in danger, you can go pick them up, and if you prefer, you can purchase the magnetic case separately for easier mounting. 


With PrimeTracking GPS tracker, you won’t have to worry about paying any sign-up fees or cancellation fees when you create your account on their website. One of the data packages is available for $20 per month for 10 second updates, which is among the most competitive in the market. Customer service can advise you on the best package for your needs once you contact them.

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What Problem Does It Solve?

You can track anything, anywhere, anytime, right from your smartphone.

This tracking device incorporates cutting-edge GPS technology into one of the smallest and quietest devices available today. As opposed to typical Bluetooth tracking, satellite tracking gives you the power to track anything with incredible accuracy and range. Satellite tracking also has no hidden charges or contracts.

Peace of mind has never been simpler, more accurate, and more affordable.

Prime Tracking App Setup

Prime Tracking

It is very easy to set up the PrimeTracking Personal GPS Tracker. When you receive the device charge it fully. Go to the PrimeTracking website, enter the device’s information to activate it, and select the tracking plan you wish to purchase (I will discuss the plans below in the Pricing section). To keep track on the go, you may download the Prime Tracking app (Android, iOS) and login with your account information. 

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Design and Size

Prime Tracking GPS is a relatively bland, compact device measuring just 2.7 x 1.5 x 1 inches (HWD), which makes it roughly half the size of a deck of cards. A cuboid design features three LED status indicators on the front, one for power, one for GPS connectivity, and one for cellular connectivity.

The front of the device also contains an SOS button which sends your location immediately if you are in a dangerous situation. However, Prime Tracking would have been better if it used a micro USB instead of the mini USB onboard. Thankfully, the battery life is two weeks, you don’t have to charge it.

Prime Tracking Personal GPS Tracker Vs Spytec GL300 GPS Tracker

Unlike the Spytec GL300, the PrimeTracking Personal GPS Tracker and the Spytec GL300 are nearly identical devices. There are virtually no differences between the two devices, including an integrated SIM card and 4G LTE connectivity. 

Although Spytec is $10 less upfront, their subscription options aren’t nearly as appealing as PrimeTracking’s. This tracking service offers three different subscription plans that update the location every 60, 30 and 5 seconds, respectively.

 It is safe to say that PrimeTracking is a better overall value. Unless you need five seconds more tracking information and don’t mind paying nearly double what PrimeTracking charges.

Pros and Cons

  • Installs and operates easily
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Connects to an application with GPS maps on a smartphone
  • Size: compact
  • You get 30-day money back guarantee
  • Recurring annual and semi-annual charges
  • The tracker only supports the USA, Mexico, and Canada
  • To track location, you require 4G network

Real and Honest Prime Tracking Reviews…

From where you can buy?

It is easiest and most straightforward to make a purchase through the official website of the company – 

Prime Tracking Price

The Prime Tracking device, a SIM card, and a 10-day trial of navigation are there in this deal for $49.99.

  • This package includes a single device and six months’ worth of navigation – $169.97
  • $259.97 includes a 12-month GPS navigation license and a single device plus 12 months tracking

Users who are unsatisfied with the quality of their purchase can return it within sixty days for a full refund. Several safe and secure payment options are available, such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, etc.

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Final Verdict – Prime Tracking

Track your luggage, your car, or your loved ones from the comfort of your house using the GPS Tracker mini portable device.

 In addition to having a long-lasting battery, a GPS tracker should have a compact design, durability, functionality, and ease of use. Fortunately, Prime Tracking proves to be a high-quality and affordable device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens after my subscription plan ends? How can I cancel my plan?

6-month and 12-month data plans will automatically be renewed at the discounted rate when your billing period ends.
For those purchasing the Prime Tracking Free Trial, you will automatically be billed $25/month once your trial period has ended, and charged on a month-to-month basis.
Remember, you can cancel or pause anytime without any questions or hassle. We want you to be happy and our award winning customer support team is available 24/7 to help you with anything you need.

Will the tracking app work on my phone and computer?

Yes! Prime Tracking works with all iOS and Android devices including smartphones, tablets, as well as all desktop and laptop computers.

How small is the GPS tracking device?

So small and lightweight, no one will ever know it’s there but you
It’s tinier than a credit card, which means it can easily be concealed inside of a pocket, bag, backpack, glove box, trunk, luggage and much more!
The dimensions of the GPS tracking device are 3″” tall x 1.5″” wide x .5″” thick.