Nerlos Locator Reviews: Bluetooth Tracker Legit or Scam?

Nerlos Locator Reviews: Bluetooth Tracker Legit or Scam?

You are not the only one who has trouble finding lost items. We all know there is nothing worse than getting all dressed up and ready for a night out, only to suddenly discover that you are without your car keys. Read our Nerlos Locator Review.

As you head out the door, Nerlos Locator can be a lifesaver if you’re always scrambling to locate your keys or bag. Bluetooth trackers like the Nerlos Locator are becoming increasingly popular due to their reliability. Gear can be attached to it. A loud alarm, a long range, and a replaceable battery make this a great pet alarm system. The top-of-the-line model costs a few dollars less.

It’s difficult to describe how frustrating it is to lose your keys because it’s just so incredibly frustrating. My hair feels like it is tangled because I feel so angry. Further searching makes me angrier. What could have happened to my keys? I JUST SAW THEM 5 MINUTES AGO! 😡Despite all your rage, no matter how fast you rant, you just can’t find the keys.

The two of them grew a pair of legs and wandered off on their own. The WORST possible time is always the time it happens! Anyone who has experienced this before knows exactly how I feel. My goal is to share something that has made my life ONE HUNDRED times more stress-free! It prevents you from losing your car keys AGAIN.

We’ve tested and reviewed more than a dozen Bluetooth trackers over the past few years. Several well-known companies compete in this category. When researching the Nerlos Locator guide, we checked Amazon and Google for an older version to make sure we didn’t miss anything.

What is Nerlos Locator?

Nerlos Locator

Nerlos Locator attaches easily to a zipper or key ring and is a miniature tracker. You can attach it to anything, from your pet’s collar to a piece of luggage or even a child’s favorite toy. An intuitive navigation map aids in finding your item by pinning its location. A helpful alarm can also be triggered by your phone. With the LOST & FOUND feature, you can automatically connect with other NERLOS users for help in finding a lost item. Android and Apple devices are supported.

In my nerlos review, I mentioned that I used to go nuts when I couldn’t locate my keys. My home has been turned upside down countless times trying to find them! I never have to worry about that annoyance again because of the NERLOS Locator! You can use NERLOS for much more than just finding lost keys!

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Features of Nerlos Locator

Key Finder with LED Light: Nerlos locator features a flashing light in addition to an alarm on top of being one of the best key finders. With an accompanying audio cue, you can locate your keys in seconds with this visual cue and audio cue combined. It will be easier for you to find a missing item if you receive more signals. 

Battery Life: The battery life of the Nerlos key locator is about one year. It has some replaceable batteries. One of my favorites is the long lasting battery advantage.   

An Extra-Loud Alarm (112 Decibels):  It is pretty loud and can be perceived very quickly with an extra loud alarm (112 decibels). Hearing the beeps from a distance makes finding things easier. 

A Massive Range: This feature provides tracking of objects from a distance of several feet.   

Find Your Phone Feature : With Nerlos, you can locate not only your phone, but also other devices. 

Comes with a replaceable battery: The Nerlos locator comes with a replaceable battery, so you won’t need to buy new batteries any time soon, so you can enjoy the product for a long time before making another expenditure. 

KeepNear Feature: You’ll never ever lose things thanks to the super-smart KeepNear feature. 

Crowd GPS: If you lose the Nerlos locator tracker, enable crowd GPS and millions of other Nerlos locator users will help you track it down. 

Bluetooth Connectivity: Nerlos locators are compatible with smartphones via Bluetooth. 

Money Back guarantee: You’re backed by the manufacturer’s money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with your purchase. Find out more about return policies on the official site.  

How does Nerlos Locator work?

Nerlos is a really simple design concept that I’m actually mad that I didn’t think of first. You attach the device to the item that you want to track. You’ll then download the app and connect it to the tag using Bluetooth.

Simply press the button on the app, and the device will make an audible beep so that you can find it. The volume button allows you to make the audible beep as loud as necessary to find your tagged devices even in other parts of your home.

As you’ll find in other Nerlos reviews, if you get out of range of the item you’re tracking, the app will beep to let you know.

There’s no fear that you’ll get distracted and leave your keys, wallet or other items behind.


  1. Construction of metal and plastic 
  2. Rechargeable button cell battery 
  3. The large button 
  4. LED status indicator 
  5. Includes a built-in beeper
  6. Setting the alarm 
  7. Volume adjustment for ringtones 
  8. Bluetooth range expectation: 25 meters* 
  9. Comes with optional wrist strap 
  10. Comes with 3 Sticker Sets, attach them directly to your devices 
  11. If you leave your keys behind, NERLOS will give you an instant alert on your smartphone 
  12. If your phone is lost, a simple press on your NERLOS tag will cause you to hear it ring 
  13. Long-lasting battery operates for one year without requiring recharge 
  14. You can attach NERLOS to anything: your keys, wallet, purse, even your pet’s collar! 

What makes Nerlos Locator different?

Attaching Nerlos Locator on different items

Reviewers of Nerlos Locator explain why this product is so different from all the rest of the competition. I have tried many Bluetooth trackers, but this is the only one that works.

From all of the tracking devices, I found that this one was the most reliable, and the battery life up to a year was exceptional.

For any battery replacement, you simply twist the lid open and replace the battery. My batteries haven’t needed changing in months, so that’s a big plus.

It will stop me in my tracks if I am about to exit the room without my keys. In addition to this, there’s a volume setting that allows the beeping to be louder or softer.

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Benefits of using a Nerlos locator 

Security: With a Nerlos locator, you will enjoy countless benefits, one of them being security. Dropping your car keys recklessly could result in the wrong person picking them up. The rest you can figure out on your own. If you drop your house keys by mistake and the wrong guy picks them up, you don’t want to image that. What do you think?

In addition to saving your precious time, a Nerlos tracker can safeguard your precious properties, of which loss may be the cause of stories that touch the heart.  Once you have the tracking device installed, you will be able to easily locate lost keys and avoid having to replace them or waste time searching for them, as long as you can still find them. 

The most painful things to lose are things that are easy to lose and yet are the easiest to lose. You can loose your wallet or purse for instance. If it isn’t worse, it is often extremely debilitating. When the wallet or purse contains cash, credit cards, or other important documents, it is even worse because you have to call the bank to cancel all your cards and you might even have to face a fraud claim with your bank because someone has fraudulently withdrawn money from your account. In the worst case scenario, many valuables or a lot of money can be lost.

Enhances efficiency: In this context, what even is efficiency? Making your life easier. When you can’t find your car keys, you might miss work or a meeting. Your overall productivity will suffer if you spend a lot of time looking for small things like keys and wallets. 

It’s impossible to avoid the daily barrage of tasks, and to handle them smoothly, you have to be efficient – maximize your time. A lost wallet would delay other things scheduled later in the day if someone was going to the store to buy some lunch and had to spend time trying to find their wallet. You might only need a Nerlos locator for those daily hassles. 

Keeps you relaxed: Is it just me, or do I have an urge to look for my phone?You’d be surprised how high your adrenaline can shoot! As a result, you feel in a bad situation, causing your blood pressure to rise. Then a Nerlos locator is something you’ll definitely need if you are never sure where you keep things. As well as making sure you won’t lose your belongings in the future, it will make you more likely not to lose them in the first place. You can now save yourself a great deal of energy and unnecessary anxiety and panic caused by losing something.  

Keeps you from losing your phone: Before you lose your phone, you will probably not realize how important it is. After losing my phone for the first time, I realized how attached I really was to my phone. The facts are what they are. A tracker can help you prevent the loss of a phone from occurring, and losing a phone is an unbearable event. You can locate your phone using a Nerlos locator, and then you can have your smartphone track your tracker on the go as well.

What’s unique about Nerlos Locator?

Using the app of Nerlos Locator
  • They locate lost keys: Among the things easily misplaced are keys, regardless of whether you’re clumsy or not. Misplacing one’s keys is a common occurrence. Further, if you always find yourself in a similar situation, chances are high that you need this product even more because it allows you to avoid the hassles of searching for keys every now and then and you can spend your time focusing on more worthwhile activities.  
  • They locate other items too: There is good news in that a Nerlos locator won’t just find your keys, but can also locate wallets, remote controls, and luggage, and even allow you to share your tracker with another user so you both can track down a lost item. 
  • They save you time: Trying to locate lost items is a time-consuming process that wastes a lot of time. Nerlos, a tracking device that can assist in solving this problem, is not news either. Then, why aren’t you picking it up right now? 
  • They reduce stress: Maintain your mental health and sanity. Having to look for stuff is nothing but a hassle. There are already too many things to worry about in this world. Your items can be located within seconds with Nerlos and you’ll be relieved of a lot of hassle. After the last time you used your items, you don’t have to worry about where they went. 
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Why you should use this GPS Tracker?

A Nerlos locator saves you time and to help you work more efficiently. Instead of looking for lost keys or remotes, you can spend that time doing something valuable and meaningful. A quality location device, Nurolo’s locator comes with the best features, including a long lasting battery, GPS, wide range functionality, and a long battery life.

How to use Nerlos Locator? 

Steps explaining how to use Nerlos Locator

This device is very easy to use. NERLOS Locator can attached to virtually any object, such as a keychain, wallet, or purse. They’re small enough to fit on a keychain and you can use as many as you like! The tags are less than two square inches (it’s the size of a large coin, except finer).

You can easily locate your item with the NERLOS app on your smartphone by using Bluetooth. NERLOS Locator will start beeping and flashing its LED light automatically after pressing a button in its NERLOS app. The beeping sound and flashing of led lights that occur simultaneously are good indicators of its presence. You may hear even when you cannot see.

What’s the difference between Nerlos Locator and a GPS Tracker?

Nerlos Locator with box

GPS trackers coordinate with satellites in outer space. Bluetooth trackers, like the Nerlos Locator, transmit data using your smartphone’s wireless connection for accurate short-range proximity identification. Now you can pinpoint the position of any tagged item using the accompanying app and the Nerlos device’s convenient ringing function. Perfect for those situations where you need to retrace your steps!

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Does it really work?

A good way to find lost items at home, in the car, or anywhere is to use the Nerlos Locator. In this NERLOS locator review, I prove NERLOS locator works! You take Nerlos, which is just over two inches square (imagine a coin the size of the device!) and fits perfectly on a keychain, and you attach it to the item you want to keep tabs on. You can then locate the device automatically with the Nerlos App by simply using the Bluetooth signal it emits!

How did keys disappear so suddenly? With NERLOS, you can view their location INSTANTLY on your phone! In addition, the NERLOS keychain will BEEP loudly when you press the phone button, making it easy to find your keys! I love how simple it is, but how efficient it is!

How to setup the Nerlos Locator?

Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth – Bluetooth is the only connection method used by Nerlos. Bluetooth must be enabled. You will be notified and the App will close itself after you press OK if you turn off Bluetooth. Reopen the app on your phone if this happens and turn on Bluetooth again. 

Log in –In order to use Nerlos, you need to create an account. It is free to register, or you can log in with a social media account of your choice. Create an account by clicking Register. Connect with your Google, Facebook, Apple, or email account. 

Switch your Nerlos tag on/off: After pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds, the blue light will flash, and the device will beep twice. 

On the Nerlos App, click the Add button (+).Your Nerlos tag will be scanned and displayed by the App. You can then connect from the App by selecting it. Connected Nerlos tags beep once and turn off when connected.  When the connection has been established, the My Nerlos screen will display your new tag with one of the following statuses: 

Connecting: The blue light on your tag flashes to indicate the connection is being processed. 

Connected: Your tag has connected successfully. Once the tag beeps once, its LED will go out. 

Disconnected: Nerlos tags that are not connected to the App will beep constantly while flashing a blue LED light. The Nerlos tag will also alarm with the blue LED and the phone will alarm. The tag can be turned off by pressing the stop button on your phone or by short pressing the button on the tag. 

Pros and Cons

  • NERLOS will alert you via your smartphone if you leave your keys, wallet, or anything else important behind 
  • Your phone can be found with Nerlos. Your phone will start ringing when you press the NERLOS tag if you can’t find it 
  • With a warranty of a year, the battery lasts for a long time. What a feat, huh? 
  • NERLOS can be attached to any item, including keys, wallets, purses, and even your pets’ collars! 
  • The only place to find it is online 

How Far(Range) Does Nerlos Locator Track Things?

Range targetting with Nerlos Locator

If your device is farther away than 75 feet, then how do you locate it using the Bluetooth signal from your NERLOS tags? Even if your NERLOS-tagged device is currently out of range, the NERLOS app will give you the exact last known location of your device.

If you leave your keys with your neighbor down the street, you will be able to find them with the NERLOS app. All you have to do is to turn on the NERLOS app’s Lost and Found feature. In the event that another NERLOS user passes within 75 feet of your device, the app will send you a notification telling you where the item is. It does not matter where your item is!

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What are the customers saying about Nerlos Locator

This product was so cool! Setup was easy with the QR code provided for Apple and Android phones. I just looped the device onto my keys and it was that easy. I accidentally lost my keys a few days ago on the edge of a woody area. My keys were easy to find due to the beeping and GPS location. Awesome product.” – Emily Montanye

Smart Tracking Device

So this has two ways of using, either start beeping when it lost connection or when it is out of wifi range. I set to wifi range, and been using it on my cat for over a month. Sometimes my cat went out and I had no idea where she went, with nerlos it became easy.

It is useful when she goes out of my backyard and it started beeping, I also noticed then she would not go too far and would come back to my yard. When she is hiding somewhere, I can use the app to alert and I can easily locate her.. she probably hates it, like I am cheating in hide and seek.” – C.K

Useful item

From where you can buy?

A copy of the official website is available for purchase. Options for buying are available as well as price cuts associated with each package. As well, you can select your favorite payment method and you can also read and understand their return policy so if you don’t find it useful you can return it with ease.

Nerlos Locator Price

  • 1x Nerlos Locator—Never Lose It—Only $29.99 
  • 2x Nerlos Locator Pinpoint Pair—Only $59.99 
  • Nerlos Locator Triple Tracker Pack—Only $66.99 
  • 4x Nerlos Locator Finders Keepers Set—Only $81.99 


Is my device compatible with Nerlos?

For Apple devices, the Nerlos Locator and app are compatible with products iOS 12 or newer, iPhone 6 and newer, along with the iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, and the Apple Watch Series 2 or newer.
Android users must be running Android 7.0 or newer. Nerlos is compatible with Google Pixel/XL and Pixel 2/2 XL, Samsung Galaxy S5 or newer, Samsung Note8, and the LG Nexus 5X or newer.

What is the “Lost & Found” Feature?

This enables anyone with the Nerlos app to help track down your item. If an item goes missing, simply activate “Lost & Found” in your personal profile. If someone finds your Nerlos device, they will be able to notify you immediately through the app.

How much does this app cost and how do I get it?

The app is free to download for Apple and Android users. Please visit either the App Store or Google Play or visit the following link: or


We’ve finally come to the end of Nerlos Locator review. The reality is that no matter how careful you think you are or can be, there will always be times when you aren’t sure where you have placed your stuff, especially the small but very often used items like keys, purse, remote, etc. You may end up scattering the entire house that took you energy to arrange in the name of searching for keys or remote.

I’ve been there before and I can’t think twice of any device that can save me that much hassle. A tracking device is something we all need, truth be told and a Nerlos tracker guarantees all the features a quality tracker can offer ranging from very audible sound, led light to a high range effectiveness.