NicoBloc Reviews: Does It Really Help Against Smoking?

NicoBloc Reviews: Does It Really Help Against Smoking?

“You know you’re going to die from those cigarettes.” How about just quitting today?” Don’t forget to read the NicoBloc Reviews before buying.

It’s a bit frustrating when someone asks you this question – especially when they aren’t a smoker. They simply don’t understand how hard it is! Despite knowing it’s deadly, you seem to be choosing to follow this bad habit.

It’s so difficult to quit smoking that even scientists don’t understand why it’s so hard.

The tobacco industry agrees that cigarettes are the deadliest man-made object in the history of civilization… and that they are equally addictive and more lethal than heroin and cocaine.

Smoking causes lung cancer to kill about 1.5 million Americans each year, and that number is rising, not falling.

Smokers seem to be choosing to continue with a habit that surely will kill them.

After the addiction takes over, you don’t have a choice. Getting clean requires help. It isn’t as easy as it looks to find that help…


Smoking is dangerous – and among the hardest things to quit – but researchers disagree on how to help people break their addictions.

Everybody is different, so there is a problem. Some methods are useless to some people!

Quitting cold turkey is possible for some people. All they have to do is trash their pack. Although very rare, it’s possible.

Cold turkey is NOT the best option if you’ve smoked for a long time. As soon as you have an excuse (any will do), you’ll start to smoke again as soon as you’ll be able to handle the withdrawals.

Cold turkey quitters only succeed at quitting 3-5% of the time. Almost all smokers who try to quit cold turkey end up resuming their smoking habits!

Other options include nicotine replacement products such as patches, gum, pills, or e-cigarettes. However, these products do not provide lasting relief. Regardless of the form nicotine takes on, you’re still addicted to it. You’re still addicted to nicotine, so after a bad day, you’re prone to smoking again.

As a result, lifelong smokers are trapped in an endless cycle. It starts with quitting, then feeling miserable, then giving up… feeling more ashamed than before. You become worn down by repeated failures, and it becomes increasingly difficult to imagine quitting.

Researchers in the United Kingdom have been elated by a new technique that takes a VERY different approach. There are multiple trials showing unbelievable success rates.

This product, NicoBloc, has been under wraps for decades, but it’s now out in the open… and thousands of people are already using it to quit smoking.

What is nicotine?

Nicotine is a colorless, oily chemical, and it is one of the most powerful poisons in existence. Injecting or placing on the tongue the amount of nicotine from six cigarettes would kill a person immediately.

The addictive substance in smoking is nicotine, which enters the brain within 7 seconds from the lungs (which is twice as fast as injecting nicotine) and is more addictive than heroin or cocaine. By increasing the production of adrenaline, it has negative effects on the heart, blood pressure, and digestive system. Cannabis is also used to control insects.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Some people experience physical withdrawal symptoms when they quit smoking, especially when they do it cold turkey (without any aids). There are also several symptoms that may be present such as lethargy, dizziness, nausea, headaches, aching joints, constipation, nausea, short temper, sleeping difficulties, and food cravings. People often give up on giving up because of these symptoms. With NicoBloc, these symptoms can be managed or reduced.

What is NicoBloc?

A new stop-smoking aid, NicoBloc helps you halt nicotine use before you stop smoking.

Before smoking, you apply the liquid formula directly to your cigarette filters. NicoBloc liquid blocks the entry of nicotine and tar into your lungs.

Three drops of NicoBloc block 99% of nicotine and tar. A single drop blocks up to 33% of tar. If you feel ready to take the next step, you add more drops the next week after your first drop.

Two main advantages of this method are:

The stress of withdrawal symptoms is significantly reduced, reducing the chances of us failing in the future

As opposed to quitting cold-turkey, you can do so gradually. It’s really easy to quit smoking for good with NicoBloc – you simply keep on smoking as usual while NicoBloc slowly reduces your addiction to nicotine.

The NicoBloc formula also allows you to wean yourself off nicotine on your own timetable. I applied only a single drop of NicoBloc for the first two weeks I used it. In time, I progressed to one drop, then two, and then three.

It gave me the confidence and peace of mind to know that I was in control of the journey and could proceed at my own pace. My previous cold turkey attempts resulted in me eating everything in sight and biting my nails. NicoBloc allowed me to control the pace at which I quit nicotine – until I realized I no longer required it.

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Features of Nicobloc


In contrast to nicotine replacement therapy, gum, patches, vapes, and pills do not contain any toxic chemicals. NicoBloc is made with natural ingredients. Safe and non-addictive, it does not cause side effects.


Smokers can gradually taper off NicoBloc using the same cigarettes they are accustomed to. In this way, you can quit smoking at your own pace, while still getting the same taste, feel, smell, appearance, and satisfaction as smoking.


It is 100% safe and effective to quit smoking while pregnant or preparing to become pregnant by using NicoBloc. During pregnancy, you cannot use nicotine replacement therapies and you may experience dangerous withdrawal symptoms if you stop cold turkey.

What is the origin of NicoBloc?

Nicobloc Founder

America first discovered NicoBloc’s properties in the 1980s.

Ireland and the UK introduced the Rosen Programme in the 1990s as a corporate stop-smoking initiative. NicoBloc has been successful in helping hundreds of smokers quit smoking within participating companies. NicoBloc was made available as a retail product due to the success of this program.

How it works?

Immediately prior to smoking, NicoBloc is applied to the filter as a viscous fluid. When cigarettes are smoked, the filter catches nicotine and tar. As much as 33% of the fly will be trapped by one drop, 66% by two drops, and 99% by three drops.

By adhering to the directions on the bottle, the smoker can gradually wean themselves off of nicotine dependence and reduce their consumption all the way up to the point where they may completely stop smoking without experiencing the severe withdrawal symptoms typically associated with stopping.

How to apply NicoBloc?

Nicobloc working
  1. Pre-treat the filter with NicoBloc before you start smoking.
  2. With the tip of the bottle, make a small indentation in the filter and apply one drop.
  3. To move it around, gently move the bottle tip over the entire filter tip.
  4. Let the filter absorb the fluid by squeezing it a few times.

Make the indent bigger when you put two or three drops on.

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Does it help me avoid withdrawal symptoms?

Over a period of weeks, NicoBloc is gradually added to cigarettes to reduce their nicotine and tar content. In this way, the body can gradually recover from the adverse effects of tar and adjust to lower nicotine levels.

NicoBloc Ingredients

NicoBloc is a natural product containing three main ingredients, namely water, sugar, and citric acid, but the secret of NicoBloc is the way these ingredients are blended and processed. Colors and preservatives approved for food use are included as well.

Why does NicoBloc work so well? What makes it better than other stop-smoking methods?

Nicobloc stats

NicoBloc really wasn’t something I expected to work at first. I now understand the method much better after using it successfully.

NicoBloc does not replace one bad habit with another, like gum or patches. Instead, it uses multiple approaches to combat addiction.

Those of us who have been smokers our entire lives know that smoking isn’t just a physical addiction – it’s a social, mental, and behavioral one as well. NicoBloc works well because of this factor.

How NicoBloc makes you feel when you quit?

NicoBloc is a strange one – you essentially “quit before you realize it”.

A person who has attempted to quit before finds it hard to describe… and it sounds unbelievable. It’s really very easy and it’s really very effective.

One thing you’ll notice about NicoBloc is that it doesn’t alter the taste of your cigarettes. You would expect something unpleasant to happen. Quitting should be frustrating and difficult, right? NicoBloc makes it easy to quit.

After a while, you will realize it has been an extended period since your last cigarette… so you go out and smoke, which fulfills your craving.

The magic happens here. This “gap” between cigarettes increases over time. As a result, you crave fewer and fewer cigarettes, which naturally makes you smoke less. It’s like quitting on its own!

Your breathing should return to normal after a week or two. Then you’ll begin to realize what a nasty smell ashtrays have!)

The delaying of your morning smoke will become easier around week 3. This has the effect of starting a “domino effect” – you are able to avoid smoking in the morning now, which means you are able to space out the rest of your cigarettes easier…and therefore smoke less as a result.

You decide when to throw the pack out at this point. As for me, I quit after six weeks because I was only smoking one cigarette a day (which was more symbolic than anything).

When the trash man came, it was time to toss my pack – while it still had cigarettes in it (unthinkable only a few weeks earlier).

It was the most powerful feeling I have ever experienced in my life.

After that, my realization struck me: I thought I quit so I could hold my granddaughter. Fortunately, I quit for my own well-being. All I needed was the right support. NicoBloc provided it for me.

Are you a good fit for NicoBloc?

Nicobloc benefits

NicoBloc is the answer to your quitting smoking problems if you’ve tried and failed over and over again.

You can trust me, I understand! Quitting smoking has been compared to quitting heroin2. The habit has literally put a screen between you and everyone you love, yet you still can’t break it.

Having tried every product and close to giving up, NicoBloc may be able to help. Several clinical trials have shown that NicoBloc has helped 58% of users quit smoking, while others have reduced their smoking by up to 77%.

What are the pros and cons of this product? About 5% of smokers succeed in giving up smoking for good each year, but over half (55%) fail. NicoBloc increases your chances of quitting by 10 percent!

Steps to follow

Every other day, smoke one fewer cigarette. For the first four weeks, a 20-a-day smoker can cut his or her smoking by four cigarettes a week – a realistic goal.

  1. Smokers should be using 1/5 less cigarettes at the end of week 1.
    At the end of week 1, a smoker who smokes 20 cigarettes a day should be smoking 16 cigarettes.
  2. After 2 weeks, the smoker should be using 1/4 fewer cigarettes.
    They should be smoking 12 a day if they were smoking 16 a day at the end of week 1.
  3. Three weeks after quitting, the smoker should have consumed 1/3 fewer cigarettes.
    At the end of week 2, they smoked 12 a day. By the end of week 3, they should be smoking 8 a day.
  4. At the end of week 4, the smoker should have reduced his cigarette consumption by half.
    They should be smoking 4 a day if they were smoking 8 a day at the end of week 3.
  5. The smoker should be back to 1/2 less at the end of week 5.
    At the end of week 4, they should have been smoking just two cigarettes a day.
  6. In an ideal situation, they will have stopped by the end of week 6, but if they haven’t already, then this is the time to give up.

Are there any NicoBloc side effects?

When you quit smoking stage

NicoBloc is a strange one – you effectively quit before you realize you have done so.

When someone has tried to quit before, it is difficult to describe… It sounds impossible. Quitting is extremely simple and effective.

Your cigarettes won’t taste different when you use NicoBloc. That wouldn’t make sense. Quitting should be difficult and frustrating, right? The NicoBloc app makes quitting simple.

Once in a while, you realize you haven’t smoked in a long time. So you go out and smoke, satisfying your craving.

The action takes place here. The gap between each cigarette gets wider over time. You naturally smoke less when your desire for cigarettes declines. It’s all up to you!

You should be able to breathe normally within a week or two. The smell of the ashtray will soon become evident.

After week 3, you’ll be able to delay your morning cigarette more easily. As a result, you will be able to avoid smoking in the morning, which will allow you to smoke less throughout the rest of the day.

It is at this point that you decide whether to discard the pack. For myself, I was only smoking one cigarette a day, so I quit after six weeks.

My pack of cigarettes – still containing cigarettes (unthinkable just a few weeks ago) – went straight to the trash man after the trash man appeared.

There has never been a more powerful moment in my life than that one.

My granddaughter no longer allowed me to hold her. All I needed was support, and I had that. For myself, I quit. All I needed was support. NicoBloc provided that support.

NicoBloc Review

I urge you to try NicoBloc if you’re trying to stop smoking. You may feel frustrated as you try yet another product, but trust me – this is unlike any patch or step-by-step program you have used in the past. My only regret about NicoBloc is that I didn’t try it sooner – I could have held my granddaughter the day she was born!

In contrast to other products, NicoBloc allows you to choose your own pace for quitting. The nicotine and tar in cigarettes gradually leave your body over time, and before you know it, you’ll be ready to quit for good.

Don’t let yourself be isolated by a smoke cloud any longer from your family and friends. Sign up now!

How much does it cost?

NicoBloc is priced at $24.99 for 1 bottle (2 week supply) when purchased through However, the price drops as low as $18 per bottle when ordering multiple units.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

Money-back guarantee with special offer. 2 for $49.90 when you buy 2.

  • Buy 2 bottles and get 1 free
  • Progress Charts that are customizable
  • Resources online
  • NicoBloc 6-Week Supply
  • Discounts on Subscriptions

Here’s Why People Love NicoBloc

Money Back Guarantee

Guaranteed money back, risk-free.

To show our confidence in our products, we offer a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the results, please return the unused product and box to NicoBloc USA, 11 Grumman Hill Road, Suite 1A, Wilton, CT 06897 within 30 days of purchase. If you have any further questions regarding shipping, please contact.

Where to buy Nicobloc?

Do you want to finally quit smoking but have already tried all kinds of alternatives, from nicotine patches to vaping? Then you should take a look at the website of the official supplier of NicoBloc. Here you have the option of buying a nicotine blocker that allows you to continue smoking – or at least until you no longer want to. Currently, you can choose to buy one, three or five NicoBlocs. Since one vial is good for about 140 cigarettes, you should use your current cigarette consumption to determine how many vials are optimal for you. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a week, one vial may be enough to quit smoking completely. If you smoke 160 cigarettes a week, you may need the largest pack of five vials to kick your habit.

Currently, you get a discount depending on how much you order. If you buy just one vial, you get a discount of around 15 percent. If you want to buy three vials, the discount is around 34 percent. The largest package with five vials of NicoBloc is currently available with a discount of 40 percent.

Once you have decided on an order quantity for the nicotine blocker, you can click on “Order now” to go to the order process. Here you have the option of an express checkout with PayPal. Alternatively, you can also pay by credit card. To do this, you now enter your shipping information – this includes your email address and telephone number, your first and last name and your address. Click on “Next” to enter your credit card information. Once you have entered this information, you can order NicoBloc for a fee.


Is NicoBloc safe to use?

NicoBloc is not a drug. It’s also not consumed by smokers, so it can be used by anyone who smokes, including pregnant women and diabetics. The ingredients used in NicoBloc are of the highest quality and totally safe. The NicoBloc is applied before lighting a cigarette. NicoBloc is globally patented.

How long does each bottle last?

It depends on how often you smoke. One bottle will last two weeks for a typical 20 cigarettes/day smoker.

Does NicoBloc taste bad?

Nope! NicoBloc is formulated from an all-natural blend of corn syrup, water, citric acid and food safe stabilizers and tastes slightly sweet on its own, but it won’t significantly change the taste of your cigarette.


There is never a better time to quit smoking than right now. With NicoBloc, you can reduce your nicotine dependence slowly and with much less discomfort than trying to go cold turkey. This safe, natural remedy will give you the support you need to beat your addictions with ease. To find out more about NicoBloc, or to get started on a life without cigarettes, click here now!