Loyal Watch Vs Apple Watch: Which SmartWatch is Better?

Loyal Watch Vs Apple Watch: Which SmartWatch is Better?

Are you looking forward to choosing between Loyal Watch Vs Apple watch? Do you want to buy an Apple watch but seeing its pricing you want to look for some other alternative? If yes, you are at the right place. Here, in this article, I will be comparing both Loyal and Apple products in detail that will help you decide whether you should go for Loyal watch or Apple watch. So, stay with me to the end. 

Loyal Watch vs Apple Watch

Loyal Watch vs Apple Watch

Find out the complete difference between these amazing smartwatches here with us.

What is Loyal Watch?

Loyal Watch

The Loyal Watch Smartwatch is an incredible gadget that comes as a complete surprise. This watch does so much more than just telling the time.

With built-in features such as a calorie counter, schedule, heart rate monitor, and pedometer, it is more than just a health tracker. More of a hospitable friend for your phone. It can answer calls, display recent messages, and even snap pictures – all while monitoring your health.

Loyal Watch is one of the most current and extraordinary wellness smartwatches on the market. Regardless of its small and svelte outline, it’s a games armband with a slew of wellbeing monitoring features that doubles as a contemporary smartwatch.

As an upscale smartwatch, it can display and notify you of incoming calls or texts. It is capable of monitoring your pulse, blood oxygen saturation, and circulatory strain. It will calculate the distance covered during a walk or run, as well as the number of steps taken.

Additionally, it will keep track of the calories you’ve eaten. It’s not only beneficial while engaging in strenuous activities such as working out or sports. It even monitors your vital indicators while you sleep.

Features and Benefits of Using Loyal Watch

  1. Very Affordable: In comparison to its competitors, the Loyal Watch is a truly moderate organization. Almost every Loyal Watch survey comments on its exceptional value. Even though the makers are cramming so many incredible features onto the little gadget, they are committed to keeping smartwatches affordable for everyone. As a result, you can buy this wristwatch for a fraction of the cost of the big brands (see the pricing reveal underneath!).
  2. Similarity: You can connect your Loyal Watch wristwatch to both Apple and Android smartphones, making it compatible with the vast majority of smartphones on the market.
  3. Waterproof: If you’re an avid swimmer looking for a fitness tracker to wear in the pool, this wristwatch has you covered. Loyal Watch smartwatches are waterproof, making them suitable for use in any temperature or location.
  4. Adaptable and Long-Lasting: The Loyal Watch UK is one of the most lightweight smartwatches on the market. With a weight of only 150g, this watch is unbelievably comfortable to wear day in and day out. Regardless of its small weight, the watch is constructed with high-quality, durable materials. It has a compound glass screen that protects it from scratches and shocks, similar to a reinforced lash that can withstand perspiration and water without eating. It seems to be very indestructible.
  5. Customizable: It is not only the lash that can be customized (substitution ties can be purchased at the Loyal Watch UK store). Additionally, the screen offers a plethora of customization options: you may alter the dial mode, the topic, and even the screen’s tones and brightness. You may completely customize the watch to your specifications.
  6. Anti-Theft Tracker: Are you prone to misplacing your keys, wallet, or watch? When connected to your phone, the Loyal Watch smartwatch can track its location. This means that if you happen to misplace your watch – or suspect it has been stolen – you can log into your phone and know exactly where it is.
  7. Long Standby: To aid in proficiency, the wristwatch offers a longer battery life (15 hours) than others, allowing you to enjoy longer times between charges. When fully charged, the Loyal Watch UK may last up to 96 hours. A micro-USB charging port is included.
  8. Organizer: Loyal Watch is also much more than a fitness tracker. Additionally, the watch has additional advantages: you can use it to create notifications for unusual occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, as well as to set alerts to help you with your daily routine. By taking calls and messages, this gadget may serve as your new close-to-home companion.
  9. Monitoring Your Well-Being: One of the primary benefits of any wristwatch is its ability to monitor one’s health. The Loyal Watch UK incorporates an ECG to assist you in monitoring your pulse, as well as other fitness parameters. You may monitor your oxygen levels, your resting heart rate, and the number of steps you take during the day. If the watch detects that you have been sat for an extended period, it will give you the warning to get up and move. Additionally, there is a calorie counter to assist you in consuming less junk food. You may track the calories you eat throughout the day and use this information to help you plan your next workout or meal.
  10. Massive High-Definition Display: The Loyal Watch Smartwatch combines fashion and functionality. It features perhaps the largest face accessible, making it exceptional for anybody who seems to be feeble. Its 1.3-inch HD display means the numbers are larger than the typical watch face and much easier to see. According to one Loyal Watch review, they purchased it as a gift for their elderly guardians who struggled to see more modestly sized smartwatches.

What is Apple Watch?

Apple Watch

Apple Watch is Apple Inc.’s range of smartwatches. It combines fitness monitoring, health-related features, and wireless connection with iOS and other Apple goods and services.

The Apple Watch launched in April 2015 and rapidly became the best-selling wearable device: 4.2 million units were sold in the second quarter of fiscal 2015, and over 100 million individuals were projected to own an Apple Watch by December 2020. Each September, Apple introduces new versions of the Apple Watch with upgraded internal components—each dubbed a ‘Series’ by Apple, with certain exceptions.

Each Series was initially sold in multiple variants defined by the material, color, and size of the watch casing (except the budget Series 1 and SE, which are only available in aluminum), and, beginning with Series 3, by the option for LTE cellular connectivity in the aluminum variants, which is standard in the other materials. Apple offers a variety of band choices for the watch, and Apple also offers to watch versions in aluminum co-branded with Nike and stainless steel co-branded with Hermès, which feature unique bands and digital watch faces with those businesses’ logos.

The Apple Watch is designed to work in combination with the user’s iPhone for tasks such as setting the watch and syncing data with iPhone applications, but it can also connect to a Wi-Fi network independently for certain data-intensive tasks, such as basic communications and music streaming. After initial setup, LTE-equipped devices may connect to a mobile network independently, including for talking, texting, and data usage via loaded mobile apps, significantly eliminating the requirement for an iPhone.

Features and Benefits of Using Apple Watch

  1. Apps: Apple Watch has a whole new interface that presents applications as tiny circular icons. The watch’s alerts and app notifications are handled by what Apple refers to as a “taptic engine,”. This vibrates or “taps you on the wrist” when they arrive. There are many onboard applications, including a calendar, maps, pictures, and music. As a result, the WatchKit tools will enable developers to create additional applications for the device.
  2. Shopping: One of the most interesting features is the watch’s compatibility with Apple Pay, a revolutionary payment method designed to replace debit and credit cards. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cardholders will be able to save their card information with Apple, and Apple will generate a device account number for each card placed in a Secure Element chip. Wearers of the watch will subsequently be able to purchase goods by double-clicking the button under the crown and waving their wrist in front of specially equipped in-store readers. Apple claims it is collaborating with Macy’s, McDonald’s, and a variety of other retailers to install the readers.
  3. Tracking your fitness progress: Apple claims that the watch can assist individuals in living better lifestyles by enabling users to establish goals inside applications and monitoring their physical activity through built-in sensors. There is an accelerometer similar to those found in smartphones, as well as a heart-rate sensor that makes use of infrared and visible-light LEDs and photodiodes. The Activity app on the Watch will graph statistics such as calories burnt or time spent standing. Therefore, its Workout app offers more detailed data for sports like jogging and cycling. Meanwhile, the iPhone’s companion Health app will enable users to exchange data with third-party health and fitness applications.
  4. Siri: On the watch, Siri may be reached by saying, “Hey, Siri,” or by pressing the crown (the winder on a traditional watch) on the side of the device. As a result, Siri enables users to dictate messages to friends, get turn-by-turn instructions, and do local searches for information like movie timings.
  5. Messaging and telephone calls: There are many methods for communicating with the device: Users may send and receive messages either by speaking them or by choosing from a menu of predefined choices. There is a speaker and microphone for phone conversations—though such calls seem to be routed via an accompanying smartphone rather than straight from the watch to the network. By covering the watch with their palm, users may mute incoming calls.

Loyal Watch Vs Apple Watch – Difference Explained

In pricing, Loyal Watch gets a huge advantage. A Loyal Watch will cost you around $ 50. While an Apple watch starts with the pricing of at least $ 200 (and that is just the starting). As result, we can see Loyal Watch is way cheaper than the Apple Watch. 

Also, the interface of the Loyal Watch is very simple anyone will be able to operate it easily as compared to Apple Watch. The battery backup of Loyal Watch is much better than that of Apple Watch. The after sales service of Loyal Watch will be much cheaper than that of Apple Watch. As a result, we can say, that Loyal Watch is better than Apple Watch. Therefore, If you want to buy a watch without burning a hole in your pocket prefer Loyal Watch.

Pros and Cons of Loyal Watch


  • Reasonably Priced
  • Very Portable
  • Excellent fitness tracking features
  • Syncs with Android and iOS devices and smartphones
  • Beneficial sleep monitoring
  • Has a long battery life between charges
  • Looks stylish and the build quality is top-notch


  • Limited stocks
  • Only available online
  • Lacks an ECG monitor

Pros and Cons of Apple Watch


  • Attractive new watch colors and band options
  • Best third-party app selection
  • Fast new processor
  • WatchOS 7 adds a handwashing countdown timer and sleep tracking
  • Improved wrist-down screen brightness
  • Always-on altimeter for real-time elevation tracking
  • Measures blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) on demand


  • Offers only a slight battery life improvement
  • Expensive

Conclusion – Final Verdict (Loyal Watch vs Apple Watch)

I would go with the Loyal Watch if I was to choose from these two. The obvious reason is pricing for money. Almost all the features of both the watches are the same. I am not saying that Loyal Watches are better than Apple Watches.

Saying that is would be completely wrong but Apple watches are ridiculously expensive. On the other hand, Loyal Watches offer almost the same features at a minimal price. So, I personally would highly recommend you to go for Loyal Watch. 

We hope you now have understood the complete difference between Loyal Watch vs Apple Watch here.