PetJoy Calming Chews Review: Is It Helpful?

PetJoy Calming Chews Review: Is It Helpful?

Vitamins and minerals are vital for your regular functioning, and they are also important for your four-legged buddies, albeit in different proportions. These vital vitamins and minerals may be obtained from a variety of sources, including food items for dogs, just as they can in people. Read about the PetJoy Calming Chews Review.

However, if your pets do not consume foods high in these nutrients, they may have less than the quantity required by their bodies. This is why you’re taking a supplement to begin with. Supplements are just as beneficial to pets as they are to people.

Supplements, on the other hand, may contain minerals and components that are necessary for combating illnesses and maintaining good health in your dogs but aren’t often found in the meals they eat. Your dogs are your closest companions, and we know you’ll go to great lengths to ensure their health and well-being. Today, one of them could be ordering a supplement for them.

What are PetJoy Calming Chews?

PetJoy Calming Chews

To begin, Petjoy is a firm that is well-known for its concern for the well-being of dogs and for items that can aid in that well-being. Petjoy Calming Chew is the company of the soothing chews supplement, which contains vitamins and minerals that can help your pet stay in excellent health. The required nutrients in Petjoy hemp relaxing chews can help your pets relax and sleep.

This device is groundbreaking for dog owners searching for a means to alleviate their pets’ uneasiness and restlessness. This supplement may help even the most energetic dog relax, and it’s so tasty that your dogs won’t be able to take their eyes off it. Furthermore, Petjoy soothing chews will boost your dog’s general health and well-being by increasing their energy and vitality.

How does it work?

The ingredients in a supplement are what determine how well it works. What this implies is that various supplements perform different functions. The vital vitamins and minerals are included in your Petjoy hemp relaxing chew supplement, which we will go over in depth later in this review. Those nutrients will work together to increase your dog’s energy, especially in older dogs that get fatigued easily, as well as help them relax and improve their overall health.

Animals may provide a sense of security and comfort. This is something that therapy dogs excel at. They’re occasionally taken into hospitals or nursing homes to assist people cope with stress and anxiety. “Dogs are everywhere. Dr. Ann Berger, a physician and researcher at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, says, “If someone is dealing with anything, they know how to be there and be kind.” “Their entire attention is focused on the person.”

Nothing beats the feeling of coming home to a faithful partner. A pet’s unconditional affection may do more than just keep you company. Pets may also aid youngsters with their emotional and social abilities, as well as reduce stress and promote heart health.

Pets, on the other hand, come with additional obligations. Having a pet requires you to understand how to care for and feed it. The National Institutes of Health/Mars sponsors research into the consequences of human-animal relationships on both the pet and the person.

Furthermore, it’s important to realise that animals may experience stress and exhaustion as well. It’s also necessary to offer your all for their sake. Providing them with a supplement such as petjoy hemp relaxing chews can go a long way toward assisting them in living a healthy lifestyle.

Why should you use PetJoy Calming Chews?

PetJoy Calming Chews

Many commercial pet meals are deficient in important nutrients. A nutritional or intestinal imbalance might cause symptoms like upset stomach and scooting. You may need to give your pet a vitamin supplement to assist maintain brain, heart, kidney, eye, and liver functioning to fill this vacuum. Minerals and antioxidants in Petjoy supplements assist to enhance your pet’s skin, coat, and overall health.

If you’re not sure if your pet needs a supplement, talk to your veterinarian. Every dog owner wishes to provide their pet with the best opportunity to live a happy and healthy life. While giving high-quality dog food is an important element of pet care, your dog may still be deficient in some nutrients.

This is why the Petjoy supplement for adult and elderly dogs includes multivitamins. Our veterinarian-formulated vitamins are prepared to strict quality and purity requirements in the United States. To assist your dog in living his or her life to the fullest.

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Main Advantages

1. Boost Your Dog’s Immune System

Heart disease, inflammation, malignancies, osteoarthritis, and diabetes are all reduced in dogs with a healthy immune system. The body of a dog naturally regulates cells to ensure that they function correctly while also removing potentially dangerous bacteria before they become a problem. However, even a slight disruption in that normal process can lead to a slew of health issues.

The immune system may be strengthened and made more vigilant by taking the Petjoy supplement. Vitamins containing high-quality, purity-tested substances, in addition to a balanced diet and regular exercise, will improve your dog’s capacity to fight sickness throughout their life.

2.  Improve the condition of your skin and coat

Many dogs suffer from skin irritation and hair loss, which may be quite stressful. While a variety of external stressors might create underlying discomfort, a coat-specific supplement can help avoid the development or progression of a problem. Supplements containing fish oil, biotin, and amino acids can help to restore key systems that help to combat common issues like bacterial infections, fungal infections, lice, fleas, and ticks, hotspots, environmental allergies, excessive shedding, and dry, itchy skin.

3. Enhance your cognitive development

Giving your dog a nutritious supplement will help them think more clearly over time. Antioxidants in the Petjoy supplement have been related to better learning and spatial attention in just two weeks. In addition, a high-antioxidant diet can help delay the onset of cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS) in aged dogs.

Some other advantages

1. Boosts your energy

Is your pet losing energy as a result of illness or ageing? A vitamin supplement can improve your pet’s heart, liver, kidneys, eyes, and immune system, all of which contribute to their general health. Vitamin supplements are very beneficial for senior dogs. Vitamin and mineral deficiency frequently results in weakness, whether in the bones or muscles. This causes your pet to become exhausted, and they will choose to sit rather than run and play as they should. Pet Joy’s daily multivitamin dose improves the body from inside, providing the necessary food and strengthening the core.

2. Inflammation is reduced.

As your pet gets older, they may have joint discomfort and muscle swelling. Inflammation can make them feel down, and they may be unable to convey this to you. However, with Pet Joy, you can help your furry kids live happier and healthier lives by reducing inflammation.

3. Relieves Stress

Dogs, like people, experience worry and stress. Pet Joy makes sure your dog is a happy baby by reducing stress and anxiety. With its potent ingredients, the supplement feeds both the body and the intellect.

4. Enhances Health

Any pet that receives a sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients will be healthier and more strong. Pet Joy offers a wide range of health advantages to help your pet enjoy a long, active, and healthy life.

5. Natural Ingredients: To make these supplements, Pet Joy employs a 100 percent natural recipe that has been clinically verified. The soft chews do not include any artificial tastes or colours that might harm your pet.

How are PetJoy Calming Chews different from others?

PetJoy Calming Chews

The Petjoy soothing chew supplement contains necessary vitamins and minerals for dogs that may be lacking in their usual diet. You may relax knowing that this is a multivitamin that promotes general health and supports healthy coat development. This supplement contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that aid digestion, skin, hair, and joint health in dogs. Digestive enzymes give your dog the right building blocks for a healthy digestive system, helping to avoid gastrointestinal issues before they start.

Omega fatty acids help your dog’s skin and hair, while glucosamine and chondroitin help prevent hip and joint issues before they happen. Plus, because this vitamin is in the form of a soft chew that tastes like a dog treat, you won’t have to conceal a pill in a hot dog or try to convince your dog to eat it. Even the pickiest dogs ate the vitamin without complaint, according to a number of consumers.

This multivitamin is even made in an FDA-approved facility, so you can be certain that it contains only the safest components. Many customers said that this vitamin improved their senior dog’s health by restoring their young vitality, restoring their lustrous coat, and reducing joint discomfort and stiffness.

Other buyers mentioned that this vitamin was also beneficial to their younger dogs. Many people said that it reduced the number of gastrointestinal issues they had, particularly acid reflux, and that it kept them from consuming unhealthy foods. This supplement may be precisely what you’re searching for if you have a dog of any age that needs a few additional vitamins.

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Pros and Cons

  • For small to big dogs, our daily basics give a comprehensive range of important minerals to support healthier skin, hair, and nails.
  • Our daily multivitamins help to strengthen the immune system by enhancing natural energy and vigor. They also help to strengthen the digestive and immunological systems.
  • With this premium mix loaded with enzymes, you can promote muscle and bone growth.
  • Natural antimicrobials can aid your pet’s oral health by preventing germs and foul breath.
  • Increase circulation to lessen discomfort, pain, and injury times while also delivering antioxidant protection from free radicals.
  • Aid in the healthy development of a dog’s nails and coat.
  • Bacteria that produce foul breath are inhibited.
  • Improve your dog’s energy and vitality, especially if they’re older.
  • Boost your dog’s immune system to keep him healthy for longer.
  • Stock is limited and can only be obtained online.

Ingredients in PetJoy Calming Chews

PetJoy Calming Chew Ingredients

Minerals and vitamins, as well as other nutritious ingredients, are abundant in PetJoy Calming Chews. To ensure the company’s openness, the ingredients are clearly stated on the website and on the container. These ingredients, when combined, provide all of the vital nutrients that your pet requires to keep active and happy.

Iron, copper, manganese, zinc, and choline are among the active constituents in this supplement. Folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E, vitamin B12 and B2, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Choline, Niacin, and vitamin C are also present.

Fish oil, glycerin, calcium, phosphate, pig liver powder, rosemary extract, and molasses are among the additional constituents in Pet Joy. It also contains non-toxic substances such as vegetable starch, vegetable fibre, vegetable flavour, and others.

  • Vitamin A

Carrots, turnip greens, pumpkin, eggs, fish oil, liver, sweet potatoes, and spinach are all high in vitamin A, which is a fat-soluble vitamin. This vitamin promotes healthy immunological and cell function, as well as growth and prenatal development. It’s also good for weight loss and skin and eye health (remember how your parents taught you to eat carrots for improved vision?).

  • Vitamin B

Vitamin B vitamins are essential for your dog’s general health. The following are the functions of the various B vitamins:

Thiamine: This vitamin aids in the regulation of energy and the maintenance of a healthy metabolism.

Riboflavin, B12, and Niacine are vitamins that aid in enzyme performance. Vitamin B6 aids in the production of glucose, the improvement of red blood cell and nervous system function, the regulation of hormones, the development of an immunological response, and the synthesis of niacin.

Some Other Ingredients

Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5): This vitamin aids in energy metabolism.

Folic Acid: This vitamin aids in mitochondrial protein synthesis and helps the body digest amino acids. Whole grains, beans, liver, green vegetables, almonds, spirulina, dairy products, and nutritional yeast are all high in vitamins.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can help the body fight inflammation. It also aids in the promotion of healthy ageing. While dogs’ livers manufacture Vitamin C on their own, additional supplementation is occasionally required. Fruits, vegetables, and organ meats all contain vitamin C.

  • Vitamin D

Vitamin D is well-known as the vitamin obtained from sunlight. It is necessary for dogs to maintain mineral balance, such as calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D also aids in the development of strong bones. Your dog won’t be able to develop correctly if he doesn’t have enough Vitamin D. Egg yolks, fish oil, meat, cottage cheese, dairy products, and liver all contain this vitamin.

  • Vitamin E

Plant oils, leafy green vegetables, wheat germ, seeds, bran, liver, and whole grains all contain vitamin E. This vitamin is a potent antioxidant that is also beneficial to the skin and eyes. Your dog may experience reproductive issues as well as muscular and eye deterioration if he or she is lacking in Vitamin E.

Vitamin K Leafy green vegetables, cabbage, milk, liver, and fish all contain vitamin K. Because it promotes the capacity to coagulate blood, this vitamin is incredibly important. Vitamin K also aids with bone health.

What’s left?

  • Choline

Choline is the last but not least. Dairy, beef, fish, spinach, beets, and wheat all contain choline. Choline is a nutrient that supports healthy liver and brain function and is sometimes used to treat epilepsy in dogs. In addition to the vitamins mentioned above, dogs require specific minerals in order to live a healthy life.

  • Calcium and phosphorus are two of these minerals.

Broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, pork, fish, and eggs all contain these minerals. Muscle development, blood coagulation, and nervous system function are all aided by them. Too much calcium and phosphorus, on the other hand, can lead to bone abnormalities, fractures, and improper development and growth.

How do I use PetJoy Calming Chews and what is the dosage?

In terms of vitamins and minerals, your dog’s food may not always be sufficient. They may become sedentary and inactive as a result of this. Pet Joy was created specifically to assist your pawed babies regain their vitality. Pet Joy soft chew vitamins come in a package with 60 soft chews. To meet your pet’s nutritional needs, you must give them one supplement every day. Depending on your dog’s preferences, you can either incorporate it into their meals or give it to them as a reward.

The suggested dose is stated on the packaging and indicated on the website as well. If your dog weighs less than 25 pounds, give them 1⁄2 a soft chew every day. 1 soft chew per day is advised for dogs from 25 to 75 pounds, and 2 soft chews per day is recommended for dogs weighing more than 75 pounds. To avoid issues, make sure you don’t exceed the suggested dose.

This formula is designed for dogs over the age of one year. Before beginning this supplement, speak with your veterinarian to acquire a better understanding of the dosage and requirements for your dog. Also, make sure the container is stored in a location where your dog’s cannot readily get it. Your dogs may be enticed to consume more than they should since the goodies are appealing.

What is the best way to keep Petjoy relaxing chews?

Storage may be a major concern when it comes to pet food. This means you’ll have to order the goods again and again because you won’t be able to store it in volume. Pet Joy containers, on the other hand, include 60 soft chew supplements, which is about equivalent to a month’s supply. Even so, this product has a great two-year shelf life. There should be no problems with the goods if you have to buy in bulk and keep it.

Furthermore, this product does not need to be refrigerated. It should be kept in a cool, dry location away from dogs and children. These goods will not deteriorate or turn rancid if properly kept. Even though the product’s expiration date has passed, it is still safe to eat. However, it is possible that it will lose its effectiveness once the two-year limit has passed.

Customer Reviews of PetJoy Calming Chews

From where to buy and what is the pricing?

PetJoy has a website with some excellent deals going all year long. These multivitamin supplements may be purchased straight from the official website. On all orders, the firm offers free standard shipping. Here are a few of the deals that are currently available.

  1. Buy one: For $42.99, you can get one container of PetJoys multivitamin supplement. Depending on your dog’s weight and daily requirements, this container should last for at least one month.
  2. Buy two, get one free: This deal is only $28.66 per bottle. You must pay the complete cost of two bottles, which is $85.98, in order to receive one free bottle.
  3. Buy three, get two free: The name of the deal tells it all. You must pay for three containers and will receive two extra containers for free. The whole cost comes to $128.95, or $25.79 per bottle. 4. Buy 5 get 5 free – This is a fantastic deal. You must spend a total of $215 for 5 bottles and receive 5 additional bottles entirely free of charge.

Money-Back Guarantee

Pet Joy offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about buying in quantity. If you or your pet are unhappy with the product, simply contact Pet Joy’s customer service. No questions asked, they will swiftly return your money. Just make sure you phone them within 90 days after the purchase date.


People frequently believe that getting a pet does not necessitate any effort. Taking care of your cat, on the other hand, is similar to parenting a human child. They require the same amount of attention and food as a human infant. Pet Joy is quite knowledgeable about this element of pet feeding. With this supplement, you may give your pet extra active years.