Lure Essentials Reviews: Facial Cupping Therapy Work?

Lure Essentials Reviews: Facial Cupping Therapy Work?

Suction cups stimulates healthy skin and muscles with facial cupping, an old type of alternative therapy. It regenerates the cell by making the circulation of the blood better. Despite its ancient origins, why does cupping continue to be relevant today? In order to attain radiant and beautiful skin, celebrities use the Lure Essentials facial cupping set.

In each of the four cone-shaped cups that are provided by Lure Essentials, a unique setting is created. With this product you will find two cups to be used for the face, neck, lips, or décolletage, as well as two more for your eyes. In addition to all that, you also get an exfoliating brush, a bottle of Omnia Beauty Oil, as well as a pouch to keep everything in.

Our Lure Cups are manufactured from high-quality food-grade silicone, which gives them the highest level of food-safety. They are made of nontoxic materials that are free of BPS, PVS, phthalates, and plastics. Therefore, they can be said to be 100% safe because they are made of nontoxic materials.

The question that now looms in your mind is, “How does facial cupping benefit me?“ With the Lure Essentials facial cupping set, you can improve the appearance of the skin by caring for it for no more than 5 minutes every day. The only thing you need to ensure is that you continue using it for better and maintained results.

All women and men love this Lure cupping set for its great benefits. In fact, Oprah Magazine, Vogue, Cosmo, and others have all mentioned it for its promising results. You can use it to treat tired eyes, fine lines, and it stimulates the production of collagen. As a result of facial cupping, our skin appears younger, brighter, and tighter. Besides trying it ourselves, we discovered that more than 55,000 women all over the world have also tried it and were satisfied.

Accordingly, Lure Essentials is the only brand with independent research that proved its effectiveness. Around 30 respondents have tested the product for 2 weeks, according to the report. Their skin has improved significantly after using the product for 2 weeks.

Have you ever used a facial cupping kit?

Taking care of your face with face cupping! What are your thoughts on this? Do you know anything about it? Face cupping originated from ancient Chinese practices. It is one of the best alternative therapies out there. The objective of this review is to take a closer look at the Lure Essentials facial cupping kit and see if it is indeed the best facial cupping kit available.

The Origins of cupping

We’ll begin by discussing the original cupping practice, its history, and practical uses before we discuss the actual Lure Essentials facial cupping lure and facial cupping kit.

As mentioned, cupping therapy is an alternative form of medicine. It is thought that Cupping therapy dates back to at least 280 A.D. There is evidence that it has been used from China to Iran to Greece. Pictures dating back to the late 1800s even show bloodletting and facial cupping set from England, UK.

Cupping therapy, however, is generally believed to originate from China.

Things to look out for when using your Facial Cups

Apparently, cupping leaves bruises and hurts. The bruises can be true, but they shouldn’t hurt! Cupping should be stopped if it hurts, and it should be tried again after a few minutes. You should also move your cup more often and apply suction more gently when doing so. If you bruise, it shouldn’t hurt and it will go away quickly. It’s just temporary.

Blood flow is drawn to a certain area of the body by cupping’s suction. This causes bruising. It will disappear after a little while if you just give it some time. Always remember to be extra gentle with any product you use on your face! You might lose your face if you don’t have as tough a body as the rest.

What is Lure Essentials Glam Facial Cupping Set?

Lure Essentials

A cupping kit that uses an ancient method that involves the use of nutrition oil rich in vitamins and omega fatty acids, Lure Essentials is possibly the most popular cupping kit on the market. 

Several cups cover different parts of the face. For the eyes, there are two cups; for the decolletage, lips, neck, or face, there are two more cups. You also get a bottle of Beauty Oil and an exfoliating brush with the set in a bag elegantly packed.

In addition to being made entirely of food-grade silicone, the cups are guaranteed to be non-toxic, free from any PVC, phthalates, BPA, or plastic, meaning the cups will be safe for the people who use them whenever they are drinking from them.

You may then wonder whether there are any advantages to face cupping. Afterwards, you can achieve glowing, youthful skin with a 5-minute daily regimen! The regimen will also produce noticeable results within a few weeks if you follow it consistently.

This isn’t a joke! Other publications have praised its efficacy, including Vogue, Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and a host of others, making it a popular topic for men and women alike.

Whether you’re facing fine lines, tired eyes, or a lack of collagen production, lure essentials is your closest buddy. With this cupping kit, you can maintain permanently younger, tighter, and brighter skin.

The 55,000 happy customers of Lure Essentials can attest to the quality of their products, in addition to magazine endorsements.

It has been scientifically proven that their cupping kits are effective! After undergoing a two-week trial, 30 participants reported that their skin improved significantly in a variety of ways.

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Features of Lure Essentials

The product is trusted by more than 55,000 women and has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Rachael Ray, Good Housekeeping and E! Online!

  • Make Your Skin Glow! – In addition to increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation, and removing toxins, the cups help create a suction that creates a beautiful, glowing complexion.
  • Younger, Firmer Looking Skin! – Regular cupping helps to lift your face for a firmer, younger appearance – without expensive injections, painful peels or invasive procedures!
  • Rejuvenate Your Face, Neck & Decolletage! Glam® Facial Cupping Set enhances the appearance of the neckline-up. You will obtain a radiant skin tone, tighten your neckline, jawline, and cheeks, in addition to getting rid of eye wrinkles, under-eye bags, crow’s feet, and more!
  • Only Takes 5 Minutes! You can easily incorporate Lure Essentials into your facial routine since they are fast and easy to use. It is possible for you to cup and go whenever you wish.
  • Research Proves It Works! Testing results do not lie. Using Lure Essentials for 14 days led to fewer wrinkles, firmer skin, fewer crows feet, and more according to an independent third-party study.
  • 100% Safe and Natural Materials! – Made from a premium food-grade silicone that is free of toxic BPS, phthalates, PVC, and plastics, making it safe to wear even on the most delicate parts of your face.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Can The Lure Essentials Glam Facial Cupping Rejuvenate And Tone Dull, Loose Skin?

Lure Essentials

Since ancient times, cupping has rejuvenated and toned dull, loose skin. Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, and Middle Eastern practitioners used suction cups directly on the skin to gently pull sections of facial tissue along the forehead, cheeks, jawline, etc. In this procedure, it restores the skin’s tissues by gently stretching the fascia, a layer of connective tissue below the surface of the skin that gives it elasticity and firmness.

It is true that cupping is an effective method of lifting your face and toning it. However, it has some disadvantages. This method can keep your skin looking firmer and younger, and it can do so in a natural way. Isn’t that amazing?

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Benefits of Lure Essentials

Lure Essentials cupping is already benefiting more than 50,000 people today, so get ready to experience all that it has to offer. You will love some of the best benefits you can get if you look into them.

  • Regulates the Face oil production
  • Reduce facial and neck puffiness
  • Skin that is bright
  • Relieve the Tension in the neck and face by relaxing the muscles
  • Improves the Circulation of oxygen-rich blood
  • Triggers the production of Collagen
  • Strengthens and firms the skin
  • Neck tone. Neck tone. Tone of the jawline, décolletage, and chin
  • Reduction of scarring, wrinkles, and fine lines on the face and neck
  • Improves the skin’s absorption of nutrients and nutrient delivery

Lure Essentials facial cupping set is easy to use and durable, as well as being incredibly durable.Easily clean and maintain the cups. Regardless of skin type, everyone can use them. They are also very convenient to take on vacations.

No need of batteries or charging for this beauty boosting product. This product is safe for your skin because of its design and materials.

How does Lure Essentials work?

Ancient Egyptians and Chinese practitioners are known to have practiced cupping centuries ago. A better therapy was developed by Lure Essentials. According to its advocates, it is a safe and effective alternative to Botox and other cosmetic surgeries.

To perform this procedure, suction cups are pulled across your jawline, forehead, and cheeks gently with suction cups.

This method involves carefully stretching the fascia (which is a connective tissue sheet under the skin). The skin is effectively restored in this way.

The skin on the face can be made more elastic, firm, and glowing by performing cupping regularly. The procedure does not require invasive plastic surgery, painful peels, or costly injections. It is a wonderful procedure!

Additionally, it helps drain toxins from the lymphatic system. All of these benefits can be achieved with the Luressentials facial cupping set.

Does It Hurt?

A common misconception about cupping is that it is painful. There is the possibility of temporary redness and itching. However, this will quickly subside after the massage.

Be sure to move the cup between different parts of the table to avoid this. It is possible to avoid undesirable skin discoloration with this method, as well as spreading the nutrients across your face.

In order to learn the right way to cup, you should also watch the video tutorials of LureEssentials. This is the best option since it is something that you can do without professional guidance at home.

In order to achieve the desired results, you need to follow the instructions carefully. No worries, though. In addition to the written guide and video, you can always refer to them to get through the learning curve.

Lure Essentials Founder

Lure Essentials
Stella Rubinshteyn – Lure Founder

Stella and Igor Rubinshteyn wondered why cupping is not more common in the United States.

As a child, cupping (or banki) was as common as taking medicine to treat a cold or the flu. Historically, it has been a popular method for improving circulation, reducing inflammation, and eliminating toxins from the body.

There was a simple explanation: Most Americans were unaware of it. Most of them knew only about the large, old-fashioned glass cups that cause bruises.

When Igor began to cup for an athletic injury, Stella was inspired to reinvent an old family remedy – while adding a modern twist to it. Her grandmothers once used glass jars for storing fruit, but she created user-friendly cups that anyone could enjoy.

Within the next few years, they worked with top health practitioners, Olympic athletes, elite spas and thousands of customers like you. Their success? The product she and her husband are so confident in that if you are not completely satisfied, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Is It Really Easy To Use Lure Essentials?

Definitely! Using the Lure Essentials Glam Set facial cupping will already give you visible results in just a few minutes (just a few times a week).

Because it doesn’t require any battery replacement or charging, it is convenient for those on-the-go or those who have little time. Furthermore, all of the products are durable, safe for your skin, and easy to clean.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to maintain
  • Utility that’s easy to use
  • Miracle in Five Minutes
  • Effective
  • None found!

How to Use Lure Essentials Facial Cupping Set?

Make sure you order your very own Lure Essentials cupping set if you are ready to get younger-looking skin.

Then follow the instructions we have listed below:

  1. Wash Your Face: Washing one’s face is the most important step before beginning any kind of skincare routine. In order to soak up all the nourishment from Lure Essentials Omnia Beauty Oil, you must make sure your face is free from dust and oils. Use the squishy, soft, and soothing exfoliating brush that comes with the set to wash your face. You will then reap the benefits of facial cupping.
  2. Apply the Beauty Oil: After washing and drying the face, apply an ample amount of the Omnia Beauty Oil on your neck and face. Afterward, glide the cups easily and smoothly while alternately squeezing, applying, and releasing the suction. This is the most important part that you have to practice. But it is pretty easy to follow so you won’t have any trouble using this brilliant product.
    1. But just in case you want to perfect the method of facial cupping. You can watch some of their video tutorials that show how to do it the right way. Every cup has its use so you must also take note of them to get the most facial cupping benefits.
  3. Start cupping: You can use your cups in two different ways that also provide different benefits. The first method involves suction, release, and repeating. The second step is to use three to five sweeping or gliding strokes to massage each area.
    1. Make it a habit to combine these two ways of using Lure Facial Cups to maximize the benefits of Lure Essentials facial cupping. This also avoids the formation of cupping marks as too long of a cupping session can lead to these undesirable results. You need only stop cupping for a few minutes and then continue.

If you use it every other day for 3 to 10 minutes, you will see the best results from this revolutionary skincare product. Make it an essential part of your skincare regimen to achieve gorgeous, youthful skin.

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Is It Expensive?

You can do it yourself at a much lower cost than going to a spa for an expensive facial cupping treatment. There are some of us who can’t afford to spend a lot on beauty products and facial treatments. That is why investing in this product is worthwhile.

Lure Essentials glam facial cupping sets’ cost less than painful injections and cosmetic surgeries. If you opt for the best value package, you can save even more.

There are also great deals in different packages from Lure Essentials cupping, so you can choose which package you would like for you, your family, and friends. What a great gift idea!

In addition, you can occasionally get a discount.

Moreover, the company offers a 30-day refund policy just to let you know that the product is safe and reliable. You won’t be returning it after a few days. You will be able to see some visible results after using this set for a while. At that point, you will fall in love with it.

What results can be anticipated from using the Lure Essentials Glam Facial Cupping System?

Lure Essentials Before and After

As part of an independent third-party study, Lure Essentials submitted the Glam Facial Cupping System to real consumers. Here are the findings:

  • The neck area has shown significant improvement
  • Improved definition of cheeks, jawline, and jowls
  • Under and around the eye area, fine lines and wrinkles have improved significantly
  • Reduced under-eye bags significantly
  • The appearance of crow’s feet and furrows has significantly improved
  • The appearance of dark circles under the eyes has diminished
  • Defining cheeks and skin in a more refined, smooth, and slimmer manner

Is It Truly Simple To Do?

Definitely! With the Lure Essentials Glam Set, face cupping takes just 5 minutes of your day (a few times a week).

For people who are always on the go or have limited time, this is an advantage since the batteries do not need to be replaced or charged. Additionally, each item is long-lasting, gentle on the skin and the environment, and easy to clean

Check some of the Lure Essentials Reviews by Customers…

Price of Lure Essentials

  • 1 for $35.99 + S&H
  • 2 Glam sets for $53.99 + S&H – Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off
  • 3 glam Sets for $71.98 + Free USA Shipping – Buy 2, Get 1 Free
  • 6 Glam Sets for $107.97 + Free USA Shipping – Buy 3, Get 3 Free
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Where To Buy Lure Essentials

Authentic and safe products are also crucial. Consequently, it is better if you purchase them directly from the company’s website where you can find the link here. Over 50, 000 people are currently using Lure Essentials, enjoying the wide-ranging benefits of this facial cupping set.

What Comes in the Box?

After understanding what the Lure ESSENTIALS Facial Cupping Set does, let’s take a look at what you’ll actually get.

As part of your kit, you will receive four separate cups shaped like cones that are meant for your lips, face, neck, and eyes.

To perform the exercise correctly, you will need these pieces of equipment, so you should make sure they are stored and maintained safely.

Final Verdict

Some people spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery or injections. The goal is to look younger and more firm. Their ignorance of a cheaper and safer alternative was beginning to dawn on them.

You will be making the best investment you could ever make for your skin if you purchase the Lure Essentials Facial Cupping set. Because you can do it yourself, you do not need to wait for months to see results!

Click the button below to get your own cup if you believe cupping is the best method for you to get healthy, younger-looking skin!


Is face cupping effective?

Facial cupping has been shown to briefly reduce wrinkles caused by swelling and then significantly exacerbate them due to the repeated action that damages collagen and elastin fibers. Caution: Cupping may result in burst blood vessels and may only minimally improve product absorption.

Can face cupping be harmful to the skin?

Excessive cupping may cause the skin to become overstimulated, resulting in a detrimental consequence. Therefore, it is critical to keep the cups moving during face cupping.

Will cupping help to eliminate a double chin?

It will increase the amount of oxygen delivered to your skin, strengthen the muscles, enhance circulation, and aid in the skin’s rejuvenation and elasticity. When used in conjunction with the appropriate topical cosmetics, it may help eliminate fine lines, diminish wrinkles and double chins, and even plump and fluff up your lips.