Kailo Patch Reviews: Does It Really Work For Pain Relief?

Kailo Patch Reviews: Does It Really Work For Pain Relief?

There is a good chance that you are here in search of an authentic Kailo review.

Throughout this review, I have attempted to share my experiences using the Kailo Pain Patch. My training schedule is very intense, since I frequent a gym on a regular basis.

This has caused me to experience pain in several parts of my body for the past 3-4 months.

My gym trainer, seeing my discomfort, suggested I do sci-fi exercises. As soon as I saw the website for this product, I instantly believed it would definitely reduce my pain.

The journey thus began. Let me explain why I am totally recommending Kailo in my detailed Kailo review below.

I would like to share my actual experience of four months of usage in this post.

What is Kailo?


Pain is a common problem for many people. The most common types of pain are headaches, backaches, and neck-aches. There are hardly any people alive who do not suffer from pain in some part of the body. Most people reach for pain-relieving products, which contain chemical substances that are harmful if taken for prolonged periods of time. Neither the attending physician nor the patient can precisely describe the problem and prescribe appropriate therapy. In order to relieve the pain quickly, he prefers painkillers. This doesn’t solve the main problem, however.

It is difficult to wean yourself off of some pain relief products because they become addictive. Because of this, it is essential not to get into a downward spiral and to turn immediately to a more natural form of pain relief.

The manufacturer of a new type of product recently launched a product that claims to eliminate pain in less than 60 seconds by using electrical signals, a gentler and more tolerable method than conventional painkillers. With the Kailo pain patch, people can avoid using harmful painkillers immediately and avoiding the quick onset of addiction and organ damage that can result.

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How does Kailo work?

As indicated on the official website, Kailo is made using a patented technology found in devices such as antennas, transmitting signals, and storing energy. A nano capacitor operates as a switch that can be manipulated to “turn off” pain. Because electrical signals are sent to the brain when we feel pain, this approach is said to be effective.

The system is meant to compliment the body rather than to infuse medications that would reap into the body, as the body tends to promote self-healing. Ideally, place Kailo in a position that is a few inches away from the brain and far enough away from the pain to work effectively. Thus, the nano capacitors will already be active and ready to work, and the brain will receive the signals pointing to relief.

Key Features

The next step involves studying Kailo’s features now that we have covered its basic features. Before purchasing Kailo, consider the following:

Wear it anywhere on the body: Thousands of applications claim to be available on Kailo, according to the company. The pain patch believes to have successfully turned off various body parts whose stress switches are responsible for causing pain. For example, the head, neck, shoulder, back, knee, hand, and foot are some examples.

See the Results Within 60 Seconds: In the majority of cases, pain relief was immediate. A patient experiences tingling sensations and their pain dropped from 7.5 (on a 10-point scale) to a low 4 (on a 10-point scale). Kailo placement therefore plays a significant role in determining how much relief an individual will experience.

100% Drug-free & No Side Effects Reported: It’s non-transdermal, which means it has no chemicals or medicine that would typically be absorb into the body, as mentioned above. The ingredients are all naturally occurring. As of the time of writing, the team reports no side effects.

Long-lasting Patches and Reusable Adhesives: According to Kailo, the patch can “be worn over and over, day after day, without losing functionality.” However, if they are used that frequently, the adhesive may have to be replaced after three to seven days.

Waterproof and Durable: A patch is durable, without loss of generality. Fortunately, it has been designed to handle any weather condition or physical activity without problems. Kailo’s waterproof nature allows people to wear it while showering, swimming, and even working out.

How Does Kailo Relieve Pain?


The Kailo technology sounds weird. Is it really effective at relieving pain? What about safety? Below we’ll explain the technology we know about Kailo.

Nanocapacitors are built into each Kailo patch. Small particles conduct electricity. Nanocapacitors are fancy terms for them.

You can’t use nano-capacitors unless you clean them regularly. Because each Kailo patch has millions of nano-capacitors, it can significantly change the way your body interprets pain.

Everyone has a natural electrical system within their bodies. Your body uses electricity to send neurons – like pain signals – from your body to your brain. With the Kailo patch, you can enjoy powerful pain relief right at its source. According to Kailo, you will not feel pain as your body will stop sending pain signals.

Kailo may be a hoax based on its official website, but it sounds like some space-age technology. Wearing a smartwatch, for example, allows that watch to analyze your body’s electrical signals through your skin

The adhesive part of Kailo is easier to understand: each adhesive strip is simply a silicone adhesive component separate from the main Kailo relief patch. You wash each strip several times to restore its stickiness, and the patch sticks to your body without ripping away skin or hair.

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Why do I need this pain patch?

In addition to replacing harmful chemical painkillers, this pain patch combines the most advanced technology to provide pain relief. Kailo is ideal for people who are unable to tolerate pain medications and for those for whom applying appropriate pain ointments becomes too difficult. Some people, especially the elderly, find it very difficult to rub pain ointment on themselves alone, especially when the pain is located in a particular part of the body – such as the back. Kailo can be of assistance in this particular case. It takes effect within a minute and relieves pain right away, according to the manufacturer.

Directly apply to thin clothing, not just on the skin, as Kailo works through your body’s electrical field and is equally effective whether worn over clothing or not. 

Technical Facts

The following details about Kailo pain patch can help you find out if this patch might be something for you:

  • Over thin clothing or wherever on the body, the Kailo pain patch can relieve pain. Direct skin contact isn’t necessary for it to work.
  • Apply the patch correctly to the painful area, pain relief occurs within 60 seconds.
  • Kailo pain patches do not contain any drugs and have no adverse effects. On the other hand, transdermal agents (agents that deliver chemical or drugs into your body) are hardly natural and carry an array of side effects. Made from 100 percent natural elements.
  • After 3 to 7 days, replace the adhesive strips without losing function, so they will last for years.
  • Kailo pain patches are waterproof and you can wear in all types of weather and while participating in any type of activity. When you exercise, swim, shower, or do anything else, you can wear it.
  • An antenna made of nanotechnology for your body.

Who should use Kailo?


Use Kailo virtually any place where you feel pain. There is no part of your body that you need to avoid putting Kailo on. Put Kailo wherever you are experiencing pain.

Some of the most popular things to target with Kailo include:

  • Headache pain
  • Shoulder and back pain
  • Knee and elbow pain
  • Hand and wrist pain
  • Ankle and foot pain
  • Hundreds of other parts of your body where you experience pain

One experiences pain throughout your body in these areas. Due to old injuries, joint pain is common. As we age, our joints become arthritic.

Other pain relief options target certain types of pain are . This is not the case with Kailo. The Kailo works by simply interacting with your body’s pain signals, no matter the type. Basically, Kailo should treat any type of body pain you have.

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How to use this Pain Relief Patch?

In order to use Kailo, you simply apply it to your body as you would any adhesive strip.

To get started with Kailo, follow these three steps:

  1. Kailo can be moved to the area where you are experiencing pain. Using a Kailo patch, hold it for a few seconds, and slowly move it around the targeted area to find the greatest pain relief. The patch may relieve pain further down your arm or up your elbow once you place it on your elbow. Physiology explains it. Kailo should be adjusted until you find the spot where you experience the most pain relief.
  2. Attach the Kailo patch after you peel off the adhesive backing. An adhesive patch pack comes with your Kailo starter kit. You peel off the backing of the adhesive patch, then stick it to Kailo patch device. Make sure it is tightly attached. You can reuse the patch several times by smoothing the adhesive.
  3. The patch can be applied to your skin or to clothing after you peel the clear adhesive backing off. You can apply Kailo to your skin or clothing after you peel off the adhesive backing and use it to target pain. 

After applying the patch, wait a few minutes or a few hours. Within 5 to 10 minutes following application, most people feel maximum pain relief, however your results may differ.

It’s done! All adhesive patches can be used again and again. It takes only a few seconds to wash and dry the patch, returning it to its sticky state.

From what material is this pain relief patch made up of?

Unique and innovative technologies make up Kailo Pain Relief Patch.

Furthermore, the company states that this is a licensed product that relies on antenna technology to relieve your pain quickly.

This device consists of three layers. Here is the breakdown of what makes up the Kailo patch:

Carrier Layer: The carrier layer is the best non-conductive layer because it comes with a high-quality synthetic polymer. In order to keep this patch dry, carrier layer works perfectly. The carrier layer protects Kailo from friction as well. This allows it to stay sweat- and water-resistant.

Nanoparticles: These make up part of the composition of this device. An antenna of these particles is present in the device and sends signals to brain in order to reduce the sense of pain. Nanoparticles occupy the central area of this device. They say Kailo’s nanoparticles are its most crucial component.

Substrate: This layer protects the nanoparticles from all kinds of exposure to water, dust, or sweat. Consequently, this layer represents the second crucial component of the device.

Kailo vs Tens


Tens target pain withLow-voltage electricity pain with TENS, a battery-operated pain relief system.

In its attempt to stop pain by interfering with your body’s natural electricity, the Kailo does not use batteries or any other type of electricity.

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What’s the difference between these pain relief patch?

TENS uses Electrodes. TENS delivers electricity into your body through electrodes placed near the source of your pain. 

Scrambling the pain signal prevents you from feeling pain. Therefore, your brain never receives the pain signal, therefore no longer you feel the pain.

With the Kailo pain relief patch, you don’t need an electrical source like the Kailo system. Kailo has no battery and does not require charging. Rather than needing external power sources, Kailo provides similar benefits to TENS.

Personal Experience

I was in awe of the pain path once I read all of the information above.

Consequently, I made my mind up and bought the product. There was also a video attached. The extra money I paid for this video was totally worth it to me.

In order to learn how to use the online tool, I decided rather than scroll through the webpages.

My first use of the Kailo Pain Relief patch came right after hitting the gym with all my hopes and expectations. For me, it was during this time that the most pain set in.

Immediately after using this product for the first time, I felt a warm sensation. After about ten to twelve minutes, the sensation ended. However, pain returned shortly afterwards.

About three or four weeks later, the situation was the same. The Kailo Pain Relief patch appeared to be slowly reducing my pain.

Everything returned to normal suddenly starting in the fourth week, and it stayed that way for most of the remainder of the week. I did not experience relief from my pain after using this product.

The intensity of my pain did not increase after I used it for hours. It was just something I did because I wanted to do it. However, it didn’t lessen my pain.

The adhesive that needs to be replaced was really stinky, on top of everything else. Therefore, I also stank. Therefore, Kailo Pain Relief did not provide me with the results I expected.

Kailo Reviews

How much does it cost?

There is a discount on Kailo bundle purchases right now. I have listed below some price points to consider, excluding shipping and other costs:

  • 1 Kailo set: $99 each
  • 3 Kailo sets: $66 each for a total of $198
  • 5 Kailo sets: $59.40 each for a total of $297

In addition to this, each Kailo set contains a reusable Kailo, three free adhesives, and a soft carrying case.

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Rating and Recommendation

Kailo pain patches work very quickly and are easy to apply, compared with taking chemical painkillers constantly or rubbing painful ointments constantly. It is unique that the patch helps reduce pain by utilizing both electrical signals, as well as by utilizing the body’s own electrical current. In this case, the body’s electrical charge is able to heal itself and only needs the patch to perform its function. 

What’s included in the Kailo Patch Box?

  • 1 KAILO PAIN PATCH: Reusable and lasts for years
  • 1 ULTRA-SOFT CARRYING CASE: A protective felt pocket featuring a sleeve in the front for your Kailo and a sleeve on the back to store extra adhesives.
  • 3 FREE ADHESIVES: Can be removed and reapplied to your skin multiple times before losing its stick.

Final Verdict

This pain relief patch blocks pain at the source by interacting with your body’s natural electricity.

Kailo is a powerful pain reliever which you can apply to the skin daily. It is backed by a clinical trial (released in January 2021) that demonstrates it significantly reduces pain and improves quality of life. Thousands of people use Kailo every day to relieve pain quickly and easily without adverse side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the results last?

As long as your Kailo patch is properly placed, it will continue to give you immediate pain relief. We’ve also found that there is a lasting effect even after the Kailo patch is removed.
Many customers report wearing the patch for a week and the positive effects lingering for days after removal. We also have many examples of customers experiencing relief for up to an hour after wearing the patch for just a few minutes. It likely depends on the kind of pain, the health of the person wearing it, and the placement technique.

How long do the adhesives last?

Each adhesive can last up to 7 days depending on the placement location and person’s skin type.

Does Kailo help relieve menstrual cramps?

Most women experience menstrual cramps at some time during their life — and for many, the pain is excruciating. Painful periods can disrupt life and force you to miss work, lose sleep, and say no to opportunities to enjoy friends, family, and activities.
Kailo can provide instant pain relief for your menstrual cramps. Even those time-of-the-month back cramps, migraines or headaches, and abdominal pain.

Where is Kailo made?

We’re based in the heart of Silicon Slopes, Utah. Kailo is designed, engineered, and manufactured in Utah — the birthplace of television, artificial heart, electric traffic lights, and Frisbee. We’re proud to be part of the innovative, hard-working, and kind culture of the Beehive State.