Physiolamp Review: Does It Really Work?

Physiolamp Review: Does It Really Work?

When you hit middle age, it’s common to suffer some kind of muscle pain in localized areas of the body. Of course, physiotherapy is the first option to consider, though treatments can be so expensive they don’t allow you to have them as often as you should. I myself, since a much younger age, have had to regularly see a physiotherapist, for various ailments. And I would love to have discovered this much sooner! Read about Physiolamp Review.

Physiolamp: the ideal accessory for the treatment of muscle tension, recurrent pain, and tissue healing.

Infrared light is used in physiotherapy and medicine for various reasons (and if you don’t believe me, Google it!): – Pain relief – Increased joint mobility – Muscle relaxation – Wound healing – Psoriasis – Fungal infections … And so much more. It makes me angry not to have known about this option before!

Best of all, it is a non-invasive treatment that can easily be performed at home. It is suitable for any part of the body, and although I originally tried it myself for back pain, today I use it for almost everything. Some friends initially gave me strange looks when recommending it, because you hear little about this form of treatment, but, by letting them try it at home, they quickly changed their minds.

What is Physiolamp?


Physiolamp is the infrared lamp to help heal tissue and solve your muscle and joint problems.

The 100W infrared lamp, with German technology, for relieving muscle pain and tendinitis, healing burns and grafts, and improving joint function in sufferers of arthritis and rheumatoid pain.


  • Beneficial for the skin: it stimulates follicles, promotes hair growth in people with alopecia or hair loss, relieves psoriasis, stimulates the formation of skin collagen, and reduces wrinkles.
  • Improves joint function: recommended for people with arthritis and rheumatoid pain. It has even been used in tendinitis and carpal tunnel treatment.
  • Healing: It promotes tissue regeneration and helps heal burns, wounds, skin grafts, diabetic foot ulcers, etc. …

Why you should get Physiolamp?

Using physiolamp

Infrared light bulbs emit electromagnetic and thermal radiation at a longer wavelength than visible light. The benefits of infrared light were discovered in the 1990s, when astronauts brought plants to the ISS and discovered that they helped plants grow and accelerate their photosynthesis process. From that moment, research began on its applications in humans, to mitigate the negative effects of continuous stays in space, with great success. Early tests were found to mitigate muscle atrophy, poor wound healing, and bone loss from weightlessness.

And, if it worked in space … it was just a matter of time before they tested it under normal conditions.

And so, in the mid-1990s, studies began on the use of infrared light in humans under normal gravity conditions. The scientific basis of this therapy is as follows: red light stimulates the mitochondria and organelles inside the cells of the body, which generate energy in the form of a certain molecule, called ATP. With more infrared light, more ATP is produced, thus enabling cells to regenerate and repair more easily. And it’s not me telling you this, it’s science.

What’s more, one of the reasons for ageing, both in animals and plants, is a slow-down in the activity of mitochondria over the years. Infrared light contrasts this by promoting mitochondrial activity, and is also capable of penetrating the skin’s surface up to 5 millimetres, thus avoiding the limitation of other treatments that only affect superficial areas of the body.

How does it help?

PROFESSIONAL PAIN TREATMENT: Professional treatment with infrared light for muscle pain, joint pain, tissue healing, and circulation activation.

HIGH POWER: 100W lamp with adjustable temperature and angle, for an ideal application whatever your need.

Home Use: Compact size designed to bring professional technology into the home environment.

Scientifically Proven: Scientifically proven efficacy and high versatility Recommended by users all over the world!

High Compatibility: Cable compatible with an electrical supply up to 220V.

REPLACEMENT PARTS: Possibility to purchase spare bulbs for several years of use.

Physiolamp where to buy?

You just have to follow these 3 steps to get your Physiolamp with the launch discount:

  1. Add the product to your shopping cart.
  2. Press “Continue” and fill in your shipping and payment details.
  3. Receive the product at your home and enjoy your Physiolamp.

How much does it cost?

Upon checking the official website of Physiolamp for price. We found that it is quite affordable and very easy to use.

  • 1 for $75
  • 2 for $105
  • 3 for $149

Note: Get additional 2 year warranty for just $9.95.