Omega DataCube Reviews 2023: Another Scam?

Omega DataCube Reviews 2023: Another Scam?

Worried about losing your photos and videos? The Omega DataCube is the perfect solution. It’s a small, automatic backup that stores your data whenever you charge it. You don’t need an internet connection, so you can protect your memories even when you’re not near a computer. The Omega DataCube is the perfect solution for anyone looking to declutter their phone’s storage and protect their valuable data.

With its automatic backup feature and various storage options, the Omega DataCube ensures that your most precious memories are safe and secure. Whether you’re taking a vacation or just charging your phone at home, the Omega DataCube offers peace of mind and convenience in one compact device. Find out more about this magical device in the review section below.

What is Omega DataCube?

Omega DataCube Connected

The Omega DataCube is a small device that automatically backs up all of your data whenever you charge it.

Despite its small size, the Omega DataCube can store a surprising number of photos, videos, voice memos, and almost any other type of file on your phone. The most miniature model can securely store approximately 60,000 photos, while the most significant model can securely store nearly 500,000 photos!

This creates a safety net for your most precious memories, making it not only much easier to keep your phone’s storage clean, but also giving you peace of mind that you won’t lose them in an accident. Most importantly, the Omega DataCube does not require an internet connection, allowing you to protect and store your data whenever you have access to a wall outlet. You’re also not storing anything on the cloud because no internet connection is required.

That means your data is safe from hackers — and, as a bonus, it’s a one-time payment, so you won’t have to pay the high monthly fees that most cloud services charge. It has been covered in the FOX, The Atlantic Report, The Digital Journal.

How Does It Work?

Exploring the intricacies of Omega DataCube’s operational mechanisms, one can unravel its commitment to safeguarding and granting access to your data and files at your convenience.

Omega DataCube boasts an ingenious and secure architectural blueprint, facilitating the seamless backup of your mobile device’s memory. This approach renders it not only pragmatic but also universally accessible, accommodating a broad spectrum of users. It extends its protective embrace over all data repositories within your smartphone, phablet, or tablet.

The procedure is elegantly straightforward: a conventional charging cable serves as the bridge between your mobile device and the Omega DataCube. The subsequent connection of this cube to the mobile device charger, following the customary charging protocol, instigates the magic. While your phone or tablet draws power, the Omega DataCube diligently undertakes the task of safeguarding your invaluable files. This elegant fusion of charging and data security negates the onerous chore of manual backups, sparing you the vexations that accompany such endeavors.

A notable practice among Omega DataCube aficionados is the permanent coalescence of the cube with their chargers. This symbiotic relationship ensures that every instance of charging becomes synonymous with data preservation. Embedding the cube in your charging regimen serves as an unerring sentinel, guarding against the perils of data loss in those moments when you inadvertently overlook the imperative act of plugging in your device.

Features of Omega DataCube

EASY FOR EVERYONE – Never, Ever Lose Your Priceless Memories & Data. Life is unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be ready. Losing or damaging your phone does not have to mean the end of your photos, videos, and contacts! With the Omega DataCube, you can rest assured that all of your photos, videos, and contacts are backed up every time you charge your phone at night. There is no need for technical knowledge or hours of searching! Omega DataCube’s advanced technology protects ALL of your photos and videos!

Organizes ALL OF YOUR FILES IN ONE EASY-TO-ACCESS LOCATION – The Omega DataCube is more than just a dependable data backup solution… It finds every file on your phone and even organizes them for you! Once your backup is finished, you can easily view all of your files using the free Omega DataCube app (Android & iOS). Everything is neatly organized into folders for easy access and sharing. Omega DataCube makes it simple to find your favorite memories, encouraging you to view and share them more frequently!

ALL YOUR STORAGE NEEDS – Never Run Out of Storage Space!

  • 32GB: Stores ~ 12,800 photos & videos
  • 64GB: Stores ~ 25,600 photos & videos
  • 128GB: Stores ~ 51,200 photos & videos
  • 256GB: Stores ~ 102,400 photos & videos

It’s easier than ever to back up your data. Are there a lot of videos on your computer? 256GB is the way to go!

LIGHTNING FAST BACKUP – MicroSD cards make backups convenient and quick! One full charge of your phone can backup all of your important files.

NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION – You don’t need to pay a subscription or purchase equipment, storage upgrades, or additional fees like you do in the cloud. Once you buy it, you can use it for years to come!

iPhone & ANDROID COMPATIBLE – With Omega DataCube, you can keep your data safe on either an iPhone or an Android device.

Pros and Cons


  1. Hardware and Software Versatility: Omega DataCube offers the advantage of compatibility with an array of devices, spanning from smartphones and tablets to personal computers. This inclusive adaptability obviates the need for additional software or hardware, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  2. Robust Data Encryption: A paramount feature of the Omega DataCube is its unwavering commitment to data security. All your files are subject to rigorous encryption measures, affording comprehensive protection to your valuable data.
  3. Simplicity in Setup: The Omega DataCube presents an uncomplicated setup process. Its user-friendly nature allows for swift installation, reducing the configuration to a few straightforward steps. This simplicity streamlines the initial usage experience, minimizing any potential complexities.


  1. Android OS Restriction: A notable drawback is the compatibility limitation of Omega DataCube, which exclusively caters to devices running Android OS 5 or higher. This restriction may pose an inconvenience for users with devices operating on different platforms.
  2. Limited Data Recovery in Case of Loss or Theft: In the unfortunate event of device loss or theft, data retrieval can be a challenge. The extensive encryption measures employed by Omega DataCube result in limited recoverable data, as most of the files are safeguarded by encryption, rendering them inaccessible.
  3. Incompatibility with Micro SD Cards: Omega DataCube exhibits an incompatibility with devices equipped with Micro SD cards. However, it does offer functionality with Micro SD cards of up to 32 GB in size. This restriction could affect users who heavily rely on expandable storage.
  4. USB Cable Dependency for Initial Setup: Although the Omega DataCube operates independently once configured, its initial setup necessitates a connection to a computer via a USB cable. This step is a requisite unless you intend to utilize the device as a network storage server.

What else can the Omega DataCube do?

Backing up images from phone via Omega DataCube

As it happens, quite a bit!

The Omega DataCube was designed to be EASY and STRESS-FREE for your entire family to use, in addition to automatically backing up all of your photos, videos, and most important files.

Do you need to give the Omega DataCube to a family member? That is not a problem!

All of your data will be stored in separate folders, providing you with the peace of mind that your data is secure. You will also never run out of storage space. First and foremost, they provide a plethora of storage options:

  • 32GB: Stores ~ 60,000 photos
  • 64GB: Stores ~ 120,000 photos
  • 128GB: Stores ~ 240,000 photos
  • 256GB: Stores ~ 480,000 photos

You’ll never have to worry about that “Storage Full” message again with this much capacity and such an easy way to safely “dump” everything.

Even if your Omega DataCube fills up with data, you can buy another SD card online and swap it in to increase storage capacity. It’s that simple!

Because of this one-of-a-kind feature, the Omega DataCube provides limitless data storage. When compared to the cloud, your monthly bill increases as you store more photos, videos, and files on your phone.

Who should buy Omega DataCube?

A person panicking after missing files

Individuals who are concerned about losing their data or running out of storage space on their phones should consider purchasing the Omega DataCube. It is also a good option for anyone who frequently takes a large number of photos or videos and wants an easy way to back them up.

Who is behind?

After retiring from a 45-year career in Silicon Valley, Mark Oman became increasingly concerned about the security of data stored in traditional file backup solutions, including the cloud.

However, it wasn’t until his phone was stolen and he lost thousands of photos, including priceless vacation shots — many of which were never replaced because he had exhausted his cloud storage and couldn’t back them up — that he decided to build the data backup solution he wished existed but didn’t.

Omega DataCube was born after years of developing the perfect device that was both simple and foolproof for anyone to use… Mark, his family, and millions of others can now easily protect their photos, videos, and files whenever they charge their phone!

Personal experience with Omega DataCube?

As I sat on my couch scrolling through old photos on my phone, tears rose as I realized they were all gone. It had only been a month since my phone had been stolen, but the feeling of loss was overwhelming. Not only were irreplaceable pictures of family and friends gone, but important documents and notes for work were also taken.

But what if there was a way to prevent this devastation? Enter the Omega DataCube.

Had I been using the Omega DataCube, regularly backing up my data whenever I charged my phone, none of this heartache would have occurred. My cherished memories and important files would have been safely stored in the Omega DataCube’s secure storage.

Not only does the Omega DataCube provide peace of mind in cases of theft or accidents, but it also frees up valuable phone storage space. I no longer have to constantly delete old photos and videos to make room for new ones. Instead, by charging my phone, all of my data is automatically backed up.

The Omega DataCube truly is a lifesaver, allowing me to confidently capture new memories without fear of losing them.

How to use?

Your files can be backed up if your phone is charged!

  1. Using the Omega DataCube as a USB charger, you can charge your phone
  2. The backup will start automatically
  3. Organize & back up your memories with ease

Omega DataCube vs Cloud

One major difference between the Omega DataCube and the Cloud is that the Cloud requires an internet connection to access your data, while the Omega DataCube can be accessed offline. Additionally, the Cloud is not a physical object that you can hold onto, while the Omega DataCube is a tangible device that you can keep with you at all times. The Cloud also has potential security risks, as hackers could potentially gain access to your stored data, whereas the Omega DataCube’s encrypted storage offers added security.

Omega DataCube vs SSD

One key difference between the Omega DataCube and an SSD is that the Omega DataCube automatically backs up your data whenever you charge it, while an SSD would require manual input to initiate a backup.

Additionally, the Omega DataCube does not require an internet connection for storage, while an SSD typically requires one in order to transfer data.
Lastly, the Omega DataCube is much smaller and more portable than an SSD.

Omega DataCube Price

Omega Datacube of 32GB which can store 12800 photos and videos costs you $59.99 and you save $35 as the real cost is $94.99.

Omega Datacube of 64GB which can store 25600 photos and videos costs you $79.99 and you save $40 as the real cost is $119.99.

Omega Datacube of 128GB which can store 51200 photos and videos costs you $99.99 and you save $50 as the real cost is $149.99.

Omega Datacube of 256GB which can store 102400 photos and videos costs you $149.99 and you save $60 as the real cost is $209.99

Thus, select the one according to your requirements and buy.

Omega DataCube Reviews – What Users Have To Say?


The Omega DataCube is a fantastic invention for those struggling to keep their phone and tablet files secure and organized.

It’s easily the most convenient way to safely store and organize your data currently available, owing to its ease of use.

When you factor in Omega DataCube’s 30-day money-back guarantee, it’s easy to see why anyone who relies on their phone or tablet to access photos, videos, and other essential files should give it a shot.

Whether you’re like most people and have countless priceless photos and videos on your phone, or you have important files that you want to back up, the Omega DataCube is the ideal solution. It gets 5 stars from us!

Have Questions? Read Some FAQs

Do I need to purchase any additional cables for Omega DataCube to work with my device?

Nope! Omega DataCube is intended to work with existing USB phone chargers in your home. There are no additional accessories required!

Are there any monthly fees or commitments I should be aware of before making a purchase?

No! Unlike cloud and online backup solutions, Omega DataCube is completely yours once purchased, and the app is free and secure. There are no ongoing fees or commitments to worry about!

Isn’t the Cloud superior?

No, the cloud is difficult to understand, requires WiFi to access, provides no guarantees of privacy, can fail or disappear, and typically charges a monthly fee. Omega DataCube is simple to use, requires no WiFi access at all times to download or store files, is completely private, and has no monthly fees.

Isn’t it possible to upload files to a computer or hard drive?

Yes, but doing it manually on screen can take hours and hours of tedious work. It is far preferable to let Omega DataCube do it automatically. Walk away after plugging in your phone. When you return, it will be completed. The manual method would necessitate you finding, pulling, and downloading all files yourself. Backup of photos and videos can take a long time; with Omega DataCube, all of that work is done for you, so you don’t have to sit there and do it yourself. Omega DataCube saves countless hours of labor.

I need to be computer literate or tech savvy to use this device?

It’s as simple to use the Omega DataCube as plugging in your phone to charge it! Following a simple initial configuration, your Omega DataCube will do all of the heavy lifting to back up every photo and video on your mobile devices — with no additional steps required from you.

What size Omega DataCube should I get?

This is determined by the number of photos and videos you have!
The 128GB model can store approximately 51,200 photos and videos, which is more than enough for most people.
The 256GB model holds approximately 102,400 photos and videos, providing ample storage for large families with many memories.