KoreTrak Pro Review – Is it really better?

Until now, a select few big brands have dominated the health and fitness tech industry. Have you heard about the KoreTrak Pro smartwatch? Read our review!

Smartwatches and fitness trackers from these companies range anywhere from $250 up to $1000!

But now, for the first time, they’ve got some serious competition.The health and fitness company KoreHealth have released a new upgraded smart tracker called KoreTrak Pro that packs more features than ever before (at a fraction of the price)!

What is KoreTrak Pro Smartwatch?

An image of Koretrak Pro smartwatch

KoreTrak Pro is an all-new wearable device that combines the health and fitness benefits of a smartwatch and a fitness tracker.

What really sets this device apart is the dual sensors that give you precise readings of your body’s key vital signs in real time.

With just a quick glance at your wrist, you can find out your heart rate, skin temperature (this can help you manage stress and detect when you’re getting sick), and more!

It even comes with a built-in fitness app. Every time you start a workout, KoreTrak will automatically track your steps, how far you’ve run, and how many calories you’ve burned. It can even analyze the quality of your sleep!

*not a medical device

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How does this Smartwatch work?

Working of the smartwatch

The KoreTrak Pro fitness tracker uses advanced biometric technology to monitor the wearer’s body and include real-time fitness and health metrics. As a result, it can monitor users’ heart rates without relying on their smartphone’s sensor. The GPS sensor in the KoreTrak Pro, on the other hand, is used. When connected to the wearer’s mobile, it uses the GPS on the phone to monitor the wearer’s location and movement.

Users must charge the KoreTrak Pro fitness smartwatch, wear it on their wrist, and pair it with their phone in the same way they would any other fitness tracker. The KoreTrak Pro fitness tracker has a dual sensor system, which uses both onboard and mobile sensors to provide accurate data on the user’s health and fitness.

The fitness smartwatch fitness tracker offers continuous updates on a user’s fitness and well-being when they put it on. And it does so right away.

Before charging and using the KoreTrak Pro smartwatch, users must first download the KoreTrak Pro app to their iPhone or Android device. It, like any other fitness tracker app, gives them a comprehensive picture of their fitness and health. Wearers may also monitor their sleep patterns as well as their daily or weekly progress.

KoreTrak will be an effective repository for wearers’ health and fitness data. When they wear this fitness smartwatch, all they have to do is focus on achieving their set fitness goals. If users do this, they are more likely to enjoy their fitness and wellness journey.

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Features of KoreTrak Pro

  • Temperature Tracking 
  • Pedometer
  • Odometer
  • Calorie Tracking 
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Blood oxygen monitor
  • Activity/movement monitor – (running, cycling, badminton, and table tennis)
  • Stopwatch
  • Call & SMS message vibration
  • Multi-clock face options
Additional Product Details:
  • Upgraded dual sensors for more accurate reading for most skin pigments from light to darker tones, even with tattoos  
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 1.08” full color display (not touch)
  • 120mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Full charge time: 1.5-2 hours | Battery Life per Charge: 5-7 days
  • IP67 Sweat Resistant & Splash Proof – 100% protected against solid objects like dust and sand, and it has been tested to work for extensive workouts
  • Notification for incoming calls *cannot talk through the watch 

Technical Specifications

Package Includes KoreTrak Pro, Wrist band, Instruction manual
Screen Size – 1.08in
Bluetooth Version 4.0
Water Resistant Rating IP67
Battery Type Lithium Polymer
Battery Capacity 120mAh
Charge Time 1.5 – 2 hours
Input 5V 80mA

How to use the KoreTrak Pro Fitness Tracker?

First Time Users: Make sure you have paired your KoreTrak Pro to your phone manually via iOS or Android app

  1. Open KoreTrak Pro app on your smartphone/device 
  2. Enter your gender, weight, height and year of birth 
  3. Hold KoreTrak Pro near your smartphone/device and tap “Add a New Device” 
  4. Select “KoreTrak Pro” device when it appears on your screen to connect 

After initial linking, you should be able to use your KoreTrak Pro without having to reconnect 

Using KoreTrak Pro  

  1. Long press the ‘Function button until KoreTrak Pro turns on 
  2. Short press the ‘Function’ button to scroll through apps/tracking metrics 
  3. Long press ‘Function’ button to select or exit apps 
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Tips for Usage

  • KoreTrak Pro requires 20 seconds to get a heart rate or blood oxygen reading.
  • For optimal performance, it is recommended to wear KoreTrak Pro on your left wrist.
  • To keep KoreTrak Pro clean, wipe it down with a damp cloth once a week or after physical activities.
  • To maintain consistent sensor reading, it is recommended to clean the sensor at the back of the watch after use. Dirt, lotion, grease or excessive water and sweat will affect sensor performance.
Fastening The Wristband – Instructions
How to wear KoreTrak Pro on wristband - instructions

Please follow the steps provided below:

  1. The device sensor require a close skin contact on your wrist to get an accurate reading.
  2. Hold KoreTrak Pro in place on the outside of your wrist.
  3. Tighten the wrist band until you feel it has a firm grip around your wrist, but not so tight that it cuts off circulation, then fasten the buckle.
  4. To remove the device, loosen pin buckle.

How to install the App?

  • Download the KoreTrak Pro App onto your iOS or Android smartphone by scanning the QR codes below, or by searching “DayBand” in the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Device requirements: iOS 8.0 and above; Android 4.4 and above

Connecting with your smartphone

Connecting smartphone with koreTrak pro

You will have to pair your KoreTrak Pro to your smartphone manually the first time you use it. After that, it will connect automatically anytime your device is within range. Your KoreTrak Pro can store off-line data for up to 7 days before syncing with your smartphone.

  1. Open the DAYBAND App on your smartphone.
  2. Hold KoreTrak Pro near your smartphone and go to Device page, click “Add a new device”.
  3. Choose corresponding Bluetooth name “KoreTrak Pro”.
  4. Connection completed.

Features via APP (DayBand)

  • KoreTrak Pro will vibrate when you receive a call or text message. To activate this function, you will need to set it up in the App under ‘Device’.
  • When you receive a call, KoreTrak Pro will vibrate. Long
    press the function button to decline the call.
  • Message (e.g. Twitter, Messenger, Facebook, Whatsapp, Hangout, Skype, Wechat, QQ and Line.) alert needs to connect in “App” section.
  • Alarm function can only be used on the App
  • Stand Up Reminder is adjustable from 30 – 180 minutes in
  • increments of 5.
  • You can link KoreTrak Pro data to Apple Health App.
  • Find Device – selecting this feature will cause your KoreTrak Pro to vibrate.
  • Shake to Take a Picture – this will allow you to take a photo on your smartphone by shaking your wrist.
  • Light Up – KoreTrak Pro’s screen will automatically turn on when your hand is raised.
  • Distance Units – adjust by going to App, ‘Device’ ‘General’
  • Display Timeout – adjustable by 5, 10, or 15 seconds.
  • Heart Rate – you can set up auto heart rate monitoring every hour.
  • Do Not Disturb – select a time frame where you can turn off KoreTrak’s vibrations, light up feature, or information push.
  • 24-hour Time Setting – adjust by going to App, ‘Device’ -> ‘General’
  • Safety Function – you will get a phone notification when you are away from your KoreTrak Pro device (This feature will not work if your Bluetooth is off.)

What Makes KoreTrak Pro better than previous Koretrak Fitness Tracker?

An old person workout with koretrak pro on the wrist

KoreTrak Pro is an upgraded model with advanced dual sensors that can measure skin temperature and provide more accurate heart rate and vital health readings.

KoreTrak Pro is a portable and easy way to monitor your fitness and health, all in one smartwatch gadget. 

It not only helps you with your fitness goals, it also creates  healthy habits  and reminds you to stay active. KoreTrak lacks some of these features.

Fitness trackers are a great tool for heart health*

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Benefits of KoreTrak Pro

Keep You Healthy – KoreTrak Pro features dual sensors that gives you 24/7 monitoring of your body’s most important vital signs.

Detect Risks – By monitoring your heart rate and skin temperature, also helps you spot the warning signs of sickness and heart disease.

Get Fit Faster – With apps designed to track and record your workouts, KoreTrak pushes you to stay active and helps you improve.

Crush Your Goals – KoreTrak stores all your data and allows you to set daily goals and follow your progress every step of the way.

Get Better Sleep – The KoreTrak app tracks your sleep pattern so you can get a better night’s rest and feel more refreshed in the morning.

Stay Connected – KoreTrak lets you read your smartphone messages and notifications with a glance at your wrist so you can stay in the loop while you’re working out.

Go Anywhere – KoreTrak has a durable comfort wristband, a battery that lasts for days, and splash-proof casing; you’ll never have to take it off.

How to charge the battery?

The steps mentioned below will help you in charging your smartwatch.

  1. The Koretrak Pro is equipped with an integrated charging USB connector. To charge your device, please remove the bottom watch strap. The USB connector side is marked with “USB” markings on the back of the watch.
  2. Remove the bottom wristband to access the charging connector with a twist and pull motion (refer to diagram 2). You can find the connector side under the KoreTrak Pro marked “USB” with an arrow pointing at it, the USB metal contacts should be visible (refer to diagram 1).
  3. Plug the charging connector into your computer’s USB port or a wall socket with a USB adapter. Make sure your power source is at least 5V. It might take up to 3-5 minutes for the watch to be responsive.
  4. If KoreTrak Pro does not charge after inserting the connector, it may be inserted in the wrong orientation. Unplug KoreTrak Pro, flip it and reinsert the USB connector (refer to diagram 3 ). When properly connected, KoreTrak Pro will vibrate and will start charging.
  5. Allow your smartwatch to charge for up to 2 hours or until the battery indicator on the home screen is full.
  6. Remove the device and reattach the watch strap.
  7. Press firmly to ensure water resistance, there shouldn’t be any visible gap between the case of the watch and the watch strap.

Tips For Use

Tips for Battery

Note: You can locate the USB connector by looking at the back of your KoreTrak Pro, there you will find markings of USB and an arrow. Make sure the KoreTrak Pro USB connector contacts are properly inserted to the USB port of your computer or USB adapter (refer to diagram1 ).

If the KoreTrak screen still does not light up immediately after being plugged in properly the battery may be completely drained. Let it charge for at least 5 minutes, the screen should light back up within this time. If KoreTrak still does not light up or charge after all these steps, please contact customer support. No charging dongle required.

How to turn on the KoreTrak Pro?

  • Long press function button to turned on the device.
  • If the device cannot be turned on, it is possible that the battery might be low, please charge it on a 5V rated USB power supply for up to 3-5 minutes. Please refer to the charging instruction on page 4-5.

Many people have very unhealthy sleeping schedule and that makes it difficult for them to concentrate in work. Check on how the smartwatch Sleep Tracking feature will help you.

Sleep Tracking Feature Explained
  1. To use sleep tracking function, the device must be paired with the phone App. Make sure your device is sufficiently charged for the duration of the test.
  2. Sleep tracking is preprogrammed to start automatically between 8PM to 8AM the next day. (2000-0800)
  3. Make sure you are wearing your device on your wrist during the entire duration of the sleeping period. Adjust the strap for a snug yet comfortable fit. Don’t forget to turn on Do Not Disturb function and/or lower the screen brightness.
  4. The data will be automatically uploaded to the phone App on the next day when you are using the App.
  5. The device can store up to 7 days of sleeping data without the phone

Language Settings – For Native Languages

You can change the language settings directly on the KoreTrak Pro band by selecting MORE and cycle through till you reach the languages. To change the language settings through mobile app, go to ‘Device’ – ‘General’ while connected to your KoreTrak Pro.

Available Languages – English, German and French

Customers Feedback

This was exactly what I needed to get back into exercising! It’s really satisfying watching the step counter and calorie tracker tick up every day. And the battery on this thing lasts forever, I only need to charge it once a week! – Gina H.

Love wearing this at the gym. It’s great being able to see how my workout is going. Controls are easy to learn, fits really comfortable, and gives accurate readings. 5 stars! – Jeniffer Q.

KoreTrak Pro Review

A person using KoreTrak Pro while running

I love to have morning walk with some sprint for a distance. My workout was of no use as I was not able to track my fitness status. One of my friend recommended me the KoreTrak Pro. After reading the KoreTrak Pro Review, I placed the order. My fitness tracker or smartwatch whatever you would like to call it arrived after one week.

Now I can see how far I’ve run and check my heart rate any time. The messages feature is nice too, it’s a lot less distracting then pulling out my phone every time someone sends me a text. Must have for runners!Edward L.

Price of KoreTrak Pro

The company is currently providing the gadget at 50% Discount. Avail yours before stock ends!

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Note – Prices may change without prior notice.

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Warranty Details

KoreProtect Plus 

  • Lifetime warranty for purchase for 20% of order amount 
  • Warranty includes lifetime of: 
    • Replacements 
    • Protection against defects
    • Protection against damage to system 
  • Includes money-back guarantee from 30 days since purchase 

Company Contact Info

Website: https://support.korehealth.com/hc/en-us

Phone Number

US & Canada (Toll Free): 855 8265 287

Australia & New Zealand: (02) 5133 5685

United Kingdom & Ireland: 033081 80835

Frequently Asked Questions

Is KoreTrak a smartwatch or a fitness tracker?

Both! KoreTrak combines the style and convenience of a smartwatch with the biometric features of a fitness wristband.

How do I control KoreTrak Pro?

KoreTrak Pro has a touch pad with intuitive one-touch controls that makes it easy to navigate the menu.

Is KoreTrak Pro waterproof?

KoreTrak Pro is sweat proof and splash resistant, so it’s safe to wear around water, but you shouldn’t go swimming with it.

Can I use KoreTrak Pro if I don’t have my phone on me?

Yes, KoreTrak Pro can store data for up to 7 days on its own. It will automatically synchronize with your phone the next time it comes within Bluetooth range.

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