NeoMassan Reviews: Best Neck Massage Machine

NeoMassan Reviews: Best Neck Massage Machine

Do you suffer pain or discomfort in your neck and upper back? Do you often feel like you need a massage to relieve and decompress that area? Learn about the NeoMassan – Neck Massage Machine in our review.

Is it difficult for you to afford the time and money to visit a massage therapist? Almost everyone at some point has suffered pain in their neck and back. This is a very common problem among both the young and adult populations, and it’s only getting worse.

All of the symptoms that come with tension in your neck affect your day. Fatigue, headaches, body aches, bad mood and low performance can all be attributed to strain in your neck and upper back. For these reasons, we must take extra care of these areas.

What is Cervical Pain?

Cervical pain is related to stress, poor posture in front of electronic devices and carrying an excessive amount of weight. In the case of women, it can even happen because of a bad choice in bra.

The medical experts agree that the main problem is our posture. But this has a simple solution, with which you’ll succeed in relieving pain and relaxing the cervical area.

Which postures cause the most discomfort?

Discomfort posture for cervical pain

The most prevalent is called text neck, or Dowager’s hump, which is a combination of forward head and rounded shoulders. Because we spend a lot of time looking down at our smartphones and typing on computers, our posture is suffering.

The head becomes accustomed to sitting forward, out of alignment with our spine, which compounds the strain from supporting the head on our neck and upper back.

How to deal with this problem?

In order to make these problems a thing of the past, a lot of work has been done on different technologies, treatment methods and devices that will improve and alleviate all these ailments.

However, most people don’t have the time or the money to make all the visits to a chiropractor or physiotherapist. There are a lot of gadgets that claim to make a difference, but do they really work?

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We found at least one that does. After many hours of testing devices we ordered online, the best results came from the Neomassan.

What is Neomassan?

Neomassan Neck Massager

Neomassan is a cutting edge neck massage machine that will relieve the pain in your neck and upper back by releasing the tension held in these areas. This machine combines massages and posture correction with infrared heat, ultrasound and electric pulse technology to massage your muscles and relieve stress on your neck. Not only does Neomassan ease your neck pain after a massage, but should also help prevent pain as you correct your neck posture over time.

This neck massager has different modes and intensity strengths so that you can adjust the strength of massage to your liking. Simply press the buttons to increase or decrease the strength of massage and change mode settings. It’s so easy to use. If you have hair that covers your neck, pin it up. Wipe your neck with a wet towel to moisten the skin. Then, put on Neomassan and enjoy a massage for 10 to 20 minutes each day.

Features and Benefits

  1. Neck Massager: State-of-the-art neck massager to relieve neck pain.
  2. Relief of Pain and Discomfort: Relief of pain and discomfort thanks to its innovative infrared thermal technology.
  3. Six Programmed Settings: Six programmed settings adapted to different ailments or situations. (Massage or Relax).
  4. Flexible and Ergonomic: Flexible and ergonomic. There are 16 different types of intensities.
  5. 50% Off: Now 50% off and free shipping worldwide for a limited time!
  6. The Perfect Gift: Ideal gift for friends and family.

How to get the most relief from Neomassan?

Neck and upper back pain come from a combination of muscle soreness. To address pain beyond the cervical spine, Neomassan also comes with two massage pads. Put the pads on sore areas, such as your shoulder blades, lower back, arms and legs to further relieve muscle pain. To use the gel pads, moisten clean skin with a wet towel and stick them on. Then, turn on the machine and you will feel the electrical pulses massaging the area around the pads too.

Neomassan massages are great for treating aches and pains, increasing blood flow, targeting muscle tension, and reducing inflammation. Make sure to use it with the correct posture in order to correct your body’s alignment and get long-lasting results. With regular use of this one machine, you can save time and money by avoiding costly chiropractor and physiotherapy sessions.


  • Cutting-edge massage therapy technology.
  • 10 Minutes treatment sessions (suggested to be use 10-20 mins per day).
  • EPM Electronic Pulse Massage technology.
  • 12 Adjustable pulse intensities.
  • Mode display indicator at the back of device
    • 1: Automatic
    • 2: Acupuncture
    • 3: Soft Massage
    • 4: Shiatsu
    • 5: Kneading
    • 6: Deep Massage
  • Auto 15 minutes shut off.
  • 3D fit to any neck size.
  • Extra plug for extending electrodes to other muscles.
  • 2 electrode pads.

How does the Neomassan Neck Massage Machine works?

Working of NeoMassan Neck Massage Machine explained

It operates using ultrasound combined with electrical mini-stimuli and infrared heating. It’s the neck massager that is gaining popularity among people who suffer problems and pains in their neck and back because it really works. The tests determine that its daily use reduces 90% of any muscular ailment related to the neck and back. Relax your muscles, fix your posture and say goodbye to that neck and back pain you feel each day.

Its assembly and use is so simple that anyone can do it. It’s powered by 2 AAA dry batteries that allow you to use it for up to 7 hours without running out of battery. If you don’t have a lot of free time, it’s a great way to save time and money on visits to the physiotherapist, as you can treat the problem yourself at home. Additionally, it includes 6 different modes and 16 strength settings to suit your needs. It’s ideal for fighting the daily stress that most of the population suffers. Its use relaxes the cervical spine, releasing the tension in the muscles in that area and wherever you apply the two massage pads. The package you’ll receive includes a neck massage machine, as well as two gel massage pads and a connection cable.

Pros and Cons

  • It is portable, lightweight, and possesses sleek Design.
  • Makes use of a Do-it-yourself massage.
  • Possesses 6 different massage modes to choose from
  • Modifiable and Adjustable
  • Ready out of the box – there is no assembly required.
  • A very affordable option compared to regular massage.
  • It is only available online.
  • No specifications as to whether it possesses a replaceable battery.
  • Can only be ordered online and it’s at the risk of selling out.

How To Use Neomassan?

Using NeoMassan

First, tie back any hair around your neck and gently wipe your skin with a damp cloth to moisten and clean the skin. Change the switch to “on” and select your setting. The default setting is the lightest and shortest massage at option “1”. Press the mode button to choose between the different types of massages. To decrease or increase the strength, you press corresponding weaken button or enhance button.

If you want further instruction, Neomassan comes with an instruction manual and access to a friendly customer service team who are happy to help.

Is it safe to use this neck massage machine?

Yes, the NeoMassan is safe to use. However, like any product, the safety instructions need to be followed.

Most of the safety precautions are common sense and to be expected such as not to use in or near water, with children, or with serious health conditions without a doctor’s approval.

The device is recommended to be used for at least 10 minutes to be effective but also no more than 20 minutes.

This NeoMassan review could not find any reason to state the product is unsafe for use, as long as the safety instructions are adhered to.

It uses a very non-invasive massage and relaxation technique of infrared heat and vibrations to produce the pain relief effect. Further, the intensity and mode can be adjusted which further enhances the safety as it can be modified to suit the wearer’s pain needs and tolerance.

Neomassan Rating and Recommendation

We’ve turned to our editors to see for ourselves if NeoMassan can really provide instant relief from neck pain, acute and chronic alike. We reserved group A for some of our seasoned editors that have long suffered from neck pain associated with an underlying medical condition such as cervical spondylosis (meaning arthritis of the neck) and herniated or slipped spinal discs. Our younger colleagues in group B have complained about pain in their cervical area on and off due to slouching, poor neck support, and poor posture.

Both groups were provided with the NeoMassan cervical traction device to use for 10-15 minutes a day, as per the manufacturer’s directions, At the end of our trial, we asked the editors in both groups to provide us with their honest opinion on NeoMassan hammock. Those in group A with chronic neck pain admitted that NeoMassan worked wonders to stretch their neck muscles and ligaments, improve neck mobility and significantly reduce pain in their shoulder and neck area. Editors in group B were also very satisfied with the efficiency of this innovative neck hammock in terms of immediate neck tension relief, relaxation and comfort. We thus recommend NeoMassan to people who suffer from acute, intermittent, chronic and recurring cervical pain and tension.

Why you should choose it over other alternatives?

There are a lot of facts that make the NeoMassan superior to other alternatives. Let me tell you what are these special things that will help you to understand why you should choose this one instead of others. NeoMassan is a completely hands-free, painless, & natural solution to alleviate your neck pain. You don’t have to take any kind of medicine or drug to alleviate your neck pain while using this device.

You will get sturdy hooks with this device that help you to adjust the device as per your comfort. NeoMassan is able to alleviate your neck pain within 10 minutes. It is built with eco-friendly and high-quality material that provides sufficient comfort to your neck. The device is washable so you don’t have to worry about your skin, whenever it gets dirty you can clean it.

NeoMassan Review

NeoMassan Review

NeoMassan Review is a must-read and NeoMassan Gadget is a must-have for relieving neck discomfort at home, whether indoors or out.

Neck discomfort affects individuals of all ages, from teens to the elderly, and it can range from minor to severe.

Neck discomfort can be caused by a variety of factors, including muscle tension, cervical spondylosis, whiplash (neck sprain), slipped disc, and even bad posture.

There will be no more suffering from aches and pains or spending for costly treatment. You can have an excellent massage whenever you want.

NeoMassan Review is a unique device for neck kneading and back pain relief that you just wrap around your neck like a pad and experience relief in your muscles using ultrasonic and infrared at the touch of a button.

This electric massager is a breakthrough in the field of pressure point massage, and it may be used at home without the assistance of a masseur or physiotherapist.

Consumer Reports on NeoMassan Review

” I am thrilled with the purchase of this product! It meets all expectations, plus shipping is fast and it comes in a well-protected box. I was looking at reviews for other brands and none of them fully convinced me. I finally came across this brand and this product and saw that almost everything was positive.” – Tristina

“Excellent quality for the price and fast delivery. The website offers many advantages for older people… Good prices, and the order arrived the day promised. I bought two units since this was the best price/quality ratio among all my options and I will definitely be back for more.” – Pete

“It was the first time I was buying something like this and until now, I had always felt loyal to certain well-known brands that also happen to be more expensive. The difference in price and the good product reviews compared to other similar products is what made me decide to finally try it. After several weeks of use, I must say that I am extremely satisfied. Very good purchase, I highly recommend it!” – Molly

From where to buy?

All you have to do is follow these 3 steps to get yours:

  1. Order NeoMassan today through the official website to take advantage of a great deal.
  2. Receive your shipment quickly.
  3. Start using NeoMassan, and you’ll see how it starts to relieve your neck pain. 🙂

Price of NeoMassan

Upon checking the official website for price. We found the Neomassan Neck Massage Machine to be very affordable, check below:

  • 1 for $65
  • 2 for $109
  • 3 for $139

Note: You can get additional 2 year warranty for just $9.95.

Order Now

Refund Policy

Just in case, you are unable to get expected comfort or benefit from this device, you can return the product anytime. However, you can return the product within 30 days from the date of purchase, as the return period is 30 days.

Just inform the manufacturer, they will refund you the full amount without further query. However, this facility is only available when you have bought the product from its NeoMassan official website.


Neck pain is very common. Excessive use of computers and smartphones is one cause. You lean on your desk the whole day and come back home with neck pain. To get relief, you visit doctors or therapists. They prescribe harmful painkillers. Therapy sessions are costly. What if you know that there is an affordable and safe device that relieves your pain? Buy it once and use it forever.

This device is NeoMassan. You can cure yourself from the comfort of your home. Use it every day to reduce muscle inflammations and spasms. It is a definite solution to your upper-back and neck pains. It even makes you stress-free and happy. To enjoy a life full of activity, start using NeoMassan from now.

Frequently Asked Questions


It depends on the needs of each person. One massage session lasts 15 minutes, but a person can have two or even three sessions (if they are in a lot of pain).


Yes, the size of this neck massager is adjustable.


It’s perfect! It’s small and easy to carry.


Yes, they have a launch promotion with a 50% discount.