Karben Wallet Review: Is It Legit or Scam?

Karben Wallet Review: Is It Legit or Scam?

Innovations in technology are rapidly affecting virtually every aspect of our lives, including how we use our wallets. Also, this essay on Karben Wallet Review illustrates how technology advancements are affecting practically all accessories.

Many use Wallet because it allows them to keep their cards safe and secure. A wallet is popular with men because it allows them to keep their money in one place, reducing the risk of losing or misplacing it.

As you may know, a typical leather wallet gets extremely bulky when loaded with a lot of accessories. Over time, you can develop back pain because of how bulky you are.

How do you feel about a wallet that is meant to help you organise your possessions but is instead causing harm to your health? Back discomfort is not a joke, since it can have a negative influence on your overall health and quality of life.

According to the manufacturers, the Karben wallet being reviewed in this article is an upgrade above a regular wallet. This review will give you all of the necessary information about this Wallet, including its price, specifications, and features, as well as a comparison to a conventional leather wallet.

This Karben review aims to arm you with all the knowledge you need to decide whether or not this Wallet is worth your money.

What is the Karben Wallet?

Karben Wallet

The Karben is a one-of-a-kind wallet that elevates typical leather wallets. It’s design solves the shortcomings of traditional leather wallets. The Karben is a secure smart wallet that is slimmer, smarter, and safer than the majority of wallets available in stores and online.

Karben is superior to any wallet you’ve ever used in terms of functionality and style. Due to the carbon fibre construction of the Karben wallet, it will not become thick and puffy as you stuff your cards inside. This wallet is currently trending on multiple websites, which indicates that more people are becoming aware of its importance.

With the Karben wallet, you’ll be able to carry numerous cards with no effort and almost no bulge. Without the size of a regular wallet, the Karben wallet lets you carry up to 12 cards. This wallet is made of high-grade carbon fibre. This denotes that the product is of superior quality and will protect the contents from damage.

The Karben wallet is lightweight due to its construction of military-grade carbon fibre. This is a critical aspect, as no one enjoys travelling with a large load in his pocket. The designers built this product with the intention of appealing to individuals of all genders. They made careful to address the shortcomings of a standard leather wallet in order for you to find this product beneficial.

This wallet offers a slew of incredible capabilities that you won’t find in a conventional wallet; it also includes features that will assist you in keeping your money secure. The Karben wallet has all you could want in a wallet, and then some. Cost is also not an issue with this Wallet. You’ll find that the Karben wallet outperforms traditional leather wallets, which are both expensive and ineffective.

Numerous confirmed consumers of the Karben Wallet have provided positive reviews, attesting to the product’s utility and value. While no product would receive exclusively good comments, our study indicates that the Karben wallet has received the most positive feedback.

Features of Karben Wallet

  1. Each product on the market has a unique feature that differentiates it from the competitors. The Karben Wallet is no exception; the designers included a bevvy of innovative features not found in the majority of wallets on the market. I’ll go through several of these features in further detail in this section and explain why this product is worth your money.
  2. Numerous users have lauded the Karben Wallet’s effectiveness and simplicity of use, and I am confident that you will find it beneficial as well.
  3. Outstanding minimalist design
  4. Military-grade touch High-Performance Defense Slim and portable design
  5. It has a capacity of 12 cards.
  6. Cash clip secured with an elastic band
  7. Lanyard or keychain loop
  9. Thirty-day money-back guarantee

Outstanding minimalist design

The days of carrying a large leather wallet about are over. The designers of this RFID wallet are offering you the opportunity to ditch your old leather wallet, which contributes to the appearance of your pocket being stuffy.

The design of the Karben wallet is for today’s gentleman, and it is so small that no one will know you are carrying it. The inventors of the Karben wallet built the world’s smallest wallet.

They created this product using the thinnest and lightest materials possible. Purchase a Karben Wallet today and discover the benefits of a highly portable wallet.

Military-grade touch

The Karben Wallet’s manufacturers designed the rugged military-grade wallet with carbon panels. Carbon plates set on aluminium frames contribute to the Wallet’s extraordinary durability.

Any user of the Karben wallet may be confident that it will outlive its competitors and endure the test of time. The Karben wallets are crafted from high-quality fabrics that are scratch- and fingerprint-resistant, as well as secure enough to accommodate all of your cards.

The time has come to put your flimsy and puffy Wallet to use. The Karben wallet is stronger and more durable than other leather wallets available in stores or online.

Defense with Exceptional Performance

Additionally, the Karben Wallet was designed to assist you in preserving your digital assets. This high-tech carbon fibre wallet is designed to protect the data on your digital cards.

The carbon wallet’s embedded RFID blocking layer is meant to assist in protecting the sensitive digital data housed on your digital cards.

This incredible function helps prevent electronic fraudsters from gaining access to your private digital information. This high-tech carbon fibre wallet is designed to keep your essential cards close at hand while also safeguarding your personal information.

A small and portable design

The inventors of the Karben wallet sought to address a problem that plagues typical leather wallets. One of the disadvantages of traditional wallets is their bulkiness. You no longer need to carry bulky, garish wallets that impede the majority of your outing apparel.

The Karben wallet was designed with you in mind, both functionally and aesthetically. You will avoid the issues that your grandparents and parents encountered with their leather wallets. What distinguishes it is the Karben carbon fibre wallet.

It has a capacity of 12 cards.

Ordinary leather wallets are barely large enough to hold a pair of business cards without appearing clunky. On the other hand, the Karben wallet can hold up to 12 cards without appearing heavy or overstuffed.

Carbon fibre placed on an aluminium frame enables the Karben Wallet keep its portable appearance even when carrying many cards and cash.

Cash clip secured with an elastic band

Additionally, the designers included an elastic band currency clip to the Karben Wallet. Additionally, it enables you to keep your currency in place without risking loss, which is incredibly important when travelling.

Lanyard or keychain loop

The designers of the Karben Wallet also included an integrated lanyard/keychain loop. This keychain loop is meant to make carrying the Karben Wallet more convenient while travelling.


Additionally, a complimentary bonus tag is included with the purchase. By all accounts, the makers of the Karben Wallet considered its clients and incorporated everything they would need to operate the device smoothly.

30 money-back guarantee

The producer of the Karben wallet gives a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you have 30 days from the delivery date to return your newly acquired Karben wallet. If necessary, you may reconsider your purchase and then return your Karben wallet for a timely refund.

Due to the fact that the Karben Wallet is currently trending online, it has received good feedback from a significant number of verified consumers.

How to use Karben Wallet NFC Card App?

Using The Karben Wallet App
  1. Download the Karen NFC Card app. You can download Karben NFC card App On Google play or Apple Store.
  2. Setup your profile on the Karben NFC card app and you’re ready!
  3. Log In: Log in using your Gmail, Facebook, or Apple ID account.
  4. Manage Your Bio Page: Add your social network profiles by clicking “Add More” then selecting the social media site from the options.
    1. Type in your profile link or username, then toggle “Public” if you want that link to be viewable in your bio page. Then, hit “Apply” to save your changes.
  5. Set Your Profile to Public: Make sure your bio profile is set to “Public” so it can be viewed by others.

How to Acticate Your Karben Wallet NFC sticker

For iOS users: Go to your phone’s settings and turn on NFC (Near Field Communication). Tap your Karben NFC sticker using the upper front portion of your iPhone. Once you’re asked to “Activate Karben”, click “OK.” Hold your phone next to the tag until it vibrates – this means your tag has been successfully activated.

For Android users: Go to your phone’s settings and turn on NFC (Near Field Communication). Then, tap your Karben NFC sticker using the center back portion of your Android device. Hold your phone next to the tag until it vibrates – this means your tag has been successfully activated.

Note: If you’d like to put a Karben NFC sticker on your mobile device, we recommend placing it on the lower part of your phone (excluding Samsung models, where it’s best to put the tag on the upper portion). This placement helps avoid repeatedly setting off your NFC reader.

Manage Your NFC Stickers

Open the Karben NFC Digital Card app and go to “My Stickers”. Here, you can view your tags’ locations, the number of scans they received, and a list of people who scanned them. You can even view the location of the people who scanned your Karben (if they enable you to access their location).

Click “View All Stickers’ Location” to see where a tag was last scanned. This screen also shows the details of each tag – its name, picture, total view count, the people who scanned it, and more.

Karben NFC Smart Card also lets you set up a private message that will pop up when people tap your tag. This is a cool way to introduce yourself, even before they see your social media profiles. If you want the tag to simply display your profile again, just clear out the private message box and hit “Save”.

You can also add new tags by tapping the “+” button at the top right corner of the My Tags tab. Ran out of tags? Just tap “Buy Now” to get more Karben!

QR Code

Even those without NFC-compatible devices can tap your Karben! Just share your QR code so they can view your bio page and all your added profiles. Just note that this feature is only available when your bio profile is public.

How does Karben Wallet work?

Because of this, there must be a growing interest in the wallet’s other functions and how it operates. This Karben wallet review will focus on the wallet’s RFID blocking capability, which is a major selling point. RFID-blocking technology, or Radio Frequency Identification blocking, is included into the Karben wallet device.
By dispersing all the electromagnetic radiation around the wallet’s external cage, RFID-blocking wallets ensure that all of your electronic cards remain electrostatic-ally neutral while in the wallet, making all of your electronic cards untraceable and non-functional. The Karben wallet device has a big advantage over the competitors because of this security feature.


  • Karben measures 8 x 61 x 86 millimeters
  • Compared to a standard credit card, the Karben is just a hair larger.
  • Karben weighs just 60 grams (just under two ounces), so it’s easy to carry!

General Karben Wallet Usage Options

The Karben wallet does not address a specific target group. The purse is suitable for both men and women. The design can also be described as timeless. If you value materials that grant years of use, you should not be disappointed by this carbon fiber wallet either. Certain features of this wallet appeal to some buyers more than others. These include, for example, the dimensions and weight of Karben. If your wallet is too big or heavy, Karben can bring the change you want.

The manufacturer also promises that the compact dimensions and slim shape will not limit the space needed. Up to 12 cards are said to fit in this product. Having several account or credit cards should be easy to combine with this wallet.

What is RFID Blocking?

RFID blocking systems on your wallet can reduce the transmitted signal power of the reader, preventing the microchip in the RFID card from working on your ids, such as avoiding the scanning function on a card or passport and its built-in RFID protection. RFID blocking blocks hackers from skimming and stealing your data wirelessly through radio frequencies.

Learn more about What Is An RFID Wallet And Why Do You Need One?

Pros and Cons Of Karben Wallet

  • The Karben wallet allows you to carry up to 12 cards at once without having to worry about losing them.
  • Military Grade Carbon Fiber panels are used in making this product, so you can be sure of its durability. A leather wallet will not last as long as this one.
  • The bulk and weight of some wallets are already apparent before you add cards and other accessories to them. Karben is a lightweight design that won’t burden your pocket.
  • Comes with an elastic band currency clip. This will assist in keeping your cash secure without exposing it to risk of damage or loss.
  • The Karben wallet incorporates RFID-blocking technology.
  • Comes with a built-in lanyard/keychain loop.
  • Additionally, the manufacturers included a free bonus tag sticker!
  • The producers give a no-hassle 30-day money-back guarantee, so you may return it and receive your money back.
  • Limited Stock available Purchase.
  • Buy it only online

Is it Legit or not?

The YeYe Limited 221 N. Broad Street, Suite 3A, Middletown, DE, manufacturer of the Karbon Wallet is fully authentic. This wallet has a lot of users from all over the world who are happy with the wallet and the company’s services.

No matter where you are, you may access the reviews on Karben Wallet’s official website and read them at your leisure. In other words, this gadget is real.

Support Information

Company name: YEHYEH LIMITED

Website: Karbenwallet.com

Official Address: 221 N Broad St., Suite 3A Middletown, New Castle DE 19709

Support Email: support@karbenwallet.com

Support phone number (Toll-free for US and CA callers): 866 206 1457

What customers are saying about Karben Wallet?

“I have been using the Ridge wallet for about two years. It was so much better than the traditional style wallet. With my new Karben wallet, the cards are extracted from the end making it easier to extract the card you need. The best benefit is price, you get a better, easier to use, and just as tough product for about half the price of a Ridge wallet.” – Robert B. Spalding

It works

“Sent this to my son and he is happily using it. He told me that it holds all the credit cards, driver’s license, fishing license and all he needs to carry. He has stopped using a wallet in his back pocket and likes this small and easy to use card holder with an elastic band or a few bills of money. The size in his pocket is really a good feature.” – M. Joanne

A gift worth giving

“Likes: very easy to organize , way more convenient to carry, from what I carried previously,, , and the ,peace of mind , of the” Card reader “ BLOCKER” technology that comes with it !” – C. Eastep

“Very convenient, from what I previously carried”

From where to buy?

The Karben Wallet is available for purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website. You are not need to leave your room or your comfort zone in order to place an order.

You can pay using PayPal, MasterCard, Visa Card, or American Express, and your payment information is always secure.

To avoid order misplacement and delivery delays, give the precise address and location when placing your order.

Price of Karben Wallet

Buy the Karben wallet from the manufacturers’ official website:-

  1. 3 for $89.99
  2. 1 for $39.99
  3. 2 for $79.99
  4. 4 for $109.9

What’s included in the box?

Your Karben purchase includes:

  1. Wallet
  2. NFC tag for sharing info
  3. Warranty and sales card
  4. Link to download Karben app

Frequently Asked Questions

How durable is the karben wallet?

Karben is made to last! Built of durable aluminum and genuine carbon fiber, Karben keeps going when other wallets have fallen to pieces!

How large is karben? How heavy?

Karben measures 8 x 61 x 86 mm, just a hair larger than a standard credit card. And it weighs in at an easy to carry 60g (just a little over two ounces)!

Does it require any batteries to work?

Not at all! Only the phone you transfer your information to requires power.

Final Thought: Karben Wallet Review

Karben is a unique wallet that is both an update and a solution to the shortcomings of traditional leather wallets. The Karben is a secure smart wallet that is thinner, smarter, and safer than the majority of wallets available in your local store or online. It’s better and more stylish than any wallet you’ve ever used.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this review all the way to the conclusion.

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